Parishes: St Andrew Hubbard

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The Cartulary of Holy Trinity, Aldgate. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1971.

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[St. Andrew Hubbard]

245. Agreement made between Eustace prior and convent and Simon Wynchestre (Wirencestre), baker, that Simon undertook to go bail that he shall make sufficient and distrainable that piece which he holds of the fee of the prior and convent next the messuage of John Noth in the parish this side the bounds (citra finem) of St. Michael, rent 3s. p.a.; for this promise and agreement the prior and convent remitted to Simon 30s. of arrears except (usque ad) 10s. which he has paid them from the said land; if Simon and his heirs shall default, he grants that the prior [f. 49] and convent shall enter and retain all the aforesaid land until they are satisfied in the 20s. arrears; chirograph sealed; dated Thurs. 27 Apr. 1273.

246. [List of those paying rent]: Simon de Wynchestre; Robert the Smith (Faber); Benet Bowier(e); John Noth; John Fowliner, 26 Ed. I [See also after 247] as appears in the following plea.

247. Common plea held in the Husting, Mon. 5 May 1298.
Recognisance of J. de Fouliner that he held of the prior and convent of Holy Trinity and was 40s. in arrears of rent at 3s. p.a. from a tenement formerly of John Noth and he paid to brother Geoffrey, rent-collector (rentario), 20s. on 24 June and 10s. on 1 Aug. and for his recognisance the remainder of the arrears remitted.

246 contd. Richard Wolmer(e), 5 Ed. II; Hamon Godchep, 19 Ed. II and 1 and 5 Ed. III; his widow, 6 Ed. III; Richard Dowble, 30 Ed. III; Richard Croydon, 34, 48 and 49 Ed. III; John Philpot.

248. [1223–7 or 1238–9] Sale by Reginald Dang(er) and quitclaim for himself and his heirs to Richard prior and convent of 8s. 4d. of quit rent from all the grantor's lands and houses in the parish of the fee of the canons: abutments, the land of John Eu on the south and land of Walter de Sudflete on the north; 8s. 4d. quit rent which Roger the Baker was accustomed to pay the grantor from a stone house there and in addition a rent of 5s. p.a. which the canons had from the same house; sale of ½ 1b. of cumin or 2d. which Ralph Sperlenc paid the grantor annually from land with houses contiguous to the same stone house saving to the canons a rent of 2s. 4d. which they received from the said land; to hold in perpetuity [f. 49v] 8s. 4d. p.a. of quit rent and ½ 1b. of cumin or 2d.; for this sale the canons gave 5 marks of silver; witness, Richard Renger, mayor.

Cf. C.A.D., ii, A 2117.

249. [List of those paying quit rent of 13s. 4d.]: Reginald Danger, baker; R. de Sabrygelworth; Simon Sturry, 'catteler' [? cutler]; then the land was divided for Katherine Cotteler(e) paid 6s. 8d. for her part and William Storry 6s. 8d. for the other part: after K. Cotteler, William son of Nicholas Beawneys to whom she granted her part as appears by charter (fn. 1) enrolled 31 Ed. I; John Faukoner, 1 Ed. II; Hamo Godchop, 19 Ed. II and 5 Ed. III; his widow, 6 Ed. III; Richard Double, 30 Ed. III; Richard Croydon, 34 and 49 Ed. III; John Philpotts: after William Storrey, Robert Fuller to whom he granted his part by charter (fn. 2) enrolled 1 Ed. II; Adam Hunteman, 19 Ed. II and 5 Ed. III; William Dyry, 6 Ed. III; Robert Chaundos, 30 Ed. III; John Cok, 35 Ed. III; John Beufront, 48 Ed. III and 8 Ric. II; Richard Spark; John Dalby and these three tenements are situated joined together on the west of the lane between the great gate once of John Philpotts on the north and [incomplete].

250. [c. 1243] Grant of Richard son of Benet the Goldsmith to Richard prior and convent of 1s. 10d. p.a. of quit rent from the land which John Suffolke held of the grantor; abutments, the land of Pentecost Wodemongere on the south and land of Richard May on the north; to hold in free alms; sealed; witness, Ralph Sperlyng, then alderman.

C.A.D., i, A 1696.

251. [f. 50] [List of those paying quit rent]: John Suffolk; Richard Curteys, 5 Ed. II; Hamo Goodchep, 19 Ed. II and 1 and 5 Ed. III; his widow, 12 Ed. III [See also after 252] as appears by the following acquittance.

252. Acquittance of brother Thomas prior and convent of Holy Trinity for the arrears of 1s. 10d. annual quit rent received from the lady Isabel widow of Hamo Godchep from her tenement once of John de Suffolk; abutments, the land of Gerard, guardian (custos) of the queen's wardrobe, and the tenement of Robert le Maydour and situated opposite Isabel's yellow house (jaune mansionis); sealed by both parties; witnesses, William de Wrotham, Richard de Lo(m)huth, Richard atte Gate, John de Bromhil, Arnold le Chaundeler; dated 24 Dec. 1338.

251 contd. Richard Double, 30 Ed. III; Richard Croydon, 34 and 49 Ed. III; John Philepot and the tenement is situated on the east side of a lane called Philpott lane.

253. Declaration by John Sperlyng that he holds of the prior and convent of Holy Trinity in 1s. 6d. p.a. from certain land in the parish as appears in Charter Eight (fn. 3) of several parishes.

254. [List of those paying rent]: John Sperlyng; Luke le Aylere; Walter son of Luke who granted the land to Robert de Kynggeston, clerk [See also after 255] as appears by the following charter.

255. [?1293–4] Conveyance by Walter son of Luke the Stockfishmonger, once citizen of London, to Robert de Kynggeston, clerk, of all the tenement which the grantor had of his father in the parishes of St. Andrew Hubbard, St. Mary at Hill and St. Margaret Pattens with houses built thereon; abutments, the capital messuage of John Spirlyng on the south and the king's road which leads to the Tower on the north extending from the king's street which leads to the gate of Billynggesgate on the east to the tenement once of Miles de Winchester on the west; rent to Holy Trinity 1s. 6d. p.a. and to the grantor and his heirs a clove-gillyflower at Christmas; [f. 50v] gersuma 55 marks in silver; witnesses, John le Breton, kt., warden of London, Robert de Rokeslee, Martin de Aumbesbury, sheriffs, Thomas Cros, alderman of the ward, (fn. 4) William, the king's baker, Wlmar de Essexia, Robert le Trayer, Peter de Co(rnu)b', Semmanus, clerk then serving in the said ward.

254 contd. Robert Dycton [sic], 22 Ed. 1 and 19 Ed. II and 5 Ed. III; Richard Croydon, 30 and 49 Ed. III; John Gysors, 8 Ric. II; James Gysors, throughout Hy. IV; Edward Gysors, 6 Hy. V and this tenement is situated on the south side of the street.

256. Total of this parish 19s. 8d. and it is tithed as it appears in the king's exemplification.


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