Sessions, 1615: 29 November and 1 December

Pages 73-109

County of Middlesex. Calendar To the Sessions Records: New Series, Volume 3, 1615-16. Originally published by Clerk of the Peace, London, 1937.

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Sessions of the Peace and Gaol Delivery, on 29 November and 1 December, 13 James I [A.D. 1615].


Recognizances of:—

John Streete of Golding Lane, gardener, and Christopher Hagar of Charterhouse Lane, embroiderer, for Margaret, wife of the said John, to be of good behaviour; and of Philip Winter of Cow Cross, gentleman, and Robert Jackson of Saffron Hill, locksmith, for Alice Sherwood of Cow Cross, widow, for the like.
Sess. Roll. 545/1, 3.
Sess. Reg. 2/254.

Valentine Walker of St. John Street and John Wilkinson of West Smithfield, blacksmiths, for Thomas Walker of Greenwich, co. Kent, stonecutter, for being taken by the constables of Turnball Street about twelve o'clock at night drunk, and reviling the said officers with reproachful speeches.
Sess. Roll 545/2.
Sess. Reg. 2/254.

Francis Grevill and Hugh Jones of Clerkenwell, victuallers, for Robert Clemens alias Redhead of Upper Holloway, husbandman, committed by warrant for lack of sureties for good behaviour but no other cause expressed.
Sess. Roll 545/4.
Sess. Reg. 2/254.

John Bargrave of St. Clement Danes without Temple Bar, esquire, to give evidence against Henry Smith and William Jackson for suspicion of felony.
Sess. Roll 545/5.

Henry Holmes of St. Giles'-without-Cripplegate, victualler, to give evidence against Robert Stevens, brickmaker, John Harrington, saddler, Thomas Southwell, tailor, all of the same, and Francis Grosse of Whitechapel, butcher, suspected to have robbed the said Henry.
Sureties:—William Fanner of Chick Lane in St. Andrew's, Holborn, butcher, Edward Flory of St. Giles' aforesaid, poulterer, Thomas Hurst of St. Botolph's-without-Aldersgate, brazier, and John Reede of the same, scalemaker.
Sess. Roll 545/6–9.
G.D.R. 2/66.

Humphrey Warren of St. Helen's-within-Bishopsgate, cooper, and Richard Savery of St. Giles'-without-Cripplegate, smith, for Francis Flecher [Fletcher] of the same, smith, to be of good behaviour.
Sess. Roll 545/10.
Sess. Reg. 2/254.

John Rigs of St. James', Clerkenwell, and Richard Brcoke of the same, tailor, for Cyprian Symons of St. Sepulchre's, smith, to answer Michael Budgeyn; and of Edward Smyth of Cow Cross, glover, John Pigbricke of Field Lane, carpenter, and Thomas Ramsdale of Seacoal Lane, bricklayer, for Thomas Morgan of Cow Cross, cordwainer, and the said Cyprian, both to answer Elizabeth Jones for stealing a ring worth 6s. from her.
Edward Buckenham [Buckingham] of St. Sepulchre's also bound over, and delivered by proclamation.
Sess. Roll 545/11, 62.
Sess. Roll 549/72.
Sess. Reg. 2/254.
G.D.R. 2/63, 65d.

Thomas Tayler, Roger England, chandler, and Thomas Kittermaster of St. Clement Danes, all chamberlains, mutual sureties, for cozening Thomas Peetters of divers things left in his chamber "in his portmantwaye."
Additional surety:—John Bayly of the same.
Sess. Roll 545/17–19.
Sess. Reg. 2/253.

John Hunt of St. Clement Danes and John Walker of London, gentleman, for Richard Horton of London, footman, suspected to have embezzled some things out of the house of Richard Medlye [Medley].
Sess. Roll 545/20.
Sess. Reg. 2/253.

Edward Sutton of St. Clement Danes, tailor, Thomas Hatton and Francis Middleton of the same, tobacco-sellers, mutual sureties, and Edward Wanton of the same, tobacco-seller, all for maintaining tippling in their houses without licence under colour of selling tobacco and strong waters: and of Walter Gatlinge of the same, victualler, for Stephen Savill of the same, tobacco-seller, for the like.
Additional surety:— Thomas Curtis of the same, tobacco-seller.
Sess. Roll. 545/21–23, 138.
Sess. Reg. 2/253.

Thomas Scurlock of Shepherd Alley in Thames Street, citizen and fruiterer of London, to give evidence against Richard Warner of the Liberty of the Tower of London, vintner, and Philip Martin his servant, for stealing a cloak and 28s. in money.
Sess. Roll 545/27.
G.D.R. 2/65.

Thomas Asten of Whitechapel, dyer, to give evidence against Francis Crosse concerning a stolen shirt; and of William Brock alias Woolner of Shadwell and John Martin of Whitechapel, cordwainer, for the said Francis to appear.
Sess. Roll 545/28, 39.
G.D.R. 2/65.

John Attwood of East Smithfield, tailor, to give evidence against Thomas Wilkenson of Blackman Street in Southwark, linen-weaver, for suspicion of stealing a cloak; and of John Crane of the same, clothworker, for the said Thomas to appear.
Sess. Roll 545/29, 147.
G.D.R. 2/65.

Roger Jackson of Walthamstow, co. Essex, husbandman, to give evidence against John Bolten of Wapping Wall, chandler, for suspicion of stealing £60 at Walthamstow aforesaid; and of George Bolten of Tower Street, pewterer, and John Perin of the Liberty of the Tower, monier, for the said John to appear.
Sess. Roll 545/33, 146.
G.D.R. 2/65.

Gregory Freeman of London, merchant-tailor, to give evidence against Samuel Bennett for a silver tankard.
Sess. Roll 545/36.

John Richards of Wapping, blacksmith, to give evidence against John Johnsonn for a silver beaker, and to bring Margaret Baker his servant with him.
Sess. Roll 545/37.

Barnett Unthank of East Smithfield, tailor, and John Smyth of St. Katherine's, carman, for Richard Wattes of Rosemary Lane, tailor, and Frances Phips [Phippes] of East Smithfield, spinster, for unlawfully frequenting each other's company, and to abandon such company until they shall be lawfully married according to the laws of the Church of England.
Sess. Roll 545/45, 46.
Sess. Reg. 2/252.

Hugh Turner of Westminster to answer; and of James Smith, farrier, and John Chick, glover, for John Ussell of the same to answer.
Sess. Roll 545/47, 48.
Sess. Reg. 2/252.

Michael Steele of Old Fish Street, tailor, for Alice Lydden of the same, widow, to give evidence against Christopher Ball of Seacoal Lane for picking 20s. and a gold ring worth 40s. out of her pocket; and of John Watton of Clerkenwell, headborough, and John Haward of Seacoal Lane, for the said Christopher to appear.
Sess. Roll 545/51, 65.
G.D.R. 2/65d.

Thomas Burles of "le old Jury," barber-surgeon, and George Edes of Coleman Street, tailor, for Thomas Miller of "Canning" Street, vintner, to give evidence against John Nutting of Norton Folgate, blacksmith [victualler], and William Johnson of the same, blacksmith, his servant, for felony, and for an assault in the Upper Field near Moorfields; and of the said Miller to keep the peace towards Elizabeth Nutting; and of Joyce Pattricke of Cow Cross, spinster, for hurting the said Elizabeth; and of Thomas Bland, cook, William Harryson, armourer, John Gipkin, painter, and Marmaduke Ayre, embroiderer, all of Norton Folgate, for the said John Nutting and William Johnson to appear.
Sess. Roll 545/52, 67, 68, 113.
Sess. Reg. 2/255, 258, 259.
G.D.R. 2/65d.

William Granger [Graunger] of Whittlebury, co. Northampton, to appear at the next Sessions of Gaol Delivery for the said county to prosecute an indictment for murder against John Wawman of St. Albans, co. Hertford, carter, William Goram, John Horseman and Thomas Briggs for killing William Dorne alias Thorne of Whittlebury aforesaid at "Tosseter" [Towcester], co. Northampton; and of William Reeve and Roger Turner of Friern Barnet for the said Wawman.

The said Wawman to appear at the next Assizes for the county of Northampton.
The said Horseman and Briggs respited to the gaol of Northampton.
Sess. Roll 545/53, 66.
Sess. Roll 546/225.
Sess. Roll 549/72.
G.D.R. 2/63d., 65d., 66d.

Richard King of St. Anne's Lane, victualler, to give evidence against Alexander Slater for stealing a pewter dish.
The said Alexander respited for better enquiry and delivered by proclamation.
Sess. Roll 545/54.
Sess. Roll 546/225.
Sess. Roll 549/72.
G.D.R. 2/63, 67.

