Parishes: St Mary Woolnoth

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The Cartulary of Holy Trinity, Aldgate. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1971.

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[f. 93] Wolnoth [St. Mary Woolnoth]

484. Note: Robert son of John Cherenbur(c)er gave to Holy Trinity a certain stone house as appears in Charter Twenty-one (fn. 1) of several parishes.

485. [1197–1221] Grant by Peter prior and convent to Adrian the Mercer of a stone house [484] in the parish of Wolnothemariechirch; abutments, the house of William Whyte on the north; to hold to Adrian and his heirs in fee; rent a silver mark; no obligation on Holy Trinity to the chief lords of the fee; swore fealty and to pay the rent without miskenning; gersuma 100s.; witnesses, Robert de Winchester, Richard de Wenton, Joce the Weigher (ponderatore).

C.A.D., ii, A 2461.

486. [List of those paying rent]: Adrian the Mercer; his widow; Thomas Adrian; John de St. Osyth; John Pyne who granted the tenement to William de Hame who paid 13s. 4d. p.a. as appears by their charter (fn. 2) enrolled 18 Ed. I; Warin Myngy, 1 and 19 Ed. II and 1 and 6 Ed. III; Nicholas Hotot, 30 Ed. III; Thomas Albon, 49 Ed. III; Nicholas Hotot, 8 Ric. II who granted the tenement to John Godyn as appears in a charter (fn. 3) enrolled after 25 June 1425 and the tenement is situated on the east side of St. Swithin's lane.

487. Note: William de Blemonte gave to Richard, prior and convent 2s. of quit rent from certain land as appears in Charter Thirteen (fn. 4) of several parishes.

488. [List of those paying quit rent]: Robert Burel; Laurence Wastel; Richard Derekyn who granted the land to the abbot and convent of Messenden and they sold the land to Geoffrey Godard who paid 2s. p.a. to Holy Trinity [See also after 489] as appears by the following charter.

489. [1252–3] Grant and sale by Roger abbot of Messendone [f. 93v] to Geoffrey Godard, merchant, of two messuages in London in Longebordstrete towards Graschirch in the parish of St. Mary Wolnoth; abutments, the land and houses that were of Henry le Burser on the east and the land and houses that were of John le Fraunceys, goldsmith, on the west extending from the said street to the great street of Cornhull on the north; to hold in fee in perpetuity; rent to the grantors and their successors 1 d. or ½ lb. of cumin at Michaelmas; to the bishop 1½d. for socage; to the chapter of St. Paul's 12d. p.a. and to Holy Trinity 2s. p.a.; witnesses, John Tolosan, mayor, Thomas de Wymborne, William de Durham, sheriffs.

488 contd. Geoffrey who granted the tenement to William Hor(er)med called Aras who paid 2s. as appears in a charter written at this sign; (fn. 5) John Bond, 1 Ed. II; Richard de Wirhale, 19 Ed. II; John Bond, 1 Ed. III; Henry Pykard, 30 Ed. III; Thomas atte Noke and Thomas Ware, 36 Ed. III [See also after 490] as appears by the following plea.

490. Common plea held in the Husting, Mon. 12 Dec. 1362.

Thomas atte Noke and Thomas Ware complained that on Sat. 10 Dec. 1362 the prior came to their free tenement in the parishes of St. Mary Wolnoth in Lumbardstrete and St. Michael de Cornhull and took naam worth 12d. until by gage and pledge of John de St. Albans, one of the sheriffs, etc; and the prior by John Asshewell his attorney came and said that the place where the naam was taken was a certain tavern called the Cardinalishatt with three shops adjacent on both sides of the tavern viz. two on the east side and one on the west which tavern and two shops are situated between the tenement of John Pecche which was once of Nicholas Whyte and two shops are situated between the tenement of Robert Rus on the east and the tenement of Simon atte Grene on the west in the parish of St. Michael and an end (caput) of the same tavern and shops abuts on (versus) Cornhull on the south side and the other end on the north and that this tenement owes a rent of 2s. p.a. to Holy Trinity [f. 94] and 12d. was in arrears; Thomas atte Noke and Thomas de Ware could not deny this and they are in mercy.

488 contd. John Bisshopyston, 48 Ed. III and 8 Ric. II; Master John Coumbe, 1 Hy. IV; John Coumbe son of John, 6 Hy. IV as appears by the following plea.

491. Pleas of assize held at the Guildhall, Sat. 21 Feb. 1405, before Stephen Spelman and William Louthe, sheriffs, the presence of the coroner not expected.

The assize comes to recognise whether John Coumbe senior and John Coumbe junior and Joan his wife unjustly disseised Robert prior of Holy Trinity of 2s. of his free tenement in the parish; the prior by Richard Foster his attorney complained that he is disseised of 2s. of rent and the defs. summoned did not come but Nicholas Symcok, their bailiff, replied for them and they placed themselves upon the assize and the prior likewise; John Coumbe senior by Nicholas Symcok his attorney said that he was the tenant of one messuage and that the messuage was outside the fee and demesne of the prior and the prior by his attorney said that he and all his predecessors were seised in demesne as of fee and that Prior Richard was seised in the time of King Henry and the present prior was seised in the time of King Richard [f. 94v]; the assize said that the prior was so seised and that the rent was in arrears for eight years and assessed damages for expenses at 6s. 8d.; declared that Joan did not disseise the prior, that the disseisin was not by force and arms (vi et armis); no fraud or collusion between the parties against the statute of mortmain; the prior to recover his seisin and rent and damages, in all, 22s. 8d.; both Johns are in mercy for a false claim; William Treynell, an officer of the sheriff is to distrain on the goods and chattels of both Johns so that he shall have the money at the next assize on Sat. and William Traynyll did execution [f. 95] and this tenement is situated on the north side of Lumbardstrete.

London possessory assizes, no. 213.

492. Total of this parish 15s. 4d. viz. in the parish of St. Swithin 13s. 4d. and in St. Mary Wolnoth 2s. and it is tithed at this in the king's exemplification.


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