Sessions, 1615: 4 and 5 September

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County of Middlesex. Calendar To the Sessions Records: New Series, Volume 3, 1615-16. Originally published by Clerk of the Peace, London, 1937.

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Sessions of the Peace and Gaol Delivery, on 4 and 5 September, 13 James I [A.D. 1615].


Recognizances of:—

James Quintyn [Quinten] of Whitechapel, gardener, Thomas Parks, glover, and Lawrence Osborne, smith, both of the same, and William Houlford of the vill of St. Katherine's, pointmaker, for the said James "for breacking Mr. Robinson the Cheife Constable his heade".
Sess. Roll 542/1.
Sess. Reg. 2/225.

Ann Bradford of Houndsditch, widow, Joan Evans and Elizabeth Chapman of East Smithfield, spinsters, to give evidence against Jane Meredith and Elizabeth Joanes [Jones] of Clerkenwell, widow, for robbing a house in Whitechapel; and of Arnold Flood of Clerkenwell, cordwainer, and Thomas Rise of the same, feltmaker, for the said Elizabeth.
The said Jane and Elizabeth indicted in London.
Sess. Roll 542/5, 93.
G.D.R. 2/59d, 60d.

Humphrey Smith of London, petty-chapman, and Jane Manford of the same, spinster, to give evidence against John Williams.
The said John delivered by proclamation.
Sess. Roll 542/6.
G.D.R. 2/59.

Edward Sawer [Sawyer] of Edmonton for Elizabeth his wife, for suspicion of felony; and of William Hussey of the same to give evidence against her.
Sess. Roll 542/7, 52.
G.D.R. 2/60d.

Isaac Nunne of Stepney to give evidence against Ann Hedges alias Lacey [Hodges alias Lakins] of Whitecross Street, widow, that she was accessory to the burglary of the Lady Dorset's house committed at Mile End; and of Thomas Beck of Golding Lane weaver, and Matthew Swarfe of the same, collier, for John Morris of the same to keep the peace towards the said Ann; and of the said Thomas and Robert Collit of the same, weaver, for Katherine Morris of the same, spinster, to keep the peace likewise; and of Giles Thomas of Tewkesbury, co. Glos., hosier, to give evidence against the said Ann and Audrey Pryce alias Dawson of Barbican Street, spinster, for felony; and of Humphrey Pryce of the same, sherman, William Kemp of Old Street, cordwainer, Henry Hooper of Golding Lane, and Roger Beswicke of Whitecross Street, scrivener, for the said Audrey and Ann, who came and were committed because indicted in London.
The said Ann respited without bail.
Sess. Roll 542/9, 29, 115, 127, 128.
Sess. Roll 543/31.
Sess. Roll 544/70.
Sess. Reg. 2/236.
G.D.R. 2/59, 60, 61d.

William Collinson of Hammersmith for Benjamin Roberowe of Kensington, cobbler, and Margaret his wife to answer Giles Bromham of the same, innholder, for suspicion of felony.
Sess. Roll 542/11.
G.D.R. 2/60d.

Robert Fowkes of "Lez Minorites" within the Liberty of the Tower of London, needlemaker, for Adam Clunne of the same, needlemaker, charged with felony by Thomas Mason of London, blacksmith.
Sess. Roll 542/12.
G.D.R. 2/60d.

William Watts and John Skayre of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, Joseph Brian of St. Clement Danes and William Lea of the Strand, all vintners, for profaning the Sabbath day by entertaining drinking in their houses at the time of Divine Service; and of Adam Denton of St. Clement Danes, ostler, and Thomas Kyding of Chancery Lane, innkeeper, for Thomas Powell of St. Clement Danes, vintner, for the like.
Sess. Roll 542/13, 13a, 17, 54, 55.
Sess. Reg. 2/224.

Richard Brodgate of Charterhouse, gentleman, and William Blackye of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, servingman, for Joan Chappell of Whitechapel, widow, for entertaining one Field and one Bourne, fled for a robbery whereof they are accused.
Sess. Roll 542/16.
Sess. Reg. 2/224.

Thomas Allen of Bredon, co. Worcester, gentleman, and Richard Browne of St. Sepulchre's, gentleman, for Mary Ferries of St. Clement Danes, widow, upon complaint of the constables and neighbours, for lodging and entertaining lewd people, men and women, suspected of incontinency.
Sess. Roll 542/18.
Sess. Reg. 2/224.

Henry Fowkes and Rowland Dobbes of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, cutlers, and Geoffrey Baker of the same, smith, to give evidence against Nicholas Evans of Old Street, sawyer, for felony.
The said Nicholas delivered by proclamation.
Sess. Roll 542/19–21.
G.D.R. 2/59.

Robert Humble of Stillington, co. York, gentleman, and Edward Phillippes of St. Augustine's near St. Paul's, surgeon, for Achilles Dant of St. Dunstan's-in-the-West, gentleman.
Sess. Roll 542/23.
G.D.R. 2/60d.

Reginald Gleedell of St. Clement Danes, gentleman, and William Oliver of St. Dunstan's-in-the-West, tailor, for Richard Elsley [Ellesey] of St. Sepulchre's, merchant-tailor.
Sess. Roll 542/24.
G.D.R. 2/60d.

Anthony Pierson and Edmund Greene of Field Lane, victuallers, for Thomas Quyar of the same, butcher; and of Henry Purton, Andrew Blase and John James, all of Smithfield Bars, butchers, all bound by virtue of warrants from the Lords of the Council and the Lord Chief Justice of England for selling meat on the Sabbath; and of William Venner and John Peryn of Field Lane, butchers, for Thomas Farmer [Farmor] of the same, butcher, bound likewise for killing unwholesome meat and selling on the Sabbath.
Sess. Roll 542/25, 34, 107.
Sess. Reg. 2/222, 223.

