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The Cartulary of Holy Trinity, Aldgate. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1971.

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[f. 140v] In the parish of St. Andrew on Cornhull or at Knap

807. [1108–47] Grant by Norman prior and convent to Wolfinus Grand of land next to the church of St. Andrew; rent 5s. 4d. p.a.; and for landceape the grantee gave 12d. to the canons; witnesses, Leowinus the priest (presbiter), William son of Wolfwinus, Richard brother of William.

C.A.D., ii, A 2338.

808. [List of those paying rent]: W. Grand; Huthredus Stede; Edmund Stede; Heluisa de Whytsand; Robert de Coryngham; William Hadham; Henry in le Lane, 1 and 19 Ed. II and 1 Ed. III; John Hadham, 6 Ed. III; Robert Bro(o)m, 30 Ed. III; Robert de la More, 48 Ed. III; Geoffrey Newton, 8 Ric. II; William Reynwell and the tenement is situated on the east side of Sentmaristrete with the cemetery of St. Andrew's church on the south.

809. [1147–67] Grant by Ralph prior and convent to William Facetus of land which his uncle gave to Holy Trinity; to hold in fee; rent ½ mark p.a.; witnesses, Robert son of Le(f)tanus, Edmund the alderman.

C.A.D., iv, A 7285.

810. [List of those paying rent]: William Facetus; Master Henry Facet; William Fulbert, his sister's husband (sororius), who had another tenement next to the aforesaid tenements on the east from which the prioress of Halliwell was accustomed to receive 2s. 8d. p.a. [See also after 811] which prioress granted the tenement by an exchange made as follows.

811. Note: in the year of our Lord 1224 an exchange was made between Richard prior and convent and Matilda prioress and the nuns of Halliwell whereby the prioress granted to Holy Trinity 32d. p.a. of quit rent which William Folbert gave them from lands and houses to the east of land which William held of them in the parish of St. Andrew towards Algate, paying therefrom 3d. to the socage of the bishop of London, and 9 acres of land in Bracking, 3 acres lying next the messuage of Richard Walensis, 2 acres next the croft of Richard son of David on the north, 3 acres of land in Kingshohell in two places and 1 acre of land lies in Gatisbifeld; and in exchange the prior granted to Halywell 29d. of quit rent from land which John Serlo holds of them in the suburbs of London in the parish of St. Botolph without Bischopgate below the Bar and 9 acres in Bracking in Wodcroft enclosed on every side; chirograph; sealed counterparts; witnesses, John de Solio, Gilbert Fulc.

810 contd. Paying 9s. 4d.; William Fulbert; William le Fayth by whose will (fn. 1) enrolled 14 Ed. I, his executors gave to Clement le Stetter one piece of land [f. 141] separate from the chief tenement which lies between the tenement of Gilbert de la Marche on the east and north and the king's street on the south and the tenement of Walter le Blond on the west as appears in a charter enrolled 19 Ed. I; Robert de Parys, potter; Gilbert de la Marche, 28 Ed. I.

812. Grant by Walter Blundus (le Blond) to Holy Trinity, for the salvation of the grantor's soul and that of Matilda his wife etc., of 2s. 6d. of quit rent from land which Philip the chaplain holds of the grantor which land is of the fee of Margaret widow of Gladwin for 20d. and from land which the grantor holds of John the Spicer (Speciarius) for 10d.; the quit rent is given for pittances to be given to the canons on the day of the grantor's anniversary; sealed; witnesses, Simon the Merchant, William the Bell-ringer (Campanarius), Turgisius, Hugh de Sartrino.

C.A.D., ii, A 1982.

813. [List of those paying rent]: Walter le Blond, potter; his widow; William le Faith; Robert le Parys, potter; Gilbert de la Marche, potter, 28 Ed. I; William de la Marche, 30 Ed. I; Robert Frekeberewere and N. his wife, mother of the aforesaid William, gave 100s. for the term of her life from the tenement which was situated between the tenement of Thomas brother of William on the east and that of William Peyntour on the west and in width between the street on the south and the garden of the prioress of St. Helen on the north as appears in their charter (fn. 2) enrolled 33 Ed. I; Thomas de la Marche.

814. [1170–97] Grant by Stephen prior and convent to Odelina widow of William Gant of 2 'mansure' of land adjacent in the parish of St. Andrew next Holy Trinity which Gunter and Lefsi held; rent 3s. p.a.; and Odelina put in her place as security for her Ralph the Goldsmith and John Facetus her nephew by touching the holy gospels in the chapter-house of Holy Trinity; she gave one London sextary of wine to the convent and 2s. as gersuma; the land had a frontage on the street of 21¼ ells and at the other end on the inside (introrsus) a width of 15 ells and in length 34½ ells; witnesses, William Facetus, John his son.

C.A.D., iv, A 7284.

