Calendar: Receiver's Account 11 July 1480-18 July 1481

Pages 47-56

The Estate and Household Accounts of William Worsley Dean of St Paul's Cathedral 1479-1497. Originally published by Shaun Tyas on behalf of Richard III and Yorkist Trust and the London Record Society, Donington, 2004.

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2. Receiver's Account 11 July 1480–18 July 1481

The roll is damaged at its head and consists of eight sheets of paper 30 cm wide sewn end to end. The returns from York, Nottingham, London, Bowes and Polehouse and Ardleigh are missing. (fn. 1) The entries for Runwell, Caddington and Kensworth and Hackney are damaged. Sheet one measures 27 cm in length, sheet five 26 cm, sheet eight 38 cm. The remaining sheets are 41 cm long.

Receipts from Rents and Farms

Total: (fn. 2) £36 10s. 0d.
Caddington and Kensworth
Edmund Counteys, for rents and farms in seven payments: £61 2s. 4d.
Hackney Nil
John More, farmer, for a year ending at Michaelmas 1480, £4 16s. 8d.
for part of his farm, for Easter term 1481, (fn. 3) as shown in two folios of the quarterly paper, £2 8s. 4d.
Total: £7 5s. 0d.
Belchamp St. Paul
John Lokear, vicar, collector of rents of assize, in eight payments for a year ending at Michaelmas 1480, and also for the farm of the rectory and demesne lands for a year ending at the Purification 1481: £53 2s. 8d.
Thorpe, Kirby, and Walton in the soke
James Raderford, collector of rents of assize, £28 18s. 4d.
John Carter, farmer of the rectory of Bancroft, in two payments, £17 6s. 6d.
Matthew Cook, farmer of Thorpe Hall, for the term of St.
Peter ad Vincula 1480, £9.
Thomas Smith, farmer of Thorpe Hall, for Purification term 1481, £9.
John Toose, farmer of Walton, in two payments, £38.
John German, farmer of the rectory of Kirby, in two payments, £14.
John Kent, farmer of the rectory of Thorpe, in three payments, £4 13s. 4d., of which £4 is full payment for a year at the term of St. Peter ad Vincula 1480.
John Nayller, for a fine made for his lands and holdings in Thorpe, Kirby and Walton, as appears in the court roll, £16 15s. 4d.
Total: £137 13s. 6d.
Wickham St. Paul
John Grene, farmer, in two payments for the terms of St. Peter ad Vincula 1480 and Purification 1481: £19 13s. 4d.
John Lindsey, farmer:
For a whole year ending at St. Peter ad Vincula 1480 (£38 5s. 5½d.), and in part payment of his farm for Purification term 1481, (£3 7s. 10½d.), in two payments, £41 13s. 4d.
In issues of the court held on the Monday before the feast of St. Matthew, viz. that of 20 September 1479 and that of 18 September 1480, £3 4s. 4d.
From Lindsey by the hand of John Hewyk, £1 6s. 8d.
John Candish, farmer of the mill, in part payment for a year ending at St. Peter ad Vincula 1480, £4 15s. 5d.
Total: £50 19s. 9d.
Robert Nevyll and Thomas Thomas, farmers, in eight payments, £31 7d.
Arrears of rent from the Bishop of Bath and Wells, 9s. 3d.
Total: £31 9s. 10d.
Edmund Prentesse, farmer of the manor, for Purification term 1481, £12.
Clement Cook, farmer of the mill, for Easter term 1481, as shown in the quarterly paper, £2.
Total: £14 0s. 0d.
Norton Folgate
William Hill, farmer, for Christmas term 1480: £3 6s. 8d.
The Deanery
From various people, as shown by several declarations (including various tenants in London, £1 10s. 6d., William Say for the farm of a tenement in Knightrider Street, £1 5s., and Richard Saddler for his farm for Easter term, 10s.), £14 4s. 6d.
John Bernard, procurator of the rectory of Chepyng Lambourn, arrears £32 7s. 1½d., and profits for this year, in three payments, £32 10s.
John Hewet, farmer of the mill of Ratcliff (£3 13s. 4d. per term payable at Michaelmas, Christmas, and Easter, beyond £3 13s. 4d. paid previously for the term of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist), £10 13s. 4d.
Roger Frende, farmer of various pastures in Acton, for a year ending at Michaelmas term 1480, including 3s. 4d.
for ½ qr. wheat flour and 4s. for oat flour called otemayle, as laid down in his indenture, £5 14s. (fn. 4)
Various tenants in London and Stepney, as shown in a bill, £7 5s. 9½d. (fn. 5)
Master Robert Braddows, commissary of the cathedral church of St. Paul's, arrears £2 11s. 8d., and issues of his office for this year, £3 8s. 4d.
John Clerk, collector of rents and farms of various tenants in London and Stepney, as shown in a bill, £3 6s. 1½d.
Total: £112 0s. 10½d.
Added to the account
William Staveley on the 19 October, a debt to the Dean, £4 13s. 4d.
Robert Hethe, by the hand of William Hill, collector of rents of St. Paul's Cathedral, £4.
The sale of a grey horse called Dyamande at Smithfield, £1 1s. 4d.
Total: £9 14s. 8d.
Added further to the account
Received by Roger Radcliff from the Dean: £1 7s. 6d.
Total receipts: (fn. 6) £703 16s. 5½d.
Quit rent to the Bishop of London, to the manor of Chadsworth: £1 13s. 4d.
Daily Expenses
