Sessions, 1615: 5 and 6 October

Pages 24-72

County of Middlesex. Calendar To the Sessions Records: New Series, Volume 3, 1615-16. Originally published by Clerk of the Peace, London, 1937.

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General Sessions held at Westminster, and Gaol Delivery at the Old Bailey, on 5 and 6 October, 13 James I [A.D. 1615].


Recognizances of:—

William Attkins of Uxbridge, sawyer, and Henry Lightfoote of the same for Ann, wife of the said William, for breaking down the windows of Thomas Charselye of the same, baker; and of the said Thomas to give evidence.
Sess. Roll. 543/4.
Sess. Roll. 544/21.
Sess. Reg. 2/239.

Robert Welles of St. Clement Danes, barber-surgeon, and George Nicholes of the same, tailor, for Devoreux Graystone, George Wood and Hugh Smyth of the same, tailors, to answer William Ballard, gentleman, touching a cloth cloak which was stolen from him and found in the possession of the said Hugh.
Sess. Roll 543/5, 171, 172.
Sess. Reg. 2/239.

Silvanus Burkett of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, victualler, and Robert Jefferyes of the same, linen-weaver, for John Thomas of the same, drayman, for hurting and wounding Thomas Prescoot, a child aged five years, by suffering his horse and cart to go over him in the street.
Sess. Roll 543/6.
Sess. Reg. 2/239.

Edward Howels of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, tailor, for Gregory Godson of the same, victualler, for keeping a shovelboard table in his house, and maintaining unlawful games there.
Sess. Roll 543/12.
Sess. Reg. 2/238.

Ansell Symmes [Syms] of Stanwell committed to prison till he find sufficient sureties for his good behaviour, for hunting and taking partridges.
Sess. Roll 543/16.
Sess. Reg. 2/238.

7 May, 13 James I [A.D. 1615].
Thomas Ingle of Marylebone, weaver, for William Farrior [Farryer] of the same for beating Margaret Parnell when she came to see her child which he kept.
Sess. Roll. 543/25.
Sess. Reg. 2/237.

John Mathewes of Marylebone, baker, for suffering a prisoner to escape that was delivered unto him by Thomas Ingle, constable, being charged to aid him, and threatening to stab the said Ingle and one Burstan with his knife.
Sess. Roll 543/26.
Sess. Reg. 2/236.

Edward Forte of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, glover, for abusing Mr. Robinson, high constable, in the execution of a warrant from the Lord Chief Justice.
Sess. Roll 543/27.
Sess Reg. 2/236, 258.

Philip Briggs, scrivener, and Maurice Prichard, for Lewis Owen, gentleman, all of High Holborn, and for Henry Vernell [Varnell] of St. Clement Danes, both suspected to have conspired a wrongful accusation against Edward Bawde [see p. 33].
Sess. Roll 543/28, 29.
Sess. Reg. 2/236.

Robert Woker of St. Andrew's, Holborn, and William Griffin of St. Olave's, Southwark, tailor, for Isabel Allington of Holborn aforesaid, spinster, to appear.
Sess. Roll 543/30.
Sess. Reg. 2/236.

George Kenton and William Griffen of the Liberty of the Tower of London, combmakers, for Anthony Gale of East Smithfield, plasterer, to answer the constable of the same.
Sess. Roll 543/35.

Margaret Chapman of Rosemary Lane, spinster, to prosecute her complaint against John Pollyn of the same, collier, who is to answer.
Sess. Roll 543/36.
Sess. Reg. 2/239.

— Morkett of Westminster, gentleman, for Edward Evans of the same to answer.
Sess. Roll 543/48.
Sess. Reg. 2/235.

20 April, 13 James I [A.D. 1615].
Anthony Wykes of the Charterhouse, gentleman, and John Swanstone of St. Martin's-le-Grand, mercer, for Christopher Swanstone of Westminster, being the reputed father of a bastard child begotten on the body of Elizabeth Tirrill, to pay weekly 9d. towards the nursing of the said child, until it be further ordered.
To be bound over for refusing to pay the said 9d.
Sess. Roll 543/49.
Sess. Reg. 2/235.

William Blackshawe of Whitechapel, weaver, for Throckmorton Holland of the same, victualler, for profaning the Sabbath by evil order and drinking in his house.
Sess. Roll 543/51.
Sess. Reg. 2/235.

Nicholas Bristowe of St. Clement Danes, gentleman, and Nicholas Cage of the same, linendraper, for Richard Spriggens of East Smithfield, haberdasher, and Stacy Powell of London, gentleman, for compounding with a victualler for false measures.
Sess. Roll 543/52, 53.
Sess. Reg. 2/234, 235.

Robert Robinson of St. Botolph's-without-Aldersgate, gentleman, and Richard Carter of St. Martin's-le-Grand for Stephen Harryson of Field Lane, for begetting one Amy with the child whereof she is delivered, and to abide the Justices' order for securing the parish.
Sess. Roll 543/74.
Sess. Reg. 2/233.

Percival Jaxon of Shoreditch, surgeon, and James Allen of Norton Folgate, tailor, for George Frye of the same for abusing and striking Francis Bury in his own house.
Sess. Roll 543/75.
Sess. Reg. 2/233.

James Mathewes of Clerkenwell, tailor, and John Chapman of the same, gardener, for Hugh Powell of the same, labourer, complained on by the officers and inhabitants to be a common brawler and disturber of his neighbours.
Sess. Roll 543/76.
Sess. Reg. 2/233.

John Bifield of St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, and Wisard Davis of Norton Folgate, tailor, for Mary Coverly [Caverley] of the same, spinster, to be of good behaviour.
Sess. Roll 543/79.
Sess. Reg. 2/232.

Richard Hale of Pinner and John Larchym of Great Stanmore for John Brannes [Brames] of the same to answer.
Sess. Roll 543/87.
Sess. Reg. 2/232.

James Huetson, citizen and cordwainer of London, and Thomas Evans of Ratcliffe, tailor, for Richard Wiffin [Wiffen] of the same, sailor, for begetting Agnes Chaundler of the same with child.
Sess. Roll 543/88.
Sess. Reg. 2/231.

George Cole of Bedingham, co. Norfolk, husbandman, and Henry Cossell of Ipswich, co. Suffolk, sailor, for John May of Bedingham aforesaid to appear; and of Richard Coldeck of Aldgate, sailor, and John Craft of Shadwell, sailor, for John Nott of the same to appear.
Sess. Roll 543/89, 90.
Sess. Reg. 2/231.

Robert Highho of Stepney, tailor, John Browne of the same, woolcomber, and Thomas Slater of Ratcliffe, carman, for Elizabeth Souldier [Soldyer] of the same, spinster, and Susan, wife of Humphrey Elverton of the same, carpenter, to appear.
Sess. Roll 543/92, 93.
Sess. Reg. 2/238.

Edward Pultock of Wapping Wall, John Holland of St. Katherine's, silkweaver, John Walleys of Stepney, victualler, and Wilfram Williamson of Wapping Wall, for John Cawkins of Wapping, carpenter, to answer Thomas Herd of Wapping, constable, William Mott, Roland Quatemore, Robert Bourne, John Dearsley and John Braddie of the same, being accused to be a common barrator.
The said Cawkins respited to prison without bail because he came late.
Sess. Roll 543/99.
Sess. Reg. 2/237.
G.D.R. 2/62.

Nicholas Smithe of Uxbridge, cooper, and Richard Moore of Denham, co. Buckingham, tanner, for Roger Rayner of Uxbridge, fishmonger, to perform the Justices' order for the relief of a bastard child begotten by him on the body of Margery Weedon.
Sess. Roll 543/102.
Sess. Reg. 2/239.

Richard Colson of Chelsea, waterman, and Francis Holmes of the same, victualler, for William Newsham of Westminster, baker, for assaulting and beating Richard Wrighston [Wrighton] at Chelsea aforesaid.
Sess. Roll 543/104.
Sess. Reg. 2/231.

Wiskard Davis of Norton Folgate, tailor, Henry Man of the same, barber-surgeon, and John Bifield of St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, for Mary, wife of the said Henry, and Elizabeth Damford of Norton Folgate, spinster, to answer.
Sess. Roll 543/105.
Sess. Reg. 2/232.

William Madewell of St. Giles'-without-Cripplegate, blacksmith, and John Nuttinge of St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, victualler, for William Maple of St. Giles' aforesaid, smith, to answer.
Sess. Roll 543/106.
Sess. Reg. 2/232.

Thomas Fynch of Greenhill in Harrow-on-the-Hill, and Henry Fynch of the same, carpenter, for Elizabeth, daughter of the said Thomas, for giving cakebread which had poison in it to her master's children, "who were very sick with the eatinge thereof".
Committed till she confess where she had the poison.
Sess. Roll 543/108.
Sess. Reg. 2/232, 251.

William Munsaughe [Mounsaughe] the younger of Hillingdon, Francis Page of Uxbridge, William Page of Collham Green in Hillingdon and Henry Nevell of St. Andrew's, Holborn, gentleman, for Frances, wife of the said William Munsaughe, Margaret Tomsonn [Tompson] and Bridget Clarke, spinster, to answer touching a riot lately committed upon the land of the Countess of Derby.
Sess. Roll 543/113, 114.
Sess. Reg. 2/231, 251.

Thomas Davison of St. Alban's, Wood Street, merchant-tailor, for Richard Taylor of Aldgate, carpenter, to bring forth John Carter whom he had rescued from the constable of Tottenham.
The said Richard committed upon the oath of Robert Anthony, constable of Kingsland, for a rescue, and confessed upon oath that it was Roger Haywarde that struck the said Robert and none but he that cut his hand, and that he had the sword drawn, and none else. Further sureties:—Thomas Davies of Little Wood Street and Luke Litlewoode of Newington.
The said Roger Haywarde of Aldgate [Whitechapel], carpenter [clothworker], brought by a warrant for an outrage on May Day last, committed and handed over in bail to Anthony Sommer of Leadenhall, cordwainer, and Valentine Hayward [Howard] of Billingsgate, draper. Pleased not guilty and handed over to traverse his indictment with effect.
Sess. Roll 543/116.
Sess. Reg. 2/238, 240, 252.

Richard Newman and Edward Simpson of Tottenham for Thomas Holmes of the same, gardener, for threatening to set fire to the house of Percival Lewis [Lewell, Lewes].
The said Percival seeks the peace against the said Thomas who is handed over further in bail to John Taylor of Hackney and Henry Brand of Edmonton.
Sess. Roll 543/117.
Sess. Reg. 2/239, 252, 261.

John Riggs of Whitechapel, victualler, and William Whaley of the same for Richard Else of Fetter Lane, for hurting and bruising Elizabeth Wattson.
Sess. Roll 543/120.
Sess. Reg. 2/239.

William Giles and William Bliss of Whitecross Street, weavers, William Spycer of Old Street, pack-threadmaker, and Joseph Sugar of the same for Henry Medcalfe, gentleman, and Francis Gibson, pack-threadmaker, both of the same, who confessed that they did play at bowls in the time of Divine Service.
The said Henry not to victual any more.
Further sureties:—Edward Smythe of the same, Edward Shilcocke of St. Mary Magdalen's, co. Surrey, William Bowes of Wood Street, joiner, and Richard Sparkes of Grub Street.
Sess. Roll 543/132, 133.
Sess. Reg. 2/233, 251.