Thomas Cooke of Clerkenwell, beadle, for Helen Smyth of the same, spinster, to give evidence against John Battey for stealing divers goods.
The said John delivered by proclamation.
Sess. Roll 545/57.
Sess. Roll 549/72.
G.D.R. 2/63.

Thomas Lowe of Bishopsgate Street and Joan Warde of Shoreditch, widow, for Margery Willyams of the same, spinster, to give evidence against John Clapham for making a print of a seal having the Rose and Crown and the letters J.R. engraven on it, and another counterfeit print of the Lord Admiral's seal of office.
The said John respited without bail.
Sess. Roll 545/58.
Sess. Roll 546/225.
Sess. Roll 549/72.
G.D.R. 2/63, 63. 74.

Thomas Bale of Finsbury to give evidence against James Allen for suspicion of a robbery.
The said James respited to the House of Correction.
Sess. Roll 545/59, 292.
G.D.R. 2/63d.

Samuel Marchant of Whitecross Street, goldsmith, for Alice Profitt [Prophett] of the same, spinster, to indict Katherine Wager for a felony, and for Ann Carpenter of the same, spinster, to give evidence.
The said Katherine respited to prison without bail.
Sess. Roll 545/60, 292.
G.D.R. 2/63.

James Wright of Barbican Street, broker, Richard Mare of B—, co. Devon, clerk, and Samuel Bodley of Plymouth, co. Devon, for Elizabeth Awsten of Barbican Street, widow, for receiving certain goods stolen from John Dade.
Sess. Roll 545/61.
G.D.R. 2/66d.

Thomas Carter of St. Martin's-le-Grand and John Thornken of the same, tailor, for Robert Pulham of the vill of St. John's [? Clerkenwell], for stealing a sword forth of the house of John Noden of St. John Street, locksmith; and of the said Noden to give evidence.
Sess. Roll 545/63, 100.
G.D.R. 2/65d.

Thomas Wryght of Barbican Street, cordwainer, and William Attkins of St. Sepulchre's, tailor, for Elizabeth Jones of Clerkenwell, widow, suspected to have stolen 4s. from Philip Smyth.
Sess. Roll 545/64.
G.D.R. 2/65d.

Roger Steede of Holborn, porter, and John Denford of the same, tailor, for Richard Evans of the same, victualler, and Elizabeth his wife, suspected to have stolen 5 s. from Elizabeth Redding, a lodger in their house.
Sess. Roll 545/69.
G.D.R. 2/65d.

William Attkins of Pie Corner, tailor, and Thomas Baker of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields for Joan Sparkes of Clerkenwell, spinster, to be of good behaviour, a noted bawd.
Sess. Roll 545/74.
Sess. Reg. 2/255.

John Usewright of Knightsbridge and Christiana Tailor of the same, spinster, to give evidence against Ferdinand Wallye alias Stephenson for felony.
Sess. Roll 545/77.

John John of Chancery Lane, Shoemaker, and John Steball of Bermondsey Street, co. Surrey, tailor, for Hugh Smith of St. George's, Southwark, silkweaver, to be of good behaviour.
Sess. Roll 545/78.
Sess. Reg. 2/256.

William Spinke of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, drawer, for Richard Tue [Trewe] of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, bricklayer, for setting his servants and workmen to proceed contemptuously in a building after they were divers times forbidden by the constables, according to warrants to them directed.
Sess. Roll 545/79.
Sess. Reg. 2/255.

Augustine Wright of St. Dunstan's-in-the-West, paviour, Thomas Pangborne of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, woodmonger, John Joyner of the same and John Venmore of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, glover, to give evidence against John Markett and William Jacksone of St. Clement Danes for assulting and beating Christopher Wright of London who is since dead; and of John Davyes, innholder, and Edward Doulton, both of St. Clement Danes, for the said Markett and Jackson.
The said Markett came and was committed.
The said Jackson is in the prison of "le Counter" in Wood Street.
Sess. Roll 545/81, 203, 204.
Sess. Reg. 2/256, 257.

John Man of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, gentleman, to answer Thomas Bland of Bishopsgate Street, victualler; and of George Mardroke, carpenter, and William Harris, armourer, both of the same, for the said Thomas for keeping a disorderly house, and selling strong ale at 3d. the quart.
Sess. Roll 545/82, 202.
Sess. Reg. 2/257.

John Ekles [Eccles] of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, victualler, for Helen his wife to answer for striking Richard Childe in her house, violently taking away his hat from off his head, and for her unlawful detention thereof from him.
Sess. Roll 545/83.
Sess. Reg. 2/257.

John Collisone [Collyson] of St. Margaret's, Westminster, locksmith, and Edmund Potter of St. Giles'-without-Cripplegate, gentleman, for cozening Thomas Ward, a simple country man, of 7s. in money at the game called decoy.
Sess. Roll 545/85.
Sess. Reg. 2/256.

Christopher Bankcroft for Roger Powell and Edward Clutterbucke of London, gentlemen, for misusing the constable of East Smithfield.
Sess. Roll 545/87.
Sess. Reg. 2/257.

Thomas Harryson of Ealing, Richard Waller, husbandman, and Henry Banbury, basketmaker, for Sybil, wife of the said Thomas, for keeping company and running away with the husband of Agnes Rogers [Richards], he having left his wife and children upon the charge of the parish.
Sess. Roll. 545/89.
Sess. Reg. 2/258.

Samson Crabb of Hounslow for Elizabeth Bayly [Baylie] of the same, innholder, for keeping disorders in her house.
Sess. Roll 545/90.
Sess. Reg. 2/258.

Philip Yonge and Abraham [blank] of East Smithfield, butchers, for the said Philip, not to sell any meat on the Sabbath Day.
Sess. Roll 545/91.
Sess. Reg. 2/258.

William Jones of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, "cutter and raser of sattens "to the lady the Queen, and Richard Gibbons of the same, yeoman, for Thomas Jones, son of the said William, to answer Emmanuel Burd of St. Thomas', co. Surrey, gilder, for suspicion of felony.
Sess. Roll 545/92.
G.D.R. 2/65d.

Richard Millington of Hackney to give evidence against Richard Ball of the same.
Sess. Roll 545/93.
G.D.R. 2/66.

Anthony Edwards of St. Sepulchre's, cordwainer, and Alexander Fulsis of St. Bride's, silkweaver, for Ann Hedges of Kensington, widow, to appear at the next Gaol Delivery for the City of London.
Sess. Roll 545/94.
G.D.R. 2/66.

Richard Hart of St. James', Clerkenwell, gunmaker, and Richard Robinson of St. Botolph's-without-Aldersgate, plasterer, for Lawrence Downinge of St. Katherine's, silkweaver, for suspicion of picking a pocket.
Sess. Roll 545/95.
G.D.R. 2/66.

Thomas Greenewood of Charterhouse Lane, tailor, for William Micham of the same, tailor, to give evidence against Ann Provis [Provys] for felony.
The said Ann respited to the House of Correction.
Sess. Roll 545/98.
G.D.R. 2/63d.

Robert Sherlocke of Grub Street, victualler, and Thomas Ellyott of Salisbury, co. Wilts, gentleman, for Alexander Cortopp of Fleet Street, silkman, for that it was desired by the Company of Barbersurgeons, that he should be forthcoming at the Sessions, for that it was suspected he had some hand in the robbing of their Hall.
Sess. Roll 545/105.
G.D.R. 2/66d.

Thomas Arundell of Gray's Inn Lane, carpet-worker, for Robert Thomas of the same for suspicion of stealing the goods of divers persons.
Sess. Roll 545/106.
G.D.R. 2/65d.

Thomas Barley of Old Street, butcher, and John Grigges of Clerkenwell for Robert Davis of Cow Cross, victualler, and Margaret his wife, accused of bawdery by Magdalen Sammoyes [Samwayes] of the same, spinster; and of Thomas Pickering, blacksmith, and John Warren, bricklayer, both of the same, and William Dyson of Whitechapel, miller, for the said Magdalen to keep the peace towards the said Margaret.
Sess. Roll 545/71, 107.
Sess. Reg. 2/258.

John Rodes of Charterhouse Lane, victualler, and Leonard Richardson of the same, cordwainer, for Grace Rodes [Roades] of the same, spinster, for abusing Thomas Chattfeild, constable, in the execution of his office.
Sess. Roll 545/108.
Sess. Reg. 2/258.

William Smarte of Goswell Street, glover, for Richard Lewes of the same, victualler, for refusing to suffer the officers (coming with the Lord Chief Justice's warrant carried by the Keepers of Newgate) to make search for certain persons suspected of felony, named in the said warrant.
Sess. Roll 545/109.
Sess. Reg. 2/257.

