Appendix C: Extracts from Rate Book of 1603

St Martin-in-The-Fields: the Accounts of the Churchwardens, 1525-1603. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 1901.

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'Appendix C: Extracts from Rate Book of 1603', in St Martin-in-The-Fields: the Accounts of the Churchwardens, 1525-1603, ed. J V Kitto( [s.l.], 1901), British History Online [accessed 14 July 2024].

'Appendix C: Extracts from Rate Book of 1603', in St Martin-in-The-Fields: the Accounts of the Churchwardens, 1525-1603. Edited by J V Kitto( [s.l.], 1901), British History Online, accessed July 14, 2024,

"Appendix C: Extracts from Rate Book of 1603". St Martin-in-The-Fields: the Accounts of the Churchwardens, 1525-1603. Ed. J V Kitto([s.l.], 1901), , British History Online. Web. 14 July 2024.


Receipts. [Extracts from the Rate Book for the year 1603.]

i. Poor Rate (a) Waterside. 144 ratepayers including the following (fn. 1) (fn. 2) :— Mr Symon Basill 12s; Mres Nevell 25a; Sir Wm Warde 20s; Lord Sandes 30s; Sir Thomas Gerrard [nil]; Sir John Parker [nil]; Mres ffrances Cooke 26s. 8d; Sir Wm Cooke [nil]; Mres Anne Cooke 26s. 8d; Sir Edward Hungerford [nil]; Mr Wardour 26s; Lord Cecil £4. Total from the Waterside £34. 3s

(b) Landside. 150 ratepayers including the following:— Mr ffrancis Bartewe 26s; Mr Oldsworth 26s; Bedford House [nil]; Sir Robert Crowe 15s. 10d; Mr George Coppyn 26s; Mr Thomas Wyndebanck 20s; Mr Nicholas Saunders 24s; Mr Miles Raynsforde 17s; Lady Nevell [nil]; Mr. Stewarde [nil]; Mrs Eliz. Downes 20s; Sir George Moore [nil]; Sir Thomas Lake 20s; Sir Thomas Cheeke 50s; Mrs Harbert 20s; Sir Anthony Cooke [nil]; Lady Hennedge 40s; Sir Wm Lane 5s; Sir Jerome Bowes 12s. 6d; Sir John Stanhopp [nil]; Lady Cheeke 44s; Sir Wm Knolles [nil]; Sir John Scudamore [nil]; Sir Edmond Carie [nil].

(c) Drewrie Lane. (fn. 3) 11 ratepayers
Total from the Landeside and Drury Lane £46. 3s 3 305 (fn. 4) Ratepayers produced a Total Rate £8o. 6s. 3d

ii. Benevolences His Maiesties Allmner 30s; Sir Thomas Egerton, Lord Chancellor £17; Earl of Bedford £4. 10s; Lord Burghley 50s; Lord Cecill £16; Sir George Moore £6. 10s; Sir George Coppyn 20s; Dr. Mountford (fn. 5) 12s; Mres Anne Cooke 33s. 8d; Mres ffrauncis Cooke 20s; Sir Wm Cooke 20s; Mr Wyndebancke 20s; Mr John Woode 20s; Mr Pleasington £4. 5s; Mr Alderman Smyth 40s; Sir Wm Wade 40s; Raphe Boulton 40s; Mr Chidiock Wardor 20s; Mr Jevans the Pursuyvant 4s; Mr Spillman 15s; Mr Partinton 10s; Mr Ralfe Dobbinson 16s; Mr Kerwyn 5s; Symon Bassill 5s; Patrick Derricke 5s; and others Total £70. 12. 6.

iii. Landholders Eight of them e.g. for 10 acres, 20d.
for 20 acres, 2s.
Total 19s.

iv. Legacies Mr Thomas Fowler 40s; Mr John Colbrande 20s; Mr John Woursley 15s; Mr Nightingale [nil] Total £3. 15.

v. Communions (fn. 6) (a) Monthly . 10 . £3. 1. 4 Total £9 3. 2.
(b) Easter. 11 . £6. 1. 10.

Total Receipts. £164. 18. 7 (sic in Rate Book).

Year. Benevolences. Rate. Total. Ratepayers.
£ s. d. £ s. d. £ s. d.
1594 19 10 0 30 11 6 61 3 0 212
1595 19 15 4 31 13 3 65 3 2 226
1596 25 10 10 28 5 6 63 15 3 198
1598 17 17 2 80 18 11 110 18 3 285
1601 14 18 0 86 7 1 112 10 2 260
1603 70 12 6 80 6 3 164 18 7 305
1604 27 18 0 89 4 2 152 16 9 307

Expenditure. i. Weekly pensions (fn. 7) varying from 6d to 2s per week 41 Pensioners.
Total £86. 6. 8.

ii. Payments ordinary and extraordinary. (fn. 8)

Christmas gifts in "bread and bief geven according to ye accustomed maner" £2. 9. 11. Christmas gifts in money 17s. 2.