Thomas Hunter of Cow Cross, brushmaker, and Thomas Collyns of Goswell Street, tailor, for George East of the same to answer; the cause appears in the information of Elizabeth Cooper. He is to be whipped because he is a common cut-purse.
Sess. Roll 543/134.
Sess. Reg. 2/233.

Robert Parrey of Whitecross Street, weaver, and Francis Hatche of the same, tailor, for John Pebworthe of the same, tailor, to bring forth Margery Okeley [Oaklie], his apprentice maid; and of James Reade, plasterer, and Edmund Whitehead, tailor, for Joan Croker of the same, spinster, to keep the peace towards Dionise Pebworthe [Pepper].
Further sureties:—Charles Taylor of Cow Lane, draper, William Averie of Whitecross Street, stationer, John Webb of the same, weaver, and John Pulman of St. John Street.
Sess. Roll 543/135, 138.
Sess. Reg. 2/233, 251.

John Valentine of St. Katherine's and George Jackson of the same, chandler, for William Jesop of the same, victualler, for abusing the bailiff of the same; and of Emmanuel Jones of the same, feltmaker, for Robert Roberts [Robbardes] of the same, miller, for the like.
Sess. Roll 543/144, 145.
Sess. Reg. 2/234.

George Petty of St. Dunstan's-in-the-East, "plummer", for Leonard Lambert of St. Margaret's, Lothbury, founder, for "subornation of perjury"; and of Francis Ceeley of St. Giles'-without-Cripplegate, cook, and William Hoch of the same, blacksmith, for Matthew Foster of the same, butcher, for the like.

Edward Parson and Margaret Prychard charged likewise, and all found not guilty.
Sess. Roll 543/146.
Sess. Roll 544/32.
Sess. Reg. 2/234.
G.D.R. 2/62, 62d.

John May and William Wedsbury of Cranford for William FitzHarbert of the same for neglecting his office of constableship; and of Richard Snoden of the same and John Meredith of Westminster, shoemaker, to give evidence.
Sess. Roll 543/148.
Sess. Roll 544/19.
Sess. Reg. 2/239.

William Mountsey of Hillingdon, gentleman, and John Cley of the same for Roger Langley of the same to answer Barbara, wife of William Harrison of the same.
Sess. Roll 543/150.
Sess. Reg. 2/239.

Sir William Foster of Aldermaston, co. Berkshire, knight, and Ralph Normanvile of Westminster, vintner, for Robert Pickeringe of the same, chandler, for beating, wounding and evil entreating Katherine Thompson of the same, widow; and of Thomas Sperriwigg, gardener, and Henry Wouston, victualler, both of the same, for the said Katherine to keep the peace towards the said Robert.
Sess. Roll 543/152, 153.
Sess. Reg. 2/236.

Robert Strahan and Thomas Johnson of Westminster, bakers, for the said Robert to appear.
Sess. Roll 543/154.
Sess. Reg. 2/236.

Richard Walford and Thomas Cofeild, poulterer, both of Westminster, for Walter Burke of the same, chandler, to appear.
Sess. Roll 543/160.
Sess. Reg. 2/235.

Edward Granger of Westminster, upholsterer, and Robert Walker of St. Andrew's, Holborn, victualler, for Elizabeth, wife of William Griffen of St. Olave's, Southwark, tailor, to appear.
Sess. Roll 543/161.
Sess. Reg. 2/235.

10 May, 13 James I [A.D. 1615].
Matthew Rogers, citizen and barber-surgeon of London, and Roger Gill of Westminster, haberdasher, for William Rogers of the same, scrivener, to appear.
Sess. Roll 543/170.
Sess. Reg. 2/235.

John Skelham of St. Clement Danes, water-bearer, Christopher Goldingam of "Bukyn" [? Bocking], co. Essex, gentleman, and Henry Shawcroft of St. Botolph's, Aldersgate, perfumer, for Helen, wife of the said John, for receiving into her house and harbouring Nicholas Christmas, the apprentice of John Dashfield of London, clothworker, who was accused to have spent and embezzled a great part of his master's money and goods.
Sess. Roll 543/173.
Sess. Reg. 2/239.

John Row of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, gentleman, and William Orchard of the same, tailor, for Anthony Colchester of the same, brewer, for his neglect in suffering Matthew Man to make an escape from him, who was accused to have been the reputed father of a bastard child, which is now left upon the charge of the said parish.
Sess. Roll 543/174.
Sess. Reg. 2/239.

Silvanus Burkett of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, victualler, and Peter Momby of the same, gardener, for William Jones of the same, victualler, for brewing strong ale of an excessive strength and price.
Sess. Roll 543/176, 192.
Sess. Reg. 2/238.

William Wright of the Strand, freemason, for William Wates [Watts] of the same, vintner, for profaning the Sabbath day by entertaining drinking in his house at the time of Divine Service, and of John Rowell of Westminster, chandler, for Thomas Rowell of St. Clement Danes, victualler, for the like.
Sess. Roll 543/178, 179.
Sess. Reg. 2/238.

William Carpenter of St. Clement Danes, butcher, for John Ellson of the same, butcher, for killing meat in his shop on the Sabbath day at the time of Divine Service.
Further surety:—Nicholas Mann of Chancery Lane, tailor.
Sess. Roll 543/180.
Sess. Reg. 2/238.

William Lock of Hounslow, shoemaker, for his neglect of his office, being a headborough in the town of Hounslow, "in denying to make search or send awaye an hue and crye when it was brought to him".
Sess. Roll 543/182.
Sess. Reg. 2/238.

George Duncombe of Pitstone, co. Buckingham, gentleman, and William Mathewes of Fleet Street, draper, for John Peters of Clement's Inn, gentleman, and Mary, wife of the said William, both bound over by the Lord Chief Justice's warrant for conspiracy, at the complaint of Sir Thomas Hewitt, knight.
Sess. Roll 543/188, 189.
Sess. Reg. 2/237.

Hugh Ball of Westminster, scrivener, for George Ball of the same, vintner, for coming into the house of John Skirr, vintner, being forbidden his house, and beating and abusing his servants; and of Thomas Wilson, cordwainer, and William Holmes, tailor, for John Parker, vintner, all of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, to keep the peace towards the said George.
Sess. Roll 543/187, 190.
Sess. Reg. 2/237.

Robert Dickerson of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, innkeeper, and William Powell of the same, chandler, for George Parratt of the same, victualler, for victualling without licence and keeping gaming in his house; and of the said Robert for Henry Warder [Warde] of the same, tippler, for keeping unlawful gaming in his house, being a victualler; and of Anthony Colchester of the same, brewer, for Richard White of Marylebone, tippler, for the like.
The said George licensed for tippling.
Sess. Roll 543/198–200.
Sess. Reg. 2/236, 240.

Peter Carpenter of Hampstead for John Ashford of the same, victualler, for keeping a disordered house, and threatening to beat Philip Kinge.
Sess. Roll 543/201.
Sess. Reg. 2/236.

Robert Baker of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, tailor, and John Dod of the same, scrivener, for Edward Bawde of the same, yeoman, "charged to have attempted to bugger one Henry Burnell".
Sess. Roll 543/202.
Sess. Reg. 2/236.

William Blackstone and William Swinnerton of Islington, innholders, for George Blackstone of Blackston, co. Durham, gentleman, to keep the peace towards Henry Lakins of Islington.
The said Henry handed over in bail to Thomas Stanger of St. John Street, innholder, and William Shelton of Islington, for refusing to obey Sir Thomas Fowler's warrant for staying a nuisance by him intended, and proceeding in it notwithstanding, saying "he knewe what belonged thereunto as well as Sir Thomas Fowler", proved by the oath of Mr. Forde.
Sess. Roll 543/203.
Sess. Reg. 2/236, 237, 252.

John Barnes, shoemaker, and John Downes for Robert Muddar, shoemaker, all of Isleworth, for threatening and abusing Edward Sharp.
Sess. Roll 543/204.
Sess. Reg. 2/235.

12 May, 13 James I [A.D. 1615].
John Trencher of Acton for his misdemeanour before his Majesty's Justices at Brentford.
Sess. Roll 543/205.
Sess. Reg. 2/235.

Thomas Davies of Kingston Wick, vintner, and Bartholomew Damporte of the same, tailor, for Roger Wells of the same, labourer, a common stealer of conies by the report of Sir Francis Darcy, knight.
Further sureties:—Richard Godson of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, and John Sponcke of St. Martin's, joiners.
Sess. Roll 543/206.
Sess. Reg. 2/235, 252.

Ann Wood of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, spinster, for herself and Jane Turner her servant to give evidence against Meverell Cradock of Carmarthen, co. Carmarthen, yeoman, for stealing certain pieces of plate from the said Ann; and of the said Meverell to appear.
Sess. Roll 544/1, 33.
G.D.R. 2/62.

William Guns of St. Botolph's-without-Bishopsgate, gentleman, and Miles Tompson of the same for Robert Guns of the same, bricklaver, to answer for suspicion of felony; and of Edward Hudson of Shoreditch, tailor, to give evidence.
Sess. Roll 544/2, 20.
G.D.R. 2/62d.

James Addcrofte of Uxbridge and John Taylor of Harlington, carpenter, for William Goodwyne of Uxbridge, sawyer, for stealing a brass pot from Joan White of the same, widow; and of William White of the same, musician, for the said Joan to give evidence.
Sess. Roll 544/3, 4.
G.D.R. 2/62d.

James Rodes of Charterhouse Lane, gardener, and Thomas Head of the same tailor, for Grace Rodes of the same, spinster, to answer Matthew Quiar for felony.
Sess. Roll 544/5.

Cornelius Swift of Golding Lane, haberdasher, and Stephen Abbott of the same for Edward Keball [Kibble] of the same for stealing 13s. worth of needles; and of Bartholomew Hill of Garlick Hill, haberdasher, to give evidence.
Sess. Roll 544/6, 8.
G.D.R. 2/62d.

Thomas Cordrey of Golding Lane, sawyer, to give evidence against Juliana Hall, charged to have stolen 4s. 6d. from him.
The said Juliana detained in gaol and respited to the House of Correction.
Sess. Roll 544/7, 70.
G.D.R. 2/61.

George Moore of Stepney and William Elder of St. Sepulchre's, chandler, for Ann, wife of James Leech of Stepney, scrivener, for stealing a silver bowl from Thomas Rice of Barking, vintner; and of the said Thomas to give evidence.
Sess. Roll 544/9, 34.
G.D.R. 2/62.

Thomas Smithe of Clerkenwell, baker, for Lawrence Longe to appear, who had been respited without bail.
Sess. Roll 544/10.
G.D.R. 2/59, 62.

William Benning of Tottenham, and Francis his son, to give evidence against John Peck for stealing sheep out of his fold.
The said John detained in gaol, and respited for bail to be allowed by Sir Ferdinand Heyburne, knight.
Sess. Roll 544/11, 70.
G.D.R. 2/61.

Robert Held of St. Nicholas, Cole Abbey, fishmonger, to give evidence against John Dawkes [Dauke] alias Guy, William Purvey alias Lurvey and John Owen for "cutting a portmantua from a horse" with £57 in it and other things, belonging to the said Robert.
The said John Dawkes, William Purvey and John Owen indicted in London.
Sess. Roll 544/14, 70.
G.D.R. 2/61.

William Goshawke of Chancery Lane, tailor, to give evidence against Margaret Roberts for felony.
The said Margaret detained in gaol and delivered by proclamation.
Sess. Roll 544/16, 70.
G.D.R. 2/61.