Humphrey Monday of Golding Lane, bodymaker, and William Wright of Old Street, musician, for Matthew Quyer [Quiar] of Golding Lane to answer the wounding of Walter Gould.
Sess. Roll 542/26.
Sess. Reg. 2/223.

William Haynes of Newington, co. Surrey, blacksmith, and Richard Burges of Golding Lane, needlemaker, for Thomas Welcher of Newington aforesaid, taken by the watch in a room alone in the night-time with a common whore, after a very lewd manner.
Sess. Roll 542/27.
Sess. Reg. 2/223.

Alexander Coats of Bishopsgate Street, tailor, and John Morgan of Chick Lane, tailor, for John Oliver [Ollyver] of Clerkenwell and Elizabeth his wife, ordered by the last Sessions to find sureties for their good behaviour.
Sess. Roll 542/31.
Sess. Reg. 2/222.

William Venner of Field Lane, butcher, and Richard West of Golding Lane, scrivener, for John Price of Field Lane to appear and answer for hurting and beating Ann Danbey, and for Alice Dorrington of the same, spinster, to appear likewise, and in the meantime to be of good behaviour, for that she stands accused to be a common whore.
Sess. Roll. 542/33.
Sess. Reg. 2/222.

Thomas Collyns of Goswell Street, tailor, to give evidence against Anthony Morris [Morrice] for stealing goods.
The said Anthony delivered by proclamation.
Sess. Roll. 542/36.
G.D.R. 2/59.

Michael Bromley of Shoreditch, sherman, to give evidence against Margery Tailor for stealing linen.
The said Margery delivered by proclamation.
Sess. Roll 542/37.
G.D.R. 2/59.

John Weller of Chancery Lane, tailor, to give evidence against Ann Crookeden for several parcels of goods.
The said Ann delivered by proclamation.
Sess. Roll 542/39.
G.D.R. 2/59.

John Jones of Chancery Lane, cordwainer, and John Leather of St. Andrew's, Holborn, grocer, for James Feilde of Pershore, co. Worcester, suspected to have cut a purse.
Sess. Roll 542/43.
G.D.R. 2/60.

Richard Hudson of Hosier Lane, printer, John Bodley of St. Mary Axe, stationer, for Stephen Gest of Barbican, printer, for suspicion of felony; and of John Snoden of Fleet Street, printer, to give evidence against the said Stephen, who was discharged because no true bill.
Sess. Roll 542/44, 45.
Sess. Reg. 2/221, 224.

John Atkinson of Smithfield Bars and John Radford of Charterhouse Lane, barber-surgeon, for Elizabeth Cleere of the same, widow, to answer John Lawes, headborough in the same, and other inhabitants there concerning "bad companie that dailie resorteth unto her"; and of John Jones of Chancery Lane, shoemaker, and John Ledar of St. Andrew's, Holborn, grocer, for the said Elizabeth for receiving stolen goods.
Mary Foxe of Charterhouse Lane, widow, also to answer the said John Lawes.
Sess. Roll 542/46, 124.
Sess. Reg. 2/223.
G.D.R. 2/60d.

Richard Loder of Gray's Inn, esquire, for William Loder of Gray's Inn Lane, gentleman, Richard Dalston of the same, gentleman, Thomas Scott of Chancery Lane, tailor, and John Waterman of Gray's Inn Lane, victualler; and of the said Scott for Hutchin Greame of High Holborn, yeoman; all to answer John Watson, constable of Gray's Inn Lane.
Sess. Roll 542/47, 48.
Sess. Reg. 2/223.

Michael Page of Uxbridge, innkeeper, and John Sadler of the same, labourer, to give evidence against John Holmes, now prisoner in the gaol of Newgate, for suspicion of stealing a horse out of a stable of the said Michael, belonging to Gibbs Atkins.
The said John not guilty.
Sess. Roll 542/49.
G.D.R. 2/59d.

William Baysely [Baseley] of Shoreditch, cook, and John Tayler of St. Clement Danes, shoemaker, for John Thompson [Tompson] of Shoreditch, husbandman, William Johnson of St. Clement Danes, shoemaker, and the said Baysely, all to pay the fine assessed by Sir William Slyngesby, knight, before whom they were convicted upon the view of the said Sir William for a forcible entry made into the dwelling-house of Ann Harrys of St. Clement Danes, widow, (as by the record thereof more particularly appears) and also to appear at the next.
Sess. Roll 542/56–58.
Sess. Reg. 2/224.

Cuthbert Joygner of the Strand, gentleman, upon complaint of the constables for refusing to assist them to do his Majesty's service, being commanded by them, and for divers abuses offered unto them.
Sess. Roll 542/59.
Sess. Reg. 2/224.

William Swarson of Drury Lane, victualler, for keeping up a "shovellabord table" contrary to the order of the Court, and maintaining play there at the time of Divine Service on the Sabbath day; and also to give evidence against Elizabeth Vanygan, spinster, for breaking up his cellar in the night; and of Thomas Powell of St. Clement Danes, vintner, for keeping play likewise.
The said Elizabeth delivered by proclamation.
Sess. Roll 542/60, 66.
Sess. Reg. 2/224, 230.
G.D.R. 2/59.