Easter gifts in bread and meat £2. 2. 5.

"Item for ffrize to app'ell ye Orphantes" 39s. 4d.

"Shirts smockes Apernes hose shoes" for the orphans 31s. 1d.

19 June, for ye buriall of a poore souldiers wief out of the ffieldes .xvjd.

3 Julij for ye buriall of Elizabeth Kinge & her childe Dyeng in ye streete and ffieldes. xxijd.

30 July To the Staffe maker ijs. vjd. ffor a boy that died out of the ffieldes .xijd. ffor another boy; to the Bearers .xijd. for watching Peter Cookes howse .iiijs. vjd.

To the Bearers iijs. iiijd. Item to the dogge killer iijs. iiijd.

1 Aug ffor Redd Roddes .iijd. [ijs. vjd

4 Aug for searching of woodes howse & loking to one in ye fielde, & for money layd out

11 Aug To lee more in pitch and Tarre .iiijd. for bringing water to lee .iiijd.

16 Aug. for keaping the halbert makers and Jacobs hows for a ffortnight .iijs.

for keaping father Tompsons howse for a ffortnighte .iijs.

for Carying water &c' [to shut-up houses] iijs. To Aire ij howsen .xijd.

19 Aug. To Hoyden for carieing water to ye visited howses .vjd.

21 Aug. ffor a shrowde and herbes for Anne Myller .xvd.

27 Aug. for burieng a boy and a maide out of the fieldes .iiijs.

28 Aug. ffor a shrowde for one yt died in ye fieldes .xviijd.

29 Aug. To the bearers for bearing & graves making .vjs. viijd. to the Searcher for Searching xxd

6 Sept. To a pore man in ye streete ijd. To a pore woman in the ffieldes .ijs.

To Ellice for Warding & Water Caryeng xvjd. To John Jones [one of the bearers] in his sicknes .ijs. vjd. ffor mending John Churchyardes Coate iiijd.

18 Oct. for looking to a Scottishma' .xijd. ffor a shrowde buryeng and watching and lightes for the man yt died in the streetes iijs. ijd.

25 Oct. To ij poore strangers .xijd.

27 Oct. To a pore lame woman in Drewry lane .xijd.

31 Oct. To a poore man yt came from ye hospitall .iijd.

12 Dec. Payd for a shrowde to Mr Woodlocke .xijd.

23 Dec. To a pore woman yt sells milke about ye streete .vjd. ffor wynding, bearing, Searching, grave &c.' for the woman & boy yt died in ye ffieldes .iijs. xd.

To the iiij bearers of the dead iiijs.

24 Jan. Payd for a shroowde and pack thread for a man that died in St James howse .xiijd.

10 March ffor ye burieng of a pore man & caryeng him out of the ffieldes .iijs.

14 April ffor a blackamore yt died at Thames side .xijd. ffor a shrowde for him .xijd.

ffor the Bearers .xvjd. ffor carieng a woman wth Childe a way in the night .vjd.

iii. Money lent this late visited time to needie and decaied Parishioners to relieue them in their visitations &c'.
£5. 9s. lent to 7 families

iv. Payde for Cures this yere .vizt

for helping Margret Bayly of the liver growne .ijs.

for [6 weeks diet and] Curing of Isabell Kinge and her Childe .32s.

Item to good wief lee for a Surgeon iijs. iiijd.
Total Expenditure. (fn. 9) £190. 14. 6.
Deficit due to the Overseers £25. 15. 11.
Signed by .Hie. Bowes.
Chid. Wardour.


  • 1. Christian.
  • 2. From lack of space the great majority of the names must be omitted.
  • 3. The first time it is thus separately mentioned in the Rate Books.
  • 4. The following table shows the variations over a period of eleven years:—
  • 5. The Vicar.
  • 6. A gradually increasing item. The Communion offertories produced over £12. in 1604, over £17. in 1605, and over £22. in 1609.
  • 7. In 1574 there were 17 pensioners who received in all £15.; until 1604 parish children were included in this list; from that time they were recorded separately. In 1605 there were 38 pensioners and 13 "orphans"; in 1607 the numbers were 46 and 24 respectively; in 1615 there were 51 and 20; in 1620 the pensioners were 52, the orphans 32, and the yearly expenditure on these two classes of relief was just short of £200.
  • 8. These extracts are typical; the payments under this head cover 24 folios of parchment, and there are some 2,000 entries; one-third of these occur in August and September.
  • 9. Of this £76. 5s. 5d. was disbursed under § ii; this was spread over a period of twelve months as follows:
    1603. June £3 8 8
    Aug. £33 14 3
    Oct. £17 14 1
    Nov. £8 19 11
    Dec. £4 13 3
    1603. Jan.-May inclusive £7 15 3
    £ 76 5 5