Stephen Yarde [Yeard] of St. James', Clerkenwell, chandler, to give evidence against Edward Dutton of Whitechapel, chandler, for stealing pewter; and of William Dalby, tailor, and William Rusell, grocer, both of the same, for the said Edward to appear, who came and was discharged because no true bill.
Sess. Roll 544/36, 37.
Sess. Reg. 2/240.
G.D.R. 2/62.

Henry Wood and George Scatlife of Westminster for Richard Pym [Penn] of the same, labourer, to answer touching the death of Mabel Parkinson, daughter of Thomas Parkinson of the same.
Sess. Roll 544/38.
Sess. Reg. 2/239.
G.D.R. 2/62.

Recognizances to keep the peace of:—

Edward Younge of St. Clement Danes, gentleman, and Thomas Greenewood of Combe Raleigh, co. Devon, gentleman, for John Ralph Skynner of St. Clement Danes, gentleman, towards Thomas Pagget of the same.
Sess. Roll 543/7.
Sess. Reg. 2/239.

William Powes of St. Leonard's, Bromley, miller, and Abraham Leech of St. Botolph's, Aldgate, woodmonger, and Thomas Hill of Whitechapel, miller, for Joan, wife of the said William, towards Elizabeth Footes of St. Leonard's aforesaid.
Sess. Roll 543/8.
Sess. Reg. 2/238.

William Waysse of St. Clement Danes, tailor, for Edward Fynche [Finche] of the same, blacksmith, towards Thomas —, his servant.
Sess. Roll 543/9.
Sess. Reg. 2/238.

Robert Gill of St. Clement Danes, shoemaker, and Thomas Clarke of the same, tailor, for Rebecca, wife of the said Robert, towards Helen, wife of John Stevens of the same, tailor.
Sess. Roll 543/10.
Sess. Reg. 2/238.

Ann Smith of St. Clement Danes, widow, for Robert Hunt of the same, barber, towards Elizabeth Wilkinson of the same, widow.
Sess. Roll 543/11.
Sess. Reg. 2/238.

Sapcoates Mulynex of Lincoln's Inn and Thomas North of Gray's Inn, gentlemen, for Abel Wither of Danbury, co. Essex, and George Clowell of Hanningfield, co. Essex, gentlemen, towards Edward Warde and Samuel Deane.
Sess. Roll 543/13, 14.
Sess. Reg. 2/238.

Oliver Flodd of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields and John Vaghan of St. Andrew's, Holborn, gentlemen, for Roger Powell of London, gentleman, towards Philip Powell of the same.
Sess. Roll 543/15.
Sess. Reg. 2/238.

Thomas Musgrave of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, gentleman, for John Milburne of the same.
Sess. Roll 543/17.
Sess. Reg. 2/238.

Henry Wanlie of Kensington and Richard Hackman of St. Dunstan's-in-the-West, glazier, for William Bailife [Bailie] of Kensington.
Sess. Roll 543/18.
Sess. Reg. 2/237.

John Dunne of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, tailor, and David Hutchinn of the same, gentleman, for Alexander Bennett of the same, tailor.
Sess. Roll 543/20.
Sess. Reg. 2/237.

Edward Banwell of Sherborne, co. Dorset, gentleman, and John Whord of Westminster, gentleman, for Thomas Dier [Dyer] of Sherborne aforesaid, gentleman.
Sess. Roll 543/21.
Sess. Reg. 2/237.

1 May, 13 James I [A.D. 1615].
Jonathan Hill of Marylebone, tailor, and George Howsman of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields for Roger Billing of Paddington, carpenter.
Sess. Roll 543/22.
Sess. Reg. 2/237.

18 May, 13 James I [A.D. 1615].
William Wraxam of Westminster, bricklayer, and Thomas Cropper of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields for Ann Robinson of Westminster aforesaid, spinster; and of John Wattes and Robert Blomson, cooper, both of the same, for Ann, wife of the said John, towards the said Ann Robinson; and of Roger Tailor and Robert Bawdrie of the same, cordwainers, for Jane Landan [London] of the same, spinster.
Sess. Roll 543/19, 23, 157.
Sess. Reg. 2/235, 237.

13 May, 13 James I [A.D. 1615].
Francis Sampson of Westminster, chandler, and Bartholomew Hopkins of Friday Street for Richard Honniwell [Hunywell] of Westminster aforesaid.
Sess. Roll 543/24.
Sess. Reg. 2/237.

William Kempe of Old Street, cordwinder, and Richard Whorewood of the same for Joan Draper of the same towards Mary Dobson.
Sess. Roll 543/32.
Sess. Reg. 2/236.

Thomas Hill of St. Giles'-without-Cripplegate, turner, and Thomas Smyth of the same, carman, for Robert Hartipoole of Old Street, cordwinder, towards Elizabeth Turlocke.
20d. due for a fee.
Sess. Roll 543/34.
Sess. Reg. 2/236.

John Andrewes of St. Botolph's-without-Aldgate and John Hynde of Rosemary Lane for Susan Bryan of the same, widow, towards Ann Jackman and Luce Thomas of the same.
Sess. Roll 543/37.
Sess. Reg. 2/236.

James Noke of St. Olave's, Southwark, glover, and George Hambletton of the Liberty of the Tower, glover, for Edward Warde of St. Olave's aforesaid, vintner, and for Alice van Dowling of East Smithfield, widow, towards John Gouldsboroughe, tailor.
Sess. Roll 543/38, 39.
Sess. Reg. 2/236.

John Hinckley of St. Katherine's-next-the-Tower of London, blacksmith, and Edward Wills of East Smithfield, tailor, for Thomas Savage of the same, blacksmith, and Alice his wife towards Thomas Paynter [Painter] of the same, gunsmith, and Agnes his wife; and of Elice Camish and Thomas Liddell of Rosemary Lane, gunsmiths, for the said Thomas Painter.
Sess. Roll 543/40, 91.
Sess. Reg. 2/231.

Thomas Bowers of St. Katherine's, scrivener, and Hugh Evans of Whitechapel for Elizabeth Acton of Wapping, widow, towards Thomas Courteise and others; and for Ann Cook of the same, widow, towards Thomas Audry and others.
Sess Roll 543/41, 44.
Sess. Reg. 2/236.

Walter Bridgwood of Ratcliffe, tailor, and John Hughes of East Smithfield, porter, for Hester, wife of William Rogers of Ratcliffe, and Prudence Archer his servant, towards Thomas Slater of the same and Agnes his wife.
Sess. Roll 543/42.
Sess. Reg. 2/236.

Henry Towers of Ratcliffe, mariner, and John Stanes of Southwark, cordwainer, for Abel Amys of Ratcliffe, mariner, towards Richard Tutts of the same, sailor.
Sess. Roll 543/43.
Sess. Reg. 2/236.

Peter Foord of East Smithfield, cordwainer, and William Farmer of St. Botolph's-without-Aldgate, butcher, for Mary Wells of the same, widow, and Ann, wife of Richard Welling of Wapping, blacksmith, towards the said Richard.
Sess. Roll 543/45.
Sess. Reg. 2/236.

Thomas Jenkyns of St. Katherine's-next-the-Tower of London, cordwainer, and Richard Monnson of East Smithfield, silkweaver, for John Staveley of the same, cordwainer, towards Martin Fingerman of the same, shoemaker; and of Thomas Morgan of the same, silkweaver, and Lawrence Gravet of St. Sepulchre's, shoemaker, for the said Martin.
Sess. Roll 543/46, 72.
Sess. Reg. 2/233, 236.

[Numbers 543/37–46 subscribed that they had writs of supersedeas for the peace].
John Symes and Richard Rogers of Westminster for Ammon Eglestone of the same, labourer, towards Agnes, wife of Thomas Dash of the same.
Sess. Roll 543/47.
Sess. Reg. 2/235.

Edward Sheppard of Acton, innholder, and John Nicholles of the same, sexton, for Jane, wife of Henry Young of the same, harness-maker, towards Margaret, wife of Henry East of the same, joiner.
Sess. Roll 543/50.
Sess. Reg. 2/235.

John Chalcott of Edmonton, gentleman, and John Hichman of the same for Thomas Carter of the same, husbandman, towards Alexander Ratclyffe of the same, husbandman.
Sess. Roll 543/56.
Sess. Reg. 2/234.

27 April, 13 James I [A.D. 1615].
John Pokins of Hoxton, tailor, and John Lawrence of Shoreditch, barber, for Martha Pokins of Hoxton aforesaid, spinster; and of Jonas Sturdifall of Cow Cross, tailor, and William Whitehead of Bishopsgate Street, tailor, for Ann Browne of Shoreditch, spinster; and of Richard Higgins of St. James', Clerkenwell, shoemaker, and Michael Tompson of the same, clothworker, for Elizabeth Parker of the same, spinster.
Sess. Roll 543/57–59.
Sess. Reg. 2/234.

William Yonge of St. John Street, shoemaker, and Richard Buckland of Cow Cross, shoemaker, for Elizabeth Clemens of the same, spinster; and of William Stevens and Michael Allisson of St. Sepulchre's, tailors, for Jane Maye of Cow Cross, spinster, towards the said Elizabeth.
Sess. Roll 543/60, 121.
Sess. Reg. 2/234.

John Roberts of St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, weaver, and Richard Wood of the same, glover, for Katherine Smith and Dionise Haykock [Haycocke] of the same, spinsters.
Sess. Roll 543/61.
Sess. Reg. 2/234.

Bartholomew Robinson of Golding Lane, tailor, and Francis Walker of the same, wiredrawer, for John Dickman and Elizabeth his wife towards Ann Hardinge of the same, spinster; and for the said Ann towards the said Elizabeth.
Sess. Roll 543/62, 63.
Sess. Reg. 2/234.

William Martin of Clerkenwell, glover, and Michael Budgin of the same, saddler, for Dorothy Browne of Cow Cross, spinster, towards Helen Butteridge.
Sess. Roll 543/64.
Sess. Reg. 2/234.

William Harper of Norton Folgate, cordwainer, and Charles Sheldon of the same, nailer, for Margaret Aldgate of the same, spinster, towards Joan Tripland.
Sess. Roll 543/65.
Sess. Reg. 2/234.

Richard Harrisson of Shoreditch and John James of Whitechapel for Edmund Weatherley [Wetherley] of Shoreditch, brewer.
Sess. Roll 543/66.
Sess. Reg. 2/234.

5 May, 13 James I [A.D. 1615].
Thomas Fowler of Clerkenwell, cutler, and Robert Price of the same, brushmaker, for John Collier of the same, coppersmith, and Dorothy his wife towards Elizabeth Hockley of the same, spinster; and of Nathaniel Arthur, clothworker, and Thomas Wagg, tailor, both of the same, for the said Elizabeth; and of Henry Guy of St. James', Clerkenwell, silkweaver, and Walter Powell of the same, glover, for Jane, wife of John Christofer of the same, towards the said Dorothy.
Sess. Roll 543/67, 68, 80.
Sess. Reg. 2/232, 234.

John Howe of Whitecross Street, carter, and Paul Stowe of the same for John Standon of the same towards Joan Cawket.
Sess. Roll 543/69.
Sess. Reg. 2/234.

Richard Joyner of Old Street, porter, and John Spencer of Seacoal Lane, haberdasher, for George Clark of Old Street, porter.
Sess. Roll 543/70.
Sess. Reg. 2/234.

