Magna Britannia: Volume 6, Devonshire. Originally published by T Cadell and W Davies, London, 1822.

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The publication of the present volume has been thus long delayed principally in consequence of the melancholy loss I sustained in 1819 by the death of my brother. It was a considerable time before I could feel equal to resume the work; and I should wholly have shrunk from the task, had I not considered myself pledged in various ways to complete the Devonshire volume. Our personal collections had long been made, and we had finished our last notes, those for the northern part of the county, in 1818; but my brother had made little progress in the subjects which had fallen under his department, namely, the Geology and Minerals, and whatever relates to Antiquities in the General History, except the heads of Ancient Architecture, for which he had collected and arranged ample notes. The articles which I have drawn up from these have been kindly revised by Robert Smirke, Esq., jun., R.A., &c. For the Geology of the county, its Mineralogy, &c., I have been so fortunate as to have been favoured with the very able assistance of John Hawkins, Esq.; the Rev. Professor Buckland; the Rev. J. Conybeare; and Mr. J. Miller. The late learned Bishop of Cloyne obligingly transmitted his paper on the Roman Roads and Stations not long before his death; and on the subject of Ancient Encampments, I have been kindly assisted by his friend and fellow-traveller, the Rev. T. Leman.


Rodmarton, July 20. 1822.