John Unwell of Shoe Lane, cook, and Henry Ball of St. Bride's, hatmaker, for Bridget Pasmore of Finsbury, spinster, for tippling and selling drink without licence.
Sess. Roll 545/110.
Sess. Reg. 2/257.

Albert Fulgem of Cow Cross, tailor, and William Chappell of the same, cutler, for Elizabeth Hewes [Hughes] of the same, spinster, for entertaining and harbouring thieves and other lewd persons, whereof she is complained by the officers.
Sess. Roll 545/111.
Sess. Reg. 2/257.

William Dent of Whitecross Street, butcher, and John Goborne of Golding Lane, victualler, for Timothy Garroway, gentleman, and Ann Barfeild, spinster, both of the same, suspected to live incontinently together, and were taken suspiciously in her house in the night.
Sess. Roll 545/112.
Sess. Reg. 2/256.

William Stopes of Cow Cross, plasterer, and Edmund Stratford of Blackfriars, silkweaver, for William Ament of Cow Cross, victualler, for beating Jane Crouche.
Sess. Roll 545/116.
Sess. Reg. 2/255.

Robert Smyth of Cornhill, brazier, John Smyth of Clerkenwell, victualler, and William Taylor of the same, blacksmith, for Katherine Taylor of the same, spinster, for beating and bruising Joan, wife of John Cutteriss [Cutterys].
Sess. Roll 545/117.
Sess. Reg. 2/255.

William Maples of St. Giles'-without-Cripplegate, smith, and John Cope of the same, chandler, for John Milles of the same, smith, for harbouring Walter Day who is charged to have robbed Thomas Silvester of 25 yards of cipres.
Sess. Roll 545/123.
Sess. Reg. 2/254.

John Borodall [Barrowdale, Boradale] of Hellingley, co. Sussex, esquire, John Everarde of Stow Park, co. Suffolk, gentleman, Richard Roe of the Strand, tailor, Francis Rousse of Shoe Lane and Cornwallis Blague of Westminster, gentleman, for Martha, wife of Edmund Slyfield [Slyfeild] of Slyfield, co. Surrey, esquire, for marrying a second husband, the first being alive; and of the said Edmund to give evidence against her.
No true bill for the said Martha.
Sess Roll 545/130, 131.
Sess. Roll 548/1, 2.
G.D.R. 2/65d, 69.

William Dodd and Richard Yorke of Westminster, for Roger Glassington of the same, victualler, for keeping a victualling-house and tippling without licence.
Sess. Roll 545/132.
Sess. Reg. 2/253.

Thomas Brafort and Edward Robinson, tapster, of St. Clement Danes, for Henry Knott of the same for embezzling a box wherein were some of the goods of John Heynes.
Sess. Roll 545/133.
Sess. Reg. 2/253.

James Watkyns of the Strand and John Stirrup of St. Giles'-inthe-Fields, labourer, for Nicholas Hayward of the Strand, victualler, for keeping a victualling-house without licence, and for profaning the Sabbath day by entertaining drinking in his house at the time of Divine Service.
Sess. Roll 545/134.

Thomas Powell of St. Clement Danes, victualler, for William Robarts [Roberts] of the same, vintner, for embezzling the purse of David Apbathe and some money in it "within the towell after they weare drinkinge."
Sess. Roll 545/136.
Sess. Reg. 2/253.

Robert Welsh of Drury Lane, tailor, for Thomas Gibbes of Marylebone for selling "mesell" pork in the market, being unwholesome meat.
Sess. Roll 545/137.
Sess. Reg. 2/253.

Dorothy Tyman of Kensington, widow, and John Frisby of the same, her servant, both bakers, bound over upon the complaint and information of John Hill and Richard Adams of the same, aleconners, for not observing the assize of bread, according to the Statute, and abusing the aleconners.
The said Dorothy fined 3s. 4d.
Sess. Roll 545/139.
Sess. Reg. 2/253, 261.

John Brand of East Smithfield, inlayer, to abide the order of the Court concerning the abusing of his apprentice, Thomas Ward, and to bring in the said Thomas with him. He is enjoined to use his apprentice better hereafter.
Sess. Roll 545/150.
Sess. Reg. 2/253.

Richard Scott of Bow, vintner, for William Damport of the same to answer Simon Stevenson of London, dyer.
Sess. Roll 545/156.
Sess. Reg. 2/252.

Thomas Hele of "Wood," co. Devon, esquire, for William Courtney of Blackawton, co. Devon, gentleman, and Richard Staveley of South Molton, co. Devon, gentleman, to appear.
See George Reade's information.
Sess. Roll 545/158, 159.
Sess. Reg. 2/254.

Richard Ridgdale of Tottenham, gentleman, and James Clay of the same for Percival Lewis of the same for hurting William Spencer of Enfield, maltman.
Sess. Roll 545/168.
Sess. Reg. 2/254.

John Peerce [Pierce] of "Munckehadley" [Hadley], husbandman, and Griffin Tewder of St. Lawrence Pountney for Elizabeth Pierce alias Morgan of London Stone, spinster, to answer John Skeeres and Susan Skeeres [Skaire, Skayre] of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields for suspicion of felony.
Handed over further in bail to William Rincksall of St. Giles'-in-theFields, innholder.
Sess. Roll 545/170.
Sess. Reg. 2/258, 261.
G.D.R. 2/65.

Anthony Bevis [Bevys] and John Garraway of Tottenham Court for William James of the same, locksmith, bound over in £40 because he and John Baker his master made a key which opened a chest in the Earl of Lincoln's House in Cannon Row, out of which was taken £1,000 in gold; and of Sir Henry Fines [Fynes] of Westminster [Cannon Row], knight, for Francis Needham his servant, and for Richard Browne of Ketton, co. Rutland, gentleman, both bound over in £1,000 upon the complaint of the Earl of Lincoln, touching the opening of the said chest with a false key, and taking forth of the same £1,000 in gold.
All to appear at the next Sessions of Gaol Delivery. The said William James handed over further to Thomas Amlyn of St. Giles'in-the-Fields, shoemaker.
Sess. Roll 545/171, 214, 215.
G.D.R. 2/65d, 66, 69, 72.

Robert Christie of St. Bride's, saddler, and John Pettie of the same, tailor, for Thomas Ford of Hackney, gentleman, to answer for suspicion of a robbery.
Sess. Roll 545/174.

Alexander Collins of St. Clement's, tailor, and Ewyn Martin of the same, scrivener, for George Wood of the same, broker, to answer for the unjust detaining of divers goods from one Mr. Groome, the Earl of Exeter's servant.
Sess. Roll 545/177.
G.D.R. 2/66.

William Goringe of Chelsea, waterman, and William Wrennall of the same for Robert Snead of the same, joiner, for wounding John Nixon, carman, upon his right hand with a sword at Chelsea aforesaid.
Sess. Roll 545/179.
G.D.R. 2/65d.

Richard Calvin of Westminster, butcher, to give evidence against George Symmons, butcher, for felony.
The said George delivered by proclamation.
Sess. Roll 545/182.
G.D.R. 2/63.

Thomas Owers of St. Katherine's, grocer, James Howell, feltmaker, and William Hennon, brewer, both of the same, for John Mattes, feltmaker, and Morgan Fludd, porter, both of the same, for buying stolen wool.
Sess. Roll 545/184, 185.
G.D.R. 2/66d, 69.

John Blumfeild of East Smithfield, cutler, and Hugh Royden of the same, labourer, for Barnaby Cable of the same, butcher, not to sell or utter any meat on the Sabbath day.
Sess. Roll 545/186.
Sess. Reg. 2/258.

Thomas Lane of Ratcliffe, chandler, and George Miller of Poplar, carpenter, for William Burton of Blackwall, carpenter, for hurting the Marshal's man.
Sess. Roll 545/190.
Sess. Reg. 2/257.

William Berre [Berry] of East Smithfield, vintner, for keeping ill rule at extraordinary hours in his house.
Sess. Roll 545/191.
Sess. Reg. 2/257.

Edward Ingram of St. Clement Danes, locksmith, and John West of the same, scrivener, for Grace, wife of the said Edward, to answer Joan Barrot [Barrett] of the same, spinster, her late servant, who charges her to have conspired and practised to poison the said Edward Ingram her husband; and of John Pardon of the same, locksmith, for the said Joan to give evidence.
The said Joan committed for sureties for good behaviour for wrongfully charging her Mistress "to have given poyson in a messe of pottage" to the said Edward Ingram.
Sess. Roll 545/199, 209.
Sess. Reg. 2/256, 258.