Edward Hide of St. Clement Danes, clerk, and Robert Jonson of the same, currier, for Margaret, wife of the said Edward, for abusing the constables and refusing to open her doors upon a privy search commanded, dwelling in Molford Lane, a place suspected for the receipt of men of much disorder.
Sess. Roll 542/61.
Sess. Reg. 2/224.

John Fenner of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, glover, for Philip Amptill of the same, merchant-tailor of London, complained of by the neighbours for receiving in at his back door, which opens into the Fields, lewd people in the night, suspected of felony, and for receiving idle and suspected persons in his house upon the Sabbath day in servicetime.
To be dismissed from keeping an alehouse.
Sess. Roll 542/62.
Sess. Reg. 2/224.

Christopher Jackson of St. Anne and St. Agnes, leatherseller, for Joyce Jones of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, widow, to give evidence against Nicholas Olyver of the Strand for felony.
The said Nicholas delivered by proclamation.
Sess. Roll 542/63.
G.D.R. 2/59.

Edward Dell of St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, butcher, Seth Agar, alebrewer, and Daniel Watkins, glover, both of the same, for Ann, wife of the said Edward, "charged by practising of surgery to doe much wrong to divers of His Majesties subiects."
Sess. Roll 542/70.
Sess. Reg. 2/223.

George Barrowes of Whitechapel, gentleman, to give evidence against Giles Jones and Robert Bellamy for suspicion of felony.
The said Giles and Robert delivered by proclamation.
Sess. Roll 542/73.
G.D.R. 2/59.

20 July, 13 James I [A.D. 1615].
William Toe of Norton Folgate to give evidence against John Hutton for stealing a silver beaker worth 32s.
Respited till the next because of the absence of the party.
The said John delivered by proclamation.
Sess. Roll 542/76.
G.D.R. 2/59.

William Pootite [Pettitt, Petytt] of Isleworth, gentleman, to answer Mr. Valentine Sanders for certain abuses and misbehaviours towards him, as appears upon the several oaths of William Arnold, John Ludbye and John Browne, who depose that the said Pettitt did say that Mr. Sanders was a man of weak understanding and not fit to be a Justice, and "made a floute of his warrant sayinge he would not care a lowse for Sanders warrant", with other disgraceful speeches, and conveyed away one Fisher being attached by the said Arnold, constable, by virtue of that warrant.
Committed until he put in sureties for his good behaviour for one whole year.
Sess. Roll 542/77.
Sess. Reg. 2/225.

John Hurleston of Kensington to answer concerning the nursing of a child.
Forasmuch as it appeared by the oath of Francis Butler of Kensington that the said John had heretofore had the use of the body of Agnes Westwood and begot her with child (which child is now left in the parish of Tottenham), and by the oath of Edward Edwardes and Mary his wife that the said John, immediately after the child was born, did secretly compound with them for the nursing of the child and paid them 6s. 8d. a month excepting for two months last past, and the said John willingly and freely submitting himself to be ordered by the Court; it was therefore ordered that he should pay 13s. 4d. for the two months left unpaid and should put in good sureties to discharge the parishioners of Kensington, the child being born within that parish; but the said John then refusing to obey the order as he had promised, he was committed to the gaol of Newgate there to remain until he should perform the order.
Sess. Roll 542/80.
Sess. Reg. 2/227, 230.

John Ingersall [Ingersell] and John Power, mutual sureties; and of Anthony Bridges and William Browne, mutual sureties; and of Edward Power and Paul Waddinge, mutual sureties, all of London, gentlemen, all to answer.
Sess. Roll 542/84–9.
Sess. Reg. 2/225.

Christopher Hall of Whitechapel, weaver, and Thomas Ivat of the same, barber-surgeon, for Richard Trott of the same, ostler, to appear.
Sess. Roll 542/90.
Sess. Reg. 2/226.

Rowland Benson of Ratcliffe, brewer, for Philip Barber [Barbor] of the same, victualler, for keeping unlawful games in his house.
Sess. Roll 542/91.
Sess. Reg. 2/226.

Agnes Willmott of Bishopsgate Street, spinster, Mary, wife of Edward Powell of Hackney, carpenter, George Watts, cordwainer, and Susan Hamon, widow, both of the same, to give evidence against Joan, wife of Francis Nurse of the same, victualler, charged by the said Agnes to have taken out of her box the sum of 40s.; and of Richard Roe of the same for the said Joan to appear. The said Francis also suspected of felony.
Sess. Roll 542/95, 96.
G.D.R. 2/60d.

Joseph Jackson of Shoreditch and Thomas Hayton of Cow Cross, surgeon, for James Wilson of St. Andrew's, Holborn, tailor, bound by virtue of a warrant from Sir Henry Mountagu mentioning an order made in the Sessions.
Sess. Roll 542/97.
Sess. Reg. 2/223.

John Bull of St. Swithin's Lane near London Stone, watchmaker [clockmaker], Roger Lyncolne of Stepney, dyer, and William Blysse of Whitecross Street, weaver, for Grace, wife of James [Anthony] Bull of the same, servant to the Bishop of Ely, for keeping a reputed bawdy-house and beating and abusing three officers of the watch in the execution of their office, at the same.
Guilty, fined 20s.
Sess. Roll 542/100.
Sess. Reg. 2/223.
G.D.R. 2/59d, 60d.