Meat, victuals, stuffs and necessaries, as shown in [–] folios of the first part of the quarterly paper: £52 4s. 10d.
The Chamberlain of St. Paul's
To William Steward for the manors, demesnes, lands and tenements held to farm by the Dean, as appears by four bills: £183 9s. 3¼d.
The Clerk of the Bakehouse
To Thomas Smith and William Botery, executors of the will of Adam Friday, late clerk of the bakehouse, in full payment of all money owed by the Dean, £10 7s. 9d.
To Thomas Skypwith, now clerk of the bakehouse, for buying wheat to make bread, as shown in six bills, £71 9s. 6½d.
To Thomas Skypwith, for 16 qr. wheat, at 6s. a qr., issuing from the manor of Heybridge, and also for 16 qr. wheat at 6s. 8d., £9 16s. (fn. 7)
Total: £90 18s. 7½d. (fn. 8)
The Brewer
To John Essenwolde, brewer of London, for ale bought for the household:
Before the time of this account, as shown by a tally, £11 19s. 3d., On 29 January 1481, £3 16s. 6d., on 10 April 1481, £7 2s., on 2 July 1481, £3 7s. 6d., as shown by various tallies.
Total: £26 5s. 3d.
To Sander Berebrewer at 'le Hermitage' for 31½ kylderkyns of penny beer, as shown by a tally, £2 11s. and for 3 kylderkyns of three-halfpenny beer, 8s. 8d.
Total: £2 9s. 8d.
From Charles [Vyntener]:
For arrears owing from last year, viz. for two casks of red wine, (£12), one hogshead of claret wine (£1 10s.), and one roundlet of Malmsey (18s. 1d.), as shown in the book of memoranda, £14 8s. 1d. For two casks of red wine (£11), two barrels Malmsey wine containing 36 gallons (£1 13s.), and one barrel Rhenish wine containing ten gallons at 10d. per gallon (8s. 4d.), bought from him this year, as shown in one bill, £13 1s. 4d.
Total: £27 9s. 5d.
From William Bukke, draper of London:
For woollen cloth bought last year for the livery of the Dean's servants for the feasts of Christmas (£10 16s. 9d.), and the Nativity of St. John the Baptist (£5 10s. 9d.), £16 7s. 6d. (fn. 9)
For russet-coloured woollen cloth, bought this year for the servants for Christmas, as shown in the quarterly book, £11 18s. 9d. For woollen cloth of various colours bought for the Dean's livery, viz. for 4½ virges of crimson in grain provided on 25 March 1480 at 12s. per virge, £2 14s.
For 4½ virges of fine scarlet at 13s. 4d. per virge, £3.
For 4½ virges violet in grain at 11s. per virge, bought for the livery of the Dean for Christmas 1480, £2 9s. (fn. 10)
For 8 virges of violet in grain for a long gown and a short gown to be made for the Dean for Easter 1481, at 9s. a virge, £3 12s.
For 3½ virges of woaded black to make a tunic for the Dean for Easter, price per virge 4s., 14s.
Total: £40 15s. 3d. (fn. 11)
Necessary Expenses
For goods and stuffs, including £4 8s. 5¾d. for spices and £1 10s. 4½d. for shoeing the Dean's horses, as appears in three folios of necessaries and one folio of spices in the quarterly paper.
Total: £30 10s. 5¼d. (fn. 12)
Quit Rents
To Sir Richard Charlton, knight, 20s. for Bowes and Polehouse.
To the Earl of Essex, 19s. annually issuing from the various demesnes of Bowes and Polehouse.
To William Lawshull, for respite of homage on certain of the Dean's lands in Rochford hundred held from the honour of Rayleigh, 13s. 4d.
Total: £2 12s. 4d.
Chaplains' Salaries
To Thomas Cartwryght and Thomas Turnour, arrears from Christmas term 1479 and Easter term 1480, as shown in a declaration, £3 6s. 8d.
To Thomas Cartwryght and Thomas Turnour, for the terms of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, Michaelmas and Christmas 1480, and Easter 1481, as shown by an acquittance, £6 13s. 4d.
To William Roke, at £2 13s. 4d. p.a. from the manor of Norton Folgate, for the terms of Michaelmas and Christmas 1480 and Easter 1481, as shown by an acquittance, £2.
Total: £12 0s. 0d.
Fees Paid
To Robert Forster, steward of the demesnes of Thorpe, Kirby and Walton, £2.
To John Hewyk, auditor of all the Dean's lands and tenements, £3 6s. 8d. (fn. 13)
To Master John Lokear, vicar of Belchamp St. Paul, (for his fee £2 and for his livery 10s.), £2 10s.
Total: £7 16s. 8d.
Stipends of servants
For wages and rewards for the terms of Michaelmas and Christmas 1480, and Easter and the Nativity of St. John the Baptist 1481, as shown in the quarterly paper where the names and particulars of the servants are noted: £23 10s. 2d.
For a whole Tenth due from the church of Lambourn and the prebend of Willesden
To Edmund Wylly, deputy of John Wode and John Fitzherbert, receivers of a whole tenth granted to the King by the prelates and clergy in the last convocation of Canterbury, viz. from the church of Lambourn in Salisbury diocese (£5 6s. 8d.) and from the prebend of Willesden in the archdeaconry of Middlesex (8s.), as shown in a sealed acquittance and a bill signed by Edmund on 28 May 1481.
Total: £5 14s. 8d.
