The Register: Mabie (continued)

Pages 58-59

Register and Records of Holm Cultram. Originally published by T Wilson & Son, Kendal, 1929.

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Mabie (continued).

151. (C. p. 120; D. art. 82).—Thomas f. Andrew de Kyrconeuel confirms to the abbot, etc. of Holmcoltran one mark yearly from Michael f. Durand and assigns, owed to the grantor from Mayby and Achencork, with any other services owing therefrom. He confirms also the half rood of land granted to them by Andrew f. Michael f. William de Kyrconeuel and all other donations by his family.' Witnesses—Michael f. Durand, Thomas de Arbygland, Master Adam de Crokedayk, William de Sto. Claro, constable of the castle of Dumfries, John Arfin, David his son, William de Lonnesdale, etc. [David 'Arplyn' was provost of Dumfries (Edgar, Dumfries, edit. R. C. Reid, 11) in 1288.]

152. (C. p. 121; D. art. 82).—Thomas f. Andrew de Kyrconeuel, at the request of Robert [de Keldsik], abbot of Holmcoltran [before 1288–1318], and the convent, and for the souls of his father, whose body is buried at that abbey, of his mother and his kin, quitclaims to Michael f. Durand one mark in silver yearly, owed by him for Mayby and Achencork, which the abbot, etc. hold from Michael, granted by Durand f. Cristin, father of Michael. This tenement Michael held as mesne (medium) between the abbot and Thomas by service of that annual mark, on which Thomas has no further claim. Witnesses—Master Adam de Crokedayk, Adam de Thoresby, William de Hosmunderlay, Hugh de Hurr, Thomas de Arbygland, etc. [c. 1288.]

153. (C. p. 122; D. art. 82).—Michael f. Durand quitclaims to Holmcoltran one mark of silver annual rent, as well as other payments which the monks have been used to make to him or his predecessors for Mayby and Achencork. Witnesses—Sir David de Tortherald, Sir John de Geveliston, Sir Duncan f. Can, knights; Sir Peter, the chamberlain of the lady de Balliol; Sir Robert Acarsan, Sir John de Sothayk, parsons; Master Adam de Crokedayk, Adam de Thoresby, William de Hosmunderley, Thomas de Arbygland, Patrick McGilboytin and Thomas his son, Hugh de Hurr, John de Tesdal, Walter f. Walter de Tuynham, etc. [Sir Robert Acarsan or de Carsan, clericus, witnessed a charter attributed (Edgar, Dumfries, 198) to 1276. Sir David de Torthorald dates c. 1278.]

154. (C. p. 124).—Michael f. Durand grants to Holmcoltran the land of Mayby and Achencork as his father Durand did, by these bounds:—by Carpol to Locisfer[n]an, northwards to the sike which runs between Gerthengrehe and Mayby and falls into Locisfer[n]an; and up by that sike to the cross which the monks made between him and themselves; to Altaladi, to Poll, to Pollerod, to Garpoll, to Fuerangilleban, to Pollingouir, to Locangre, to the crossed oaks, to the path near the house of Gilleker, to the burn near the gate of Gillecolm f. Patyn, and to Locisfer[n]an. Rent, one mark of silver yearly. [See nos. 142, 143; c. 1276.]

155. (C. p. 125; D. art. 82).—Thomas de Kyrkconeuel confirms all charters to Holm abbey by Andrew his father concerning Mayby. [See no. 117; c. 1288.]