Calendar: Receiver's Account 10 July 1495-21 July 1496

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The Estate and Household Accounts of William Worsley Dean of St Paul's Cathedral 1479-1497. Originally published by Shaun Tyas on behalf of Richard III and Yorkist Trust and the London Record Society, Donington, 2004.

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9. Receiver's Account 10 July 1495 TO 21 July 1496

The roll is complete and has the date of the account inscribed on the back of the first sheet. It consists of six sheets, measuring 30 cm in width and 41–43 cm in length.

Receipts from Rents and Farms

William Swete, farmer, £4 16s. 8d.
William Swete, farmer of the grace, for a year at Annunciation 1496, £12.
Total: £16 16s. 8d.
Archdeaconry of Nottingham Nil
Prebend of York Nil
Prebend of Norwell Overall Nil
Nothing received. Thomas Bunewell, collector, received it all and is answerable to the Dean: Nil
Foreign Receipts
From Thomas Orston (fn. 1) in several payments: £84 11s. 4d.
Archdeaconry of Taunton
Master Robert Godde, official of the Archdeaconry, in several payments: £54 9s. 5d.
Thomas Garrard farmer of the rectory of Lambourn, £83 6s. 8d.
Robert Frende, farmer of Acton, £11 8s.
[–] Hudson, farmer of the mill of Ratcliff, £22.
Total: £116 14s. 8d.
Belchamp St. Paul
Geoffrey Downing, farmer of the manor, £30.
Thomas Watson, farmer of the rectory, £20.
Thomas Watson, collector of rents of assize, £33 4s.
Total: £83 4s. 0d.
Thorpe, Kirby and Walton in the soke
John Toose, farmer of the manor of Walton, £50 16s. 8d.
John Harnes, farmer of 'Kent's tenement', £4.
William Carter, farmer of Bancroft rectory, £15.
Thomas Bogas, bailiff and collector, £56 6s. 6d.
John Percy, farmer of 'Thorpe Hall', £9.
Total: £135 3s. 2d.
Norton Folgate
John Stephens, farmer, for part of his farm: £2 0s. 0d.
Wickham St. Paul
John Grene, farmer, in several payments: £30 0s. 0d.
Geoffrey Dallyng, farmer and collector of rents of assize and farmer of the water mill, in several payments: £57 10s. 1d.
The farm, £26 p.a., not answered for, because Master Audley, a residentiary of St. Paul's, has the manor and appurtenances by a grant from the Dean and Chapter, as in the previous account: Nil
Nothing received, because John Shaa, alderman of London, holds the manor and appurtenances by a grant of the Dean and Chapter, as in the previous account: Nil
Bowes and Polehouse
John Fox, farmer, in several payments: £36 13s. 4d.
London with a part of the Deanery
Henry (fn. 2) Sanders, collector of rents and farms, in several payments: £27 3s. 4d.
Thomas Bunewell, collector of rents of assize, £17 8s. 4d.
From Edmund Bardolf, farmer of the demesne lands, £29.
From William Frost, farmer of Wadende, £7 6s. 8d.
Total: £53 10s. 0d. (fn. 3)
Caddington and Kensworth
John Bray (£47 6s. 8d.) and Richard Wynche (£51 2s. 4d.), farmers, in several payments: £98 9s. 0d.
John Bek, late farmer, £27 19s., and William Aleyn, now farmer, £20: £47 19s. 0d.
Total Receipts: £844 4s. 0d.
For a year to Michaelmas (fn. 4) 1495:
To the Bishop of London, quit rent, to the manor of Chadsworth, £1 13s. 4d.
To the heir of Sir Richard Charlton, knight, for the manor of Bowes and Polehouse, £1 2d.
To the bailiff of the heir of the said Richard Charlton for respite of suit of court this year, 16d.
To the same bailiff for Peter's Pence, [also] called Romeshott, 4d.
To Sir Thomas Lovell, knight, to the manor of Shingleford, for the manor of Bowes and Polehouse, by an acquittance, 19s.
Total: £3 14s. 0d.
Daily Expenses
On beef, veal, mutton, pork, salt and fresh fish, and other victuals, stuffs and necessaries, from 5 June 1495 to 21 July 1496: £43 14s. 11d.
Necessary Household Expenses
Goods and stuffs bought from 5 June 1495 to 21 July 1496 with £3 18s. 6d. for the provision and carriage of twenty-four carts of fuel from Willesden to Hackney, and for the purchase of five carts of coal: (fn. 5) £8 4s. 3d.
Necessary Expenses for the Dean's apparel
Goods and stuffs for the Dean's apparel and other necessities: £1 5s. 4d.
