Magna Britannia: Volume 6, Devonshire. Originally published by T Cadell and W Davies, London, 1822.

This free content was digitised by double rekeying. Public Domain.


Daniel Lysons. Samuel Lysons, 'Errata', Magna Britannia: Volume 6, Devonshire, (London, 1822), British History Online [accessed 14 June 2024].

Daniel Lysons. Samuel Lysons. "Errata", in Magna Britannia: Volume 6, Devonshire, (London, 1822) . British History Online, accessed June 14, 2024,

Lysons, Daniel. Lysons, Samuel. "Errata", Magna Britannia: Volume 6, Devonshire, (London, 1822). . British History Online. Web. 14 June 2024,

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Page xlii. for Dimchidiock, read Dunchidiock.

lxvii. col. 3. read Edric twice.

cv. l. 24. for Nonant, read Novant.

cxli. l. 13. and 15. for Clark, read Clarke.

clxxiii. l. penult. there should be a comma only after Barry.

clxxxii. l. 5. for Touissaints, read Toussaints.

clxxxvi. l. 27. after Bremridge, read of Bremridge.

cci. l. 23. for Duke, read Dukes.

ccxiv. l. 12. and 15. and p. ccclii. l. 20. for Paracombe, read Parracombe.

ccxix. l. 1. for Thore, read Thorne.

ccxx. l. 17. for Pustlinch, read Puslinch.

ccxxii. l. 1. for Walker, read Walter; and l. 3. for Woolcombe, read Woollcombe.

cclxx. l. 25. and p. cclxxi. l. 9. for Icthyosaurus, read Ichthyosaurus.

cclxxi. l. 28. for quadricostata, and quinque costata, read quadricostatus and quinque costatus.

— l. 29. for spinulosum, read spinulosus.


Page 28. l. 15. for Cynegilous, read Cynegilsus.

57. l. 11. for Charles, read George Hunt.

70. l. 19. after Coryndon, dele the hyphen.

78. l. 31. for Labell, read Cabell.

103. l. 30. for Kennich, read Kennick.

111. l. 18. for Henry, read Humphrey.

126. l. 6. and p. 144. l. 29. after Combe, dele Lancelles.

132. l. 22. and note o and 133. l. 25. for Samson, read Sampson.

144. l. 5. for Queen Elizabeth, read King Henry VIII.

210. l. 28. for 1485, read 1508.

217. l. 4. for Richard, read John.

226. l. ult. dele the apostrophe in Columber's.

377. l. 3. for wool, read cotton.

390. l. 30. for Coneybeare, read Conybeare.

431. l. 29. for Corydon, read Coryndon.

448. l. 5. for Burrowes, read Burroughs.

487. Supply the letter of reference (l) to the second note.

517. l. 25. for Paignton, read Coffinswell.

536. l. 7. for Kendell, read Kendall.

540. l. 25. for families, read family.

551. l. 1. for Exeter, read Windsor.

560. note, for Sibbon read Sibston.

565. note, l. 23. after therein, supply I.

573. l. 13. 14. The punctuation is incorrect: in l. 13. after rectory, instead of a full stop, insert a comma; and in 14. after Swete, instead of a comma, insert a full stop.