For repairs to the mill of Ratcliff and to tenements in the city of London, including £9 15s. paid to the bishop of London for acquisition and rendering profitable of a certain marsh at Stepney, according to an agreement made between certain persons on the King's mandate, beyond £9 15s. allowed in Roger's account for the last year, as shown in the quarterly paper examined at the time of audit.
Total: £17 15s. 8d.
Purchases of Arms and Stuffs for the war against Scotland (fn. 14)
"And in money paid for various goods and stuffs bought and provided at various times from certain people when the aforesaid Master William Worsley was riding with the Lord King in northern parts against the Scots:
for 2¾ virges black velvet for covering the briganders of the said Dean, 27s. 6d.;
for one pair of briganders bought for Thomas Bromley, covered in velvet and with gilded keys, 53s. 4d.;
to John Fox for making [–] a jack, eleven days at 5d. per day, 4s. 7d.,
and to his servant for ten days at 4d. per day, 3s. 4d.;
for a piece of fustian called Fustyon de Osbernes, 13s.;
for a pair of briganders bought and delivered for Thomas Bunewell, 18s.;
for another pair of briganders bought and delivered for Robert Stykeswolde 18s.;
for another pair of briganders bought and delivered for Robert Robson, 18s.;
for another pair of briganders bought and delivered for Henry Chaddekyrke, 18s.;
for another pair of briganders bought and delivered for Robert Bordeman, 18s.;
for another pair of briganders bought and delivered for Richard Samesbury, 13s. 4d.;
for two white trotting horses bought from John Cotez, 58s. 4d.;
for a bay horse bought from the same John, 13s. 4d.;
for blakechalk bought for a doublet, 1d.;
for a reward given to John Grege for mending the aforesaid jack, 2s. 1d.;
for a gray ambling horse bought from the aforesaid John Cotez for Master Dean, and a sorrel trotting horse with a white face, £8 2s.;
for a cart with six horses and their appurtenances, viz. collars, halters, and other goods, £10;
for iron instruments ordered and bought for the cart, 4s. 4½d.;
for five standardes de le mayle, 5s. 4d.;
for ten bows bought from John Symsone, 2s. each, 20s.;
for twelve sheaves of arrows, 34s. 8d.;
for cord bought for tents and pavilions, 9s.;
for a black trotting horse, £6 10s. 10d.;
for a dozen arrow cases of red hide, 9s.;
for a dozen belts bought for the said arrows, 2s.;
for the making of a pair of briganders covered with velvet and gilded keys, ordered for the said Master Dean, 73s. 4d.;
for a chariot and a barret, 55s.;
for a lance with a tip of iron, 5s. 9d.;
for lez conysaunces 5s.;
for repairing a barehedde at Hackney (4d.) with four boxes (3s.) bought in London for putting on the salette, 3s. 4d.;
for repair of a harness and an axehead, 2s. 9d.;
for two stone of tallow for the barret at Hackney, 11d.;
for a pavilion and a tent (le hayle) in which to put the horse, bought from Thomas Bedmaker, £9 12d.;
for a large barrel for putting the harness in, 3s.;
for a saddle called a chariot saddle, 3s. 4d.;
for mending horse harness, 3s. 4d.;
and paid to John Armar on 25 June 21 Edward IV, as shown in this account and examined by the auditor, £17 7s."
Total: £76 19s. 10½d.
Money paid to the Dean
By Roger at Hackney when making his declarations at Christmas 1479, and at Easter 1480, £7 10s. 9¼d.
By Roger as part of the issues of his office, to the hands of Thomas Bunewell, as shown in the quarterly paper, £1 16s. 9d.
By Roger at Hackney in royals and nobles for the journey to Southwell on 17 June 1481, by the Dean's recognisance without bill, £80.
Total: £89 7s. 6¼d.
Sum Total Paid: £691 12s. 11¾d.
And he owes: £12 3s. 5¾d.
Allowed for a surplus in the preceding account, £4 14s. 6¾d. (fn. 15)
Paid on the order of the Dean to various minstrels of the King and other lords when staying with the Dean, as shown in one folio of the quarterly paper, £2 17s. 6d.
Paid on the order of the Dean to the steward of Gray's Inn for his pension of 3s. 4d. p.a., 1s. 8d.
Paid to John Morton for his work done in the Exchequer to expedite certain matters for the Dean, as shown in the quarterly paper, £1.
Paid to William Ford for his work done in the King's Exchequer, 3s. 5d.
Paid by Roger for the expenses of the steward, the auditor and other officials riding through the demesnes of the Dean and settling disputes between tenants, as shown in the quarterly paper, £3 4s. 5d.
Paid to John Fuldon on the order of the Dean for the acquisition of various corn and hay at Hackney, as shown in the last folio of the quarterly paper, £3.
Paid to various other people as rewards on the Dean's orders, 5s. 8d.
Paid to Master [Thomas] Matyn on the orders of the Dean for an absolution at the Roman curia, £1 4s. (fn. 16)
He has a surplus of £4 7s. 9d.
Afterwards charged with £4 7s. 9d. received from John Clerk, collector of rents in the city of London and the Deanery of St. Paul's Cathedral, beyond £13 12s. 5½d. (fn. 17) received above from John, as shown by an indenture made between them.
And quit.