Stipends of servants
Wages and rewards for a year to St. John the Baptist 1496: £21 16s. 8d.
The Brewer
To the brewer of 'le Herteshorne' for ale bought between Pentecost and October 1495, by two tallies, £4 14s. 9d.
To Richard Dene, brewer at Hackney, for ale bought from 5 June 1495 to 21 July 1496, by three tallies, £11 2s. 6d.
Total: £15 17s. 3d.
Two h[ogsheads] of red wine: £3 0s. 0d.
The Chamberlain of St. Paul's
To John Farman, chaplain, chamberlain of St. Paul's, for the estates held in farm by the Dean for a year and a half ending on Ascension Day 1496, as shown in six bills: £274 14s. 8½d.
The Clerk of the Bakehouse
To Laurence Butler:
On account of certain sums of money annually provided for wheat for bread, beyond £1 10s. 9¾d. deducted for 23½ lbs. of bread (at 10d. per lb.), viz., in payment of this money for a whole year and a half ending on Ascension Day 1496, £91 17s. 10¾d.
And in part payment for 32 qr. wheat yearly issuing from the manor of Heybridge, viz. for 22 qr. and 1 bs., beyond 25½ qr. 4 bs. paid to the same clerk from the Dean's own wheat, viz., in payment for a whole year ending on Ascension Day 1496, £4 5s. 10d.
Total: £96 3s. 8¾d.
Chaplains' salaries
For six terms, ending on the feast of the Annunciation 1496:
John Haryngton, at £3 6s. 8d. p.a., by an acquittance, £5.
John Farman, at £3 6s. 8d. p.a., for six terms, by six acquittances, £5.
William Roke, at £2 13s. 4d. p.a., for six terms, by acquittances, £4.
Total: £14 0s. 0d.
To Sir Reginald Bray, knight, at £10 p.a. for a year at the feast of St. John the Baptist 1496, by an acquittance of Reginald himself, testifying payment, £10.
To Sir Thomas Lovell, knight, at £10 p.a. granted to him for a year ending at Christmas 1495, his fee for half a year, by an acquittance, £5.
To Peter Peckham, gentleman, recently retained as of the Dean's council, for a year ending at Christmas 1495, by a paper bill testifying to the payment of the following sums, signed with the sign manual of the Dean, £2 13s. 4d.
To Simon Digby, for a year ending at the feast of St. John the Baptist 1496, by an acquittance, £5.
To John Alyff, deputy of the Earl of Oxford, chief steward of all demesnes, manors, lands and tenements of the Dean in Essex, for a year ending at the feast of St. Anne 1495, £1 6s. 8d.
To John Saperton, auditor of all the lands and tenements of the Dean, £2.
To Thomas Watson, collector of Belchamp St. Paul and Wickham St. Paul, at £2 p.a., £3.
Total: £29 0s. 0d.
Gifts and rewards
Gifts and rewards to certain people of the King's council and to other lawyers on the Dean's orders, as shown in the receiver's book of payments where names and sums are noted: £4 10s. 4d. (fn. 6)
As shown in the receiver's book of payments and by one bill of particulars among the memoranda to this account: £2 10s. 4d.
Expenses of courts and riding servants
For the receiver, the auditor and stewards, two clerks and servants riding from London to the soke and back in July, and staying for the account etc., £1 4s. 8d.
For the auditor and receiver and two of their servants riding from London to Caddington and Kensworth at the feast of St. Peter ad Vincula 1495 to audit and settle the account of the farmer, 3s. 8d.
For the receiver riding from London to Taunton and visiting for 19 days and the keeping of a horse for 19 days (7s. 8d.), £1 3s. 9d.
Total: £2 16s. 9d. (fn. 7)
To Willesden manor, as shown in a bill, £1 13s. 3d.
To Ratcliff mill, as shown in several bills, […]. (fn. 8)
To the church of St. Paul's, paid to the hand of Thomas Smith, chaplain, £3 6s. 8d.
Total: £13 0s. 8d.
Paid to the procurator for the church of Ardleigh
To John Wryght, bachelor of decrees, and to William Stephens, licentiate of decrees, for two procurements (fn. 9) regarding the church of Ardleigh, in four payments over two years ending at Easter 1496, as shown by two acquittances sealed with the seals of his officials, attesting payment of the following sum: 15s. 0d.
First payment for a whole tenth