William Burroughes of St. Saviour's, Southwark, weaver, and John Alsop of St. George's, Southwark, cooper, for Thomas Woodhouse of Ratcliffe, miller; and of William Greene of Bishopsgate Street, cook, and the said Alsop, for Helen Barnett of Shoreditch, spinster, both charged, with others, for making an outcry of murder and tumult in the night in the fields, and the officers and watch of Grub Street coming to keep the peace, they fell upon them and beat them and committed great and insufferable outrages; and of Edward Gurden of Smithfield, innholder, and George Shelston of the same, cutler, for Richard Smith of the same, for the like.
Sess. Roll 542/30, 101, 102.
Sess. Reg. 2/223.

Robert Taylor and Thomas Ryder of Gray's Inn and Thomas Trussell of Winchester, gentlemen, for John Taylor [Tailor] of Staple Inn, gentleman, for wounding Mr. Christopher Draycott [Dracott]; and of George Ellemere of Shire Lane, esquire, Patrick Barnewell of Fuller's [Fulwood] Rents, Holborn, esquire, and Edward St. Lawrence of the Middle Temple, esquire, mutual sureties, all to keep the peace towards the said John.
Sess. Roll 542/103–6.
Sess. Reg. 2/222, 229.

Henry Blackford of High Holborn and William Morris of Clerkenwell, haberdasher, for Mary Bainham [Baynehame] of Holborn aforesaid, spinster, for abusing the Jury of Annoyances as they were doing the King's service.
Sess. Roll 542/109.
Sess. Reg. 2/221.

Thomas Scott of Smithfield, victualler, and Michael Woodruffe of the same, brewer, to give evidence against George Cunden [Canden] and Samuel Bagnoll for stealing goods from the said Michael.
The said George and Samuel delivered by proclamation.
Sess. Roll 542/121.
G.D.R. 2/59.

John Kitchin of Grub Street, silkweaver, to give evidence against William Greene and Robert Jones for burglary.
The said William and Robert delivered by proclamation.
Sess. Roll 542/123.
G.D.R. 2/59.

Brigg Fountayne of the Inner Temple, gentleman, and Edward Lewes of Staple Inn, gentleman, for Margaret Goffe of Chancery Lane, spinster, for receiving "a stolen quoife etc."
Sess. Roll 542/126.
G.D.R. 2/60d.

William Ringsall of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, innholder, and Thomas Hurste of St. Botolph's-without-Aldersgate, armourer, for Thomas Sowthen of St. Bartholomew's-the-Great, tailor, for suspicion of felony.
Sess. Roll 542/129.
G.D.R. 2/60.

12 July, 13 James I [A.D. 1615].
Samuel Cranmer [Cranmore] of Whitechapel, alebrewer, to give evidence against George Morrice [Morrys] of St. George's, Southwark, shoemaker, for suspicion of felony.
Taken at the General Gaol Delivery for the county of Surrey held at Southwark before Sir Henry Hobart, Knight and Baronet, Chief Justice of the Common Pleas, and Sir Robert Houghton, knight, one of the Justices of the King's Bench. Subscribed by Henry Glascock, Clerk of the Assizes.

The said George respited for sureties, and handed in bail to John Coles of St. Sepulchre's, cordwainer, and John Reade of Christ Church, London, silkweaver.
Sess. Roll 542/130.
G.D.R. 2/59d, 60, 60d.

Alban Pelar of East Smithfield, cook, and Barnard Unthanck of the same, tailor, for James Comminge [Connynge] of Ratcliffe, cordwainer, to appear.
Sess. Roll 542/176.
Sess. Reg. 2/225.

Recognizances to keep the peace of:—

John Wytegate of Whitechapel, gentleman, and John Penny of the same, horner, for Margaret, wife of Robert Loe, Robert Teyghton [Teighton] of the same, horner, and Ann his wife.
Sess. Roll 542/2, 3, 4.
Sess. Reg. 2/225.

Richard Cleburne of Hendon, carpenter, towards Catherine, wife of Peter Peirs.
Sess. Roll 542/8.
Sess. Reg. 2/226.

Robert Sapp of Limehouse, victualler, and Thomas Slater of Shadwell, carman, for Richard Reynoldes of Ratcliffe, glover, towards Robert Bourne of Shadwell and Alice his wife.
Sess. Roll 542/10.
Sess. Reg. 2/224.

Richard Durham of Shoreditch, scrivener, and Christopher Ashe of the same, beadle, for Gregory Norton of the same, cobbler, towards Ann Swylt.
Sess. Roll 542/28.
Sess. Reg. 2/223.

John Wright of Fleet Street, gentleman, and Valentine Wike of Fenchurch Street, gentleman, for Arthur Wright of Clerkenwell, gentleman, towards Henry Pierson of Cow Cross, gentleman.
Sess. Roll 542/32.
Sess. Reg. 2/222.

Bennet Willmott of Clerkenwell and Adam Bell of St. Botolph'swithout-Aldgate, scrivener, for John Robinson of Whitecross Street [St. Sepulchre's], costermonger [ironmonger], towards Magdalen Marrett; and of John Phillips of St. James', Clerkenwell, barber, and Roger Swinglehurste of the same, grocer, for the said John Robinson to be of good behaviour.
Sess. Roll 542/35, 35a.
Sess. Reg. 2/221, 223.

William Ryme of Rosemary Lane, porter, and Henry Betts of the same, weaver, for Mary Chambers of the same, spinster, towards Robert Jackman and Ann his wife.
Sess. Roll 542/74.
Sess. Reg. 2/221.

Thomas Curtis of Enfield and John Mihell of Waltham Abbey, co. Essex, basketmaker, for Francis Betts of Enfield, maltman, and his son William Betts [Bedingfeld] towards Margaret Cane alias Cloude of the same, widow.
Each fined 4s.
Sess. Roll 542/79.
Sess. Reg. 2/225.