John Shelbery of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, gentleman, to give evidence against John Comby [Comeley] for stealing certain parcels of silver plate out of his parlour.
The said John Comeley respited to the House of Correction.
Sess. Roll 545/200.
Sess. Roll 549/72.
G.D.R. 2/63d.

Ralph Savidge of St. Clement Danes, victualler, for William Blysse [Blisse] of the same, victualler, to answer the complaint of Mistress Elizabeth Bronkard and her sister, lodging in St. Clement Danes.
Sess Roll 545/201.
Sess. Reg. 2/257.

Walter Bunnell of St. Clement Danes, haberdasher, Elias Allen, grocer, and Andrew Woods, combmaker, both of the same, for Thomas Fysher [Fisher], spectacle-maker, and William Hudson, tailor, both of the same, for striking and wounding John Thomas of St. Giles'in-the-Fields, drayman; and of William Wase of St. Clement Danes, tailor, for the said John for abusing and reviling George Etheridge [Eldridge] and Thomas Johnson, two of the constables of the Liberty of the Duchy of Lancaster, in the execution of his Majesty's service.
Sess. Roll 545/205, 206.
Sess. Roll 546/42.
Sess. Reg. 2/256, 261.
G.D.R. 2/63.

Edward Robinson of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, for breaking the glass windows of Mistress Dolman's house [in Drury Lane, deleted], "in a royetous humor and threatninge to plucke down her Rayles."
Sess. Roll 545/207.
Sess. Reg. 2/256.

Richard Leirwood of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, blacksmith, and Edward Wilkins of the same, cordwainer, for Margaret Peadle of the same, spinster, for conveying away out of her house a gentleman, one Mr. Stephen Palmes, who is accused by Joan Philpot, her late servant, to have begotten a child upon her body in her Mistress's said house. To be sent away by pass by the constable.
Sess. Roll 545/208.
Sess. Reg. 2/256.

John Butler of Isleworth, joiner, and Richard Jones of the same, shoemaker, for Thomas Browne of the same, butcher, to answer "Penticost" Hamblington.
Sess. Roll 545/210.
Sess. Reg. 2/256.

Thomas Edge of Southwark, co. Surrey, merchant-tailor, and John Glascock of the same for Arthur Bone of Westminster, tailor, to appear.
Sess. Roll 545/211.
Sess. Reg. 2/256.

Richard Halsey alias Chaundler and Richard Carrell of Uxbridge for Arthur Palmer of the same, labourer, to appear.
Sess. Roll 545/212.
Sess. Reg. 2/256.

Richard Cowper and Robert Barnes of Westminster, shoemakers, for Joan, wife of Reginald Keyes, to appear.
Sess. Roll 545/213.
Sess. Reg. 2/256.

William Powell of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, scrivener, and Hugh Hutchins of St. Clement Danes, tailor, for James Frauncis [Frances] of St. Martin's aforesaid, victualler, for victualling without licence; and of John More of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, chandler, for the like.
Sess. Roll 545/219, 221.
Sess. Reg. 2/255, 256.

William Wheatelie of Westminster and Edward Kiffen of Finchley for Henry Frier [Fryar] of Westminster, blacksmith, who was taken selling melted silver.
Sess. Roll 545/220.
Sess. Reg. 2/255.

Richard Davis and Henry Sarrett of Westminster, barbers, for wounding William Griffeth.
Sess. Roll 545/222, 223.
Sess. Reg. 2/255.

Robert Hartwell of Westminster and William Richardson of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, innholder, for Jane Cox [Coxe], daughter of the said Robert, for having a bastard secretly and conveying the same to Whitecross Street, and there laying it at Mr. Morton's door and there leaving it; and for Elizabeth, wife of the said Robert, for conveying her daughter's bastard as aforesaid.
The said Robert handed over in bail to Abraham Musgrave, and to discharge the parish of St. Margaret's, Westminster, from the keeping of a bastard child. At the next Sessions came and was discharged because he brought a certificate from the Churchwardens of Westminster that he had discharged the parish.
Sess. Roll 545/224, 225.
Sess. Reg. 2/255, 262.

Agnes Christmas of the City of Oxford, spinster, to give evidence against Giles Hasell for stealing a box of certain clothes.
The said Giles delivered by proclamation.
Sess. Roll 545/229, 292.
G.D.R. 2/63.

7 August, 13 James I [A.D. 1615].
At the General Gaol Delivery for the county of Cumberland held at the City of Carlisle in the said county before Sir Edward Bromley, knight, one of the Barons of the Exchequer, and Sir Augustine Nichols, knight, one of the Justices of the Common Pleas, came George Hethrington of Righead, co. Cumberland, Andrew Hethrington of Graynhead, William Hethrington of Rigfoot, Hutchin Hethrington of Sikhead, George Hethrington of Hallifoot, and Walter Hethrington of Burnside, all yeomen, and the said George Hethrington of Righead and Andrew Hethrington were bound over in bail to the rest to appear at the next Sessions of the Peace after the close of the term of St. Michael next coming to be held for the county of Middlesex at the Justice Hall in the Old Bailey, to answer concerning a certain robbery suspected to be done by them.
Subscribed by Edward Payler, Clerk of the Assizes in the northern parts.
Sess. Roll 545/97.
G.D.R. 2/66d.

Recognizances to keep the peace of:—

Alexander Lea of St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, and Christopher Ashe of the same, tailor, for John Turner of the same, chapman, and Alice his wife towards John Pettifryer.
Sess. Roll 545/12.
Sess. Reg. 2/254.

William Forster of East Smithfield, drayman, and Edward Burd of Limehouse, brewer, for Ferdinand Wynter of Battle Bridge in Southwark, brewer, towards George Spils borough.
Sess. Roll 545/44.
Sess. Reg. 2/252.

Thomas Gallant and Nicholas Pryce of Clerkenwell, shoemakers, for Katherine Gallant of the same, spinster, towards Ann Beton.
Sess. Roll 545/72.
Sess. Reg. 2/255.

Robert Longworthe of Shoreditch, weaver, and Thomas Whittaker of the same, tailor, for Richard Downes of Stepney, weaver, towards Susan Hamond.
Sess. Roll 545/73.
Sess. Reg. 2/255.

John Froome of Westminster, gentleman, for John Fisher of Kentish Town, gentleman, towards James Cooke.
Sess. Roll 545/75.
Sess. Reg. 2/255.

John Fuller of St. Dunstan's-in-the-West, gentleman, and Matthew Payne of the same, clothworker, for Roger Chubb of St. Clement Danes, butcher, towards Ursula Dockeringe of the same, widow.
Sess. Roll 545/84.
Sess. Reg. 2/256.

Edward Parsons of St. Katherine's and John Dyer of the same, waterman, for Walter Davis of Aldgate, brewer, towards Ann Davis.
Sess. Roll 545/88.
Sess. Reg. 2/257.

Edmund Stanbridge of Old Street, collarmaker, and Richard Dyckeson of the same for Thomas Phillips of the same, carter, towards Jane Cansby.
Sess. Roll 545/114.
Sess. Reg. 2/255.

Edward Searle of Clerkenwell, gentleman, and Richard Harte of the same, blacksmith, for John Pullman of the same towards George Beere.
Sess. Roll 545/115.
Sess. Reg. 2/255.

Abraham Evans of St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, chapman, and Robert Fryer of the same, silkweaver, for Thomas Cooke of Norton Folgate, shoemaker, towards Ellis Fakener.
Sess. Roll 545/122.
Sess. Reg. 2/254.

William Welsh of Finchley, brewer, and Edward Pattison of the same, tailor, for Richard Dowley of Friern Barnet, labourer, towards Samson Lythol. He is from henceforth to be dismissed from victualling, being a man of ill life as appears by a certificate.
Sess. Roll 545/124.
Sess. Reg. 2/253.

Silvanus Berket of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields for Richard Gillman of St. Clement Danes, bricklayer, towards Mary, wife of Roger Rich of the same.
Sess. Roll 545/135.
Sess. Reg. 2/253.

John Androwes of St. Peter-ad-Vincula, servant to the lord the King, and Stephen Pope of Whitechapel, baker, for Roger Stephens of Stratford Bow, carpenter, towards Arthur Midleton, William Midleton and Hugh Evans, and to abide the order of the Court concerning the hurt done to the said Evans.
Sess. Roll 545/151.
Sess. Reg. 2/253.

Richard Wenner of St. Botolph's-without-Aldgate and John Moncaster of East Smithfield, brewer, for Alice Porter of the same, spinster, towards Judith Charborough.
Sess. Roll 545/152.
Sess. Reg. 2/253.

