August 1642: Ordinance for raising Money in London.

Pages 24-25

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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August 1642

[26 August, 1642.]

It is this Day Ordered, by the Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled, That, for the more speedy and effectual Provision of sufficient Treasure, to be employed in quenching this unnatural War now Kindled in the Heart of This Kingdom, by Papists, Persons popishly affected, Traitors, and Delinquents, about His Majesty, That the several Persons hereunder named, or any Three or more of them, do forthwith summon all the Inhabitants, as well Freemen as others Resiants within the Ward of in the City of London, which they, or any Three or more of them shall think fit to be summoned; and do likewise repair unto the several Houses, or Places of Abode, of all the Inhabitants, as well Freemen as other Resiants or Inhabitants, within the said Ward, which they, or any Three or more of them, shall think fit to be repaired unto; and, in the Name of both Houses of Parliament, do give hearty Thanks to so many of them (whether summoned or repaired unto) as have already contributed, by Way of Loan or Gift, any Money, Plate, Horse, or Arms, according to the Propositions of both Houses of Parliament heretofore published in that Behalf; assuring all and every of them, that the said Houses are very sensible of their Alacrity and Duty therein and do resolve to be as careful of their Safety and Welfare as of their own; and to live and die with them in this cause; and likewise that the said Persons hereunder named, or any Three or more of them, do acquaint not only those, but especially the rest of the said Inhabitants who have not yet contributed, with the Necessity of Subscriptions for Plate and Money, still pressing; and accordingly desire and stir up them, and every of them, to underwrite, in a Book provided for that Purpose (and wherein their Names shall be registered whether they underwrite or no), such Sums of Money and Plate as may testify their real and full Performance of their late Protestation, and sacred Vow to Almighty God, and of their Readiness to join with the rest of the well-affected Party of the Kingdom, and us the Lords and Commons, who are resolved to pursue this Work with our Lives, Persons, and Estates, for their Preservation as well as for our own; And, because the Success of this necessary Design depends much upon the speedy Dispatch thereof, it is therefore further desired, that all such Persons as shall hereupon subscribe as aforesaid be desired, by the Parties employed to take their Subscriptions, instantly to bring in One Third Part of the said Money and Plate, subscribed by each of them respectively, to the Treasurers for Money and Plate formerly appointed, in The Guildhall, London, who shall thereupon give Receipts for the same, in Manner and Form already Ordered and used; and that the Second Third Part of their said Subscriptions be likewise brought in, to the Persons and Place aforesaid, at the End of One Month next after their Subscriptions; and the last Payment at the End of the Second Month next after their said Subscription: For all which both Houses of Parliament do hereby engage the Public Faith of the Kingdom, that they shall be re-paid, with Eight per Centum Allowance for the same, according to the said former Propositions. And because the Lords and Commons are very sensible of the good Affections of the City of London, and their Service to the Public, they have directed the Lord General to leave Two Regiments of Foot, and Four Troops of Horse, under the Command of Serjeant Major-General Skippon, for the Safety of the said City; which Two Regiments and Four Troops, and the said Serjeant-Major Skippon, shall be paid out of such Subscriptions as shall be made by the said City.

After the Names, to be added,

All such other Persons as any Three or more of the Parties herein named, within the several Wards, shall think fit to call unto them as Assistants in this Service.