George Rawlyns of Charterhouse Lane, grinder, and Peter Milborne of the same, tailor, for Alexander Foord [Foarde, Forde] of the same, cordwainer, and Hester his wife towards Leonard Richardson.
The said Alexander appeared at the next Sessions.
Sess. Roll 543/71, 73.
Sess. Reg. 2/233, 258.

John Merryman and John Evans of Golding Lane, tailors, for Isabel Merryman of the same, spinster, towards Robert Griffin.
Sess. Roll 543/77.
Sess. Reg. 2/233.

Thomas Sheldon and John Taylor of St. Andrew's, Holborn, tailors, for Ann Simbolle of the same, widow, towards Thomas Foster.
Sess. Roll 543/81.
Sess. Reg. 2/232.

25 May, 13 James I [A.D. 1615].
John Shambrooke of St. Giles'-without-Cripplegate, gentleman, and William Martyn of the same, gardener, for Ann Carpenter of the same, spinster, towards Ann Abbott.
Sess. Roll 543/82.
Sess. Reg. 2/232.

Thomas Morgan of St. Sepulchre's, cook, and Richard Eaton of the same, butcher, for Wilgever, wife of Lawrence Ingham of the same, upholsterer, towards Ann Bartlet.
Sess. Roll 543/83.
Sess. Reg. 2/232.

John Zachary of St. Andrew's, Holborn, gentleman, for William Wagg [Wagge] of St. James', Clerkenwell, glover, towards John Kinge.
Sess. Roll 543/84.
Sess. Reg. 2/232.

25 May, 13 James I [A.D. 1615].
Bartholomew Baker of Rosemary Lane, porter, and Thomas Robins of the same, chandler, for Ann, wife of the said Bartholomew, towards William Dixon.
Sess. Roll 543/85.
Sess. Reg. 2/232.

Thomas Hollyday of Saffron Walden, co. Essex, tailor, and William Dixon of Whitechapel, miller, for Elizabeth, wife of George Frareene of the same, miller, towards Mary Jones.
Sess. Roll 543/86.
Sess. Reg. 2/232.

Philip Gainsford of Rosemary Lane, surgeon, and Richard Thomas of the same, "mettleman", for Elizabeth Harrison of the same, spinster, towards Ann Jakeman; and of Robert Rile [Rylee] of Knockfergus and William [sic] of Wapping Wall, blacksmiths, for the said Robert and Lucy his wife towards Mary Butler and Mary Richardson.
Sess. Roll 543/94, 95.
Sess. Reg. 2/237.

6 February, 12 James I [A.D. 1614–15].
Thomas Deane of St. Katherine's, gardener, and Henry Rawling of the same, shoemaker, for John Johnson of the same, gardener, and Joan his wife towards Agnes Williams.
Sess. Roll 543/96.
Sess. Reg. 2/231.

John Darby and Thomas Sanders of Rosemary Lane, smiths, for Robert Man of the same, baker, towards Elizabeth, wife of Henry Wembe of the same.
Sess. Roll 543/97.
Sess. Reg. 2/221, 229.

John Bennell of St. Katherine's, "colemeater", for Robert Gardner of Whitechapel, mariner, and Joan his wife towards Mary Mason of the same, widow.
Sess. Roll 543/100.
Sess. Reg. 2/231.

Ethelstan Barnes of Stepney, gunmaker, and Thomas Ravenscraft of Whitechapel, vintner, for Richard Hunnyman of Norton Folgate, baker, towards Ellen Holland.
Sess. Roll 543/101.
Sess. Reg. 2/231.

Thomas Birckbecke of Uxbridge, innholder, and Henry Hillman of Hounslow for Humphrey Hillman of the same, tapster, towards Thomas Goodale of Uxbridge, ropemaker; and of John Howe, blacksmith, and John Gadler, both of the same, for the said Goodale.
Sess. Roll 543/103, 115.
Sess. Reg. 2/231, 239.

Sampson Beere of St. Sepulchre's, cooper, John Beane, victualler, and John Warner, glover, both of the same, for Agnes, wife of Thomas Hafield [Hafeld] of the same, butcher, towards Avice, wife of William Yonge of St. John Street, shoemaker; and of the said William and Avice.
Sess. Roll 543/107.
Sess. Reg. 2/232, 234.

Thomas Balden and Henry Wheeler of Ruislip for Henry Horne of the same, labourer; and of Richard Basse of Pinner and Mawdlyn Pearson of the same, husbandman [sic], for Jeremiah Weller of the same, labourer, towards Elizabeth his wife.
The said Henry and Jeremiah discharged because the parties are agreed.
Sess. Roll 543/109, 110.
Sess. Reg. 2/231.

John Birde of Watford, co. Hertford, and John Fearne the younger of Ruislip for Hugh Byrde of Pinner towards Thomas Fullmer of Ruislip; and of William Fearne of Hale End in Ruislip and William Coggs of Peteridge in the same parish for the said Thomas.
Sess. Roll 543/111, 112.
Sess. Reg. 2/231, 251.

Edward Simpson and Isaac Pratt of Tottenham for John Stebbrancke of Edmonton towards Thomas Sparkes of the same.
Sess. Roll 543/119.
Sess. Reg. 2/232.

William Radford and John Perryn [Perrin] of Field Lane, butchers, for Augustine Jacob of the same, butcher, and Susan his wife towards Margaret Crosse.
Sess. Roll 543/122, 123.
Sess. Reg. 2/234.

Jervase Wordsworth of Whitecross Street, haberdasher, and John Chandlor of Hoxton, white-baker, for Clemence Hynde, widow, John Hinde, bricklayer, Elizabeth Whelpley, Desery Elmes and Helen Wherley, spinsters, all of the same, all towards Alice Chappell [Capell] of Shoreditch, spinster; and of Thomas Woodcocke of St. Mary Magdalen's, merchant-tailor, and John Pikins of Hoxton, tailor, for the said Alice towards the said Clemence.
Sess. Roll 543/33, 124–128.
Sess. Reg. 2/233, 234, 236.

Warner Smith of Gray's Inn Lane, cordwainer, and Robert Jones of Cow Cross, labourer, for John Davis of Gray's Inn Lane, labourer, and Rose his wife; and of George Read, headborough, and Robert Walton, bricklayer, and Andrew Muskett, porter, all of the same, for Alice Wedge, Mary Ellytt and Alice Muskett, spinsters, all of the same, towards the said Rose.
Sess. Roll 543/129–131.
Sess. Reg. 2/233.

Edward Southe of Cow Cross, tailor, and Robert Storey of the same for Andrew Frenche of the same, blacksmith, towards Oliver Hurst of the same, weaver; and of John Baker, victualler, and Edward Kaskins, shoemaker, both of the same, for the said Oliver.
Sess. Roll 543/136, 137.
Sess. Reg. 2/233.

William Maple of Whitecross Street, blacksmith, and Nathaniel Nayler of the same, surgeon, for George Warner of the same, chandler, towards Edith Iles.
Sess. Roll 543/139.
Sess. Reg. 2/233.

John Meade of Golding Lane, porter, and Richard Bowyer of Old Street, labourer, for Mary Betts of Golding Lane, spinster, towards Elizabeth Kempe of the same, spinster; and of Thomas Kempe of the same and Thomas Mane of Old Street, glover, for the said Elizabeth.
Sess. Roll 543/140, 141.
Sess. Reg. 2/232.

Robert White of Uxbridge, chandler, and Richard Hallsey of the same for Redith, wife of the said Robert, towards Sarah, wife of John Hunt of the same; and of the said John and Francis Pitman of the same, ironmonger, for the said Sarah towards Alice Hackman.
Sess. Roll 543/147, 149.
Sess. Reg. 2/239.

— — of Westminster, linendraper, and Henry Traslo of the same, notary public, for George Strongman of the same towards Thomas Lewis of the same, porter.
Sess. Roll 543/151.
Sess. Reg. 2/236.

William Corbitt of Westminster, clothworker, and John Williamson of the same, bricklayer, for Diana, wife of Abraham Sallacke of the same, gentleman, towards Elizabeth, wife of William Trevillian of the same, gentleman, and of Richard Seward, gentleman, and Richard Morris, both of the same, for the said Elizabeth.
Sess. Roll 543/155, 158.
Sess. Reg. 2/235, 236.

Silvester Hunt of Westminster, barber, for William Battin [Batten] of the same, barber, towards Lawrence Phillip of the same.
Sess. Roll 543/156.
Sess. Reg. 2/236.

Tobias Watkins of Westminster, bricklayer, and John Odell of the same, tailor, for William Woodfall of the same, tailor, towards Mary, wife of Thomas Cleake of the same, cordwainer.
Sess. Roll 543/159.
Sess. Reg. 2/235.

Helen Fenell of Westminster, widow, and Peter Medwin of the same, salter, for Robert Collens [Collins] of the same, chandler, towards Edward Fennell.
Sess. Roll 543/162.
Sess. Reg. 2/235.

Thomas Henn and Henry Lumberd, pewterer, for Richard Hardinge towards Peter Free, blacksmith, all of Westminster.
Sess. Roll 543/163.
Sess. Reg. 2/235.

Richard Cooke of Westminster, baker, and John Boweman of the same, cordwainer, for Thomas Ferne [Fearne] of St. Margaret's in the same, shoemaker, and Jane his wife towards Agnes, wife of Nathaniel Stonen of the same, cordwainer.
Brought a writ of supersedeas, allowed in court, witnessed by Sir Edward Coke at Westminster on 28 June, 13 James I [A.D. 1615].
Sess. Roll 543/164, 165.
Sess. Reg. 2/235.

Edward Webb of Westminster, tailor, and Robert Browne of the same, bricklayer, for Ann, wife of the said Edward, towards Barbara, wife of Walter Copeland of the same.
Sess. Roll 543/166.
Sess. Reg. 2/235.

Simon Lawrence and John Cook of St. Clement Danes, tailors, for Thomas Barnes of the same, bricklayer, towards Robert Waine of Westminster, bricklayer.
Sess. Roll 543/167.
Sess. Reg. 2/235.

Hugh Jackson of Westminster, bricklayer, William White, carpenter, and Richard Mynturne, joiner, both of the same, for Judith, wife of the said Hugh, towards Jane, wife of John London of the same.
Sess. Roll 543/168.
Sess. Reg. 2/235.

Thomas Hill of Westminster, locksmith, and Adrian Aires of the same, waterman, for Richard Hill of the same towards Christiana Guy of the same, spinster, who was committed for abusing the Court.
Sess. Roll 543/169.
Sess. Reg. 2/231, 235.

Richard Barker of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, innkeeper, for Christopher Allyson of the same, collarmaker, towards William Dixon, his servant.
Sess. Roll 543/177.
Sess. Reg. 2/238.

Lawrence Steevenson of Isleworth for Henry Pechley [Peacheley] of the same, tailor, towards Daniel Oldfeild.
Sess. Roll 543/181.
Sess. Reg. 2/238.

George Stevenson of Hammersmith for William Feewaters of the same, carpenter, towards Henry Fooke of the same.
Sess. Roll 543/183.
Sess. Reg. 2/238.

Thomas Blacklie and Amias Nicholas of Westminster for Katherine Morisbie of the same, spinster, towards Elizabeth Stainred.
Sess. Roll 543/184.
Sess. Reg. 2/238.