John Baker of Westminster, gentleman, for Thomas Gittens [Gittins] of the same towards Nicholas Goade of the same.
Sess. Roll 542/82.
Sess. Reg. 2/225.

William Hawes of Chancery Lane, beadle, and John Wells of the same, stationer, for Ann Tailor of the same, spinster, towards Thomas Keepe, gentleman.
Sess. Roll 542/108.

Indictments of:—

James Cooke of Kentish Town, victualler, for an assault and battery on Elizabeth, wife of John Froome [Froume, Fearne] of the same, gentleman, at the same.
Pleaded not guilty, and to traverse his indictment with effect.
Sess. Roll 542/67, 131.
Sess. Reg. 2/225.

John Goodyer [Goodyeare] of the Middle Temple, esquire, Thomas Greenewood of Lincoln's Inn, gentleman, Thomas Rippington of St. Clement Danes, gentleman, and Edward Repington of Amington, co. Warwick, gentleman, for a riotous and unlawful assembly about twelve o'clock at night, for attempting to break into the house of Elizabeth Brunckard, spinster, at St. Clement Danes, and breaking the windows by throwing stones, to the great alarm of the said Elizabeth and all her household and the disquiet of the neighbours, being apprehended by the constables and watch at Mistress Brunckard's door.
Prosecutors:—Frances Brunckard, Ann Langton, John Weste, Thomas Harris.
Sureties:—Thomas Cock of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, grocer, Leonard Younge of St. Clement Danes, tailor, Ambrose —, gentleman, Thomas Eyre, cutler, John Baylie and Thomas White, all of the same.
Sess. Roll 542/14, 15, 132.
Sess. Roll 543/175.
Sess. Reg. 2/224, 238, 252.
P.R.B. 1/53.

Abraham Kebell [Keble], Ann Kebell, spinster, and Israel Godhelpe, all of Shoreditch, for an assault and battery on William Dente, at the same.
Sess. Roll 542/133.
Sess. Reg. 2/223.
P.R.B. 1/53d.

14 March, 12 James I [A.D. 1614–15].
Thomas Deeringe of Enfield, bailiff, for an assault and battery on Ann, wife of Joseph Blackborne, and on Jude Hammond, and on Andrew Bennett of the same, tailor, and on William Durant in the execution of his office, all at the same, all of whom charged the said Thomas to be a common barrator.
The said Thomas in relation to his testimony before this pretended, says that he is not able to gainsay that he is guilty of the several trespasses specified in the several indictments, and puts himself on the mercy of the lord the King. Respited to the next because ill, by the oath of John Godfrey.
Prosecutors:—Thomas Butterfielde, Henry Tapper.
Sureties:—Edward Heath, brewer, John Barr [Burr], blacksmith, and the said John Godfrey, all of the same.
Sess. Roll 542/78, 134–136.
Sess. Roll 543/142.
Sess. Roll 544/43.
Sess. Roll 545/24.
Sess. Reg. 2/226, 230, 234, 251.
P.R.B. 1/55d.

John Price of Field Lane for an assault and battery on Ann Woodley, at the same.
Sess. Roll 542/137.
P.R.B. 1/53.

Elizabeth, wife of Robert Bygrave [Bigrave, Bygrove] of St. Giles'-without-Cripplegate, wheelwright, for an assault and battery on Rose, wife of John Powell, at Chiswell Street.
Fined 2s.
The said Robert and William Clayton of Billiter Lane, tailor, also bound over to keep the peace towards Margaret Bennet.
Sureties:— Joseph Layland [Leland] of Chiswell Street, blacksmith [farrier], and John Briggs of All Hallows, London Wall, tailor.
Sess. Roll 542/71, 98 99, 138.
Sess. Reg. 2/223.

Elizabeth, wife of William Dyer of High Holborn, for keeping a common bawdy-house, at the same.
Detained in gaol. Not guilty.
Prosecutors:—Robert Plomer, Thomas Yeomans, Edward Bennett, Thomas Carter.
Sess. Roll 542/139.
Sess. Roll 544/70.

Edward Hosier of Ratcliffe, vintner, and Magdalen his wife, for an assault and battery on Thomas Doughty of the same, clerk, at the same.
Fined 2s.
Sureties:—Peter Pindar of the same and Stephen Hosyer of London, cooper.
Sess. Roll 542/81, 140.
Sess. Reg. 2/224.

25 July, 13 James I [A.D. 1615].
Thomas Radner [Radnor] of Whitecross Street, pasteboard-maker, for stealing two quires [six reams] of paper worth 6d., belonging to Edward Ummante, at the same.
Petty larceny. At large.
Prosecutor:—Thomas Scarborowe.
Sess. Roll 542/141.
P.R.B. 1/53.
G.D.R. 2/60.

Andrew Thompson [Tompson] of Westminster, shoemaker [Audrey Tompson of the Savoy, spinster], for stealing four pairs of boots worth 5s., three pairs of shoes worth 2s., and two pairs of bootlegs worth 10d., belonging to John Pascello [Pasculo] of St. Mary-leSavoy alias Strand, shoemaker, at the same.
At large.
Prosecutor:—George Loggins [Loggan] of Westminster, shoemaker.
Sureties:—Edward Nott of Latimer, co. Buckingham, gentleman, Robert Wrottinge of —, tailor, and George Browne of Westminster, shoemaker.
Sess. Roll 542/22, 64, 65, 142.
P.R.B. 1/53.
G.D.R. 2/59d, 60d.

