Parishes: St Alban Wood Street

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The Cartulary of Holy Trinity, Aldgate. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1971.

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[f. 122v] In the parish of St. Alban in Woodstret

663. [1202–3] Grant by Richard Ca(v)el to Holy Trinity of 8s. p.a. of quit rent from certain land which Baldwin the Parmenter (Permentarius) holds of the grantor on Wood Street in the parish of St. Alban; abutments, the land of Turold the Shoemaker (sutoris) which he had of Robert Scrip on the north and the land of Baldwin which he holds of Thomas de Haverhull on the south containing in width along the street 19 ells and in the middle and at the back at the end against the court of Geoffrey Manekyn, 16 ells; the length is from the street to the court of Geoffrey which length contains on the north side from the road to the court 26¾ ells and on the south 217/8 ells; rent to grantor and his heirs 6d. p.a. at Easter and to the heirs of Geoffrey Manekin 6d. p.a.; the prior and convent gave 6 marks in silver as gersuma; witnesses, Henry son of Alwin, mayor, Walter Brun, William the Chamberlain (Camerarius), sheriffs, William de Haverhull, alderman.

C.A.D., ii, A 2502.

664. [List of those paying quit rent]: Baldwin the Parmenter then the land was divided for Richard son of Baldwin paid 4s. and Richard Go well paid 4s.: after Richard Baldwin; Alan Wympler; Beatrice widow of Alan granted the tenement to the nuns of Clerkenwell who paid 4s. as appears in a charter made in favour of the nuns, Gregory Rokesle, mayor, Ralph Blound, John Horn, sheriffs [1275] and the nuns granted the tenement to William Kent [See also after 665] as appears by the following charter.

665. [1295–6] Lease by Agnes de Marcy, prioress of Clerkenwell to William de Kent, tailor (cissor) and citizen, all that tenement which the house has in the parish of St. Alban near Crepilgate by the lease of Beatrice widow of Alan Wympler; abutments, the land of Baldwin the Parmenter on the south and the land of Corold [sic] the Shoemaker on the north containing 2733/8 ells and in width along the street 9½ ells and at the west end 103/8 ells; rent 24s. p.a.; witnesses, John le Breton, warden, Adam de Alyngbery, John de Dunstapel, sheriffs.

664 contd. The nuns of Clerkenwell: after Richard Go well who granted the tenement to Robert le Marescall as appears in a charter enrolled 23 Ed. I; Thomas de Derby who bequeathed the tenement to Robert le Ca(n)s who granted it to John Pelham; John de Winchester (Wynton), 1 and 30 Ed. III; John de Carswell, 34 Ed. III; John Mayn, 49 Ed. III; Gilbert Lyrp(er) or Baker, 3 Ric. II; William Walworth, 8 Ric. II; William Ascham, 1 Hy. IV and these two tenements are adjacent on the west side of Wodestret.

666. [1170–97] Note: that Stephen prior and convent granted to Alban the Tailor land in the parish of St. Alban which was held [f. 123] immediately before him by Ralph the Doctor; rent 2s. p.a. to hold as long as the grantee pays the rent without fraud; swore fealty; frontage along the street 21 ft. and in depth 24 ft.; gersuma 2s.; witnesses, Geoffrey Blund, William de Cu(ni)ghope, Hugh Pa(n)chemer.

C.A.D., ii, A 2719.

667. [List of those paying rent]: Alban the Tailor; Nicholas S(um)d; Richard son of the same Nicholas who granted to John prior and convent 2s. p.a. from the said land which Robert de Haketon held.

668. [1250–60] Grant by Richard son of Nicholas Sumd to John prior and convent of 2s. of quit rent from a certain house which Robert de Aketon holds of the canons in the parish of St. Alban; rent to grantor and his heirs ½d. at Easter; canons gave 18s. in gersuma; witnesses, Stephen Bukerel, alderman of this ward, (fn. 1) Thomas de Harang.

C.A.D., ii, A 2720.

669. Note: Robert Aketon paid 4s. p.a. and afterwards Bartholomew de Castro who gave the tenement to the New Hospital of St. Mary outside Byshopisgate as appears by the following charter.

670. Grant by Bartholomew de Castro to the New Hospital of all the land with houses built thereon in the parish of St. Alban; abutments, the tenement of William Bokerell on the north and that of David de Enefeld on the south and the tenement of Isabel Bokerell on the east and the king's street on the west; the grantees are free to sell or lease; the hospital to pay a clovegillyflower to the grantor and his heirs at Easter and 10s. to the chief lords of the fee viz. to Holy Trinity 4s., to G. le Br and his heirs 2s., to the nuns of Klerkenwell 2s. and to the prior of St. Mary Suthwerk 2s.

671. Total of this parish 12s. and it is tithed at this in the king's exemplification.


  • 1. Cripplegate.