Parishes: St Sepulchre Newgate

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The Cartulary of Holy Trinity, Aldgate. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1971.

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[f. 143] In the parishes of St. Sepulchre without Newgate and St. Audoenus

824. [1193–1212] Grant and sale by Ralph son of Robert the Chamberlain to William his brother of 14s. p.a. of quit rent which the nuns of Haliwell used to pay the grantor, viz. 10s. from the messuage (managium) which the bishop of Chester holds of the nuns along London Wall on the south at Newgate and 4s. from the other side of the street on the north from certain land which Ralph de Lanham holds of the same nuns; abutments, the land that was of Ralph Blund and the land that was of Henry Mansel; William and his heirs to acquit that rent to William Martel of 1 1b. of pepper; William gave Ralph 12 marks sterling; witnesses, Henry mayor of London, Roger son of Alan, Alan son of Peter.

825. Note: William the Chamberlain gave to Holy Trinity 14s. p.a. of quit rent as appears in Charter Sixteen (fn. 1) of several parishes; and these names paying 10s.; the nuns of Haliwell; William de Brumtune; now [1425–7] the earl of Warwick and this garden is situated within the walls of the City and the nuns of Haliwell pay the other 4s.

826. [1222–c. 1230] Grant of Richard prior and convent to Christine daughter of Ralph the Smith (Faber) of Newgate in the parish of St. Sepulchre without the Walls of land which H. le Frances held; abutments, the land of Roger de Beverle on the west and the land of Peter de Bures on the east; rent 2d. p.a.; the grantee is not to sell or pledge to Jews; swore fealty; gersuma 1 mark; [f. 143v] witnesses, Joce son of Peter, alderman, John de Woburne.

827. [List of those paying rent]: Christine Smith; Agnes de Hulla; Thomas the chaplain of the hospital of St. Bartholomew.

828. [c. 1180–5] Grant by William de Newham (de Niweham) of the Knights Templar (minister milicie Templi) to Ives the chaplain of St. Sepulchre of his land which Gilbert Maillard held of him; rent 20d. p.a.; sealed; witnesses, William the preceptor, brother Warin (Garinus).

829. [1212–23] Grant by John Testard, clerk, for the salvation of his soul and that of his uncle Ives and of his father and mother, 1 mark p.a. of quit rent which William Taillefer, marshal, paid from a tenement in the parish of St. Sepulchre [the tenement in 828] and is in the fee of the Templars; the canons to hold in free alms of the Templars and paying to them 20d. p.a.; sealed; witnesses, Hugh master of the hospital of St. Bartholomew, Gerard master of the hospital of St. Giles.

830. [List of those paying quit rent]: William Taillefer [See also after 831] to whom Richard prior and convent remitted 16d. of rent.

831. [1222–c. 1230] Release by Richard prior and convent of 16d. of rent to W. Tailfer out of a rent of 1 mark from the tenement between that of William Cupere and the land of Roger Palmer; so that the rent is 12s.; sealed; witness, Joce son of Peter, alderman.

830 contd. Richard Merlan; William Sta(m)mer; Robert de Manifeld, 1 and 19 Ed. II and 1 Ed. III; his widow, 6 Ed. III; Richard de Weseby, 30 Ed. III; John Slory, 8 Ric. II and throughout Hy. IV and Hy. V and this tenement is situated on the south side of the street which leads from Newgate towards Holbourne Brygge between the street on the east and north.

832. [f. 144] [1255] Grant of Richard de Hereford, tailor, and Isabel, daughter of Hugh Blund, his wife, to John prior and convent of 7s. p.a. of quit rent from certain land with houses which Isabel Ridelestrete held in the Bailey in the parish of St. Sepulchre in the suburb of London which John the Cook once held in fee of Adam de Aluerma without Luthgat in the Old Bailey; the canons to hold freely without secular service, tallage and similar exactions; the canons gave 60s.; sealed by Isabel and her husband; witnesses, Ralph Hardel, mayor, Stephen de Ostregate, Henry Walemunt, sheriffs.

833. [List of those paying quit rent]: Isabel Ridelstrete; Roger Convers who granted the tenement to Hamo the Moneyer who paid 7s. as appears by their charter (fn. 2) enrolled 6 Ed. 1 and Hamo granted it to Simon son of Oliver de Carleton as appears by charter (fn. 3) enrolled 24 Ed. I; Robert Marny; Thomas Topusfeld, 6 Ed. III; Richard Wylughby, 30 Ed. III; Simon Hosteler, 48 Ed. III; John Slory, 8 Ric. II.

