May 1648: An Ordinance for Setling the Militia in the Northern Counties.

Pages 1141-1143

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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May, 1648

[23 May, 1648.]

Names of Committees for Militia in several northern counties an places.;Powers.; Indemnity.

Be it ordained, and it is hereby ordered and ordained by the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, That Algernon Earle of Northumberland, Philip Earle of Pembrooke and Montgomery, Edmund Earle of Mulgrave, Francis Lord Dacres, Philip Lord Wharton, William Lord Gray of Warke, Edward Lord Howard of Estrick, Thomas Lord Fairfax Generall of the Army, Francis Lord Viscount Valentia, and all and every the Members of the House of Commons serving for the severall Counties of Yorke, the City and County of the City of Yorke, The Town and County of Kingston upon Hull, the Counties of Durham, Northumberland, Cumberland, Westmerland, Lancashire, and Notinghamshire and the severall Borough Towns therein, and the Town of Berwick upon Tweede respectively; And for the County of Yorke John Savile Esq. High Sheriffe, Sir Francis Boynton, Sir Wil. St. Quintin, Sir Richard Darley, Sir Arthur Ingram, Sir John Savile, Sir Edw. Rodes, Sir Thomas Wentworth, Sir Thomas Norcliffe, Sir Richard Hawksworth, Sir Robert Barwicke Knights. Mr. Dawney of Cowicke, Godfrey Boswell, Captaine Eure, Capt. Waters, Henry Tempest, John Stillington, Richard Robinson, Chris topher Ridley, Darcey Wentworth, Robert Legard, Charles Fairfax, Wil Armitage, Alexander Johnson, Thomas St. Nicholas, John Farrar, Dr. Micklethwaite, Thomas Dickinson, Francis Darley, Ralph Rimer, Esqre. For the City and County of Yorke, the Lord Maior for the time being, Thomas Lord Fairfax, Henry Thompson Alderman, John Gelder Aldm. Stephen Watson Alderman, Thomas Dickinson, Alderman, Robert Horner Alderman, Leonard Thompson Alderman, William Taler Alderman, Edward Gray Alderman. For the Town and County of Kingston upon Hull, The Maior for the time being, William Popple, Thomas Raikes, Nicholas Denman, and Joseph Blaides Aldermen, John Rogers, Richard Wood, Machabeus Hollis. For the County of Durham, Sir Richard Bellasis, Sir George Vane, Charles Vane, Richard Lilburne, Henry Warmouth, Robert Hutton, Thomas Shadfurth, Christopher Fulthorpe, Clement Fulthorpe, Francis Wren, Sir William Selby, Thomas Mitford, the Maior of Durham for the time being, Thomas Bowes, Timothy Whittingham, George Grey. For the County of Northumberland, Sir William Selby, Sir Robert Collingwood, Thomas Middleton, Robert Clavering, William Shaftoe, Robert Fenwicke, Thomas Lorane, Henry Ogle, John Salkeld, Charles Middleton, Edward Fenwicke of Stanton, Wil. Babington, John Hall, George Paler Esquires, Ralph Salkill, Thomas Pye, Henry Horsley, Edward Fenton of Stanton, Gent. For the Town and County of Newcastle upon Tyne, Algernon Earle of Northumberland, Thomas Ledgerd Esq. Maior of Newcastle, Sir Arthur Haslerig Baronet, George Fenwicke Esquire. Mr. Mark Shaftoe Recorder, Mr. Henry Warmouth Alderman, Mr. Henry Dawson Alderman Mr. Thomas Bonner Alderman, Mr. George Dawson Alderman, Mr. Wil. Dawson Alderm, Mr. Robert Young, Sheriff, Mr. Christopher Nicholson Alderm. Mr. Edward Man. For the County of Cumberland, Sir Wilfrid Lawson, William Lawson, William Brisco, Tho. Lamplugh, John Barwis, John Skelton of Armathwaite, Thomas Curwin of Sella Parke, Miles Halton, Thomas Barwis, Michael Studholme, John Hudson, John Stoderd, Richard Uriell, Thomas Croiston, Thomas Crostwaite. For the County of Westmerland, Edward Wilson, Richard Branthwaite, Jervace Benson, Thomas Sands, Captaine Bateman Capt. Gardner. For the County of Lancaster, Gilbert Ireland Sheriffe, Sir Thomas Stanley Baronet, Richard Holland, John Bradshawe, Peter Egerton Esquires; Colonell John Booth, Edward Butterworth, George Dodding, John Starkey, Robert Hide, Thomas Birch, Ralph Worthington, Richard Haworth, James Ashton, John Bradell, Thomas Whittingham Esquires, Alexander Rigby junior, William Knipe, George Townsen, Henry Porter, William West and George Piggot. For the County of Nottingham, the Maior of Nottingham for the time being, James Chadwick, Huntington Plumtree Dr. of Physicke, John James and William Nicks Aldermen, Charles White Esqre. Nicholson Charlton, John Gregory, Jervaise Lomax, Gent., Joseph Widmorepoole, Charles White, Clement Spelman, Jervaise Raynes, Henry Ireton, Edward Ascough Esquires, John Neson and John Martin, Gent. shall be and are hereby appointed Committees for the Militia in the said severall and respective Counties and places respectively, for the better securing and safety of the Parliament, and said Counties and places, and have hereby power and Authority, and are hereby authorized by themselves, or any foure or more of them in the said severall Counties and places respectively, to put the said Counties and places into a posture of defence, and to raise forces, horse and foot, and them to list, arme and exercise, and to forme them into Regiments, Troops, and Companies, and them to muster, array, and weapon from time to time, in places fit for that purpose, and to appoint over them Colonells, Captaines, and other Officers, from time to time by Commissions under the hands and seales of the said several and respective Committees, or any six of them in the respective Counties and places aforesaid, as often as there shall be occasion in that behalfe, and shall have power and are hereby authorized by themselves, or their said Commanders and officers, to lead, conduct, and imploy the said persons so arrayed, and weaponed, for the suppressing of all invasions, rebellions, and insurrections, that shall or may happen within the said Counties or places, or any of them, according as the said Committees respectively, or any six of them, shall from time to time give direction, or shall be otherwise directed from time to time by the Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled, or the Committee sitting at Derby house, any former Order, Declaration, or other matter to the contrary hereof, in any wise notwithstanding, And for all and every their doings herein, the said respective Committees, and all and every the said person or persons shall be saved harmlesse and indempnified by authority of Parliament.

Ord. to continue 6 months only.

Provided that this Ordinance and everything therein contained, shall continue for the space of six moneths and no longer.