House of Lords Journal Volume 5: 20 September 1642

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Journal of the House of Lords: Volume 5, 1642-1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1767-1830.

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DIE Martis, videlicet, 20 die Septembris.


The Lord Grey was appointed to be Speaker this Day.

Answer from the H. C. about the Instructions for Ireland, and the Letter to the Secretary, for the Royal Assent to them.

The Messengers return this Answer:

That the House of Commons agrees to all the Alterations and Additions in the Letter to the Secretary, and the Instructions for the Committees for Ireland. (Here enter them.)

Ordered, That the Speaker of this House shall sign the said Letter, and send it, with the Instructions, to Sir Edw. Nicholas, to be presented to the King.

Cary, the E. of Nottingham's Servant's Privilege.

It was informed, "That one Charles Cary, a Servant of the Earl of Nottingham's, being arrested, contrary to the Privilege of Parliament, might be released from his present Restraint;" and the Earl of Nottingham's Protection, under Hand and Seal, was read, (fn. 1) acknowledging him to be his Servant.

Ordered, That the said Charles Cary shall presently be released of his Imprisonment.

Lady Car's Petition against her Tenants.

A Petition of the Lady Carr was read; "That she cannot get any Rents of those Tenants that are settled upon her, being wrongfully detained from her."

Ordered, That the Rents shall be paid, according to the Deeds confirmed by a Verdict, until such Time as a further Course shall be taken, either at the Common Law or here.

Doctors Beale, Martin, and Sterne, Petition for their Enlargement.

Upon the Petition of Wm. Beale, Edw. Martin, and Ric'd Steerne, Doctors of Divinity, and now in The Tower, desiring to be set at Liberty, upon their Bond to appear whensoever their Lordships shall please to appoint:

Ordered, To be referred to the Committee for the Safety of the Kingdom, who are to examine their Offences, and report the same to this House.

Beton's Petition against Gibbons, for rescuing Owen, a Delinquent.

The Petition of John Beton, was read; complaining "That one Ric'd Gibbons, and others, did rescue out of a Messenger's Hand of this House, at Shre'sbury, Ric'd Owen, sent for as a Delinquent."

Ordered, To be respited for a Time, until some Course is resolved of for the bringing in of Delinquents.

Offenders Names.

The Offenders Names are, Richard Gibbons the Mayor of Shrewsbury, Edward Owen Gentleman, Ric'd Baggott Gentleman, John Davies a Constable, Ric'd Davies, Michaell Lewis, Wm. Dyves, Edward Morris, and Clement Owen, with about Two Hundred Persons to aid them.

Informations against Magennis.

It was moved, "That the Informations against Magennis should be read, whereby some Course (fn. 2) may be taken for disposing of him, that so he may not be any longer a Charge to the Lieutenant of The Tower."

To be released upon Security.

Ordered, That, if the said Magennis can give such Security as this House shall approve of, that he shall not go into Ireland during the Rebellion there, then he is to be released out of The Tower.

Order to preserve Combe Park, the Seat of the E. of Dover in Surry from Violence:

"Ordered, &c. That the Deputy Lieutenants and Sheriff of the County of Surrey, the Justices of Peace, and Constables, within the said County, and all other His Majesty's Officers there, shall presently take special Care, to prevent any Disorders and unlawful Meetings of any Person or Persons whatsoever, in or about the House and Park of the Earl of Dover, called or known by the Name of Combe Park, in the said County of Surrey; and the said House be preserved from any Pillaging, Plundering, or any other such unlawful Violence, to be offered unto it; and lastly, that the Deer and other Cattle in the said Park be not killed, or destroyed, by any such tumultuous Meetings, through any Pretence whatsoever.

"To the Deputy Lieutenants, Sheriffs, Justices, and other His Majesty's Officers."

His House in London to be secured from Violence too.

Ordered, &c. That the Lord Mayor and Sheriffs of the City of London shall, presently after Sight hereof, take special Care to prevent the pillaging or plundering of the House of the Earl of Dover, in Broadstreete, London, there being much Goods therein of the Lord Viscount Rocheford's, who is now employed in the Service of the King, Kingdom, and Parliament.

"To the Mayor and Sheriffs of the City of London."

"Instructions for the Committee that are to be sent into Ireland.

Instructions for the Committee to be sent into Ireland.

"1. That they enquire and take Notice of all Things whatsoever concerning the Army, both by Sea and Land; and that they inform themselves of the managing and ordering of the War; and, to that Intent, that they be admitted to be present and vote at all Consultations concerning the same.

"2. That they do their best Endeavour, and be careful, that no indirect Means be made or used, for the Preferment of Officers; but that such be employed as are Persons of Merit, and well-affected to the Protestant Religion, and to the present Service.

"3. That they do their best Endeavour, to clear the Army, and all Garrisons, of Papists, in such Manner as may most conduce to the present Service.

"4. That they do their best Endeavour, that such Persons as, under Colour of Protection or Neutrality, may be dangerous, and shall refuse to assist our Armies, by their Estates or by their Persons, according to their Abilities, be proceeded with as Rebels.

"5. That they shall take Care, that the Laws be put in due Execution against Papists, notwithstanding any Act of State to the contrary.

"6. That they shall do their best Endeavours, that the Rebels be convicted, according to Law.

"7. That they shall do their best Endeavours, that such Laws be prepared as shall most conduce to the Establishment (fn. 3) of the true Protestant Religion, and the Advantage of His Majesty and that Kingdom.

"8. That they shall do their best Endeavours, to examine and improve, by all due Means, His Majesty's Revenues, Customs, and Profits; and to lessen the Charge of the Army, by Way of Adventure, or otherwise.

"9. That they do their best Endeavour, to inform themselves of such Officers, Ministers, and other Persons, as deserve well of this State, and present their Names to the Parliament, that they may receive Reward answerable to their Merit.

"10. That they shall endeavour, to the best of their Power, to hinder the coming over into this Kingdom the great Numbers of poor and despoiled Irish People; and that they take a special Care the Sums of Money, which have already and shall be sent over, from Time to Time, into Ireland, for the Relief of the said poor and despoiled People, shall be disposed, by the Persons formerly employed in this Service, to the best Advantage of the poor despoiled and impotent People."

Letter to Sir Edw. Nicholas, for the Royal Assent to them.


"Both Houses of Parliament, being very sensible of the miserable Condition of the Kingdom of Ireland, have thought it necessary that some Persons of Trust shall be forthwith sent thither, to put in Execution the Instructions herewith sent; and the House of Commons having nominated Sir Henry Mildmay and Mr. Reynolds, Two of their Members, for this Service, you are desired to recommend both the Persons and Instructions to His Majesty, for His Majesty's Approbation, and to return a speedy Answer, the bleeding Condition of Ireland being such as will admit of no Delay. And so I bid you heartily Farewell.

Sept. (fn. 4) 20th, 1642.

"Grey of Warke, Speaker of the House of Peers pro Tempore."


Decima cras.


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