January 1648: An Ordinance for raising 50,000l. for Ireland, and securing it by several Delinquents Estates.

Pages 1056-1057

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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January, 1647/8

[3 January, 1647/8.]

Who may advance this sum.; 13 May, 1647.; To be paid by sale of Houses, Lands, &c. in several Cities, and Towns in Ireland.

The Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, intending so raise Fifty thousand pounds for the speedy relief of Ireland, and reducing the Rebels there; For the encouragement of such at shall advance any sum of Money for and towards the same, Do hereby Declare and Ordain, That every person who hath any just Debt owing unto him upon Publique Faith, or otherwise by any Promise or Engagement by this present Parliament, or upon any the Ordinances mentioned in an Ordinance of Parliament bearing Date 13 Maii, 1647, intituled, An Ordinance of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, for securing all those that shall advance Two hundred thousand pounds for the service of this Kingdome, and of the Kingdome of Ireland; That such person may for every sum of Money he shall further lend for the advancement of the said Fifty thousand pounds, be secured a like sum more, as in case was done in advancing the sum of Two hundred thousand pounds upon the said Ordinance of 13 May, 1647, before specified, together with the Interest thereof after the rate of Eight pounds per centum per annum, every six moneths to be paid out of the moneys that shall be raised by a speedy sale of all the Houses, Buildings, Lands and Tenements of the Irish Rebels, scituate and being within any of the Cities, Towns, or Liberties of Dublin, Cork, Kinsale, Youghal, and Droghedaly in the Kingdome of Ireland; all which are now in the present possession and power of the State, not engaged or disposed of by any former Act or Ordinance of Parliament, but free and clear in the power of this Parliament, to be sold and disposed of by such Commissioners and Persons as shall be authorized in that behalf.

Security in the mean time.

And for a further encouragement of such as shall advance any sum of Money as aforesaid, the said Lords and Commons do hereby Declare and Ordaine, That in the mean time, and until sale be made of the said Rebels Houses, Buildings, Lands, and Tenements, and until payment be made to the said Adventurers, the whole money so paid and doubled as aforesaid, with the Interest thereof every six Moneths, as is before Declared, That all the Mannors, Lands, and Tenements, with their Appurtenances, and all the Rents and Profits thence arising, of Francis Lord Cottington, Arthur Lord Capel, Edward Earl of Worcester, John Marquess of Winchester, William Shelden of Beely, Sir Charls Smith of Warwickshire, Sir George Strode Knight, Sir Henry Beddingfield and his Son, may and shall be mortgaged, and the Profits received by such Commissioners and Persons as shall be authorized in that behalf for the payment of the said Principal money so advanced and doubled as aforesaid, with Interest thereof, every six Moneths unto every one of the said Advancers respectively.

Worcester-house and a house in Long Acre excepted.

Provided, That this Ordinance, or any thing therein contained, shall not extend to Worcester-house, scituate in the Strand, being now or late parcel of the Possessions of the Earl of Worcester; nor to the House now in the possession of Major General Philip Skippon, scituate and being in the Long-Acre, in the Parish of Martins in the Fields, in the County of Middlesex.