Parishes: All Hallows London Wall

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The Cartulary of Holy Trinity, Aldgate. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1971.

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[f. 136v] In the parish of all Hallows Super Murum

779. Note: In the time of Prior Norman and of Gilbert the Universal, bishop of London, (fn. 1) Henry I being king, a certain priest Ranulf putting off the secular habit to become a monk at Reading, gave to Holy Trinity in free alms the church of All Hallows London Wall and certain land outside the wall and sustained the fraternity of Holy Trinity and afterwards King Henry wrote to Bishop Gilbert who had seized the same church into his hands, as follows.

780. [c. 1127–34] Writ of Henry I to the bishop of London ordering him to restore seisin to Holy Trinity of its church of All Hallows and its land in his soke which Ranulf the clerk gave to it in free alms, for Holy Trinity has been disseised without judgment; the canons should hold it peacefully as they are able to justify by legal witnesses that they hold it in free alms.

Cf. C.A.D., iii, A 6682 and P.R.S., x, no. 16.

781. [c. 1127–34] Letter of the abbot of Reading to Gilbert bishop of London presenting evidence about the church of All Hallows and urging that the canons of Holy Trinity should not be disturbed because a brother of Reading, Ranulf, granted the church to them. The canons allowed Osbern nephew of Ranulf to hold the church from them at a rent of 3s. He begs the bishop to carry out Ranulf's gift.

782. Note: From the time of Henry I, Holy Trinity had land in 'le More' within the wall of the City near 'le Brook' which Jordan Saet and his sisters held at a rent of 2s. p.a. plus 4½d. paid on Palm Sunday as appears in a book with the letter 'A' folio 27 and Jordan so paid, then the land was divided for Ida the widow of T. Hauerhyll paid 8d. at Christmas and 1½d. on Palm Sunday and William Vileyn paid 16d. and 1½d. part of which was divided for Richard Longe paid 9½d. and Roger Fraunceis paid 9½d.

783. [List of those paying rent]: after Richard le Lunge; Richard Tailhast who recognised on Mon. [sic] 23 Feb. 1288 that he held of the prior at a rent of 8d. plus 1½d. of the soke for certain tenements which he held in the parish of All Hallows London Wall, which tenement lies next to that once of Alexander de Leycestre and the recognisance was registered the same day [See also after 784].

784. [1288] Note of the recognisance: Richard Tailhast agreed by licence of the court that he held by a rent of 8d. plus 1½d. for socage and for this the prior and convent remitted all arrears of rent, Ralph de Sandwich, warden, William de Hereford, Thomas de Stanes, sheriffs, and the prior had impleaded him by writ of gavelet.

783 contd. John Hore alias Heyham, 5 Ed. II and 1 Ed. III; John Baldewyn, 33 Ed. III; Geoffrey at Feld; William Belhume, 48 Ed. III and 5 Ric. II: after Roger Fraunceys; Alice, his widow, who bequeathed the tenement to the canons of St. Bartholomew; Peter le Hoder who paid to the canon, warden of the refectory of St. Bartholomew, 3s. p.a. and to Holy Trinity 8d. plus 1½d. [See also after 785].

785. [f. 137] [1264–5] Grant by John prior and convent of St. Bartholomew to Peter le Hoder, skinner (feliparius) of all the land in 'la More' opposite London Wall between the land that was of Richard le Lunge, gate-keeper, (janitor) on the west and the land that was of Geoffrey le Vyleyn on the east extending in length from the street towards the north to the ditch (fossatum) of Walbrok towards the south, which land was of Alice widow of Roger le Fraunceis and which Holy Trinity has, in free alms, by the gift of Alice; to hold to the grantee, his heirs and assigns, except religious and Jews; rent 3s. p.a. to the warden of the refectory of St. Bartholomew, to the heirs of Walter le Fust(er) ½d. at Easter and to Holy Trinity 8d. plus 1½d.; the warden of the refectory is to be allowed to enter and take naam; gersuma 40s.; chirograph sealed; witnesses, Thomas son of Thomas, mayor, Edward Blund, Peter Aunger, sheriffs, Peter, alderman of this ward. (fn. 2)

783 contd. Alexander de Leycestre; Peter le Batur, 5 Ed. II; Nicholas Rumbold, 19 Ed. II; Master Thomas de Pontisbury: after Ida Haverhill; Geoffrey Vileyn; Geoffrey de Rothyng who recognised that he held of Holy Trinity when Gregory de Rokesle was mayor at the beginning of his third year, which recognisance was enrolled 17 Nov. 1277 after he had come into the Husting and recognised his tenure and rent because he had been impleaded there by writ; Alexander de Leycestre; Herman de Walden, clerk; Arnold le Brother, 5 and 19 Ed. II; Master Thomas de Pontesbury, 19 Ed. II and 1 Ed. III for two tenements; John David, 48 Ed. III; John Beverle, 49 Ed. III; Robert Bardolf, 16 Ric. II; Amice his widow.

786. Total of this parish 2s. 4½d. and it is tithed at this in the king's exemplification.


  • 1. Bishop of London, c. 1127–34.
  • 2. Broad Street Ward.