November 1642: An Ordinance for the better Provision of Victuals and other necessaries for the Army, and for the payment and satisfaction to be made for such Provisions.

Pages 41-42

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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November 1642

[29 November, 1642.]

Committees in every Country to provide Provisions and Horses for the Army.

It is ordered by the Lords and Commons in Parliament, That Committees shall be named in all Counties, to take care for Provisions of Victualls for the Army raysed by the Parliament, as likewise for the taking up of Horses for Service in the Field, Dragooners and Draught-Horses, as likewise for borrowing of Money or Plate to supply the Army. Which Committees or any two or more of them, shall have power and authority to value all kind of Provisions both for Men and Horse, all kinde of Horse for service, or otherwise which shall be voluntarily offered to be lent upon the publike Faith, or likewise to receive any money or plate to be lent as before; and that upon Certificate of any two of such Committees, the same provisions of Horses, Money, and plate, and the value thereof shall be entred by the Treasurer of the Propositions, and shall bee repayed to the party from whom the same was received, with like Consideration as other Money lent.

Committees authorised to send for Provisions, etc., and to set just value thereon for repayment.; Committees of neighbouring Counties to consult together.; And in case of necessity to act for each other.; The Commissary for Victuals.

And in case the owners of such provisions, money, plate, and horse, shall refuse or neglect to bring in the same upon publike Faith, for the use of the Army, for the better preventing the spoyle and embezeling of such provisions of money, plate, and horses, by the disorder of the Souldiers, and that they may not come into the hands of the Enemies: It is further ordered, That the Committees aforementioned, or any two of them, be hereby authorized and enabled to send for such provisions, money, plate, and horses, and take the same into their custody, and to set an indifferent Value and Rate upon them: Which Value they shall certifie to the Treasurers for the propositions; to be repaid at such time, and in such manner, as shall be ordered by both Houses of Parliament. It is likewise Ordered, That the said Committees of the severall and respective Counties shall meete and consult with the Committees of the adjacent and neighbour Counties, unto the place or places where the said Army or any part thereof shall passe and remaine, concerning the Receiving, procuring, valuing, and disposing of such provisions, horses, money, and plate. And if they cannot conveniently meet, that then it shall be lawfull for any two, or more of the Committee, to execute the severall services above mentioned in the adjoyning Counties, as well as in the Counties wherein he is named a Committee; and that such Certificates as they shall make of any provisions, horses, money, or plate, shall be as effectuall for the Securities of the parties, as if the same were received and taken within the countie for which he or they are named Committees. And the said Committees, or any two, or more of them, shall cause the said Provisions to be delivered to the Commissarie for the Victualls, or to his Deputy, and such other officers of the Army, who may be charged with the same upon their Accounts; and shall certifie the Treasurer of the Army, or his Deputy, that so Defalcation of the value thereof may be made out of the pay of such Officers and Souldiers as shall receive the same. And the said Committee shall likewise cause all such money or plate to be delivered unto the Treasurer of the Army, or his Deputy, who shall take care to convey the plate unto the Treasurer for the propositions, and shall be charged with all such money upon his Account as with other money received from them.