Paid at St. John the Baptist 1496:
To the abbot of Reading, collector of the King, for the first half of a whole tenth for the church of Lambourn, by an acquittance, £2 13s. 4d.
To Thomas Smith collector of the King for a first half of a whole tenth for the church of St. Paul's, by an acquittance, £5 18s.
To [John] Chace, deputy of [–], collector for a first half of a whole tenth for the church of Willesden prebend, 4s.
Total: £8 15s. 4d.
Necessaries and foreign payments
For expenses sailing from London to Sheen for certain matters of the Dean, as shown in Roger's book of expenses and in a bill of payments, 7s. 2d.
For beef and mutton, and various kinds of fish bought at various times to be sent to the Dean while in the Tower of London, as shown in a bill, £1 5s.
For expenses on the vigil of Holy Trinity 1496 for matins etc., 2s. 6d.
Payments to various ministers of the church for twenty-three days called feeding days ending on Relic Sunday (fn. 10) 1496, as shown in two bills, including one day not contained in the said bills, £5 6s. 8d.
For expenses of ministers of St. Paul's on Maundy Thursday 1496, 18s. 8½d.
Paid to the receiver concerning part of an order not paid at the time the Dean was staying in the Tower viz. 8 lb. sweetmeats (5s. 4d.) and one kylderkyn of ale (2s.), totalling 7s. 4d., taken by Robert Freman, chaplain.
To William Fox, (fn. 11) farmer of Bowes for one writ of replevin and other things thereto pertaining, 6s. 4d.
Total: £8 13s. 8½d.
To Peter Peckham, on the order of Master Dean
For all the money paid and spent by him to the use of the Dean, as shown in three paper bills signed with the Dean's sign manual, whereof one bill contains £3 6s. 8d., another £1 16s. 8d., and the third bill 4s.
Total: £5 7s. 4d.
To Master Bray, knight, for lands in Hackney
For the issues, lands, tenements and meadows late held by the Dean in Hackney, now held by Reginald Bray, for half a year ending at Christmas 1495, as shown by an acquittance: £8 6s. 8d.
Board, while in the Tower
Paid to Simon Digby for the cost of the board of the Dean and his servants in the Tower of London, for 16 weeks at 16s. 8d. per week, by a paper bill signed with his sign manual remaining among the memoranda of this year: £13 6s. 8d.
The cofferer of the King
To John Heron, by a bill made at Westminster, signed with John's sign manual, 15 October 1495, £100.
To Sir Thomas Lovell, knight, by another bill signed with Thomas's sign manual, made at London on 8 May 1496, £100.
To the King, by the hand of John Heron for all the money the Dean owes the King upon a bond made on 28 June 1495, £35.
Total: £235 0s. 0d.
Paid to the Dean
At Hackney, immediately after the feast of St. Peter ad Vincula 1495, in the presence of Thomas Bunewell: £10 0s. 0d.
Total Paid: £824 13s. 9½d.
And he owes: £19 10s. 2¼d.
He is allowed:
For the gowns for six farmers on the taking of their farms, viz., the farmer of Acton for two years at Easter term 1496, the farmer of Ardleigh, the farmer of Willesden, and three farmers of Belchamp St. Paul and Wickham St. Paul, £2 6s. 8d.
Paid to a smith of Hackney for shoeing the horses and making one iron bucket, one pair of iron fetters and the piking of a staff of the Dean, as shown by a tally, 7s. 9d.
Roger asks to be allowed £3 18s. 10d. for his cash wages for the time when he stayed in his house at his own expense, viz. for 58 weeks and six days at 16d. per week.
For parchment bought and used, 6d.
For the expenses of the auditor staying in London for the settlement of this account, 2s. 8d.
He owes:
Paid to the Dean at Hackney on 21 July 1496 before the auditor. £12 13s. 9¼d.
And quit.


  • 1. Acted for the Dean in Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire (cf. appendix 2).
  • 2. 'John' crossed out.
  • 3. Recte 15s.
  • 4. Easter term crossed out.
  • 5. £5 15s. crossed out.
  • 6. £3 17s. 6d. crossed out.
  • 7. Recte £2 12s. 1d.
  • 8. The sum is illegible but should read £8 8d.
  • 9. Payments to archdeacons.
  • 10. 10 July 1496.
  • 11. Recte John Fox.