Parishes: St Benet Paul's Wharf

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The Cartulary of Holy Trinity, Aldgate. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1971.

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[f. 115v] In the parish of St. Benet West

612. [1147–67] Grant by Ralph prior and convent to Hugh the Palmer of land which Algar held in fee; rent 8s. p.a.; to hold as long as he pays this rent and is faithful to the church; swore fealty and gave 1 lb. of pepper and 1 lb. of cumin as gersuma; witnesses, Algar the priest, Hugh the priest, Ralph the deacon (fn. 1) or rather (vel potius) the abbot and convent of Stratford gave Holy Trinity 8s. from certain land in the same parish as appears by Charter Fourteen (fn. 2) of several parishes.

C.A.D., ii, 2173(ii).

613. [List of those paying rent]: Hugh Palmer; Stephen Crass[us]; Richard Potell; John Potell, 1 and 19 Ed. II and 1 Ed. III; Richard Lac who had two daughters married viz. Alice to Robert Marny and Katherine to John at Pole between whom all the possessions of the dead father were divided and thus the above-mentioned tenement was assigned to Katherine who paid 8s. as appears in a charter (fn. 3) enrolled 39 Ed. III and Katherine was paying, 3 Ric. II, as appears in an acquittance (fn. 4) of the quittances of several parishes; Richard Forster, 20 Ric. II; Henry Haltone, 1 Hy. IV.

614. [1170–97] Grant by Stephen prior and convent to Richard Rufus in fee of all the land which Geoffrey Constable, canon of St. Paul's, once held of Holy Trinity which was in front of the yard (ante curtem) which belonged once to two brothers, Archdeacons Richard Ruffus and Richard de Belmeis; the land extended on the west to the street on the east (versus west usque ad vicum versus east) paying to Holy Trinity 4½d. p.a.; rent 3s. 6d. p.a.; Richard swore fealty; gersuma one London sextary of wine; witnesses etc.

C.A.D., i, A 1485.

615. [List of those paying rent]: Richard Rufus who paid 1d. for the adjacent tenement formerly of Robert son of Walter as appears in a charter written on the following folio at this sign; (fn. 5) William de Turri [See also after 616] who granted Holy Trinity 3s. from the same tenement as appears by the following charter.

616. [1251–2] Grant by William de Turri, citizen, to John prior and convent of 3s. p.a. of quit rent in the parish of St. Benet out of that mark of annual rent which William le Viel was accustomed to pay the grantor from the tenement which he held of him, together with 43d. which the grantor already pays to Holy Trinity; for this grant, the canons remitted to the grantor 4s. p.a., with arrears which are owed to them from empty land in the parish of St. Mary Magdalen by West Fishmarket for which the grantor had been impleaded in the Husting; chirograph sealed; witnesses, Adam de Basing, mayor, Nicholas Bat, Laurence de Frowyk, sheriffs.

C.A.D., i, A 1487.

615 contd. William Viel; Robert de Turri; Hamon Perarys paying 6s. 7d. [See also after 617] as appears by the following recognisance.

617. [1290–1] Recognisance of Hamo Perariis, clerk, in which he binds himself and his heirs to pay 6s. 7d. p.a. to Holy Trinity which he had as a gift from William de Turri, late citizen, as appears in a charter of gift which he has inspected; [f. 116] if the rent is in arrears the canons shall take naam and distrain in all the tenement; for this recognisance, the prior and convent remitted all arrears up to Easter 1291; chirograph sealed; witnesses, Ralph de Sandwich, warden, Thomas Romayn, William le Leyr, sheriffs, Richard Aswy, alderman of this ward.

C.A.D., i, A 1486.

615 contd. Thomas Peryere, 29 Ed. I, who sold the tenement to William de Bristoll who paid 6s. 7d. as appears by their charter (fn. 6) enrolled 36 Ed. I; John de Niewbery, 1 and 19 Ed. II and 1 Ed. III; John Darcy, 6 Ed. III; Simon Kegworth, 30 Ed. III; Thomas Morlee who bequeathed the tenement to the maintenance of a chapel in the church of St. Benet as appears in his will (fn. 7) enrolled 42 Ed. III; the churchwardens of St. Benet and the tenement is situated on the east side of a street which goes from Poulisheyn to Pouliswharf between the tenement of Henry Halton on the north and [incomplete].

618. [1231–2] (fn. 8) Grant by Richard prior and convent to Robert son of Walter and his heirs of 8s. p.a. of quit rent which Holy Trinity has from the messuage and houses which were of Osbert de Camera of its fee; rent 1d. p.a.; sealed (munimine roboravimus); witnesses, Andrew Bukerel, mayor, Richard Reigner, Roger le Duc, Henry de St. Albans, Walter le Bufle, Michael de St. Helens, sheriffs.

619. Total of this parish 14s. 7d. and it is tithed at this in the king's exemplification.


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