815. [List of those paying rent]: Odelina; Henry Facet; Gilbert de la Marche, 20 Ed. I who bequeathed all the above tenements to William and Thomas his sons by his will (fn. 3) enrolled 28 Ed. I; Thomas de la Marche paid all the rent above-noted, 14s. 10d., except 8d. to Holy Trinity as appears by an assessment (taxacio concessa) of the king made 18 Ed. II and Thomas bequeathed the tenements to John Toppesfeld as in his will (fn. 4) enrolled 20 July 1332; then they were divided for Walter Chelmesford paid 5s., Henry de Cofford paid 3s. 4d. and John Toppesfeld 5s. 8d: after Walter Chelmesford; Agnes, his widow, 6 Ed. III; Walter Chelmesford, 10 Ed. III [See also after 816] as appears by the following plea.

816. Common plea held in the Husting, Mon. 3 Mar. 1336.

Walter de Chelmesford complains that on Tues. 4 Feb. 1336 the prior came to his free tenement and took naam worth 15s. until by gage and pledge of Walter de Mordon, one of the sheriffs, etc.; the prior defended his action because the tenement was held of the prior at a rent of 5s. p.a. [f. 141v] and that it was 10s. [sic] in arrears from four years past and Walter did not deny this; the prior retained the naam and Walter is in mercy.

815 contd. Augustine Waleis from the executors of Walter de Chelmesford by charter (fn. 5) enrolled 3 May 1343; Robert Broun who granted the tenement to Richard Dunmowe by charter (fn. 6) enrolled 6 May 1357; William Chyvele, 46 Ed. III; Edmund son of Simon, 8 Ric. II: after Henry Cofford; John Horwood, 10 Ed. III [See also after 817] as appears by the following plea.

817. Common plea held in the Husting, Mon. 3 Feb. 1336.

John Horwood and Matilda his wife complained that on Tues. 4 Feb. 1336 (fn. 7) the prior came to their free tenement and took naam worth 10d. etc. until by gage and pledge of W. de Mordon, one of the sheriffs, etc.; to their damage 20s.; the prior said that the rent of 3s. 4d. was 10d. in arrears for the Michaelmas term [as 816 above].

815 contd. Augustine Waleis and Robert Broun by the charter of John Horwod as by their charter (fn. 8) enrolled 19 Ed. III and the tenement contains in width along the road 7 ells 2 ins.; Robert Broun gave the tenement to John Plotte as appears by charter (fn. 9) enrolled 31 Ed. III; John bequeathed it to the abbess of St. Clare without Algate as appears in his will (fn. 10) enrolled 10 Hy. IV: and after John Toppisfeld this holding was divided for Robert Broun paid 3s. 6d. p.a. to Holy Trinity, 32 Ed. III and the hospital of Dortford paid 14d. the same year and the same Robert paid 14d.: after Robert Broun; Roger Rose or de Bury, 43 Ed. III; John Langhorn, brazier; John Chapsheth and John Writele in mercy because they did not pursue their plaint against William prior and convent and William Brole, confrater of the prior, in a plea of taking naam and the prior had return of the naam worth 5s. and replevin: and after the hospital of Dertford; John Clapsheth, 48 Ed. III: and after Robert Broun; Master John Turk, 37 Ed. III.

818. [f. 142] [1247–8] Grant of Richard prior and convent to William de Kylkenny (Kilkenny) of land and gardens with a chapel situated there which were held by Gilbert son of Fulk in Lymstrate; to hold by hereditary right; rent 1 lb. of cumin or 1d. at Michaelmas; gersuma 20 marks; sealed; witnesses, William de Haverhull the king's treasurer, Michael To(v)y, mayor, Nicholas Bat, William Vyel, sheriffs.

C.A.D., i, A 1470.

819. [List of those paying quit rent]: Master William de Kylkeny who bequeathed the tenement to Richard son of Robert, his nephew, which Richard granted it to Philip Lovel as appears by charter enrolled Mon. 5 Nov. 1257.

820. [f. 142v] [1309] Grant by Robert de Kampeden, skinner (phelliparious), to William Bonsergaunt (Bonseriaunt), moneyer (minetarius), of a quit rent of 6s. 8d. from a tenement with shops; abutments, the tenement of James de Lamburne, kt., on the west and the tenement of Thomas son of Gilbert de Marchia on the east and the king's street on the south and the garden of the said James on the north; the grantee gave a certain sumn of money as gersuma; sealed; witnesses, Thomas Romeyn, mayor, James de Saint Edmund, Roger le Palmer, sheriffs.

821. Note: Thomas Bonseriaunt called de Algate, son and heir of William, bequeathed 6s. 8d. p.a. to Holy Trinity as appears in Will Two (fn. 11) of several parishes enrolled 33 Ed. III.

822. [List of those paying quit rent]: John Aschford then the tenement was divided and the portion which Thomas Bellhows holds on the west which contains on the street 4 ells 11 ins. pays 22d. and the other portion which Robert Gille holds on the east which contains 11 ells 6½ ins. pays 4s. 10d. [no name of subsequent tenants] and these two tenements are situated adjacent on the north side of Algatestret.

823. Total of this parish 26s. 11d. and it is tithed at this in the king's exemplification.


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