13 April, 13 James I [A.D. 1615].
Mary Moore of St. John Street, spinster, for stealing thirteen yards of "purle lace" colour green worth 5s. and a prayer book worth 2s. 6d., belonging to Thomas Honnyard of the same, tailor, at the same.
At large. Outlawed at the General Sessions held on 16 April, A.D. 1618.
Prosecutors:— Isabel, wife of the said Thomas, Margaret Lewes, Richard Wheatley of St. Sepulchre's, tailor, and John Birch of St. John Street, tailor.
Joan Hunnyard and Isabel Hunnyard of St. John Street, spinsters, charged with receiving stolen goods.
Sureties:—Nathaniel Starkey of Charterhouse Lane, saddler, John Moore of St. Olave's, Southwark, and Nicholas Rumney of Whitechapel, weaver.
Sess. Roll 542/40–2, 117–19, 143.
P.R.B. 1/53.
G.D.R. 2/60d.

George Sawdrey of St. John Street for breaking into the house of Thomas Foster, esquire, at the same, between eleven and twelve o'clock at night, and stealing two cloaks worth £5 belonging to the said Thomas; and for breaking into the same house on the next night with intent to rob the same.
Guilty, no goods, to be hanged. Call to Sir Stephen Soame for an examination.
Prosecutors:—Richard Kirbye of the same, gentleman, Margery Clarke, spinster, and William Shawe.
Sess. Roll 542/113, 145, 146.
G.D.R. 2/60.

27 July, 13 James I [A.D. 1615].
Thomas Deane and Valentine Brookes of Stratford Bow for breaking into the house of Sir Arthur Ingram, knight, at the same, about twelve o'clock at night, and stealing a sword worth 5s., three green carpets worth 20s. and three mingled-colour cloaks worth 40s., belonging to the said Sir Arthur.
The said Thomas not guilty of burglary, guilty of felony, no goods, seeks the book, reads, to be branded. Delivered by proclamation.
The said Valentine acknowledges, to be hanged.
Prosecutor:—Gilbert Urmeston.
Sess. Roll 542/147.
G.D.R. 2/59, 59d 60.

Agnes Berry alias Whyttingberry of Enfield, widow, for exercising witchcrafts, enchantments, charms and sorceries upon Grace Halsey, by reason whereof the said Grace became lame, and languished from 25 August until 3 September then next following and wasted away in her whole body.
Guilty, no goods, to be hanged.
Prosecutors:—Thomas Wryght, William Hausy, Edward Hawsey, and Christopher Hawkes of the same, William Kichen of Edmonton, L— —, Helen W—.
Sess. Roll 542/53, 148.
G.D.R. 2/60.

John Searse of St. John Street for stealing a pair of stockings worth 3s., a pair of shoes worth 2s., a falling-band worth 12d., and 20s. in money, belonging to Robert Hawkes, at the same.
Guilty, no goods, seeks the book, does not have it because there appears on evidence to have been a burglary in Hertfordshire, therefore to be hanged. The file of the last Sessions broken open for an examination.
Sess. Roll 542/149.
G.D.R. 2/60.

John Sell [Syll] and Thomas Strickland of Newington for stealing a saddle worth 6s., a bridle worth 12d., and a gelding colour "dapple gray" worth £4. 10s., belonging to William Ayliffe, esquire, at the same.
Guilty, no goods, to be hanged.
Prosecutor:—Thomas Holbeame of Little Chishall, co. Essex.
Sess. Roll 542/69, 114, 150.
G.D.R. 2/60.

Thomas Hadden [Haddon] of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields for stealing 30s. in money belonging to William Ballin [Bollyn] of Willesden, at St. Giles' aforesaid.
Not guilty.
Sess. Roll 542/110, 151.
G.D.R. 2/60.

Abel Rosewell [Rosswell] and Roger Bredyman of Rosemary Lane for stealing 3 lb. of silk worth 60s., belonging to John Stiles [Styles] of Whitechapel, paviour, at Rosemary Lane aforesaid.
The said Abel acknowledges, seeks the book, reads, to be branded.
The said Roger not guilty.
Prosecutors:—John Alsoppe and Roger Carpenter of Whitechapel, blacksmiths.
Sess. Roll 542/92, 152.
G.D.R. 2/59d.

John Smith of Kensington for stealing a carpet called a "dornecke (fn. 1) coverlett" worth 10d., belonging to John Austen [Awsten] of the same, at the same.
Guilty to the value of 10d., no goods, to be whipped.
Sess. Roll 542/83, 153.
John Howson of St. John Street for an assault and battery on Robert Sheppard of Westminster, gentleman, at Clerkenwell.
Not guilty.
Prosecutors:—John Floode, Richard Browne.
Sureties:—John Footet of Clerkenwell, baker, and Robert Rayman of Stebbing, co. Essex, linendraper.
Sess. Roll 542/116, 125, 154.
G.D.R. 2/59d, 60d.

Thomas Banckes of Hackney for stealing a sow worth 10s., belonging to John Culpecke, and two hogs each worth 8s., belonging to Richard Ridgdale, all at the same.
Guilty, no goods, seeks the book, reads, to be branded.
Prosecutors:—John Horseley, and William Portlocke of Tottenham, and Bartholomew Artridge of Hackney.
Sess. Roll 542/94, 156, 157.
G.D.R. 2/59d.

