November 1642: An Ordinance for explanation of a former Ordinance of the 29th day of November, 1642, for the assessing of all such as have not contributed, or have not contributed proportionably to their Estates.

Pages 40-41

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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November 1642

[29 November, 1642.]

Receipts to be given to all who shall, within six days after notice given, pay in half, and within 12 days the whole, of the sum assessed.; Monies paid to be repaid on the public faith.; Goods of those refusing to pay to be sold.

Whereas a late Ordinance is passed by both Houses of Parliament for the Reasons therein declared, for the assessing of all such persons within the cities of London and Westminster, and the Suburbs thereof, with the Burrough of Southwarke, as have not contributed upon the propositions of both Houses of Parliament, for raysing of money, plate, horse, horsemen, and armes, for the defence of the King, Parliament, and Kingdom, or have not contributed proportionably to their estates and abilities. And whereas it is thought fit that some additions be made for further explanation and better execution of the said Ordinance: Be it further ordained and declared by the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, that such persons as shall be assessed by respective assessors in the said Ordinance appointed, and shall within sixe days next after notice given to them, or left at their severall houses within the said Cities, Suburbs, or Burrough, pay in the one moiety of the said summs of money so assessed and within twelve days after the said notice given as aforesaid, the other moiety thereof, unto the Treasurers of money and plate in Guild-hall, London, or unto the Collectors appointed by the said Ordinance, respectively to receive the same, that then the said Treasurers, or Collectors, shall give acquittances for the same, as hath been done to such who have lent monies or plate, upon the propositions of both Houses as aforesaid. And the said monies so paid to the said Treasurers, or to the said severall Collectors, shall be repaid upon the publicke faith, as all other moneys lent upon the said propositions of both Houses. And as for those who shall so far discover their disaffection, as not to bring in the severall summs of money so assessed upon them to the persons before appointed, within the times limited, that then their goods shall be distrained and sold according to the said Ordinance. And if no sufficient distresse be found, that then the said Collectors, shall respectively have power to enquire of any summ or sums of money due, or to be due unto them respectively so assessed from any person or persons for any Rents, Tithes, Goods, or Debts, or for any other thing or cause whatsoever.

Collectors may receive sums assessed, and give discharges therefor; Where money not levied, persons assessed to be imprisoned.

And the said respective Collectors shall have power by vertue of this Ordinance, to receive all or any part of the said summes due, or to be due unto them or any of them so assessed, untill the full value of the summ or summs so assessed, and the charges in levying and recovering of the same shall be received and satisfied, And the said respective Collectors shall have further power to compound for any of the said Rents, Tithes, Goods, or debts, due unto the said person so assessed respectively as aforesaid, with any person or persons by whom the said Rents, Tithes, Goods, or Debts, are or shall be owing, as also to give full and ample discharge for the Money by them so received, upon composition or otherwise, which discharges shall be good and effectuall to all intents and purposes. And if the summ or summs of Mony so assessed cannot be levyed by any of these meanes or waies, then the persons so respectively assessed, shall be imprisoned in such places of this Kingdome, and for so long time as the Committee of the House of Commons for the Examinations shall appoint and order: And the families of all such persons so imprisoned, shall no longer remaine within the Cities of London or Westminster, the Suburbs, and the Counties adjacent.

Indemnity and Allowance to Assessors and Collectors.

And be it further ordained, that all and every the Assessors and Collectors of the said severall summs, shall have the protection of both Houses of Parliament, for their indemnity in this service, and receive such reasonable allowances for their paines taken and charges disbursed therein, as the Committee of Lords and Commons for advance of Money and other necessaries for the Army, raysed by the Parliament, shall apportion and appoint.