Parishes: St Mary at Hill

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The Cartulary of Holy Trinity, Aldgate. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1971.

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[f. 47] In the parish of St. Mary atte Hulle

231. Charter of William son of Alulf granting to the prior [sic] and convent of St. Peter Westminster land with a wharf (cay); abutments, land formerly of Richard son of Oswant and the lane which is by (contra) Billyngsgate; in length along the lane 18¼ ells and in breadth along the Thames 131/8 ells.

232. [1147–67] Grant of Ralph prior and convent to Richard son of Edwin son of Oswant of land in Byllyngsgate; rent 3s. p.a.; to hold as long as they pay the rent and are faithful to the church; width 55 ft. and the lower edge is on the Thames in width 47 ft. and the tenement is 103 ft. in length; gersuma a thousand herrings (millenar (ium) de haringis); witnesses, Eilward the priest (presbiter), Geoffrey Taun.

C.A.D., ii, A 2419.

233. [List of those paying rent]: Richard son of Oswant; John Sperlyng; Bricus the Ropemaker (cordarius); Martin Sperlyng; Philip le Taillour; Martin le Furner; John Laurence, 1 and 5 Ed. II; John Cros or de St. Edmund, 18 Ed. II; as appears by a subsidy granted to the king in that year; Gilbert Cros, 1 and 5 Ed. III; John Londonstone, 6 and 30 Ed. III; Roger at Ston, 33 Ed. III; Adam Changour, 39 and 49 Ed. III; Robert Knoll, 8 Ric. II; now [1425–7] the college of Pontefract: Knolles College.

234. [1170–97] Grant of Stephen prior and convent to Matthew of land which Ketellus held; rent 2s. p.a.; gersuma 2s.; the land has 42 ft. in [length] and 54 ft. in depth; witnesses, Robert de Hereford, Ketel, Nicholas the priest (sacerdos), Robert the clerk, Robert Ruhaued, Richard son of Oswant, William de Camera, Laurence Blund, Alberic of Billingesgate, Robert de Schop(pe), Diringus.

C.A.D., ii, A 2442.

235. [List of those paying rent]: Matthew, Alexander Sperlyng; William Veisin to whom a certain piece of land adjacent was granted [See also after 236] as appears by the following charter.

236. [f. 47v] [1170–97] Lease of Stephen prior and convent to William Veisin of a curtilage which Alexander son of Sperling leased to Holy Trinity; rent 1s.; to hold as long as rent is duly paid; William swore fealty; gersuma 1s; witnesses, Ralph the priest, John son of Alexander Sperlyng, Gilbert Feutrier, Wilbertus.

C.A.D., ii, A 2441.

235 contd. the abbot of Waltham who granted the tenement to William Carpenter paying to the abbot 38s. and to Holy Trinity 3s. p.a. as appears in their charter; J. Garland; Thomas Garland; John Hardel; J. Maydston, 13 Ed. I [See also after 237] as appears by the following acquittance.

237. Release by William prior and convent to John de Maidenestan, clerk of the illustrious king of England, of 16s. sterling of arrears of rent from land once of John Hardel, citizen; John promises henceforth to pay 3s. p.a.; chirograph sealed in the presence of Robert Giffard, kt., John Hardel, John Gillingham, brothers Richard Wymbysch and Walter Buruch, canons; dated Wed. 27 June 1285.

C.A.D., ii, A 2418.

235 contd. John Romeney, 1 and 5 Ed. II; John de Wrotham, 19 Ed. II and 1, 5 and 6 Ed. III; his widow, 30 Ed. III; William Bys, 37 and 49 Ed. III and 8 Ric. II; John Walworth, vintner, 20 Ric. II; John Weston, throughout Hy. IV and the tenement is on the west side of the lane leading from Billingesgate and the church of St. Mary de la Hulle.

238. [1222–48] Grant by Hamon son of Constantine to Richard prior and convent of a quit rent of 4s. 4d. p.a. which Michael the clerk was accustomed to give the grantor from land and houses which he held of the grantor near the land of the abbot of Waltham [f. 48] on the south; rent ½ lb. of cumin or 1d. annually to the grantor and his heirs at the election of each canon (ad electionem eorundem prions et canonicorum infra quindecim dies Pasche apud Sanctam Trinitatis sine omni occasione); gersuma 40s. in silver; witness, Ralph Sperling.

C.A.D., ii, A 2446.

239. [List of those paying quit rent]: Hamon added 6s. 8d. which he owed to the canons of Southwark, so Holy Trinity received 11s. but paid 6s. 8d. to Southwark; 4s. 4d. paid by Michael Clerk; Alexander Bysshop or Knyght; the abbot of Waltham; Peter Knyght; John Middleton who granted the tenement to Godwin Philypper, who paid to the canons of Waltham 25s. 8d. and to the canons of Southwark 6s. 8d. and to the conversi of the Temple 4s., making no mention of the rent to Holy Trinity as appears from their charter (fn. 1) enrolled after the feast of St. Margaret 35 Ed. I; Alan Gyll; John le Hoder(e).

240. Total of this parish 10s. 4d. and it is tithed as it appears in the king's exemplification.

[f. 48v] In the parishes of St. Margaret Patyns and St. Andrew Estchep or Hubert

241. [1170–97] Lease of Stephen prior and convent to Richard Comper(e), baker, of land that was once of Saleda Smith (Faber); rent 2s. p.a.; to hold as long as rent is paid without any fraud and detraction; swore fealty; gersuma 1 bezant to the prior and a London sextary of wine to the canons; witnesses, Master Cyprian, Odo the chaplain (capellanus) of St. Andrew, Jordan the alderman son of Jordan Sperlyng, William son of Reyngarus.

242. [List of those paying rent]: Richard Compere, baker; John Garland; Richard Renger; Roger Dux; Stephen de Oxford; Stephen Iuvenus [sic]; Robert Wandelworth, 5 Ed. II and 6 Ed. III; then the tenement was divided for Adam Canoun paid 1s. and John Boshenham paid 1s., 30 Ed. III: after Adam Canoun; John Denyver, 8 Ric. II: after John Boshenham; Thomas Hovyle, 40 Ed. III; Katherine Hovyle, 8 Ric. II; William Turnour paid all, (fn. 2) 10 Hy. IV; Clement Mylius taking as wife Margaret widow of W. Turnour as appears by the following.

243. Indenture made between William prior and convent and Clement Mylius and Margaret his wife, citizens of London, witnesseth that at Easter 1426 Clement and Margaret owed rent for seven whole years at 2s. p.a. for the tenement formerly of William Tumour; abutments, the tenement of William Halle on the south and that of the Bridge of London on the north and the king's road on the east and the garden of the Guildhall (fn. 3) (collegii Guyhalde) on the west and agreeth that Clement and Margaret shall pay off the arrears at 2s. p.a. together with the 2s. p.a. rent; sealed; dated 10 May 1426.

244. Total of this parish 2s. and nevertheless it is tithed at 3s. 6d. as appears in the king's exemplification.


  • 1. H.R. 35 (94) enrolled 18 July 1306.
  • 2. Presumably 2s.
  • 3. ? Possibly the guildhall of the men of Cologne (Steelyard).