Edward Waferd and John Hughes of High Holborn for William Harrison of the same and Ann his wife.
Sess. Roll 543/186.
Sess. Reg. 2/237.

Thomas Wilsheir, victualler, and Richard Richardson, both of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, for Edward Farthing of Westminster towards Richard Morgan.
Sess. Roll 543/191.
Sess. Reg. 2/237.

John Hale of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, victualler, and Christopher — of the same, tailor, for Mary, wife of William Jones of the same, tippler, towards Henry Theodrick.
Sess. Roll 543/192.
Sess. Reg. 2/237.

Stephen Ashborne and John Westcott, tippler, both of St. Martin'sin-the-Fields, for John Peake of the same, cook, and Elizabeth his wife towards Elizabeth Patrick.
Sess. Roll 543/193.
Sess. Reg. 2/237.

Christopher Abraham of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, gentleman, and George Elliott of the same, grocer, for Peter Lewes of the same, cordwainer, towards Elizabeth Jefferies [Jeffreys].
Sess. Roll 543/194.
Sess. Reg. 2/237.

14 May, 13 James I [A.D. 1615].
John Dunne and Alexander Bennett of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, tailors, for Lewis Harris of the same towards William Mansfeild.
Sess. Roll 543/195.
Sess. Reg. 2/237.

Thomas Colton and Richard Kevitt, glover, for Thomas Charriour [Charrior], glover, all of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, towards Richard Parker.
Sess. Roll 543/196.
Sess. Reg. 2/237.


At the General Sessions Bartholomew Benson gave information against Thomas Hunte of Wapping, yeoman, for keeping unlawful gaming in his house, contrary to the Act of 33 Henry VIII [Cap IX], and therefore the said Thomas should forfeit £40; and against Henry Rice of Ratcliffe, James Bassett of East Smithfield, Simon Parris of St. Katherine's, Anthony Wrighte of the same, Richard Harris of Whitechapel, William Waterman, Leonard Underhill, Edward Jones, Francis Warner, Nathaniel Griffen and Owen Hore, all of the same, Edmund Swetman of East Smithfield, Robert Hembricke of Stepney, Robert Powell of East Smithfield, William Awde of Whitechapel, Thomas Lewis of Rosemary Lane, Edward Hickson of Shoreditch and Stephen Pope of Whitechapel, all tipplers, all for the like.
Sess. Roll 543/98.

John Dam alias Adam of High Holborn, cutler, and Helen his wife, William Champney, Christopher Emerson, cutler, and Joan his wife, Ann Hutchinson, widow, Isabel, wife of George Moodye, tailor, William Mathewes, cutler, and Helen his wife, Susan, wife of Edwin Saule, gentleman, Magdalen, wife of John Blacke [Blake], tailor, Sarah Smythe, spinster, William Woodfall, tailor, and Joan his wife, William Cooke, gentleman, and Margaret his wife, Eleanor Cambridge, Joan Edwards, Agnes Wakeley, Joan Davies and Avice Bridges, spinsters, Ann Dowse, widow, William Beswicke, shoemaker, and Mary his wife, George Beswicke, shoemaker, Susan, wife of Thomas Strange, tailor, Mary Sincleare, widow, Susan Baninge and Grace Greygoose, spinsters, John Coe, stationer, and Margaret his wife, John Knight, scrivener, and Joan his wife, and Mary, wife of Thomas Howard [Howell], cobbler, all of the same, Christabel, wife of Thomas Bateman of Chick Lane, embroiderer, and Margaret, wife of Thurstan Feilde of the same, shoemaker, Thomas Sleepe of St. James', Clerkenwell, and Christiana his wife, Lady Dorcas James, wife of Sir Henry James, knight, Tobias Hinderson and Mary his wife, John Robinson, tailor, and Agnes his wife, Mary Gower, widow, Joan Derry and Elizabeth Raynalls, spinsters, and Margaret Talbott, widow, all of the same, Peter Smythe of Turnmill Street, printer, John Webbe, gentleman, Martha James, Ann James and Elizabeth Wade, spinsters, Elizabeth, wife of Richard Peuvose, Katherine Cashe alias Hutchinson, spinster, William Allen and Jane, wife of Christopher Beeston, all of the same, Alice Nashe of St. Sepulchre's, widow, Robert Gutteris, gentleman, and Margaret his wife, and Christiana Bancks, widow, all of the same, all for not coming to church for the space of three months last past.
Proclamation made according to the form of the statute.
The Bishop's certificate.
Sess. Roll 544/41.
P.R.B. 1/57–58d, 71d–72d.

John Garnett of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields and Elizabeth his wife, William Deane of Hackney, Richard Judd of the Liberty of the Duchy of Lancaster, Richard Sympson, Sir Edward Winter, knight, and Lady Ann Winter his wife, Lady Turrey, widow, and Joan Woodward, widow, all of the same, Joan, wife of Richard Gresham of Saffron Hill, carpenter, Margaret, wife of Thurstan Field, shoemaker, Mary, wife of Thomas Bateman [Baitman], embroiderer, both of the same, Ferdinand Emerson of High Holborn and Joan his wife, William Mathewes, John Blague, tailor, Isabel, wife of George Moodie, tailor, Thomas Hayward, cobbler, and Mary his wife, William Beswicke, Ann Dowse, spinster, William Cooke, Thomas Wilforde, Susan, wife of Edwin Saule [Sall], gentleman, Francis Clarke and Ann his wife, Thomas Knighte and John Knighte, all of the same, Thomas Abington of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, gentleman, and Mary his wife, Judith Hippon, widow, [blank] Russell, widow, and Eleanor Jones her servant, Mabel Griffith, spinster, and Elizabeth Bundell her servant, William Vavasor, esquire, and Ann his wife and Thomas Percie his servant, [blank] Hutton, widow, and Richard Bosse her servant, Edward Kinsman, gentleman, and Alice his wife, Elizabeth, wife of Oliver Drawater, gentleman, John Waldron, gentleman, and Margaret his wife, and Lady Browne, widow, all of the same, and Thomas Jollett [Jelly] of Edmonton, gentleman, all for not coming to church for the space of three months last past.
Proclamation made according to the form of the statute.
The constables' certificate.
Sess. Roll 544/42.
P.R.B. 1/54, 55d–57, 71–72d.

Anthony Turner of Whitechapel, chandler, for an assault and battery on Alice, wife of Thomas Porter, at East Smithfield, who accuses the said Anthony that he abused her and made her lose her child which was then in her body when he did beat her.
Sureties:—Richard Brock of Whitechapel, locksmith, and Isaac Franck of the same, gunmaker, and Nicholas Startupp of Wapping.
Sess. Roll 543/143.
Sess. Roll 544/44.
Sess. Reg. 2/239, 252.

Edward Savadge, carpenter, John Marnor [Marner] and Thomas Honor, all of Field Lane, for forcibly entering a messuage, being the free tenement of the Dean and Chapter of the Cathedral Church of Ely, at Field Lane aforesaid, and expelling and ejecting therefrom Henry Poulter, farmer of the said messuage.
Put themselves and pleaded not guilty. Handed over in mutual bail to the next to prosecute the traverse upon indictment with effect. Submitted to a fine of 2s. 6d. each.
Prosecutor:—Elizabeth Radford.
Sess. Roll 544/45.
Sess. Reg. 2/240, 252.

Anthony Browne and Richard Bradley of Edmonton for an assault and battery on Henry Brand, in the highway at the same.
The said Anthony also to keep the peace towards John Wild of the same, gentleman; and under protest that he is not guilty, he submitted himself to a fine and acknowledged the indictment and was fined 2s. 6d. which was paid to the Sheriff.
Sureties:—Nicholas Bockhill, butcher, and Henry Mosse, vintner, both of the same.
Sess. Roll 543/118.
Sess. Roll 544/46.
Sess. Reg. 2/232, 251.
P.R.B. 1/55d.

John Israell of East Smithfield and Richard Israell of the same, barber, for an assault and battery on John Willis of Rosemary Lane, porter, at East Smithfield aforesaid.
Prosecutors:—Henry Viccars, Charles Lacey, John Williams.
Sureties:—William Worrall and William Drewe of Rosemary Lane, Thomas Valery of East Smithfield, woodmonger, Ralph Robinson of the same, porter.
Sess. Roll 543/54, 55.
Sess. Roll 544/47.
Sess. Reg. 2/234.
P.R.B. 1/53d.

George Beare of "St. Jones" for keeping a common alehouse without licence, at the same.
Prosecutor:—Thomas Payne.
Sess. Roll 544/48.
P.R.B. 1/55d.

George Leese of Staines, upholsterer, for an assault and battery on John Perry, one of the constables there, in the execution of his office, and for an assault on Thomas Saunders, both at the same.
Sess. Roll 544/49, 50.
P.R.B. 1/54d.

Thomas Marcon of the City of Norwich, gentleman, for an assault and battery on Roger Lincolne of Waltham Holy Cross, co. Essex, dyer, in the highway at Enfield, and for taking away a Bible worth 16s.
Prosecutors:—Roger Lincolne the elder and the younger.
Sess. Roll 544/15, 51.
G.D.R. 2/61d, 62.

Margery Calthroppe of St. Sepulchre's, widow, for cozening Joan, wife of Evan Edwardes of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, of a gold piece worth 5s. 6d., and 4s. 4d. in money, out of her purse, at Charterhouse Lane, while she was drunk.
At large.
Prosecutor:—Elizabeth Jacob of St. Sepulchre's, spinster.
Sureties:—Miles Harker of Enfield, innholder, John Rodford of St. Sepulchre's, barber-surgeon, and Henry Tirrell of the same, tailor.
Sess. Roll 544/29, 30, 52.
Sess. Roll 545/16.
Sess. Reg. 2/253.
G.D.R. 2/62, 62d.

William Starkey of St. John Street, gentleman, for assaulting Henry Browne in a field called Woods Close in the parish of St. James', Clerkenwell, and giving him a mortal wound on the left part of the chest, with a sword worth 5s. of which mortal wound the said Henry instantly died, and so the jurors say on their oath that the said William willingly and of malice aforethought slew and murdered the said Henry.
Respited to prison without bail because the evidence not complete at this; not guilty of murder; and afterwards on 1 December, A.D. 1615, is found guilty of manslaughter, has no goods, seeks the book, reads, to be branded.
Prosecutors:—Harwell Jeffreys, John Walker, Thomas Nicolls, John Buttler, Joseph Fitche.
Sess. Roll 544/53, 70.
Sess. Roll 549/72.
G.D.R. 2/62, 64d.
[See also pp. 105–106]

William Muskett [Muskitt] of Islington for stealing a black horse worth 30s. belonging to a man unknown, at the same.

Indicted in London for a horse belonging to Henry Lucas and upon trial it appeared by evidence to have been the same horse contained in this indictment, therefore trial on this indictment postponed.
Prosecutor:—John Cockscome [Coskon] of the same.
Sess. Roll 544/18, 55, 70.
G.D.R. 2/62.

John Hatton of Ratcliffe for breaking into the house of Sir George Hall at the same, about nine o'clock at night, and stealing 24 lb. of gunpowder worth 18s., belonging to the said Sir George.
Not guilty.
Prosecutors:—Jennifer Walton, Mary Reynolds.
Sess. Roll 544/56.
G.D.R. 2/62.