William White of Mile End for wandering about begging as a vagrant soldier, not having settled himself in any service nor returned to his birthplace, nor having betaken himself to any lawful trade or course of life; and for an assault and battery on Peter Shipman of St. Botolph's-without-Aldgate, haberdasher, in the highway at Mile End.
Not guilty on first charge, but to be placed in the House of Correction; guilty on second charge and respited without bail until the next Sessions and fined 5s.
Prosecutor:— Philip Fookes [Fowkes] of St. Bartholomew's-byExchange.
Sess. Roll 542/75, 158, 159.
Sess. Roll 544/70.
G.D.R. 2/59d, 61.

12 July, 13 James I [A.D. 1615]
John Butterfielde [Butterfeld] of Hendon for stealing thirteen white wether sheep and three rams, each worth 14s., belonging to Robert Nuttinge, gentleman, at the same.
Guilty of five wether sheep, no goods, seeks the book, reads, to be branded, and not guilty of the rest.
Prosecutor:—Richard Nuttinge.
Sess. Roll 542/160.
G.D.R. 2/59d.

Thomas Littleberry [Littelbury] of Clifford's Inn, gentleman, for assaulting Edward Drury of St. Sepulchre's, coachmaker, in the highway at Hounslow, and robbing him of a cloak lined with stuff worth 40s.
In prison at Newgate. Not guilty.
Sureties:—Arthur Gilgat of Fleet Street, gentleman, and Nicholas Aylworth of Fetter Lane, gentleman.
Sess. Roll 542/50, 51, 161.
G.D.R. 2/59d.

William Boyse of Hackney for stealing a bay nag worth 80s., belonging to Henry Roe [Rowe] of the same, esquire, at the same.
Not guilty.
Sess. Roll 542/68, 162.
G.D.R. 2/59d.

Thomas Davis [Davys], John Wheeler and Jane Matrum, spinster, all of Cow Cross, for assaulting Francis Huggin of Clerkenwell, gentleman, in the highway at Cow Cross, and robbing him of a fallingband worth 6d., a hat with a cipres hat-band worth 12d., a cloak lined with stuff worth 20s., a sword worth 10s., a purse worth 1d, and 14s. in money in it.
All not guilty.
Sess. Roll 542/120, 163.
G.D.R. 2/59d.

Thomas Seeley of St. John Street for breaking into the house of Helen Yorke, widow, at the same, between the hours of eleven and twelve at night, alarming all her household, and stealing a say curtain worth 3s. and a pair of woollen stockings worth 2s., belonging to the said Helen.
Guilty, no goods, to be hanged.
Prosecutors:—John Whitehead and Margery Clarke of the same.
Surety:—Richard Kyrbey of the same, gentleman.
Sess. Roll 542/112, 164.
G.D.R. 2/60.

Simon Thrasher of Clerkenwell for stealing £10 in money from Josias Harris, at the same.
Guilty, no goods, seeks the book, reads, to be branded.
Sess. Roll. 542/165.
G.D.R. 2/59d.

Valentine Brookes of Stepney, Thomas Berrall [Berrill] alias Watson and Mary Roberts, spinster, both of the same [both deleted], for breaking into the house of William Brunckard, esquire, at the same, about twelve o'clock at night, alarming his household, and stealing two carpets worth 30s., a scarlet-coloured cloak worth £10, a sword with a pair of hangers and a girdle worth £8, a gold-worked cushioncloth worth 20s., a pair of boots worth 10s., two pairs of boot-hose worth —, — worth 30s., fourteen pieces of pewter worth —, a pair of gauntlet gloves worth —, a clock worth £30 and a — worth 20s., belonging to the said William; and of Mary Roberts of Saffron Hill, spinster, for receiving and helping them after the said felony.
The said Valentine acknowledged, to be hanged.
The said Thomas respited without bail. Respited to Essex.
The said Mary delivered by proclamation.
Lewis Floode and Elizabeth Floode [Flud] charged as accessories to the said Valentine. The said Lewis guilty, no goods, seeks the book, does not read, to be hanged; the said Elizabeth not guilty.
Frances Jonson of Clerkenwell, spinster, bound over to give evidence against the said Elizabeth.
Prosecutors:—Richard Anslowe [Aynslowe] and Thomas Whitmore of Stepney, gentlemen, James Wright of Barbican Street, broker, and Robert White.
Sess. Roll 542/38, 111, 167.
Sess. Roll 544/70.
G.D.R. 2/59, 59d, 60, 61d.

27 July, 12 James I [A.D. 1614].
Charles Lee of St. Clement Danes for defrauding and deceiving Gilbert Stevens, "by deceipte and privy tokens," of a jewel made in the likeness of a falcon of gold and jewels and green sapphires, worth £20, belonging to Sir Richard Hawkins, knight, being in the possession of the said Gilbert; also of a gold cup worth £45 belonging to the said Gilbert, and having fraudulently obtained possession of them, for converting them to his own use.
Guilty, fined £5 and respited to prison until the Court shall order further.
Prosecutor:—Alice Payne.
Sess. Roll 542/172.
[See Middlesex Sessions Records, Vol. II, p. 41.]

10 August, 12 James I [A.D. 1614].
Elizabeth Watson of High Holborn, spinster, for breaking into the house of Richard Wigginton at the same, about two o'clock at night, alarming his household, with intent to rob the same.
Not guilty.
Sess. Roll 542/173.

John Burnell of Cow Cross for stealing four pieces of old kersey of mingled colour worth 12d, belonging to Robert Dodd of St. Sepulchre's, cloth-worker, at Cow Cross.
Guilty, no goods, to be whipped.
Sess. Roll 542/72, 174.
G.D.R. 2/59d.

