Parishes: St Bartholomew by the Exchange

Pages 146-148

The Cartulary of Holy Trinity, Aldgate. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1971.

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[f. 133v] In the parish of St. Bartholomew the Less (fn. 1)

747. [1170–97] Grant of Stephen prior and convent to Richard Walensis of all the land which Robert Pa(n)chier held; rent 3s. p.a.; swore fealty; witnesses, Richard the priest (presbiter) of St. Christopher, Robert Blund, Alolin.

748. [List of those paying rent]: Richard Walensis; Geoffrey de Barra; John Gofair(er); Matilda Gofair(er); Giles Oault; Walter Eur(e), 1 and 19 Ed. II and 1 and 6 Ed. III; Thomas Legge, 30 Ed. III whose executors paid the arrears as appears in Acquittance Four (fn. 2) of several parishes; John at Harp, 1 Ric. II; John Gille, 1 Hy. V as appears by the following acquittance.

749. [1413] Acquittance of William Haradon, prior, and convent acknowledging the receipt of 3s. of quit rent from Richard Gylle from his tenement situated between the tenement of the prior of Christchurch Canterbury on the east and that of John Erith on the west and south and Bradestrete on the north; dated London 24 Apr. 1413.

750. [1170–97] Grant of Stephen prior and convent to Richard de Donewich of land which Elias the Moneyer held immediately before him; rent 4s. p.a.; to hold as long as he pays the rent without fraud and ill intent; swore fealty; gersuma 1 bezant and to the convent one London sextary of wine; witnesses, Nicholas the chaplain, Roger son of Renus senior.

C.A.D., ii, A 1905.

751. [List of those paying rent]: Richard de Donewich; Elias the Moneyer; Richard de Bruhull; Osbert Noreys; the New Hospital; Peter Daniel; John Tywe; Michael To(n)y(1); (fn. 3) Margery Sybillyng; Roger Sybillyng who granted the tenement to John Bocton who paid 4s. [See also after 752] as appears by the following charter.

752. [1286–7] Grant of Roger Sibillyng son of Thomas Sibillyng, citizen, to John de Bocton, citizen and 'coffrar', of all his land in the parish of St. Bartholomew called 'le Petyt'; abutments, the tenement of Matthew le Paumer on the east and that of John Gofair(er) on the west and the tenement of Walter Hauteyn, William Spinythiot and Richard Lu(m)bour on the south and the king's street on the north; all that the grantor has since the death of his father and Margaret, his mother, to hold to John and to whomsoever he may wish to sell or lease except religious or Jews; rent to the grantor and his heirs, 6d. p.a., to the Bridge 5s. p.a., to Holy Trinity 4s. p.a., to the hospital of St. Giles without London 3s. 6d. p.a., to the heirs of Peter Daniel 1d. at Michaelmas and to Henry de St. Albans and his heirs ½ lb. of cumin at Easter; gersuma [f. 134] £100 sterling; sealed; witnesses, Ralph de Sandwich, warden, Walter Hauteyn, Thomas Cros, sheriffs, Robert de Arraz, then alderman of this ward. (fn. 4)

C.A.D., i, A 1625.

751 contd. Robert Patryk; William Sta(u)nford, 1 and 19 Ed. II and 1 Ed. III; John Lyttille, 6 Ed. III who bequeathed the tenement to the prior and convent of Christchurch Canterbury and the tenement is situated on the south side of Bradestrete between the tenement of the late Richard Walensis, later of John Gylle on the west [incomplete].

753. Total of this parish 7s.


  • 1. i.e. St. Bartholomew by the Exchange and not the parish later known as St. Bartholomew the Less within the precincts of St. Bartholomew's Hospital.
  • 2. 1041.
  • 3. Margin: Tonyl custos pontis Lond' concessit dictum tenementum Thome Sybilyng redditus inde Ponti vs. et ecclesie Christi Lond' iiijs. ut patet in carta que habetur in custodia magistri pontis predicti postea.
  • 4. Broad Street Ward.