December 1647: An Ordinance for the more effectual Relief of Maimed Soldiers.

Pages 1055-1056

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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December, 1647.

[24 December, 1647.]

43. Eliz.; 28 May 1647; Officers having received any of the said moneys to be called to accompt.; Moneys to be issued to maimed Souldiers, Widdows, &c.; The next Sessions to continue or determine it.

Whereas by the Statute of 43. Eliz. Provision is made for relief of maimed Souldiers, by a Tax laid on every Parish within the Kingdom of England, &c. For relief of maimed Souldiers, which money hath been for the most part paid by the several Parishes. And the Pensioners then appointed to receive the same, are many of them dead, so that much of that money remains in the hands of several private persons, that have been Treasurers, or Justices of Peace, who have taken accompt of the Treasurers. And whereas by a late Ordinance of Parliament bearing date the eight and twentieth day of May, 1647. It is Ordained, that the Justices of Peace of each County do call all such persons to an Accompt, as have received any of the said Moneys, That the necessities of maimed Souldiers, and of Widdows and Orphans, that have lost their Parents or Husbands in the service of the Parliament, may be relieved: And also by another Ordinance bearing date the 10th. day of August, 1647. a further Power is given to the Justices of Peace for enlarging the said Taxes for the purposes aforesaid, in case there shall be need. Of all which said Ordinances, notwithstanding the especial care taken therein by the Parliament for the timely relief of the necessitous persons aforesaid, there hath not been an answerable effect through the neglect and default (as is complained) of the Justices of Peace in their several Counties, not putting their power by the said Statute and Ordinances into speedy execution: It is therefore ordained and declared by the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, That all Justices of Peace do forthwith cause all Officers within their several Counties and Divisions, that have had any hand in receiving any of the said moneys, to appear before any two or more Justices, whereof one to be of the Quorum, they not being accomptable themselves; and that they take accompt what money is in their hands, or that any of them may make to appear to be in the hand of any Justice of Peace, High-Treasurer, Under-Treasurer, or other Officer whatsoever; And that at the next General Quarter Sessions for the Peace, and so at every Session, they take an accompt thereof. And that the Treasurers do issue out at present, by Warrant under the hands of two Justices of the Peace, what sums of money they shall think fit to any maimed Souldier, Widdow, or Orphans of Souldiers slain or dead in the service of the Parliament, that are in present want. And at the next Quarter Sessions following, the said Justices shall make known the same to the Sessions, that so the same may be continued or determined as they shall judge necessary.

Clerk of the peace to keep an entry to whom the moneys are paid.

And the said Lords and Commons do further order and ordain, That the Clerk of the Peace for each County respectively do keep a Book for the entring and issuing out of all such moneys as aforesaid, to whom such moneys are paid: And that all Justices of Peace take especial care, that no part of the said moneys be converted to any other use.