Parishes: St Benet Sherehog

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The Cartulary of Holy Trinity, Aldgate. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1971.

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In the parish of St. Benet Schorhog

493. [1222–48] Grant and sale by Clemence widow of Richard de Hispania daughter of Robert Blund to Richard prior and convent of 20s. p.a. of quit rent which Richard her husband assigned in dower from a stone house with a solar and a messuage (managium) which Edmund the Mercer held; to hold as long as Richard [her husband] or his heirs satisfy the grantor concerning 50 marks of gold [sic] with which he endowed her at the door of the monastery and also 2d. rent from the said messuage; the canons to hold freely paying the grantor and her heirs 1d. at Christmas; the canons gave 6 marks of silver; witnesses, William son of Benet the alderman, Philip de Winchester, John Wa(u)ch.

C.A.D., i, A 1660, which has 50 silver or 5 gold marks.

494. [1222–30] Quitclaim by Peter son of Richard de Hispania in favour of Richard prior and convent of a rent of 20s. which Edmund the Mercer was accustomed to pay to his mother Clemence as part of her dower from Richard, Peter's father, from a certain messuage in the parish of St. Benet Sherehog; abutments, the land that was of James Illefoster and the land of Guy of Flanders (Flandrensis) paying to Peter and his heirs ½ lb of cumin or 1d. at Christmas at the option of the canons; warranted for 10 marks of silver as gersuma; witnesses, William son of Benet, Philip de Winchester.

C.A.D., ii, A 1890 and A 2571 and cf. C.A.D., i, A 1621.

495. [f. 95v] [1222–30] Quitclaim by Clemence in terms similar to 494 the canons gave 6 marks of silver; witnesses, as in 494.

C.A.D., i, A 1621.

496. [List of those paying quit rent]: Edmund the Mercer; Ralph the Smith (Faber); Gilbert; William Mazerere; Henry Palmer, 1 and 19 Ed. II and 1 Ed. III; John Coggishale, 6 Ed. III; John Boteler, 30 Ed. III; John Walkote, 38 Ed. III and 8 Ric. II; his widow throughout Hy. IV and this tenement is situated on the south side of Bokelerisbury.

497. [1170–97] Grant by Stephen to Geoffrey the Vintner of a messuage to hold by hereditary right (hereditario iure); rent 2s. p.a. and a messuage which Edward son of Alfward gave to Holy Trinity with Richer his son when he was made a canon, at the end on the east side of the land which the same Edward has; this land has in width along the street in frontage 9 ells, at the other end 7½ ells and in length 53½ ells; gersuma 1 London sextary of wine; swore fealty; witnesses, Bartholomew Blund, Robert de Cornhull, Ralph the Vintner, Ralph Brand, John de Cresburt, Gozo son of Ralph the Vintner, William his brother.

C.A.D., ii, A 2575.

498. [List of those paying rent]: Geoffrey the Vintner; Ralph de Cornhull; Peter son of Eustace; John Viel who granted the tenement with Isabel his daughter to Nicholas Basynges who granted the tenement to William le Maseliner [See also after 499] as appears by the following charter.

499. [1279] Grant by Isabel widow of Nicholas de Basynges, citizen daughter of John Viel junior [f. 96] to William Mazeliner, citizen, and Roisia his wife of the tenement which she had in the parish of St. Benet Schorhog opposite the church between the tenement of the late Edward le Blund on the south and the king's street on the north and the tenements of Robert de Aras and John de Eu on the west and the king's street on the east, all that came to the grantor by heredity through the death of her late father; to hold to William and his heirs and assigns and also to Roisia for her life if she survives her husband; rent to Isabel and her heirs 10 marks p.a.; to the abbot of Glastonbury 20 lbs. of pepper; to Holy Trinity 2s.; to the nuns of Berkingg 22d.; the grantees to pay the king's socage; declaration that the grantees shall maintain the houses and buildings; the tenement is to be distrained upon if the payments are in arrears and if this is insufficient, all the grantees' lands and goods are to be distrained upon; the grantees concede that if the payments shall be in arrears for two terms by default then Isabel and her heirs shall enter the tenement and recover and retain it and the grantee renounces for himself and his heirs and Roisia the limitation of the custom of the City in the suing out of writs [f. 96v] through which this charter may by any process of time be weakened; this charter to be firm notwithstanding any custom until now used in the City; gersuma 2 marks; chirograph sealed; witnesses, Gregory de Rokesle, mayor, Ralph de Mora, sheriff.

C.A.D., ii, A 2574.

498 contd. Henry Palmere, 1 Ed. II and 1 Ed. III; Thomas de Garton, 5 Ed. III as appears by poundage; Hugh de Garton, 6 Ed. III; Adam Fraunceys, 30 Ed. III; John Twyford, 33 Ed. III; James Andrew, 37 Ed. III; Nicholas Twyford, 48 Ed. III and 8 Ric. II [23 lines blank].

500. Total of this parish 32s. and it is tithed at this in the king's exemplification.