Parishes: St Swithin

Pages 81-83

The Cartulary of Holy Trinity, Aldgate. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1971.

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In the parish of St. Swithin

417. Note: Elias Gofair, citizen, was seised of 10s. of rent from a certain tenement in the parish of St. Swithin which Ralph the Baker held which same Elias in his will (fn. 1) proved, proclaimed and enrolled in the Husting of Common Pleas held Mon. 6 Feb. 1329 left the 10s. of rent to be sold by his executors as appears in the same will and James de Sancto Edmundo and John de Daunehurst, executors, granted 10s. to the rector of St. Swithin as appears by the following charter; the aforementioned [sic] William granted the said 10s. to Warin Myngy as appears by the following charter; Margaret wife and executor of Warin granted it to Henry Preston and Isabel de Preston daughter and heir of Henry granted all her rights in the 10s. to John Wiltshyr and John Ryder and others and John Ryder granted the aforesaid rent to Richard Wyltshyr and Richard Gyn as appears by charter.

418. Grant by Richard Wiltshyr of Haydon, co. Essex, to Richard Whytinton, mention being made of all the above-mentioned charters, (fn. 2) enrolled in the Husting of Common Pleas Mon. 20 Jan. 1421; since Elias Gofair by will (fn. 3) bequeathed 10s. rent and James de St. Edmund and John de Daunehurst sold it to the rector of St. Swithin's on Sun. 4 Oct. 1310, and since William granted it to Warin Myngy, bureller and citizen, on Sun. 8 Jan. 1318, and since Margaret, Warin's widow and Richard Pageman, executors, proved his will (fn. 4) [f. 81v] on Mon. 17 Oct. 1328 and sold the rent to Henry Preston, ropemaker and citizen, on Mon. 16 Oct. 1329 and Isabel de Preston daughter and heir of Henry on Mon. 15 Mar. 1378 granted to John Wiltshir, citizen and pepperer (pipario), and Alice his wife, John Chesterford, Nicholas son of Hugh Parys, and John Ryder, clerk, all her right in the land, rents and services in the Ropery (in le Ropereye) and in Heiwharflane in the parishes of All Hallows ad Fenum [the Great], St. Swithin Candelwykstrete and St. Nicholas Oldfyshstrete which John Rider by charter dated 2 June 1404 with the aforesaid John Wiltshir etc., Hugh Parys being dead, granted all the land to Richard Wiltshir and to a certain Richard Gyn, citizen and grocer, now dead; declaration that Richard Wiltshir granted to Richard Whytington, citizen and alderman, William Shepton and William Grove the 10s. rent from that tenement which Robert Coton, citizen and draper, now holds and lives in in the parish of St. Swithin in Candelwykstrete; abutments, the tenement of John Suthcote, esquire, on the east and south and the king's highway on the north and the tenement of John Kirkeby on the west; if the rent is in arrears all the grantees shall enter and distrain; sealed; witnesses, R. Whitington, mayor, Robert Whitingham, John Boteler, sheriffs, John Pen(n)e, alderman of this ward, (fn. 5) John Botelere [sic], Robert Coton, John Brockele, John Saikye, Peter Wymundham; dated 10 July 1420.

419. Note: that R. Whitington and the other grantees mentioned in 418 granted the 10s. rent to William Est as appears by their charter (fn. 6) enrolled after the feast of St. Bartholomew [24 Aug.] 1421 which William bequeathed the rent to Holy Trinity as appears by his will (fn. 7) enrolled Mon. 20 July 1422.

420. Note: William Est was admitted to the freedom and sworn when Baldwin Radington was warden of the City and Stephen Speleman chamberlain and entered in a paper book (papiro) with the letter 'B' viz. 28 Sep. 1392.

421. Memorandum: that the mayor and commonalty of the city of London have in the right of the said city an annual rent of 8s. issuing from a tenement of the prior and convent situated in the parish of St. Mary Colechirch and the prior and convent have in the right of the house and church of Holy Trinity an annual rent of 10s. issuing from the tenement of the mayor and commonalty in the parish of St. Swithin Candelwykstrete; and Peter then prior and the convent on Wed. 13 [sic] Oct. 9 Hy. V [1421] came to the common council before William Cauntbrigge, mayor, alderman and commonalty and sought from the mayor and commonalty that they themselves might, in place of a certain collapsed stone wall (prostrato quodam obliquo muro lapidum) which the prior and convent have, situated along the king's street in the parish of St. Katherine near the house and church of Holy Trinity enclosing the cemetery of the house containing in length from the east end of the church of St. Katherine to the tenement of the prior and convent on which William Wakefeld once lived on the east 40 ft., rebuild another wall on the same line direct from the east end of the church to the corner of the said free tenement by taking about half of the same wall from the common ground (de communi solo) of the City for the rebuilding, thus making 4 ft. 4 ins. in width along a length of 20 ft.; and the prior and convent offered that their successors henceforth would demand none of the rent of 10s. from the mayor and commonalty or their successors; the mayor allowed the prior and convent and their successors to rebuild the new wall peacefully along the line (linealiter) and to possess it and they [i.e. the mayor and commonalty] demanded nothing of the 8s. of rent from the prior and convent or their successors; and on this, the mayor, aldermen and commonalty considering the crooked (obliquus) wall, as it is now set up, unsightly (indecens) and disgraceful (indecorus) to the City and exceedingly dangerous, unanimously granted that the prior and convent should rebuild the overthrown (prosternatum) wall as requested and it was agreed that both the aforesaid rents should be placed in suspense and remain not leviable (illevabiles) as long as the prior and convent have (gaudeant) their aforesaid wall which they rebuilt.

422. No total for this parish [because the 10s. has been remitted by 421].


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