Henry Cletheroe of Finsbury for stealing a feather-bed and bolster worth 60s., a pair of sheets worth 30s. and a coverlet worth 12s. [all deleted], a bow and twenty-seven arrows worth 10s. and a blanket worth 3s., belonging to William Cauldwell, at the same.
Guilty, no goods, seeks the book, reads, to be branded.
Sess. Roll 544/57, 70.
G.D.R. 2/62.

John Edwardes, Thomas Birche and Edward Benbridge of Tottenham for being vagrants and begging soldiers, at the same.
All guilty. Respited to prison without bail and then sent to the House of Correction for the county of Middlesex.
Prosecutor:—John Sweete.
Sess. Roll 544/58, 70.
G.D.R. 2/61d.

Bennet Knight of Old Street for stealing a rapier worth 20s., a pair of hangers worth 20s., and 9s. in money, belonging to Sir John Butler, knight, at the same.
Guilty, no goods, seeks the book, reads, to be branded.
Prosecutors:—John Eden [Edon] of Aldersgate Street, tailor, and Hugh Eaton.
An examination upon the file of the last Sessions, when the said Bennet, then prisoner in the gaol of Newgate, was respited without bail.
Sess. Roll 542/122.
Sess. Roll 544/59, 70.
G.D.R. 2/59, 60d, 61d.

William Roome and Ralph Wilforde of South Mimms for breaking into the house of Simon Flaxmore [Flexmer] of the same, gentleman, at the same, between eleven and twelve o'clock at night, and stealing a green carpet worth 10s., three cushions worth 11s., two song-books worth 4d. and a pair of sheets worth 2d., belonging to the said Simon.
Both guilty, no goods, to be hanged.
Sess. Roll 544/17, 60, 70.
G.D.R. 2/61d.

Richard Wisdome of St. Giles'-without-Cripplegate, bricklayer [deleted], and William Newman of the same, carpenter, for stealing twelve table-cloths worth 6s., two cupboard-cloths worth 2s., four towels worth 2s., two napkins worth 2d., and a sheet worth 12d., belonging to Susan Fisher of the Strand, widow, at St. Mary-le-Strand.
The said William guilty, no goods, seeks the book, reads, to be branded.
Prosecutor:—John Dover of the Strand, bitmaker.
Sureties:—John Hawkins of Dowgate Ward, merchant-tailor, George Benson of Queenhithe, wax-chandler, William Spencer of the same, vintner, John Lee of the Strand, tailor.
Sess. Roll 544/22, 23, 31, 61, 70.
Sess. Reg. 2/237.
G.D.R. 2/61d.

John Reeve of St. Katherine's for stealing a purse worth 1d. and 58s. in money in it, belonging to Simon Crowson of the same, porter, at the same.
Guilty, no goods, seeks the book, reads, to be branded.
Sess. Roll 544/35, 62, 70.
G.D.R. 2/61d, 62d.

Robert Allen of Ratcliffe for stealing £5 in money belonging to Phineas Allen, at the same.
Guilty, no goods, seeks the book, reads, to be branded.
Sess. Roll 544/63, 70.
G.D.R. 2/61d.

Elizabeth Graves of Drury Lane, spinster, for stealing a petticoat worth 3s., two waistcoats worth 12s., a smock worth 18d., a pair of shoes worth 12d. and a pair of garters worth 12d., belonging to William Allsopp of the same, at the same.
Guilty to the value of 11½d., no goods, to be whipped.
Prosecutor:—Richard Thomas of All Hallows, Barking, joiner.
Surety:—Walter Neway of St. Mary Axe, joiner.
Sess. Roll 544/12, 13, 64, 70.
G.D.R. 2/61d.

Thomas Gunne of Harrow-on-the-Hill, labourer, for stealing a shirt worth 6d. belonging to John Cannon [Canon] of the same, at the same.
Petty larceny, acknowledged, to be whipped. Committed by Gilbert Gerrard.

The said John also to give evidence against John Danyell and Thomas Brewer.
Sess. Roll 543/78.
Sess. Roll 544/65, 70.
Sess. Reg. 2/232.
G.D.R. 2/61d.

John Willenhall [Willinhall] and Thomas Jenynges [Jennings] of London, gentlemen, for breaking into the King's palace called Whitehall, and stealing twelve silver dishes worth £82, six silver plate trenchers worth £12, six silver saucers worth £6, a silver basin worth £15, six silver spoons worth 28s., "a great rounde salt" worth 60s., "one silver barrell canne" worth 80s., "a little rounde silver salt" worth 16s., three silver candlesticks worth £18, twenty-two napkins worth 22s., a long towel worth 4s. and a pair of holland pillow-beers worth 10s., belonging to Sir Fulke Greville, knight, at Whitehall aforesaid.
The said John at large.
The said Thomas guilty, no goods, to be hanged. Respited after Judgment.
Prosecutors:—Humanity Maihowe, John Luckford, William Lemann, Thomas Sowthwell, Frances Southwell.
Sess. Roll 544/66.
Sess. Roll 546/225.
Sess. Roll 549/72.
G.D.R. 2/61d.

John Biggs of Cambridge, vintner, for stealing a silver beaker worth 45s. belonging to Stephen Jackson, at St. Martin's-in-the-Fields.
Guilty, no goods, seeks the book, reads, to be branded.
Prosecutors:—John Wilkins of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, vintner, Edward Lane, locksmith, and Margaret Jackson, spinster, both of the same.
Sess. Roll 544/24–26, 67.
G.D.R. 2/61d.

William Lewys [Lewse] of Whitchurch, co. Oxon, labourer, for stealing a bay gelding worth 40s., belonging to William Nethercliffe of Reading, co. Berks, husbandman, at Staines.
Acknowledged, to be hanged.
Prosecutor:—Hugh Gill of Staines, husbandman.
Sureties:—Robert Oxborne of Gray's Inn Lane, clerk, Thomas Lovejoy of the same, farrier.
Sess. Roll 544/27, 28, 68, 70.
G.D.R. 2/61d.

17 September, 13 James I [A.D. 1615].
Jury writ for the General Sessions, issued by Sir Thomas Lake, knight, endorsed by Peter Proby and Martin Lumley, late sheriffs, and William Gore and John Gore, now sheriffs.
Sess. Roll 543/207.

Names of coroners:—
Robert Bright, gentleman.
Henry Harryott, gentleman.

Names of bailiffs:—
Charles Chute, esquire, of the Liberty of the Duchy of Lancaster at Enfield.
Robert Bright, gentleman, of the Liberty of the Duchy of Lancaster at the Strand.
Matthew Hunsley [Hundesley] gentleman, of the Liberty of John, Lord Bishop of London.
Walter James, gentleman, of the Liberty of the Dean and Chapter of the Collegiate Church of St. Peter, Westminster.
John Mayle the younger, gentleman, of the Liberty of the Dean and Chapter of the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, London.
Robert Dixon, gentleman, of the Liberty of Thomas, Lord Wentworth.
Michael Brooke, gentleman, of the Liberty of the Masters, Brothers and Sisters of the Hospital Church of St. Katherine the Virgin next the Tower of London.
William Hickcocke [Heycocke], of the Liberty of Dudley, Lord North.
William Fletcher, of the Liberty of Sir William Harbert, knight, of his manor of Hendon.
Isaac Bringhurst, James Raves, Thomas Walsall, Charles Hill, John Lamyng, Tobias Machyn [Machin], William Hunt, William Fawconer [Fawkener] and Henry Bathe, of the hundred of Osulstone.
William Sare, of the hundred of Edmonton.
Richard Osborne [Hogborne], of the hundred of Elthorne.
Ambrose Bord [Board], of the hundred of Spelthorne and Isleworth.
Roger Unsworth, of the hundred of Gore.

Names of the chief constables of the hundred of Osulstone:—
John Robinson, gentleman.
William Lambe, gentleman.
Paul Smyth, gentleman.
Thomas Morrys, gentleman.

Names of the sub-constables of the same hundred:—

High Holborn. David Jackman.
Henry Catcott.
Chancery Lane. Nicholas Maunder.
St. Giles'-in-the-Fields. Richard Ockold [Ockould].
Walter Burton.
Richard Leered [Leared].
The Strand. George Etheridge.
Thomas Johnson.
James Bradford.
John Collyer [Collier].
St. Martin's-in-the-Fields. Samuel Clarke.
Charles Kynnaston [Kinnerston].
Henry Lydgold [Legould].
John Sterte [Sturt].
William Wright.
Westminster. Richard Newman.
Richard Harding.
Richard Browne.
Simon Gibbons [Gibbins].
Francis Cooke.
John Davys [Davies].
Herseus Normanvile.
Henry Winston [Woolson].
Francis Duke.
James Colley [Cole].
Amos Nicholas.
John Skynner.
Henry Garrett [Sarett].
Silvester Hunt.
John Farrer [Farroe].
James Horton.
George Cooke.
Kentish Town. William Aldershawe [Aldrinshawe].
Anthony Chapman.
Hampstead. Robert Johnson [William Johnson].
Finchley. Thomas Nicholas
John Feild.

Names of constables:—

Friern Barnet. John Hoare.
Hornsey. Theodore Eagles.
William Dowse.
Holloway. Stephen Moult.
Thomas Robinson.
Islington. Henry Lakyns [Lakins].
Martin Fawcett.
Richard Pyttes [Pytt].
Ralph Barker.
Clerkenwell. Humphrey Richardson.
John Watten.
Anthony Willand.
Evan Johnes [Jones].
John Towson.
Roger Smythe.
Field Lane, Chick Lane and Saffron Hill. Nicholas Sheppard [Shepheard].
Marylebone. Thomas Ingell.
Paddington. Thomas Lyle [Lile].
Willesden. John Francklyn.
William Feild.
Acton. Roger Steevenson.
George Deacon.
Ealing. Henry Richardson.
John Frynde.
Chiswick. William Arnold.
John Ludbye.
Hammersmith. William Braye.
Fulham. Robert Fishe.
Chelsea. Jeremiah Gould.
Kensington. John Dudson.
Daniel Arthur.
Knightsbridge. George Bearefoote.
Stoke Newington. Edward Gascoigne.
Hackney. John Allen.
John Aulden.
Hugh Wilson.
Bethnal Green. John Newitt [Newett].
Old Ford. John Teage [Tege].
Stratford Bow. Charles Skory.
Stepney. Thomas Melton.
Bromley. Francis Langford.
William Fookes [Fawkes].
Poplar and Blackwall. William Hyett [Hyatt].
Ratcliffe. Thomas Capell.
Wapping. Thomas Heard.
East Smithfield. John Beram [Berham].
William Armes.
St. Katherine's. John Wessell [Wassell].
Richard Graunt [Grant].
Whitechapel. Richard Paxford.
Limehouse. John More [Moore].
Shoreditch. Hugh Yomans.
Norton Folgate. John Robbertes.
Hoxton. William Slowman.
Goswell Street. John French.
Golding Lane. Thomas Coates [Cotes].
Whitecross Street. Roger Iverson.
Grub Street and Chiswell Street Thomas Hoograve [Howgrove].
Charterhouse Lane. Thomas Chatfeild.
St. John Street. Thomas Freeberry [Freebury].
Thomas Barnard.
Cow Cross. Francis Zachary.
Andrew Slynge.

Names of the chief constables of the hundred of Edmonton:—

Edmonton. Robert Estrey, gentleman.
Enfield. Henry Hunsdon, gentleman.
South Mimms. Roger Hodsdon [Hoddesdon], gentleman.

