Parishes: St Dionis Backchurch

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The Cartulary of Holy Trinity, Aldgate. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1971.

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In the parish of St. Dionis Bacchurch

117. Grant by Richard Estbrok, brewer, and Agnes his wife to John Fifhyde, mercer, William Creswyk, John Wakefeld, citizens, Peter Wysbech, chaplain, of 40s. of quit rent from their lands and tenements in Fanchurchstrete in the parish of St. Dionis de Bakchurch which they had as a gift and feoffment of William Bullok, citizen and tapicer; grantees to distrain if the rent is unpaid for a full year; [f. 26v] if insufficient distress taken then the grantees to take the tenements as if they were their own and hold them and occupy them and lease until the full payment is made; sealed; dated 1 Oct. 1384.

118. Release by John Wakeffeld of 40s. of quit rent to William Cresewyk which quit rent the said John had with the said William and Peter Wysebech, chaplain, by the grant of Richard Estbrok and Agnes his wife; sealed; dated 1 May 1397.

119. Release in similar terms by John Fyfhyde and Peter Wysebech of 40s. quit rent to William Cresewyk; dated 1 June 1393.

120. Bequest of 40s. quit rent by William Cresewyk to the church of Holy Trinity as appears in a will (fn. 1) enrolled in the Husting, Mon. 6 June 1407.

121. [List of those paying quit rent]: John Colvyle, 12 Hy. IV; John Sadeler, 3 Hy. V.

122. [f. 27] [1197–1221] Grant by Peter prior and convent to Godmund the Mercer of land with a stone house in Lymstrata which the said Godmundus [sic] previously held of them for a rent of 6s. p.a.; rent 3s. p.a.; in depth from the street to the interior 32 ells and in width along the aforesaid street 14 ells; if Godmund or his heirs wish to pledge, lease or sell fee the canons shall have an advantage of a bezant over other buyers; for lease and remission of 3s. in the rent Godmund gave 2½ marks: witnesses, Ralph the priest, Robert of Winchester.

C.A.D., ii, A 2710.

123. [List of those paying rent]: Godmund the Mercer; William his son; Nicholas Batte; William May; Henry Grapinell; William de Basyng; John son of Symon, 19 Ed. II and I Ed. III; John Wodegate, 30 and 40 Ed. III; Robert Wretyl, 48 Ed. III and throughout Ric. II and Hy. IV; Thomas Gynnor, 4 Hy. V and the tenement is situated on the east side of Lymstret.

124. [1262–3] Grant by Gilbert prior and convent to William prior of Ware of land with houses build upon it formerly of John son of Bernard in Lymestrate; rent 1d. p.a.; if the grantees wish to lease or sell, the prior and convent to have an advantage of ½ mark over other buyers; [f. 27v] gersuma 40 marks in silver; chirograph sealed; witnesses, Thomas son of Thomas mayor, Robert Muntpelleis, Osbert de Suffolk, sheriffs.

125. [List of those paying quit rent]: Prior of Ware until 3 Hy. V; now [1425–7] the prior of Schene and the tenement is situated on the east side of Lymstret.

126. [1222–48] Grant by Richard prior and convent to William son of Godmund of land formerly held by Andrew the Goldsmith (Orfreyfier); abutments, the land formerly of Michael Hardel on the north and land of the hospital of St. Giles on the south; rent 1s. p.a.; the grantee is not to sell to Jews; if the grantee wishes to alienate, the prior and convent have the preference by 12d.; swore fealty; gersuma 5s.; witness, Thomas de Dunolm.

127. [List of those paying rent]: William son of Godmund; John Adryan; Henry Bacwell; Cecilia de Bacwell, I Ed. II and I Ed. III; Thomas de Bacwell, 30 Ed. III; Richard Dyko(n)n, 48 Ed. III and 8 Ric. II.

128. Total of this parish 44s. 1d. and it is tithed at this in the king's exemplification.


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