Clement Carter of Eastcheap, turner, and Robert Kingsmyth of the same, tailor, for Thomas Quash of Wapping, shoemaker, towards Agnes his wife, and also for Frideswide Johnson of London, spinster, towards the said Agnes.
Sess. Roll 545/153, 154.
Sess. Reg. 2/252.

John Greene of Rosemary Lane, glover, and Alexander Hobson of East Smithfield, gardener, for Agnes Allsopp of the same, spinster, towards Elizabeth Hickes.
Sess. Roll 545/155.
Sess. Reg. 2/252.

John Sharpe of Field Lane, tailor, Benjamin Fitton of Baynard's Castle, gentleman, and Richard Netherton of Coleman Street, leatherseller, for Mary, wife of the said John, towards Marmaduke Grimston of Field Lane, vintner.
Sess. Roll 545/160.
Sess. Reg. 2/254.

John Coolpar of Tottenham and Edward Hill of the same, fisherman, for Francis Ingleton of the same, basketmaker, towards Emma Dyer of the same, spinster.
Sess. Roll 545/169.
Sess. Reg. 2/254.

Indictments of:—

Thomas Spurlinge of Uxbridge, butcher, for an assault and battery on Ann, wife of Christopher Androwes of Acton, at Uxbridge.
Prosecutor:— John Jennings.
Sureties:— Nicholas Spurlinge of Hayes and Thomas Carew of Uxbridge, butcher.
Sess. Roll 545/226, 230.
Sess. Reg. 2/255.
P.R.B. 1/59d.

Walter Lambe of Westminster for assaulting Edward Riddell and breaking his arm, at the same.
Prosecutor:— Valentine Jenkins.
Surety:— Richard Lewes alias Davis of the same.
Sess. Roll 545/80, 231.
Sess. Reg. 2/255.
P.R.B. 1/59d.

30 May, 13 James I [A.D. 1615].
Hugh Nynoe of Westminster for an assault and battery on Hugh Ball, gentleman, at the same, and for drawing his blood.
Prosecutors:—James Stafford, William Kellett, John Sharpe, Jane Bawde.
Sess. Roll 545/232.
P.R.B. 1/59d.

7 August, 13 James I [A.D. 1615].
Walter Burke and Robert Collyns of Westminster, salters, for an assault and battery on Edward Fennell, at the same.
Prosecutor:— Thomas Draper.
Sess. Roll 545/233.
P.R.B. 1/59d.

George Heath of Westminster, baker, for breaking the assize of bread by selling seven loaves of white bread each lacking 2 oz. in weight, ten loaves of wheaten bread each lacking 2 oz., and three loaves of household bread each lacking I oZ; and of Dorothy Tymon of Kensington, widow, for the like offence.
The said Dorothy acknowledged, fined 3s. 4d.
Prosecutors:—Richard Adams, John Hill.
Sess. Roll 545/234, 236.
P.R.B. 1/59d.

Robert Adams alias Fletcher of Uxbridge for an assault and battery on Robert Scoles [Skoles] in the highway at St. Giles'-inthe-Fields.
Acknowledged, fined 6s. 8d.
Sureties:—John Grace of Uxbridge, draper, and John Hunte of the same, miller.
Sess. Roll 545/189, 235.
Sess. Reg. 2/258.

Robert Evans of Chancery Lane, vintner, and Nicholas Sherman [Sheardman] of the same, cook, for an assault and battery on Robert Collins, at Westminster.
Both acknowledged and fined 12d.
Prosecutor:— Richard Richardson.
Sureties:— William Hawes, beadle, and Thomas Shearfeild, cordwainer, both of Chancery Lane aforesaid.
Sess. Roll 545/187, 188, 237.
Sess. Reg. 2/258.

Henry Tapper of Enfield, tailor, for assaulting and beating John Decroe [Deacroe, Decrowe, Decroye] of the same, gentleman, at the same, and pulling out his beard.
Ann, wife of the said Henry, and John his son, bound over to appear upon the complaint of the said Decroe and divers of his servants.
The said Henry Tapper and Henry Gibbens of Enfield, silkweaver, bound over to give evidence against the said Decroe, Henry Ebbes and Christopher Wallis, labourers, George Backster, Rebecca Collyer [Colyar], spinster, Thomas Merricke and Thomas Brickett alias Stephens, labourers [husbandmen], Rebecca Cloister and Elizabeth Wells, spinsters, all of Enfield, for their riotous assault on the said Henry, John and Ann Tapper and Henry Gibbens.
The said Henry Tapper fined 2s., and all matters between him and the said Mr. Decroe are referred to Sir John Brett, Sir Ferdinand Heyburne and Mr. Collyns to end before the next Sessions.
Sureties:— John Hipkins of Enfield, sheathmaker, William Durant, gentleman, Robert Doe, victualler, Stephen Barnes, William Spencer, John Godfrey and John Catlinson, all of the same, and Henry Mosse of Edmonton.
Sess. Roll 545/161, 164–7, 192–8, 238.
Sess. Reg. 2/254, 255, 257.

Thomas Lambert of Whitechapel for stealing three black heifers each worth 40s. belonging to Christopher Wilson, at the same.
At large.
Prosecutor:— John Maior.
Sess. Roll 545/239.
P.R.B. 1/59d.
G.D.R. 2/65.

Thomas Heycocke [Haycock] of Harrow for stealing seven ducks each worth 14d. belonging to Thomas Arland, and eight geese each worth 3s. belonging to John Ashwell, both at the same.
At large.
Prosecutor:— Philippa Puddyfatt [Puddifat] of Harrow, spinster [widow], who is also charged with receiving the said geese and ducks.
Sess. Roll 545/228, 240, 241.
Sess. Reg. 2/256.
P.R.B. 1/59d.

John Thomas of St. John Street [Ratcliffe] for stealing a pair of sheets worth 29s., two pieces of pewter worth 5s. and a towel worth 8d., belonging to Abraham Musgrave [Musgrove] of Smithfield Bars, innholder, at St. John Street.
Respited to be tried at the next on account of the shortness of time at this, and afterwards at the Gaol Delivery held at the Justice Hall on 12 January, 13 James I [A.D. 1615–16], was found guilty, no goods, seeks the book, does not read, to be hanged.
Prosecutor:— William Easte.
Sureties:—John Bolson of St. Bartholomew's-the-Great and John Browne of Stepney, clothworker.
Sess. Roll 545/102, 242.
Sess. Roll 546/158.
G.D.R. 2/65, 67d, 69d.

Michael Snippe of Petticoat Lane for robbing Richard Jones of Westminster in the highway, and taking from him a black cloak lined with velvet worth £15, a satin doublet worth £15, a pair of satin breeches worth £5, a holland shirt worth 13s. and a ruff-band worth 15s., belonging to Edward Sadler, gentleman, and a russet cloak worth 12s., belonging to the said Jones.
Not guilty, but withdrawn.
Sess. Roll 545/32, 247, 292.
G.D.R. 2/65.

Gregory Norton of St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, for stealing thirty pieces of pewter worth 40s., a sand-coloured cloak worth 30s., six red and green curtains worth 10s., two Bibles worth 18s., a Testament worth 2s., a grograin kirtle worth 2s. 6d. and a riding coat worth 6s. 8d., belonging to George Barrowe, at the same.
Not guilty, neither withdrawn.
Sureties for the said Gregory and Susan his wife:—Richard Derrome of St. Leonard's, aforesaid, scrivener, and Henry Dawes of the same, baker.
Sess. Roll 545/118, 248.
Sess. Reg. 2/258.
G.D.R. 2/65, 66.

Henry Hore [Hoare] of St. John Street [Tottenham] for stealing two black oxen each worth £8, belonging to Thomas Greenewood, gentleman, at the same; and for stealing 17 lb. of yarn worth 10s., 27 ells of linen cloth each worth 12d., a jerkin worth 8s., a pair of breeches worth 12d. and a sword worth 12d., belonging to John Burr of Tottenham, weaver, at the same.
Guilty, no goods, seeks the book, does not read, to be hanged.
Prosecutors:—"Melangton" Lewes, Francis Zachary, Edmund Atkinson, Andrew Blase.
Sess. Roll 545/104, 249, 260.
Sess. Roll 549/72.
G.D.R. 2/64d.

William Udall of Bromley for breaking into the house of Sir Arthur Ingram, knight, at the same, about 1 p.m., nobody being in the said house, and stealing a violet cloak worth 5s. belonging to Nicholas Powell, servant to the said Sir Arthur.
Guilty, no goods, seeks the book, reads, to be branded.
Prosecutors:— William Danport [Damport] of Stratford Bow, linen-draper, and Andrew Corney, servant to the said Sir Arthur.
Sess. Roll 545/30, 31, 250, 292.
G.D.R. 2/64d.