Names of the sub-constables of the same hundred:—

Edmonton. John Welshe.
William Treaton [Treyton].
Alan Parken.
Enfield. John Halfehead.
Thomas Curtis the younger.
John Oxendon.
Arnold Maynesborowe [Maynsborough].
Stephen Barnes.
Tottenham. Robert Barlow [Barloe].
Vincent Hunt.
Jeremiah Culpecke.
William West.

Names of constables:—

South Mimms. William Parrett.
John Graves.
Robert Ball.
Hadley. Edward Blunden.

Names of the chief constables of the hundred of Gore:—

Hendon. Richard Niccolls of "Miles Pitt" in the parish of Hendon, gentleman.
Harrow Weald. Henry Smyth of the Weald, gentleman.

Names of the sub-constables of the same hundred:—

Harrow-on-the-Hill. Thomas Page of the Weald.
Richard Kydney [Kidney, constable of Roxey],
Richard Higges.
Robert Cannon.
Pinner. Richard Basse.
Kingsbury. Michael Page.
Edgware. Thomas Knevett.
Hendon. John Niccolls of "Dolestreete".
Alan Parson of "Braintstreete".
Great Stanmore. John Peeters.

Names of the chief constables of the hundred of Elthorne:—

Greenford. Thomas Loote.
Harefield. John Weedon.

Names of the sub-constables of the same hundred:—

West Brentford [New Brentford] John Emmerson.
John Downes.
Cranford. William Harbert [Fitzharbert].
Drayton. John Washington.
Harmondsworth. Roger Barnes.
Samuel Weekes.
Cowley. Thomas Crowchley.
Uxbridge. Edward Butterfeild.
William Wynch [Winch].
Harefield. William Weedon.
Richard Wood.
Ruislip. William Fearne.
Northall. George Pym [Pim].
Greenford and Perivale Roger Hudnett.

Names of constables:—

Hanwell. Constantine Hartwell.
Hayes. Thomas Jackson.
John Edenbras [Edmundbras].
Ickenham. Robert Crosier.
Hillingdon. John Attlea [Ateley].
Robert Rayner.
Norcott and Northwood George Smyth.
Samuel Bonfoye [Bonfey].
Harlington. Nicholas Osborne the younger.

Names of the chief constables of the hundred of Spelthorne and Isleworth:—

Staines. Andrew Durdant, gentleman.
Bedfont. John Page, gentleman.
Heston. Roger Partridge, gentleman.
Twickenham. Robert Bartlett, gentleman.

Names of the sub-constables of the same hundred:—

Staines. John Perry.
Lalcham. Edward Wilkinson.
Littleton. William Gander.
Shepperton. Reginald Reeve.
Sunbury. Richard Lee.
Bedfont. John Combes.
Feltham. William Blanch.
Stanwell. George Chandler.
Teddington. David Niccolls.
Twickenham. Robert White.
Isleworth. Michael Veasye.
Heston. John Redworth.
Hampton. Henry Packe.

Sess. Roll 543/208–11.
[See also Sess. Roll 546/221–4, pp. 135–136].

Gaol Delivery Roll.

Detained in the Gaol of Newgate:—

Richard Blades for suspicion of burglary. No true bill. Delivered by proclamation.
James Tunsdall for wounding James Owen. Respited to prison without sureties and delivered by proclamation.
Thomas Harman for stealing sheep. No true bill. Delivered by proclamation.
Richard Woodruffe for suspicion of murder in London. Indicted in London.
Robert Dewer for default of sureties for good behaviour. Respited to the House of Correction.
Edward Etheridge for perjury upon a trial before the Justice of Common Pleas at Westminster. Guilty, and has judgment to be respited to prison for six months without bail, to pay to the lord the King and the injured party £20 or else to stand in the pillory, and to find sureties for good behaviour in the place where he formerly dwelt and in the Strand.
Richard Gunne suspected to be a conspirator in a very dangerous practice against the State. Respited without bail.
John Cooper for suspicion of the murder of Roger Walker near Colchester in the county of Essex. Detained by warrant of Sir Henry Mountague, knight, to remain without bail, and respited to the gaol of Colchester.
William Birkhedd alias Birkett detained by warrant of Robert Parker, gentleman, under-sheriff of Middlesex by a writ of — delivered to him by the sheriff of the county of Westmoreland. Respited at the order of the Chief Justice.
Walter Tanner for wounding Thomas Marshall. Delivered by proclamation.
William Hill detained by warrant of Sir Henry Mountague, knight, for stealing horses and committing other felonies, and respited at his order.

Respited for better enquiry:—

Richard Basford. Respited from the gaol of Worcester. Respited without bail.
Henry Cotterell. Respited without bail.
John Mason. Respited without bail.
Richard Simpson. Respited without bail.
William Jones, William Gardener, William Crosse and William Barrell. Respited to the House of Correction.
Roger Dale. Respited for sureties for good behaviour. Delivered by proclamation.

Respited after judgment:—

John Slifeild [Slyfeild].
Thomas Ball [Bull].
Sarah Harris.

Respited before and after judgment and referred by the Court to procure a Charter of the lord the King:—

George Billin [Billings].
Katherine Price.
Elizabeth Davis.
Edward Duffeild.
Joan Garrett.
Philip Harbor.
Richard Storey.
Bridget Thomas.
Abraham Wetherall.
Richard Golding [Gildinge].
Elizabeth Yonge.
Thomas Mason.
Thomas Strickland.
Thomas Horwood.
Henry Hawes.
Sess. Roll 544/70.
Sess. Roll 546/225.
Sess. Roll 547/173.
Sess. Roll 549/72.
G.D.R. 2/59, 59d, 61, 61d, 62, 63, 67, 70d.


p.229. John Burche of Paul's Wharf, tailor, respited at the last General Sessions for wounding Christopher Scutt, to prosecute the traverse of his indictment with effect.

Alexander Wardley of St. Clement Danes to do the like.

Came and discharged:—

John Evans of Golding Lane, tailor, for the peace towards Dorothy Nichols.

Thomas Roberts of Hampstead, victualler, for great disorders in his house and for beating Bridget Adams.

Robert Geynes of the same, labourer, for being a common drunkard.

Grace, wife of Ralph Sureties of Wapping, vintner, for the peace.

Robert Pierson and Humphrey Riccards [Riccars] of Islington, victuallers, for brewing ale at 20s. the barrel (and p.222).

p.230. Alice Beson of St. Giles'-without-Cripplegate, widow, for harbouring William Ames, apprentice to Thomas Aston, committed by the Court on 28 March last.

Came and discharged:—

Robert Dixon of Kentish Town for the dangerous beating and wounding of Anthony Taylor of Highgate.

p.231. Did not come:—

Richard Hill of Enfield for entertaining William Fletcher, into a tent of his, who by reason of his charge of children is like to become chargeable to the parish of Enfield, and he refuses to give security for discharge of the parish.


Christopher Wright charged "to have robbed my Lord of Arundell" and for assaulting Richard Blake, headborough of Kentish Town, who is bound over to give evidence.

p. 232. John Clarke of Pinner, gentleman, to ask Mr. Hawtrey's forgiveness in the open Sessions, and handed in bail to Robert Clarke of Richmond, co. Surrey, esquire, and Richard Clarke of the same, gentleman.

Hugh Burde of Pinner, gentleman, for calling John Edlyn "roague and villaine" in open court, to ask his forgiveness in open court. Robert Sheppard and John Edlyn swore in court that John Clarke did abuse Mr. Hawtrey with most uncivil speeches, and that Hugh Burd "is a most disordered person, a common quarreller and drunckard ". The said John was to appear at the next General Sessions after Easter, but is discharged at the next Sessions (and p.259).

Came and discharged:—

p.235. Richard Overton of Wapping, baker, for the peace.

p.237. Thomas James of the same for the like.

p.238. Thomas Bartholomewe of Shepperton handed over in bail to Jerome Littleboye of Finchley and Richard Stabbs of Hoxton, to answer (and p.261).

p.239.William Pope of Hillingdon, yeoman.

William Swann, servant to Philip Brewerton of Clerkenwell Green, vintner, sworn in court, says that Anthony Syms [Simms] and John Collis were fighting together in his master's house, and Collis charged Sims to take a ring from him. Both committed for good behaviour and for being drunk.

p.240. Thomas Wall of Cow Cross, butcher, brought in by warrant for a rescue from Toby Machym [Macham] the bailiff, as appears upon his oath. Handed over further in bail to Thomas Hall and John Olliffe of the same, butchers (and p.252).

Thomas Dowle of Golding Lane, musician, William Hazard of the same and Margery his wife, and Richard Wallis of Friern Barnet, all discharged because no recognizance certified.

pp.240–1. Licensed tipplers:—

William Willis of Field Lane, vintner. Sureties:— John Bellinge of Chancery Lane and Roger Webbe of St. Sepulchre's.

Thomas Strowde of Westminster, victualler. Sureties:—Richard Akers and John Elstone of the same.

James Turner of Bethnal Green, victualler. Sureties:—Richard Harryson of Shoreditch and John Smyth of Stepney.

William Walker of Holywell Street, victualler. Sureties:—John Butcher and Edward Mercer of the same.

Daniel Crewes of Norton Folgate, victualler. Sureties:—Robert Sheffeld and John Morryson of the same.

Stephen Pope of Whitechapel, victualler. Sureties:—William Russell and Francis Smythe of the same.

John Fookes of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, victualler. Sureties:— John Parnecotc of the same and Robert Ham of St. Clement's, bitmaker.

Henry Robinson of Limehouse, chandler. Sureties:—James Henbricks of the same and George Emerson of Bassishaw.

Benedick Moyses of St. Katherine's, widow. Sureties;—Daniel Nicholls of Cow Cross and Thomas Wrighte of St. Botolph's.

John Vynor of Limehouse, victualler. Sureties:—Robert Ryvers of St. Sepulchre's and Richard Beale of St. Katherine's.

William Hylliard of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, victualler. Sureties:—John Peake of the same and Edmund Browne of Westminster, gentleman.

Adam Graves of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, victualler. Sureties:— William Browne and Thomas Browne of the same.

Francis Griffell of High Holborn. Sureties:—Thomas Waye and John Savadge of Cow Cross.

William Richardson of High Holborn, victualler. Sureties:— John Hynde and Thomas Harryson of Gray's Inn Lane.

pp.242–5. Orders for the government of the House of Correction erected at Clerkenwell, for the punishment of offenders to be committed thither, and for the provision of money for the same:—

1. That John Stoyte of Newington, co. Surrey, gentleman, shall be Master and Governor of the House of Correction lately built and erected at Clerkenwell, and shall receive and safely keep all such persons as be committed by the justices for their lewd behaviour or idle life, and shall keep them at work and maintain them with fit and reasonable diet without any further charge to the county.

2. That the Governor shall appoint one discreet and honest woman (to be allowed of by the justices), to be Matron and governess over the women that shall be sent and committed to the said House of Correction, who in respect of their sex are not to be intermingled with the men or to be lodged in their lodgings, but so to be disposed of by the said Matron as may best stand with the decency and conveniency both for their labour and lodgings, and the seven rooms now appointed for that purpose to be so used, except the justices shall think fit to change the place.