  • 1. Although the entry for London is also missing, note that the final audit (see p. 55) for this year includes sums of £4 7s. 9d. and £13 12s. 5½d., which are described as having been received from London and the Deanery.
  • 2. Only the total survives. The revenue rendered suggests that this amount issued from Runwell.
  • 3. Easter 1481 fell on 22 April.
  • 4. For Frende's original lease see GL, MS 25342.
  • 5. This entry is repeated at the end of the returns from the Deanery, with an erasure of the amount and the note r[espice] supra.
  • 6. £538 6s. 1d. is the total for the recorded receipts. The lost entries amount to £165 10s. 4½d.
  • 7. £8 5s. 4d. has here been amended by the accountant to £9 16s., but should read £10 2s. 8d., viz. a discrepancy of 6s. 8d.
  • 8. £80 17s. 9d. crossed out. The sum should, however, read £91 13s. 3½d. or, if the 6s. 8d. from n. 13 is included, £91 19s. 11½d.
  • 9. 17s. 6d. has been crossed out, and 7s. 6d. inserted.
  • 10. Recte £2 9s. 6d.
  • 11. Recte £40 15s. 9d.
  • 12. £30 15s. 8½d. has been amended by the accountant to £30 10s. 5¼d.
  • 13. Crossed out: 'fee of John Morton, Dean's attorney at the Exchequer, 20s.'
  • 14. The items under this heading have been translated in full.
  • 15. Radcliff's declared surplus in 1479–80 was £4 14s. 4¾d. (cf. above).
  • 16. Totalling £11 16s. 8d.
  • 17. See n. 7, above.