John Yeecupp of Stoke Newington for stealing five pewter dishes worth 10s., two pewter candlesticks worth 3s., a pewter quart pot worth 18d., a pewter pint pot worth 8d. and a pewter saltcellar worth 12d., belonging to a man unknown, at the same.
Not guilty.
Prosecutors:— Thomas Reade, George Bigges.
Sess. Roll 545/251.
G.D.R. 2/64d.

Thomas Deane and Charles Bourne of Westminster for stealing a gilt salt worth 60s., a hat-band set with pearls and gold buttons worth 60s., two ruffs worth 20s., a pair of gloves worth 8s., a sheet worth 6s. and a pillowbeer worth 3s., belonging to Thomas Farmer [Fermor] of the same, vintner, at the same; and of Isabel Allington of Chancery Lane, spinster, for receiving and helping them after the said felony.
The said Deane was examined before Mr. Smythe in Southwark. Guilty, no goods, seeks the book, does not have it because had it before, therefore to be hanged.
The said Bourne no true bill.
The said Allington not guilty.
Prosecutors:—Ann Cancke, Mary Farmer.
Sess. Roll 545/176, 218, 252.
Sess. Roll 549/72.
G.D.R. 2/64d, 66.

Hugh Hooke of Westminster for robbing Martha, wife of George Winche of Harrow Hill, at Westminster, of a purse worth Id. and 7s. 3d. in money in it, and a gold ring worth 9s., belonging to the said George.
Guilty, no goods, to be hanged.
Sess. Roll 545/217, 253, 292.
G.D.R. 2/64d.

Jane Foxe of Marylebone, spinster, for breaking into the house of William Gregory of the same, about nine o'clock at night, with intent to rob, and alarming the said Gregory and all his household, at the same.
Guilty, no goods, to be hanged. Not pregnant.
Sess. Roll 545/216, 245, 254, 292.
G.D.R. 2/64d.

Hugh Hargest of Westminster for killing Jenkin Lewes at St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, with a rapier worth 12d., wounding him in the left pap so that he instantly died.
Guilty of manslaughter in defending himself and not otherwise.
Prosecutors:—Robert Whitney, John Sutton.
Examinations taken before the Coroner, by whose warrant the said Hugh was detained.
Sess. Roll 545/255.
Sess. Roll 549/72.
G.D.R. 2/64d.

William Sheppard of Whitechapel for stealing a brown bay gelding worth 50s. [£5], belonging to George Collier, at the same.
Not guilty.
Prosecutor:—Thomas Watson of Deptford, co. Kent, who is also to prosecute John Sheppard [Sheppearde] and William White for horse-stealing.
Sureties:—John Terry and Thomas Batten of "le Three Cranes" in the Vintry, haberdashers, William Kerton of Budge Row in St. Helen's-the-Less, tailor, John Bolsome of Clerkenwell, haberdasher, Thomas Heyton of the same, barber-surgeon, John Browne of St. Olave's, Southwark, chandler, Henry Okeley of St. Andrew's, Holborn, husbandman.
Sess. Roll 545/40-42, 144, 257.
Sess. Roll 549/72.
G.D.R. 2/64d, 65.

Richard Shone alias Underwood of Edmonton, labourer, for stealing a brown gelding worth 40s., and divers other goods from Doctor Boyle of the same, at the same.
Not guilty.
Prosecutors:—John Davies of the same, labourer, and Isabel, wife of the said Richard.
Sess. Roll 545/96, 258.
Sess. Roll 549/72.
G.D.R. 2/64d.

James Rawlins of Staines for stealing three wether sheep each worth 6s. 8d., two ewe sheep each worth 4s. and two lambs each worth 2s. 6d., belonging to Susan Ducke, widow, at the same.
Not guilty.
Prosecutor:—Robert Cowden of Bray, co. Berks, yeoman.
Sess. Roll 545/181, 259, 292.
G.D.R. 2/64d.

Thomas Moore of Shoreditch for stealing a brown cow worth 40s. belonging to John Reade [Red] of South Mimms, and a black cow worth 40s. belonging to Benjamin Huckle of the same, both at Shoreditch.
Guilty, no goods, seeks the book, does not read, to be hanged.
Sureties:— John Blackston of St. Martin's in the Vintry, woodmonger, and Henry Bowman of South Mimms, collier.
Sess. Roll 545/55, 56, 261, 262.
Sess. Roll 549/72.
G.D.R. 2/64d.

Elizabeth Graves of Clerkenwell, spinster, for stealing a turkey grograin gown worth 40s., a "stammell" petticoat worth 10s., a black striped kirtle worth 5s., a cloak worth 5s., two felt hats worth 7s., two pairs of sheets worth 8s., two table-cloths worth 5s., a pair of whalebone bodies worth 2s., three ruff-bands worth 6s. and a pair of worsted stockings worth 2s., belonging to Richard Thomas of All Hallows, Barking, joiner, at Clerkenwell.

Respited for better enquiry; see the file of examinations of the last Sessions, or call for it in London for her examination. Guilty, no goods, to be hanged. Not pregnant.
Sess. Roll 545/175, 245, 263.
Sess. Roll 549/72.
G.D.R. 2/64d, 66.

31 July, 13 James I [A.D. 1615].
Robert Gunne [Gunns] of Tottenham [Ratcliffe] for stealing a bay mare worth 60s. belonging to Elizabeth Lapham, widow, at the same; and for stealing a silver beaker worth 30s. belonging to William Coales [Coles] of Ratcliffe, victualler, at the same.
Guilty, no goods, to be hanged on both charges.
Prosecutors:—Roger Wielder, Elizabeth Martin, Thomas Martin, Thomas Andrewes.
Sess. Roll 545/173, 256, 264, 292.
Sess. Roll 549/72.
G.D.R. 2/64d, 66.

Henry Cletheroe of St. Giles-without-Cripplegate for breaking into the house of Humphrey Amler [Ambler] of Friday Street, salter, about ten o'clock at night, with intent to rob, and alarming Agnes Yomans in the said house.
Guilty on suspicion of burglary and assault, no goods, to be hanged.
Prosecutors:—John Coolinge, John Morris, Mary Bromwell.
Sess. Roll 545/101, 265.
G.D.R. 2/64d.

John Davies of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields [together with two others unnamed and deleted] for breaking into the house and shop of William Smythe of the same, shoemaker, at the same, between eleven and twelve at night, and stealing three pieces of leather worth 14s. and a pair of boots worth 5s.
Not guilty.
Prosecutor:—George Bennett.
Sess. Roll 545/125, 266, 292.
G.D.R. 2/64d.

John Wilson and William Howard of Fulham for stealing nine hens worth 9s., three capons worth 5s. and a cock worth 12d., belonging to Thomas Fraunces [Francis], gentleman, at the same.
Both guilty, no goods, seek the book, read, to be branded.
Prosecutor:—Edward White of the same.
Sess. Roll 545/178, 267.
Sess. Roll 549/72.
G.D.R. 2/64.

Bartholomew Calton of St. John Street for stealing two welsh beasts, a brown ox and a black ox each worth 60s., belonging to Thomas Alden of St. Mary Magdalen's, co. Surrey, at St. John Street.
Guilty, no goods, seeks the book, reads, to be branded.
Prosecutor:—William Scruggs.
Sureties:—Brian Bound of West Smithfield, coachmaker, Robert Calton of Saxelby, co. Leicester, and Ralph Burleby of Islington.
Sess. Roll 545/70, 99, 268.
G.D.R. 2/64, 65d.

John Styll [Still] of Bicester, co. Oxon, and John Butcher of Leicester, butchers, for assaulting Thomas Morris in the highway at Marylebone, and robbing him of a cloak worth 30s., a hat-band worth 12d., a pair of knives within a sheath worth 6d., and 18d. in money.
The said Still guilty, no goods, to be hanged.
The said Butcher not guilty, but respited to prison for the Gaol of Surrey.
Prosecutors:—Thomas Layte, Edward Smith of St. Clement Danes, butcher, George Paultocke [Paltocke] of Paddington, collarmaker, and Gilbert Parry of Hammersmith, schoolmaster.
Sess. Roll 545/15, 126, 127, 269.
Sess. Roll 549/72.
G.D.R. 2/64.

William Durden of Limehouse for stealing a "rawne" [roan] mare worth 66s. 8d. belonging to William Hunter of "Stanferdleho" [Stanford-le-Hope], co. Essex, at Limehouse.
Guilty, no goods, to be hanged.
Prosecutors:—Hugh Hodson of Orsett, co. Essex, and James Hembricks of Limehouse, headborough.
Sess. Roll 545/25, 34, 270.
Sess. Roll 549/72.
G.D.R. 2/64.
[See also p. 135].