3. That the said Governor shall appoint one discreet and honest person (to be allowed of as aforesaid), to be the Reader of Divine Service and prayers in some public place in the said House, who shall once every day at the least read public prayers in the said House, and twice every Sabbath day, and to read all the Divine Service and such prayers as are appointed by the Book of Common Prayer, unto which place shall be called all the said persons that shall be thither committed then and there to hear public prayers, and to be carefully instructed and catechized in the articles of their faith and such points of religion as tend to the salvation of their souls.

4. That the said Governor shall make choice of one discreet and sufficient person (to be allowed of as aforesaid), to be Porter of the gates of the said House of Correction, who shall enter into a book for that purpose the names of all such persons as shall be sent thither, together with their causes and discharges, that a just account may be given of all those that shall be sent thither to such as have authority to demand the same.

5. That the said Governor, in consideration of the performance of all which services and such others as by law are to be done by a Governor of such a house, shall yearly have and receive of the hands of the Treasurers of the county appointed for the receipt of the money for the hospitals, King's Bench and Marshalsea, the sum of £240 per annum to be paid unto him for his salary and wages quarterly, i.e. at the feasts of the Epiphany, Easter, the Translation of St. Thomas the Martyr and St. Michael the Archangel. The money is to be collected by the churchwardens and petty constables of each parish and paid to the high constables and by them paid over to the said Treasurers so that they may pay over the same to the hands of the Governor of the said House, all which money is to be raised yearly by way of assessment in every parish and precinct of the inhabitants there dwelling and upon other occupiers of houses and lands, this to be indifferently rated by the most substantial inhabitants of each parish according to the several and particular sums hereafter set upon each parish and precinct.

6. [Rates for the yearly payment to the maintenance of the House of Correction set out, amounting to £313 10s.]

7. That if the inhabitants shall refuse to pay the sum so assessed upon the parish within five days after receipt of the warrant for the levying thereof, then the constables and churchwardens shall make an even rate and taxation upon every landowner and occupier according to the number of acres of his land and upon every person according to his value and ability, which sums shall be forthwith collected and paid to the high constables.

8. That if any person refuse to pay the said sum so rated upon him within two days after demand thereof made, then the same shall be levied by distress and sale of the party's goods, and if he have not sufficient goods then he is to appear before the justices to be bound to answer for his refusal; and if the high constables or petty constables are remiss and negligent in collecting or paying the said sums, then the same shall be levied by distress of his goods to be taken by the Sheriff of the county.

9. That if any constable be unjustly sued or molested in the execution of a warrant for levying the said sums then he shall repair to the justices for order to be taken therein.

p.245. Order for constables living more than two miles distant from the House of Correction to receive an allowance for the cost of conveying vagrants of 3d. a mile for each vagrant taken there.

Order for warrants to be directed to the constables for making a new tax of the inhabitants of those parishes where, because of the negligence of the petty constables, the rates made for the building of the House of Correction have not been collected, and many of those first rated have removed from their dwellings or are dead.

Whereas divers misdemeanours were complained of at the Sessions to have been done by Ogburne the bailiff of the hundred of Elthorne, it was thought fit by the justices and promised by Robert Packer, gentleman, under-sheriff, that the said bailiff should be removed forthwith from the bailiwick and some other more meet person should be appointed in his place.

pp.247–8. Badgers, kidders and drovers licensed at the Sessions:— Badgers:— Edward Hill, Nicholas Barnes, Ambrose Steevens, John FitzHarbert and Thomas Lawrence, all of Harmonds worth, Anthony Hewetson of Finchley, Henry Hunsdon, Thomas Hunsdon, Henry Deane, Robert Maihewe, Hugh Easton, Elizeus Wyberd, John Burrell, Robert Curtys the younger, Robert Towe, Thomas Curtys the younger, Robert Spencer, William Briggs, William Stanburrowe, Thomas Curtys the elder, Henry Lofte, Richard Smythe, Abraham Hunsdon, Nicholas Norrys, Thomas Bates, William Shawe, Roger Newman, John Eedes, Robert Rashe, Christopher Woodham and Roger Piggatte, all of Enfield, Peter Cotterell, Constance Pluckwell, Iron Scaldwood, John Edlyn, William Page, John Lane, Richard Edlyn and Thomas Mole, all of Harrow, Edward Tyler, Richard Gould, John Rowson, William Cattell and Nicholas Hale, all of Hadley, William Charey of Feltham, Richard Streete the younger, John Streete, Henry Streete, William Edlyn, Henry Dodge, John Wetherley, John Fearne and Richard Birde, all of Pinner, Richard Paley of Bishopsgate Street, Thomas Yonge, Alexander Warner, Robert Hill, John Cooke, Henry Kinge, Edward Clarke and Nathaniel Wall, all of South Mimms, Evan Cowper, William Fletcher and John Lambe of Hendon, Henry Downar, William Gunne and Francis Marson of Edgware, Lewis Watkins of Teddington, Robert Tompson of Hillingdon, John Radford and Roger Rose of Hammersmith, Henry Fundge and John Butterfeilde of Ealing, Robert Parnell of Hounslow, Richard Peeters of Uxbridge, Philip Peeters, Edward Eames and John Niccoll of Great Stanmore, William Archer and Henry Britteridge of Hanwell, Peter Meredith of Stepney, George Peirpointe of Heston, John Lane of East Smithfield, Margaret Eames of Hackney, Henry Chaundler, Richard Page, Thomas Foxe, Thomas Baldwyn and George Ferrys, all of Bromley, Richard Lawe of Limehouse, Thomas Smithe of Ratcliffe, Hugh Goddard of St. Katherine's, John Welder and Edward Parrett of Staines, John Court and Barnaby Court of Cranford, Thomas Wyatt of Edmonton, William Castleden of Ruislip, and William Ellys of Isleworth.

Kidders:— George Barnes, Nicholas Barnes, Edward Davies and Elizabeth Sherley, all of Harmondsworth, Anthony Hewetson, Thomas Cofeld and Thomas Lythell of Finchley, John Godfrey, William Woodham and Samuel Garrett of Enfield, Richard Edlyn of Harrow, Edward Eeles of Pinner, William Cleeve, John Binne and John Care of South Mimms, Helen Burton of Edgware, widow, John Bruckins of Hillingdon, William Woodfall of West Drayton, John Greene of Great Stanmore, John Lane of Westminster, Thomas Knighte of Heston, Richard Saltmarshe of Bromley, David Harris of New Brentford, Henry Pennystone of Kingsbury, John Pryor of Whetstone, John Symmes of Harlington, Samuel Reynor of Hayes, William Thurland of Islington, Thomas Tynney of Isleworth, Clement Blanck of Acton, and Ellis Powell of Fulham.


f.53d. Benjamin Bowles of Northall, gentleman, and Richard Hurlocke of Wembley for defaulting with their carts for six days in the highways. Pledged of a fine on 3 September, A.D. 1617.

John Morrison of Longditch in Westminster for a common drunkard.

Richard Wilberd of Westminster for tippling without licence.

f.54. Humphrey Baggott and Richard Gregory of St. John Street for tippling without licence and keeping a bawdy-house. Pledged of a fine in September and October, A.D. 1617.

Leonard Hoxton of "Sole", co. Suffolk, mariner, for trespass.

Roger Hill of Westminster for an assault on George Allin, and George Allin of the same for an assault on William Bishoppe. Pledged of a fine in September and October, A.D. 1616.

Thomas Raye and Thomas Williamson of Rosemary Lane for tippling without licence.

Edward Hackney of Whitechapel for keeping hogs. Pledged of a fine on 3 October, A.D. 1616.

Thomas Paley of the same for keeping inmates.

Roger Gunter and William Dyar of Perpoole Lane for keeping common houses of ill fame.

f.54d. James Jackson, Abraham Greene and Henry Pettingale of the same for the like.

Gilbert Swale, George Wynn and the said Henry Pettingale of the same for tippling without licence.

Robert Pepper of Knightsbridge, gentleman, for making a house of office over the common sewer.

Thomas Morrice of Westminster, gentleman, for the like [Deleted as mistaken and discharged].

Arthur Caddocke and Walter Copeland of Westminster, being surveyors of the highways, for not mending the highway between Park Corner and Kensington. Pledged of a fine on 1 October, A.D. 1617.

Giles Bromham of Knightsbridge for suffering a watercourse to run through his stable into the street at Knightsbridge. Pledged of a fine on 1 May, A.D. 1617.

f.55. Thomas Hampton, Edward Wilson, John Allen, John Lofte, Thomas Bolton, Thomas Spencer, Thomas Rowse and John Daye of Enfield, all for tippling without licence. The said Spencer pledged of a fine on 1 October, A.D. 1616, but was not fined because had a licence at the time of the presentment.

The parish of Littleton for digging pits in the highway "very dangerous to passengers". Distrained.

William Payne of "Pallengswicke" [? Paddings wick], Thomas Hall of Hammersmith, butcher, Audrey Holden and Elizabeth Turvyn, widows, John Pulford, gentleman, Richard Turvyn and Michael Lawrence, all of the same, "for suffering the bridge to fall into decay". The said William distrained; the said Thomas and Richard pledged of a fine on 23 January, A.D. 1616[–17] and 10 April, A.D. 1618; the said Audrey pledged of a fine by Mr. Moyle her brother; the said Elizabeth and John discharged; the said Michael pledged of a fine on 3 October, A.D. 1616 and respited for a fine of 12d. to the use of the bridge being in the highway.

f.55d. The inhabitants of the vill of Hammersmith for not repairing the sluice. Distrained.

f.59. For not working in the highways

William Worley of Tottenham, "monyer," with cart. 5.
William West of the same, with cart. 5.
Robert Shawe of the same, with cart. 6.
Thomas Wheeler of the same, gentleman, with cart. 6.
William Haull of the same, gentleman, with cart. 6.
John Gardiner of the same, gentleman, with cart. 6.
[blank] Harvy of the same. 6.
William Palmer of the same, gentleman. 6.
William Hunt of the same. 4.
Ralph Finche of the same. 6.
Richard Mason the younger of the same. 6.
Stephen Simpson of the same. 6.
George Barbor of the same. 6.
John Barbor of the same. 6.
John Hunt of the same. Pledged of a fine on 3 August, A.D. 1616, but not fined because did double labour this year. 5.
Robert Hubbert of Edmonton, gentleman. Pledged of a fine on 1 February, A.D. 1615[–16], but not fined because is dwelling in the parish of St. Giles'-without-Cripplegate. 6.
Walter Angard of Edmonton, gentleman. 6.
Nicholas Rockhill of the same. 6.


f.61d. Not guilty:—

William Mascall and Robert Hall for stealing three geese from a man unknown.

Elizabeth Dyer for keeping a common bawdy-house.

f.62d. Thomas Stanger of St. John Street, innkeeper, to give attendance before the Lord Chief Justice of England (and f.66d.).

William Godney of Finsbury to appear and bring forth the thief who stole a cow from Richard Pruddon [Pryddon] of Hexton, co. Hertford.

The same William is bound to prosecute the thief at the next, and the said Richard came and was discharged from further prosecuting. Whereas it appeared to the Court upon the complain of Richard Pruddon that a cow of his being stolen by a felon unknown was brought by the said felon into the lordship of Finsbury and there seized by John Male the younger, bailiff of the said liberty of Finsbury, and William Godney of the same, a tenant of the said Male, and the said felon was by them or one of them suffered to escape, so as no conviction can be had against the said unknown felon; it is therefore ordered that the said Godney and Male, or one of them, in whose possession the said cow remains do forthwith upon sight hereof restore and deliver the same to the said Pruddon (and f.66d.).