January 1648: An Ordinance for Constituting a Committee of Militia within the Hamblets of the Tower of London.

Pages 1057-1058

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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January, 1647/8

[8 January, 1647/8.]

Names of Committee of Militia in Tower Hamlets; To have like powers as Westminster Committee under Ord. of 9 Sept. 1647.; Rate on Tower Hamlets.; Collectors, Receivers, etc., of moneys formerly assessed, accountable to Committee.; Committee to levy arrears of former assessments.; Disposal of moneys raised.; To relieve persons over-rated.; Indemnity.

Be it Ordained by the Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled, That Colonel Tichbourn, Lieutenant of the Tower of London, or any other Lieutenant for the time being, Thomas Marsh, Thomas Hubbert, Solomon Smith, Samuel Moyer Esquires, Maurice Thompson Gentleman, Colonell William Willoughby, Martine Noell, John Waterton, Francis Zachary, William Pennoyre, Richard Loton, William Levitt Gent., Captaine John Taylor, Captaine John White, John Hoxton, John Sayers, Richard Hereman Gentlemen, Captaine John King, Thomas Hall, Fulke Wormelayton, Robert Crowley, Richard Davies, Henry West, Abraham Corselis, Gentlemen, Captaine Peter Gale, Osmond Coppin, Richard Tayler, Robert Dennis, John Hazell, Thomas Fawson, Edward Aynsley James Dale, Edward Wilmore, John Williams, Thomas Nash, Robert Hackwell, James Orbell, Abraham Jessam, Francis Reynoldson, Abraham Clarke, William Lawrence, Gentlemen, are hereby Ordained and constituted a Committee, and that they, or any seven or more of them shall have power, and are hereby Authorized to Act, and order the Militia within the Hamblets of the Tower of London, in such manner as is limited and appointed to the Committee for the Militia at Westminster and parts adjacent, by the Ordinance of the ninth of September, 1647. and for the raising of Monies necessary for the managing of that service; the said Committee, or any seven or more of them, are hereby Authorized to cause a Rate and Assessment to be made upon all Persons, Lands and Goods within the said Hamblets, not exceeding the summe of five hundred pounds, and to use such power, and give such allowance for the collecting and receiving thereof as is given to the respective Commissioners, named in the Ordinance of the 23 of June. 1647. for the raising of Monies to be imployed towards the maintenance of the Forces within this Kingdome, under the Command of Sir Thomas Fairfax Knight: And the said Committee or any seven or more of them, shall have likewise power to call before them all Collectors Receivers, and Treasurers of the Monies formerly Assessed and leavied for the service of the Militia within the said Hamblets, by vertue of any Ordinance of Parliament; which Collectors, Receivers and Treasurers are hereby required, to render perfect Accompts thereof to the said Committee, or any seven or more of them, and to pay such Monies as shall be found remaining in their hands, upon their respective Accompts or Collections, to such Person or Persons as shall be appointed by the said Committee, or any seven or more of them to receive the same, whose receipt shall be unto them a Sufficient Warrant and Discharge in that behalfe. And it is further Ordained by Authority aforesaid, That the said Committee, or any seven or more of them, shall have power to cause all Arreares of former Assessements made by the late Sub-Committee for the Militia there, by an Ordinance of Parliament to be gathered in, and for want of payment of such Assessment to leavie the same by Distresse on the Goods of the Person so Assessed, and neglecting to pay the same, and after foure Dayes to sell the said Distresse, restoring the overplus to the owners. And the said Committee, or any seven or more of them, shall have likewise power to name Treasurers, and to dispose of the Monies raised, and to be raised by the means before-mentioned by Order under their hands, or any seven or more of them, for the payment of such Debts as the said Sub-Committee have incurred, and for the carrying on of the said Militia as aforesaid, and not otherwise. And it is further Ordained, That if any Person or Persons, shall finde him or themselves aggrieved, that he or they are over-rated, and shall within six dayes after demand made, complaine to such of the said Committee who signed, or allowed his or their Assessement; the major part of such of the said Committee which signed or allowed his or their Assessment, shall have power upon Examination, within eight dayes after demand aforesaid, to relieve such person or persons as they shall see just cause; and that all persons acting in pursuance of this Ordinance shall be for the same saved harmlesse, and indempnified by Authority of both Houses of Parliament.

Provided alwaies, That this Ordinance, or anything therein contained, shall not extend to take away any power formerly granted unto Sir Thomas Fairfax Knight, Constable of the Tower, for his immediate power and Command over the Trained Bands, and Auxiliaries within the said Hamblets.

Ord. to continue 2 years only.

Provided likewise, That this present Ordinance shall be in force for the space of two years, from the twentieth day of December, 1647, and no longer.