Ralph Burtall, butcher, and George Redford, weaver, of St. Giles'in-the-Fields [of New Windsor, co. Berks], for stealing a bay mare worth 80s. belonging to Henry Browne of New Windsor, baker; and three black kine, one brindled cow, and one red cow, each worth 50s., belonging to Richard Whympe [Wympe] of New Windsor, innkeeper, at St. Giles' aforesaid.
The said Ralph died in gaol.
The said George not guilty.
Surety:—Thomas Chapman of St. Mary Somerset, London, cordwainer.
Sess. Roll 545/128, 129, 271, 272, 292.
G.D.R. 2/64.

Richard Little, Griffin Marsement [Marcheman] and Ralph Gregory [Gregorie] of Kentish Town for assaulting Richard Smythe of the same in the highway at the same, and robbing him of a mingledcoloured cloak worth 20s. and a felt hat worth 5s.
The said Richard guilty, no goods, to be hanged.
The said Griffin not guilty. Also indicted for stealing two geldings and a mare.
The said Ralph at large.
Sess. Roll 545/172, 274, 292.
P.R.B. 1/59d.
G.D.R. 2/64, 66.

Christopher Davyes [Davies] of Gray's Inn Lane for stealing a pair of "gamashes" (fn. 1) worth 4d. belonging to William Pantinge of the same, innkeeper, at the same.
Petty larceny, not guilty.
Sess. Roll 545/157, 275.
Sess. Roll 549/72.
G.D.R. 2/64.

Edward Hinckes of the Strand for stealing four dozen of silk lace worth 6s. belonging to Thomas Taylor [Tailor] of St. Martin'sin-the-Fields, silkman, at the Strand.
Not guilty.
Sess. Roll 545/76, 276.
Sess. Roll 549/72.
G.D.R. 2/64.

John Horwood [Harwood] of Kingsbury, tailor, Walter Johnson of Northall, carpenter, and Richard Eaton of Finchley, brickmaker, for stealing two geese worth 8d. belonging to George Lawrence of Preston Green, at the same [at Harrow].
Petty larceny, all not guilty.
Sureties:—Mark Walbanke of Finchley, bricklayer, Michael Bolton of St. Anne alias Agnes, London, goldsmith, Richard Page, Thomas Sheapard and Martin Newman of Kingsbury, and William Wise of the same, carpenter.
Sess. Roll 545/119–121, 180, 277.
G.D.R. 2/64, 66.

John Potter of East Smithfield for stealing three bushels of malt worth 9s. belonging to Abraham Wessells [Westles] of the same, cooper, at the same.
Not guilty.
Sess. Roll 545/145, 278.
G.D.R. 2/64.

Andrew Weye [Waye] of Gray's Inn Lane for stealing a green rug worth 3s. belonging to Thomas Hopper, at the same.
Guilty to the value of 8d., no goods, to be whipped.
Prosecutor:—Helen Hopper.
Surety:—William Littleboye of Whitecross Street, victualler.
Sess. Roll 545/103, 279.
G.D.R. 2/64.

John Hewett of London, labourer, for stealing a pair of holland sheets worth 10s. and a holland towel worth 2s., belonging to Richard Wilkes, gentleman, at High Holborn in the parish of St. Andrew's, Holborn.
Guilty, seeks the book, does not have it because had it before, therefore to be hanged.
Sess. Roll 545/280, 292.
G.D.R. 2/64.

Christopher Anderson and John Cotten of Whitechapel for breaking into the house of Richard Collins at the same, about twelve o'clock at night, and stealing 44 yards of purple perpetuana worth 100s. belonging to George Henley; and 44 yards of green perpetuana worth 100s. belonging to Peter Boulton; and 22 yards of green perpetuana worth 0s. belonging to Francis Waterhouse; and 3½ yards of Frenc russet kersey worth 6s. belonging to Elizabeth Bennett, widow, being in the said house.
Both guilty, no goods, to be hanged.
Prosecutors:—Ann Synnocke, Henry Newman, Jane Clifton, George Paine, Ann Dalley, Edward Curneck.
Sess. Roll 545/281.
G.D.R. 2/64.

Francis Rayman [Raymond] of Stratford Bow for stealing four hogs each worth 10s. belonging to John Goodwyn of Theydon Garnon, co. Essex, at Stratford Bow.
Guilty, no goods, seeks the book, reads, to be branded.
Prosecutors:—John Freeman, Anthony Smythe of Bow.
Sess. Roll 545/86, 282.
Sess. Roll 549/72.
G.D.R. 2/64.

Richard Parker of Westminster for robbing John Kirle of his purse worth 1d. and 66s. 8d. in money in it, at the same.
Not guilty.
Prosecutor:— Thomas Clarke.
Sess. Roll 545/283.
Sess. Roll 549/72.
G.D.R. 2/63d.

Elizabeth Henry of Westminster, widow, for stealing 17s. in money out of the pocket of Richard Kitter of the same, oatmealmaker, at the same.
Guilty, no goods, to be hanged. Not pregnant.
Sess. Roll 545/183, 245, 284, 292.
G.D.R. 2/63d.

Robert Robinson of Whitecross Street for stealing a mingledcoloured cloak worth 5s. and two jerkins worth 16d., belonging to Robert Wayne [Wane] of the same, tailor, at the same.
Guilty to the value of 10d., no goods, to be whipped.
Prosecutor:—John Smythe.
Sess. Roll 545/49, 50, 285.
Sess. Roll 549/72.
G.D.R. 2/63d.

Katherine, wife of John Sympson of East Smithfield, for stealing a mingled-coloured cloak worth 10s. belonging to John Attwood, at the same.
Not guilty.
Sess. Roll 545/286.
G.D.R. 2/63d.

21 May, 13 James I [A.D. 1615].
John Hurlocke of Harrow, who, contrary to human nature, committed buggery with a black mare and had and perpetrated the act of procreation with the same mare.
Not guilty.
Prosecutors:—John Archer and Alice Petison.
Sess. Roll 545/227, 287, 292.
G.D.R. 2/63d.

Nicholas Stute [Stutt] and Ferdinand Varney [Verney] of Ratcliffe for stealing four black oxen each worth £6 belonging to Christopher Goulding [Goldinge] of Waltham Abbey, co. Essex, at Ratcliffe.
The said Nicholas acknowledges, seeks the book, reads, to be branded. Delivered by proclamation.
The said Ferdinand at large.
Sess. Roll 545/143, 288, 292.
P.R.B. 1/59d.
G.D.R. 2/63d, 65, 67.

William Clarke and Emma Elliott [Elles] of Rosemary Lane and John Barnes of Ratcliffe, sailor, for stealing two green carpets worth 80s., a deroy-coloured cloak worth 5s., a black velvet girdle worth 12d., a wrought night-cap worth 2s. 6d., a table-cloth worth 5s., a ruff-band worth 6s. 8d., eleven pieces of pewter worth 20s., three napkins worth 3s., two wrought coifs worth 10s., a black crosscloth with a gold edge worth 5s., a forehead-cloth worth 3s. and two tiffanies worth 2s. 6d., belonging to Robert Smythe of Southwark, esquire, at Rosemary Lane; and of James Foster [Forster] of the same, tailor, and Joan his wife, and Gregory Brandon of the same and Alice his wife, for helping and receiving them after the said felony.
The said William respited to the Gaol of Surrey because a burglary was done there and he wished to acknowledge to these.
The said Emma guilty, no goods, to be hanged. Not pregnant.
The said John and Joan deleted, no true bill. The said John bound over to answer the said Gregory.
The said James and Gregory not guilty. The said Gregory bound over to give evidence against the said John.
The said Alice at large.
Prosecutors:—John Hutchins [Hutchings] of Rosemary Lane and William Hewett [Huett] of the same, victualler, to give evidence against the said James for attempting to fly upon apprehension; Henry Bughley [Bewlye] of Southwark, co. Surrey, clerk, William Hickson of St. Thomas', Southwark, and Edward Langley.
Sureties:—Gregory Norton of St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, shoemaker, John Crosbie of the same, alebrewer, John Williams and Tobias Danus of Rosemary Lane, Robert Kerton, blacksmith, Thomas Quested, tailor, and William Dickson, miller, all of the same, Edward Bedward of Grub Street, tailor, Mungo Parker of Ratcliffe, weaver, and William Jones of East Smithfield, tailor.
Sess. Roll 545/13, 14, 26, 35, 38, 38a,
43, 140-2, 148, 149, 245, 289, 292.
Sess. Roll 549/72.
Sess. Reg. 2/253.
P.R.B. 1/59d.
G.D.R. 2/63d, 65.