27 July, 13 James I [A.D. 1615].
Robert Smythe of St. Clement Danes, gentleman, for running over a female child with his horse at the same, so that the child was injured and is still languishing.
Fined 10d. and respited to prison for sureties for good behaviour.
Prosecutor:—John Parry [?].
Sess. Roll 542/175.

July writ for the Sessions.
Sess. Roll 542/169.
[Nos. 166, 168, 171 and 177 are illegible].


p.221. Came and discharged:—

Joan, wife of Richard Steevenson of Stratford Bow, labourer, charged to have poisoned Joan Gowers.

Respited to the next:—

John Gypkin of Shoreditch, picture-drawer, to stand to the order of Sir James Bacon for begetting a bastard child on the body of Elizabeth Youngley [Yongley]. Referred to the order of Mr. Collyns and Mr. Mitchell because Sir James Bacon is out of town (and p. 229).

Brought writs of certiorari:—

John Cotton and Thomas Worrall of All Hallows, dyers, to traverse their indictment with effect.

John Clarke of Knightsbridge for abusing the headboroughs of the same, and to bring Abraham Raxall who committed the like abuse.

Thomas Ratcliffe of Whitechapel, porter, to traverse his indictment with effect.

Harman Rowland of East Smithfield, cooper, to do the like.

Came and discharged:—

William Woodfeld of the Tower Dock within the Liberty of the Tower of London, blacksmith, and constable there, to answer for the escape of Frederick Deposin.

p. 222. Oliver Robinson of Golding Lane, barber, for cozening John Meade.

Margaret, wife of George Litchfelde of Turnmill Street, chandler, for refusing to suffer the constable to search her house for stolen goods, having a warrant from Mr. Mitchell. Handed in bail to Thomas Fowler of the same (and p. 230).

Barbara, wife of Thomas Taylor, brought to the court by Thomas Boulton, headborough of Whitecross Street, charged with being a woman of ill life and keeping a suspected bawdy-house, and abusing the said headborough in his search in the night (and p. 230).

p.223. Came and discharged:—

John Morrys of Golding Lane.

Helen Kendricke of St. Sepulchre's, spinster, to be of good behaviour.

p. 224. George Moore of St. Clement Danes, barber, for tippling without licence.

p.225 Discharged if paid:—

Robert Feeste of Edmonton, for staying a hue and cry.

Came and discharged:—

George Jerret of Clerkenwell, chandler, brought in by warrant for annoying the Lady North, in piling up a great pile of faggots against her house in "St. Jones", to the damming up of her lights. Bound over to remove his faggots between this and tomorrow by ten o'clock, and Abel Browne of Chick Lane, chandler, undertook that he shall do it and that he bring a certificate from my Lady. He is enjoined to remove them between this and All Hallowstide next.

p.226. George Wood of St. Clement Danes, broker, brought to the court by warrant from Sir William Smythe, knight, for refusing to deliver goods which were pawned unto him by a tailor, being the goods of Anthony Groome. He promises to attend the said Sir William and Sir William Slingsby about it.

Bridget Draine [Drayne, Draney alias Gylson], brought from Newgate and being demanded by the Court who was the reputed father of a bastard woman child begotten upon her body whereof she was delivered in Clerkenwell, affirms upon oath that John Markeham of Clerkenwell, gardener, is the only father thereof. Agnes Goddard, a sworn midwife, Katherine Griste and Joan Vaughan affirm upon oath that the said Bridget at her delivery did charge the said Markeham, therefore it is ordered by the Court that the said Markeham shall pay 20d. weekly to the Churchwardens of Clerkenwell, and stand to the further order of the court (and G.D.R. 2/59d). Further order that the inhabitants shall pay the one half and the said John the other half for keeping the said child until another father shall be found out (and p. 230).

Tristram Ward being brought from Newgate and charged by Sybil Taylor to be the reputed father of a man child, one Thomas Warde, begotten upon her body, whom she now shews in Court and was delivered thereof at St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, and Katherine Mondaye of the same, widow, witnessing on oath that the said Sybil at the time of her delivery did so charge the said Ward, and Mr. Ockold, constable of the same, witnessing that when the said Ward was so charged before a justice he did not deny it but preferred to leave a suit of apparel in pawn until he brought sureties; it is therefore ordered by the Court that both of them shall be whipped at St. Giles' aforesaid, and that Ward shall put in sureties to the Churchwardens of the same, and that he shall also find very good sureties for his good behaviour, for divers misdemeanours and cozenages by him committed as appears by certain articles shown to the Court.


f.59. Delivered by proclamation:—

James Lyne, Isabel Allington, Henry Smoote, Stephen Marshall, Robert Dewer, Thomas Palyn, Edward Rossell, Richard Steward, William Walker.

f.59d. Edward Drury of St. Sepulchre's, coachmaker, respited for sureties for good behaviour. Came and discharged (and f.62).

Isaac Thomas died in gaol.

f.60. Not guilty:—

Mary Ford for a pair of sheets and a coverlet of Christian Pickeringe.

Mary Moseley of St. John Street, spinster, for a piece of cambric of Nicholas Bridges.

Respited at the last:—

Thomas Jones of Whitechapel, drayman.

Came and discharged:—

Anthony Porter of High Holborn, victualler, for stealing 48s. from Henry Bearham.


  • 1. Darnex=a coarse sort of damask used for carpets, cushions, etc., originally manufactured at Tournay, called in Flemish, Dornick.