Parishes: St Gabriel Fenchurch

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The Cartulary of Holy Trinity, Aldgate. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1971.

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[f. 24v] In the parish of Fencherch

109. This church, which once belonged to the Cnihtengild, is in the advowson of Holy Trinity and renders to it an annual payment of 2s. since the time of the collation of the said soke to the church, which payment Ralph Stortford, (fn. 1) bishop of London, confirmed as appears in the seventh confirmation of the bishops concerning several parishes:
[?1170–97] Grant by Richard de Remi to the canons of Holy Trinity, London, in free alms, of certain land by All Hallows Fenchurch which Robert de Ponte held in fee of his father, to hold of the grantor and his heirs at a rent of 2 lbs. of cumin payable annually before Christmas; S. (fn. 2) the prior gave a gold piece for this concession; witnesses etc.; the prior granted the aforesaid land to Master Sylvester for a rent of 6s. 8d.

110. [List of those paying rent]: Master Silvester; John de Chesthunt; William Hardel which William divided the land between his two sons John and Thomas; to Thomas two shops [See also after 112] as appears by the following charter.

111. Charter (fn. 3) enrolled in the Husting, Mon. 21 May 1313.
[1304–5] Grant by William Hardel, citizen, to Thomas his son of two shops with a solar built above, a garden and other appurtenances in the parish of All Hallows [Fenchurch]; abutments, the tenement of Thomas de Bryddeport on the east and the grantor's tenement on the west and extending from the king's highway on the south to the tenement of the earl of Gloucester on the north; [f. 25] also a quit rent of 4d. p.a. payable at Easter from the tenement which William Bure holds in the parish; paying 3s. 4d. to the prior and convent of Holy Trinity and to the grantor for all his life 5 silver marks annually in equal instalments at Easter and Michaelmas; after the grantor's death, Thomas to hold free of any service to the grantor's heirs; if failure of heirs to Thomas, the reversion to John the grantor's son born of Agnes his wife; for the gift etc. John gave the grantor a sum of money beforehand; sealed; witnesses, John le Blound, mayor, John de Lincoln, Roger de Parys, sheriffs.

112. Charter (fn. 4) enrolled as 111.
Grant by William Hardel to John of three shops with a solar built above; abutments, the tenement which the grantor recently gave to his son Thomas on the east and the north and the tenement of a certain Peter atte Lane on the west and the king's highway on the south; payments as in 111; reversion to Thomas and his heirs; witnesses as in 111; dated 8 May 1305.

110 contd. [f. 25v] Thomas Hardel; Robert Padegrys 3 Ric. II; the other tenement, John Hardel.

113. Memorandum: that Peter Blakeneye granted his tenement in the parish of Fenchurch to Peter atte Lane; abutments, the tenement of Master John Bussh on the north and the king's highway on the south and the tenement of William Hardell on the east and that of Katherine Bogoys on the west as appears in a charter (fn. 5) enrolled 26 Ed. I.

114. Note: that the prioress of Keleburn granted to William Preest a tenement on the west of that mentioned in 113 as appears by charter.

115. [c. 1242–8] Lease by Margery prioress of St. John Baptist Keleburn to William Preest of London, bureller, of a piece of land which the convent held in the parish; abutments, the land of Robert Hardel on the east [f. 26] and the land of Cecilia Guthlock on the west and at the lower end between the land of Robert Hardel and the said William; in depth from the king's highway to the land of Nolicia de Lymstrate; freedom to assign to all except Jews and religious; rent to Holy Trinity 4s. p.a.; gersuma 13s. 4d.; witnesses, Thomas de Dunholm, alderman of the ward, (fn. 6) Jordan de Coventre, then our warden, Wulonar the Baker.

116. Total of this parish 6s. 8d. and it is tithed at this in the king's exemplification.


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