February 1643: An Ordinance that no Wharfiner, Wood-monger, or other Seller of New-Castle Coales, within the Cities of London and Westminster, or the Suburbes thereof, shall, after the making hereof, sell any New-Castle Coales, above the rate of 23s. the Chaldrone, and after the 1st Aprill next, above 20s. at the most.

Pages 83-84

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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February 1642/3

[21 February, 1642/3.]

For as much as information hath bin given, that the Woodmongers, Wharfingers and other Sellers of Newcastle Coale in the Cities of London and Westminster, and the Suburbs of the same, taking advantage of the late Ordinance made by both Houses, prohibiting Ships to trade into Newcastle for Coales, have raised the prizes thereof unto an unreasonable and excessive Rate, in respect to the rate they have bought the same at, to the great oppression of the poorer and meaner sorts of people Inhabiting the said Citie and Suburbs. Whereupon the House of Commons, by an Order dated the Twenty-eighth of January, referred the consideration thereof unto the Lord Maior of the City of London, to informe himself what might bee a reasonable price, having equall respect both to the Seller and the buyer, and to present his opinion to the House to be considered of by both Houses, and in the meantime Ordered, that the price should not exceed twenty-two shillings the Chaldron. Whereupon the Lord Maior, calling to his Assistance the Aldermen of the said City, did certifie that twenty-two shillings the Chaldron at the Wharfe was a faire and fitting rate. But for the encouragement of those that Trade in Coale, to bring in their Ships of lading into the River of Thames and supply the Market there: Certified that twelve pence more upon the Chaldron during this Winter might be allowed.

Price of Newcastle Coale not to exceed 23s. till April 1. Then not to exceed 20s.; Transgressors to be imprisoned.

The Lords and Commons taking the same into their consideration, doe hereby Ordaine and Order, That no Wharfinger, Woodmonger, or other seller of Newcastle Coale, within the Cities of London and Westminster, or the Suburbs or Liberties thereof, or within the Borough of Southwarke, shall at any time after the making of this Order and before the first of Aprill next ensuing, sell any Newcastle Coale above the rate of 23 shillings the Chaldion at the Wharfe; and from and after the said first of Aprill, above the rate of twentie shillings the Chaldron at the most. And the Lord Maior and Sheriffs of the City of London and Middlesex, the Justices of Peace of the Countie of Surrey, respectively in their severall Jurisdictions or any two of them, are hereby authorized and required, to take care for the due Execution of this Ordinance, and in case any shall wilfully Transgresse the same, to commit him or them so Transgressing, to Prison, untill he shall Conforme himselfe thereunto, provided that any person that shall find himselfe grieved by reason of such Commitment, may appeale to the Committee of Lords and Commons for advance of Monies, who hereby are Authorised to heare his complaint, and to discharge him of his Imprisonment, if they shall find cause.

Coal not to be exported without special order.

And it is hereby further Ordained and Ordered, That no NewCastle Coale, pit-coale or Sea-coal shall be transported out of this Kingdome, into any Ports beyond the Seas, without the speciall Order of both Houses of Parliament, and the Earle of Warwicke, Admirall of the Fleet, and all the Captaines and officers thereof, and the Officers of the Custom-house, and of all the Ports of the Kingdome, are to have speciall care to see the same duely observed.

Ordinance to be printed, published, and sent to several Ports of Kingdom.

And it is Ordered that this Ordinance bee forthwith printed, and the Lord Maior and Sheriffs of the City of London and Middlesex are to take care that the same bee published in the Cities of London, Westminster, Southwarke, and the Suburbs and Liberties thereof, and the Collectors of the Customes are forthwith to send it to the severall Ports of this Kingdome.