February 1643: Ordinance for sequestering the Profits of St. Margaret's, Lothbury.

Pages 82-83

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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February 1642/3

[21 February, 1642/3.]

Whereas Humphrey Tabor, Parson of the Parish Church of St. Margaretts Lothbury, London, being double-beneficed hath absented himself from his said Cure sometimes Six Months together, and, when he is there, preacheth not above Three Weeks or a Month, and refuseth to read the Orders and Ordinances of Parliament, or obey the Commands thereof, speaking slightly thereof, as not of any Authority, and in his Sermons inveighs against such as take up Arms for the Defence of the Parliament, declaiming against them as Rebels, and as led therein by the evil Spirit that works in the Sons of Disobedience: Which the Lords and Commons in Parliament taking into Consideration, for the better Supply of an able and Godly Man in the said Church, and for the Provision of fit Maintenance for him that shall officiate herein, do constitute and Ordain, That Edward Hopgood, Peter Hassard, Robert Lowther, Edward Chard, Richard Cox, William Millex, Anthoney Fletcher, William Burrowes, or any Three of them, shall have Power and Authority, and they are hereby required, to sequester the Parsonage House, and all the Tithes, Rents, and Profits whatsoever of the said Parsonage, and to appoint Collectors for the gathering and receiving of them, as they in their Discretion shall think fit; and shall have Power to deliver the said House, and to pay the same unto Leonard Cooke, Clerk, Master of Arts, a Godly, Learned, and Orthodox Divine, who is hereby appointed and required to preach every Lords-day, and to officiate as Parson, and to take Care for the Discharge of the Cure of the said Place in all the Duties thereof, until further Order shall be taken by both Houses of Parliament; and, if any shall refuse to pay unto the said Sequestrators, or any Three of them, or to the Collectors appointed by them. any of the Tithes, Rents, Duties, or lawful Fees accustomed to be paid, upon Information thereof by the Sequestrators, or any Three of them, unto either House of Parliament, the said Lords and Commons do hereby Declare, They will proceed against such Refusers according to their several Offences and Contempts.