Margin: De eodem, ecclesie sancte Brigide xviijd. et monachis sancti Albani vs. vjd.

834. [1303–4] Grant by Thomas le Kyng, butcher, and Alice, daughter of Walter de Holherst, his wife, to Adam de Brachyng, clerk, of ½ mark p.a. of quit rent in the parish of St. Sepulchre in 'le Bail' from a tenement which is between that of William Castell on the south and that of John Montagu, fishmonger, on the north and west and the king's street on the east; the rent to be paid in perpetuity on condition that he and his heirs find five wax candles, in memory and honour of the five wounds of Jesus Christ for the salvation of the whole world by his passion and crucifixion, before the Holy Cross in the conventual church of Holy Trinity; Adam and his heirs are allowed to enter and take naam if the rent is in arrears; gersuma 4 marks of good and lawful money; sealed; witnesses, John le Blond, mayor, [f. 144v] William de Combemartin, John de Boreford, sheriffs.

835. [List of those paying quit rent]: Thomas Kyng; Nicholas Burnel.

836. [f. 144] [1305–6] Grant by John de Montagu, citizen and fishmonger, to Master James de Bohun of all that tenement in 'le Bail' situated between the tenement once of Reginald son of Peter on the north and that once of William de Castello called le Armener on the south extending from the street called 'le Bail' on the east to the tenement of the aforesaid Reginald on the west; dated 34 Ed. I.

Margin: Hec carta habetur in Prioratu Sancti Bartholmei.

837. [f. 144v] Note: that Adam de Brachyng granted a quit rent of 6s. 8d. p.a. [conveyed to him in 834] to Ralph prior and convent as appears in Charter Twenty-eight (fn. 4) of several parishes.

Cf. C.A.D., ii, A 1965.

838. [1197–1221] Grant by Peter prior and convent to Alexander the Mercer of land in Kockeslane in the parish of St. Sepulchre; abutments, the land of William Westmyll and that of Alexander himself containing in frontage 11½ ells and in depth 19 ells; rent 12d. p.a.; if the grantee wishes to sell, the canons to have the preference by 12d.; swore fealty; gersuma 10s.; witnesses [blank]. This sealed charter is in the house of the nuns of Haliwell and written in their book called 'Domesday' at folio ix.

839. [List of those paying rent]: Alexander Mercer; John Lyndraper; Ralph Clare; Robert le Cordwaner, 36 Hy. III; Arnold the Cook (cocus), 15 Ed. I; Hugh le Chandeler, 1 Ed. II; Matilda le Chandeler, 7 Ed. II; Hugh Chandeler, 1 Ed. III; William at Wyle, 30 Ed. III; his widow, 35 Ed. III; John Squyer, 49 Ed. III and 14 Ric. II.

Margin: Patet per pondagium sic monialibus de Kelbourne de eodem tenemento: iijs. Item de eodem Priori ecclesie Christi xijd.

840. [f. 145] Note: that Eustace son of David gave to Holy Trinity 3s. p.a. of quit rent from land in Cockislane which was of William the Glazier (Vitrii) as appears by Charter Twenty (fn. 5) of several parishes.

841. [List of those paying quit rent]: Alexander de Godrunelane who granted the tenement to the nuns of Haliwell who pay 3s. p.a. as appears in the charter by which it was conveyed to them and which is in their 'Domesday'.

842. Grant by William de Clerkenwell, for the salvation of his soul, to Holy Trinity of 3s. p.a. of quit rent which the grantor was accustomed to receive from land with houses built thereon outside the Bar of Smithfield (extra barram); abutments, the land once held by Roger Mortimer on the south and that held once by Roger de Wuburne on the north; to hold in free alms on condition that a candle is maintained in memory of William de Colchester and Emma his wife for ever in the chapel of St. Mary; rent to the lord of the fee, certain gloves (cirotecas) or ½d. within the octave of Easter; sealed; witnesses, John Balistarius, Stephen son of Andrew, Hugh le Yreis.

843. [List of those paying quit rent]: Ralph the Coalman (Carbonarius); Peter at Gate, 33 Ed. III; William Porter, 37 Ed. III; Robert Stowe, 6 Ric. II; William Stowe, 10 Ric. II; now [1425–7] the prior of the Carthusians.

844. Total of this parish 47s. 6d. and it is tithed at this in the king's exemplification.


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