August 1642: An Ordinance Inhibiting the importation of Currans.

Pages 25-26

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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August 1642

[26 August, 1642.]

Whereas it is found by daily experience, that the Importation of Currans into this Kingdome (it being a Commodity of little or of no use at all, but a meere superfluity, and may well bee spared) is a matter of great concernment not only to the Merchant but to this Nation, in regard the said Commodity cannot be had in the parts beyond the Seas, where the same are bought, without ready money, an hundred thousand pounds per annum at least being bestowed in Currans, which otherwise would be brought into this Kingdome, is wholly diverted; whereas formerly (till of later years) the said Currans were bought for Commodities of this Kingdome, exported hence of small value, besides the great advantage which is yearly made upon the Merchant (where the said Currans are laden) to their exceeding prejudice by the high and excessive Rates and Taxes which are there imposed upon the said Commodity.

Importation of Currants after 30 September 1642 forbidden.

For the prevention of the like mischiefe for time to come, the Lords and Commons in this present Parliament assembled, at the instance and desire of the Merchants of this Kingdome, and by and with their consent, doe order, ordain and declare, that from and after the last day of September, which shall be in the Year of Our Lord God 1642. That no Currans be imported into the Kingdom of England, or Dominion of Wales, by any Merchants strangers, Denizens or others by way of Merchandize or otherwise, from any parts beyond the Seas; But the importation thereof from and after the said last day of September, is hereby utterly prohibited and forbidden.

Currants imported contrary to this Ordinance to be detained.

And further, by the Authority aforesaid, it is ordered and declared, That from and after the said last day of September, no Entries be taken of any Currans that shall be imported into this Kingdome or Dominion of Wales, by any officer whatsoever, in any of the Custom-houses or elsewhere; And in case any Merchant-denizen, or Alien, or any other person whatsoever contrary to this Ordinance, shall presume to Import and unlade any Currans within this Kingdom or Dominion of Wales after the said last day of September, that it shall be lawfull for the Officers of the Custome House respectively to seize, take and carry away all such Currans, and them to detaine untill they shall receive further order from both the Houses of Parliament in that behalfe; And that every person that shall offend herein shall be liable to such further punishment and censure as the Lords and Commons in a Parliamentary way shall inflict or impose.

Charge to Officers of the Customs.

And it is further Ordered that the respective Officers of the Custome-houses doe take speciall care to put this Ordinance in execution, or doe cause it to be fully executed in every point according to the true intention of the same, and that such persons as shall not obey in any of the premises shall answer their neglect and contempt before the Lords and Commons in Parliament, and not otherwise or elsewhere.

Retail price of Currants after 23 August, 1642, not to exceed 5d. per lb.

And lastly it is Ordered and declared, That from and after the three and twentieth of August which shall be in the Yeere of Our Lord God 1642. that no Currans which are already bought in the parts beyond the Seas, and brought into this Kingdome or the Dominion of Wales, shall be sold by retaile for more than after the rate of five-pence the pound, and that if any person (that shall sell the same) shall offend contrary to this Ordinance, that he shall be liable to receive such punishment as the Lords and Commons in a Parliamentary way shall impose for his contempt in that behalfe.