Coroner's Inquest:—

8 September, 13 James I [A.D. 1615].
Inquest taken at Clerkenwell before Robert Bright, gentleman, coroner, on view of the body of Henry Browne lying dead and slain, by the oaths of Theodore Handlie, John Michell, Thomas Bates, Richard Tuffnell, Henry Peirson, Richard Wigginton, William Batten, Aaron Holland, Robert Straker, Thomas Stanger, William Shawe, John Gregorie, Alexander Scruggs, Robert Hart, William Keyes, Nicholas Lingerd, Anthony Shillitoe, Matthew Brymsley, James Tanner and Ralph Hopkins, who say on their oath that whereas the said Henry Browne and William Starkey of London, gentleman, with divers others, were drinking in a house called "le signe of the Angell" without the Bars of West Smithfield in the parish of St. Sepulchre's-without-Newgate, on 7 September in the year abovesaid between the hours of 4 and 5 p.m., it so happened that divers opprobrious and contumelious words were spoken between the said Browne and Starkey, on account of which words the said Starkey rising instantly went out of the said house and withdrew to a place commonly called Woods Close in the parish of St. James', Clerkenwell, and the said Browne similarly rising followed the said Starkey to the said place, where they instantly made an affray and fell on one another with their swords, in which affray the said Starkey with his rapier worth 2s. struck the said Browne on the left part of the breast giving him a mortal wound, of which wound the said Browne instantly died. And so the jurors aforesaid say on their oath that the said Starkey feloniously slew the said Browne in manner and form aforesaid at Woods Close aforesaid; and that the said Starkey at the time of perpetrating the said felony had no lands, tenements or chattels to the knowledge of the said jurors. In witness whereof, etc.
Tried on an indictment for murder whereof he was indicted at the last Sessions. Found guilty of homicide, no goods, seeks the book, reads, to be branded.
Sess. Roll 545/273.
Sess. Roll 549/72.
G.D.R. 2/64.
[See also p. 53.]

November, 13 James I [A.D. 1615].
Jury writ for the Sessions.
Sess. Roll 545/290.

1 December, 13 James I [A.D. 1615].
Precept, addressed to the sheriffs, issued by Sir Francis Darcy, Sir Thomas Fowler and Sir Baptist Hickes, knights, Edmund Doubledaye, Francis Michell and Nicholas Collyn, esquires, to summon a jury of twenty-four lawful men of the county to Hicks Hall on 1 December to try cases of treason, misprision of treason, insurrection, rebellion, murder, felony, homicide, slaying and other articles and offences specified in Letters Patent of the lord the King.
Endorsed by William Gore and John Gore, sheriffs, that the execution of the precept appears in a certain panel annexed to the same.

Names of jurors:—

Silas Tito of Field Lane. Sworn.
Henry Browne of the same. Sworn.
William Devenishe of the same.
Robert Jones of the same. Sworn.
Thomas Fawconer of Cow Cross. Sworn.
Thomas Bates of Charterhouse Lane. Sworn.
Samuel Purser of Field Lane. Sworn.
Thomas Dallett of the same. Sworn.
John Brasier of the same. Sworn.
Nicholas Asplin of the same. Sworn.
John Cotterell of the same. Sworn.
Marmaduke Grimston of the same. Sworn.
Robert Griffin of Charterhouse Lane. Sworn.
John Barton of the same. Sworn.
Abraham Musgrave of St. John Street. Sworn.
Francis Mason of Field Lane. Sworn.
John Blackman of the same.
Richard Horton of the same.
Abraham Howard of the same.
Robert Stryker of St. John Street.
John Burt of the same.

Sess. Roll 545/243, 244.

Gaol Delivery Roll. (fn. 2)

Detained in the Gaol of Newgate:—

Richard Smithe and Charles Browne for stealing four sheep. Delivered by proclamation.
William Phillipps for stealing a grey horse belonging to Thomas Bonfeild, and a black gelding belonging to Thomas Howe. Died in gaol.
Elizabeth Lidgould for stealing a woman's gown belonging to [blank]. Delivered by proclamation.
John Thraske detained by warrant of the Bishops of Canterbury, London, Ely and Rochester, "for goinge upp and downe as a wanderinge minister." Respited to the order of the Bishops; respited to prison without bail.
Frances M[ott] "for an incorigible wrouge", being brought to bed of a bastard.
Henry Porter —. Delivered by proclamation.
Eleanor Mantle for suspicion of felony, a cloak of —.
Delivered by proclamation.
Polinarda Stephenson [Steevenson] for suspicion of felony —. Delivered by proclamation.
John Reynolds and Abner Walker for accessories to a burglary at —. Delivered by proclamation.
Michael Cambridge for killing Jenkin Lewes. Delivered by proclamation.
Richard Harris had judgement and escaped but is now in custody.
Sess. Roll 545/292.
Sess. Roll 546/225.
Sess. Roll 549/72.
G.D.R. 2/63, 63d, 67.


p.251. Thomas Stutfeld of Aldersgate, gentleman, to discharge the parish of St. Giles'-without-Cripplegate from keeping a bastard child, begotten upon the body of Grace Palmer by William Stutfeld his brother. The said Thomas undertook to stand to the Justices' order and the said Grace deposed that the said William was the only father of Elizabeth, her said bastard child, and it is ordered that the said Thomas shall give her £5, to be left with Sir James Bacon, upon condition that she shall put in good sureties, "such as Sir James Bacon shall like well of," to discharge the said parish.

Henry Fenn of St. Bartholomew's, gentleman, bound over for the preceding cause.

p.252. Robert Hembrickes of Ratcliffe, victualler, appeared upon information laid against him by Bartholomew Benson under the Statute of 31 [sic] Henry VIII against unlawful games, and pleaded not guilty.

Anthony Colchester of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, brewer, for suffering Matthew Mawe to escape after he had arrested him by warrant, who had begotten Frances Mott with child; discharged, and the mother of the bastard child is sent to the House of Correction (and G.D.R. f.63d).

Alexander Barnes of Whitechapel, victualler, for the peace, came and was discharged.

p.254. Anthony Wrighte of St. Katherine's-next-the-Tower of London, victualler, William Waterman of Rosemary Lane, victualler, and Henry Ryce of Ratcliffe, victualler, appeared upon information laid by Bartholomew Benson as aforesaid.

p.256. Francis Warner and Stephen Pope of Whitechapel, victuallers, appeared upon information laid by Bartholomew Benson as aforesaid.

Robert Cobbett of Rosemary Lane, labourer, to be sent to the House of Correction for that he hath threatened to kill either his wife or child.

p.257. Respited to the next:—

Margaret Nunne and Deborah Hughes of Ratcliffe, spinsters, for wounding Richard Else, bailiff.

p.258. Edward Hickson of Holywell Street, victualler, appeared upon information laid by Bartholomew Benson as aforesaid, and pleaded not guilty.

p.259. Order that Richard Pryce, alehousekeeper, at the sign of the Green Dragon in New Brentford, shall be forthwith dismissed from victualling, and his sign taken down by the constables.

pp.259–60. Licensed tipplers:—

Humphrey Symons of Grub Street, victualler. Sureties:—John Tynninges and Henry Symons of the same.

Nicholas Hayward of the Strand, victualler. Sureties:—John Jones and Thomas Wood of the same.

Ellis Riche of Holywell Street, victualler. Sureties:—Anthony Skynner and Richard Davies of the same.

James Frances of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, victualler. Sureties:—

William Powell, scrivener, and Hugh Hutchens, both of the same.

William Frenche of Holywell Street, victualler. Sureties:—

John Butts and Arthur Pearte of the same.

Robert Pierce of Hoxton, victualler. Sureties:—Rowland Pecke, tailor, and Ralph Becke, weaver, both of the same.

Humphrey Yelverton of Ratcliffe, victualler. Sureties:—John Corbey and John Bowden of the same.

John Harryson of St. Katherine's, victualler. Sureties:—Ralph Hurleston and Christopher Parker of the same.

Robert Usewrighte of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, victualler. Sureties:—Richard Larder and Edward Griffen of the same.

Richard Cooke of St. Katherine's, victualler. Sureties:—John Leveredge and Francis Allerd of the same.

John Steevens of the same, victualler. Sureties:—Richard Butler, carpenter, and John Prockter, both of the same.


f.63. Delivered by proclamation:—

Thomas Warner, John Hathe.

f.64d. Not guilty:—

Robert Jennyson for a gelding of William Williams.

f.65d. Came and discharged:—

Ann Bartlett alias Bodham of Cow Cross, spinster, for suspicion of picking £7 out of the pocket of Daniel Gould.


  • 1. Gamashes=Gaiters.
  • 2. The top portion of this roll is No. 545/292, the lower portion is enrolled as No. 549/72.