Parishes: St Mary Bothaw

Pages 83-85

The Cartulary of Holy Trinity, Aldgate. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1971.

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[f. 82] In the parish of St. Mary Bothawe

423. [1147–67] Grant of Ralph prior and convent to Peter de Buurges and his heirs male of Bothaw (Bothaga); rent 7s. p.a.; to hold as long as the rent is paid; to have this land, from the entrance (introitu) to the other end, in length 123 ft. and in width at the entrance end (in capite introitus) 18 ft. and at the other end also between the stone house of his sister 0. 8d. [sic] which is on one side and the land which Ernulf holds which is on the south side, they have in breadth 75 ft. but in the middle from the north extremity (cornu) of the monastery next the land of Ernulf they have 61 ft. but the right line of this land on the north is from the stone house of sister O. up to the northern extremity of the monastery and is contiguous on the east and south to the wall of the church up to the entrance of the said land and on the south side it is joined to the land which Ernulf holds and this is his boundary; witnesses to this agreement, Osbert Beche, William Paien, Robert Brito, William de Cobeham, William Armiger, Bartholomew Stephen, Peter the priest, Ernulf.

C.A.D., ii, A 3022.

424. [List of those paying rent]: Peter Buurges; William son of Reynery to whom Stephen prior and convent remitted 4d. and thus William paid 6s. 8d.; John Exsport; Humphrey Dockett; William Marchall; John de Suffolk (Southfolchia) who granted the land to Stephen de Cornhull who paid 6s. 8d. p.a. as appears in their charter enrolled 5 Ed. I and Stephen gave part of the tenement to the abbot and convent of Oseney who paid 6s. 8d. as appears in the following charter and this tenement is situated on the south side of Candelwykstrete.

425. [f. 82 inset] (fn. 1) Grant by Stephen de Cornhull, for the salvation of his soul and the souls of his father and mother and of his brother Roger, to William, abbot, and the church of St. Mary of Osneye, co. Oxford, and the convent and their successors of a certain messuage in London once of Humphrey Dockett; abutments, the grantor's messuage on the north and the church of St. Mary of Bothaw on the other part and extending on the east above the grantor's messuage and on the west above the king's street; rent to grantor and his heirs a clove-gillyflower at Easter and to the king's socage 6d. at Martinmas and to the prior and convent of Holy Trinity 6s. 8d. and to the heirs of John de Betonia 9s.; witnesses, Henry le Waleys, mayor, William le Maseren(er), Richard Chykewell, sheriffs; dated 26 Mar. 1282. Now [1425–7] the New Hospital.

426. [f. 82] [? before 1193] Grant by Henry son of Ailwin, for the salvation of the souls of King Henry and of the grantor, to God and the church of Holy Trinity, in pure and perpetual alms, 5s. of quit rent from land which Henry Toltrich held of the grantor; abutments, the land which Ailwin Dubbur held on the east and land which Laurence the Plumber (Plumbarius) held on the west; to hold by doing service for the soul of King Henry on the anniversary of the grantor's death when it shall have come; sealed with the grantor's seal.

C.A.D., iv, A 7351.

427. [List of those paying quit rent]: Henry Toltrich, dubber; his widow; Robert Scotte; Gilbert Wolfe, 44 Hy. III; John Kemesyng, baker, 1 and 5 Ed. II; his widow, 19 Ed. II; Henry Aumener, 1 Ed. III; John Kemesyng, goldsmith, who granted to John Hamond the tenement in the parish of St. Mary Bothaw in width between [f. 82v] the tenement of the late William Reyner on the east and the tenement of Thomas de Sarum which was once of William de Londonstone on the west extending from the king's street of Kandelwykstrete on the south to the garden of the prior of Tortyngtone on the north as appears in their charter (fn. 2) enrolled Mon. 29 Apr. 1336; John Hamond, 11 Ed. III; his widow, 30 Ed. III; Thomas Salesbury, 35 Ed. III; Paul Salesbury, 8 and 11 Ric. II; now [1425–7] the fraternity of Drapers and thus the masters of this art viz. William Crowmer, John Gedeney, William Weston, John Hyham and Richard atte Lee, having seen the abovewritten charter, with the consent of all the art gathered in their hall, paid well whence a quittance was received dated 30 Sep. 1428 and they had a copy of the said charter and caused it to be inscribed in their book (papiro).

428. Note: In a charter (fn. 3) of William Waleran made by William de Londonstone enrolled 35 Ed. I concerning a tenement which is situated between the tenement of John de Kemesyng on the east and that of Augustine le Gaunt on the west and the king's street on the south and the tenement of the prior of Tortyngton on the north; the prior of the New Hospital has 5s. p.a. as appears by charter and also from the same the abbot of Westminster has 5s. p.a. and the abbot of Bermundesey 5s. p.a.

429. Total of this parish 11s. 8d. and nevertheless it is tithed at 23s. 2d. as appears in the king's exemplification.


  • 1. A piece of parchment 84/5 ins. wide by 4½ ins. long is inserted betweenf. 81 andf. 82.
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