Appendix D: Extracts from the Vestry Minutes

St Martin-in-The-Fields: the Accounts of the Churchwardens, 1525-1603. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 1901.

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'Appendix D: Extracts from the Vestry Minutes', St Martin-in-The-Fields: the Accounts of the Churchwardens, 1525-1603, ([s.l.], 1901), pp. 579-585. British History Online [accessed 25 June 2024].

. "Appendix D: Extracts from the Vestry Minutes", in St Martin-in-The-Fields: the Accounts of the Churchwardens, 1525-1603, ([s.l.], 1901) 579-585. British History Online, accessed June 25, 2024,

. "Appendix D: Extracts from the Vestry Minutes", St Martin-in-The-Fields: the Accounts of the Churchwardens, 1525-1603, ([s.l.], 1901). 579-585. British History Online. Web. 25 June 2024,


[Extracts from the Vestry Minutes, Vol. I.]

Common Lands 1549

The presentment ffor the Comons wythe in the parishe of Saynt martens in the ffeldes. In the third yere of the Raigne off owre Suffrayne lord Kyng Edward the Syxt in Ano 1549.

1. Syns the ffyrst yere of Kyng henry the vijth There ys a Meadow called Sent martens ffeld by Estimation xlti Acres / Wherof will'm Jenynges hathe In Clossed iij Acres,/ And John Stow hathe in Clossed iij Acres/ wiche owght to be Comen when the Crope ys Awaye As all the Rest of the ffelde is/ And that ffelde ys vssed ffor Archers.

2. Syns the saide ffyrst yere There ys A Closse by hynde sent Gylles in the tenure of Raff marten / by Estimacion 1 ti Acres wiche was Arrable land And now ys Meadow And ys in Clossed but yt owght to be Comen when the Croppe ys Awaye.

3. Syns the saide ffyrst yere There ys A Closse Called the ledstalle being ij Acres And At the end of that Closse ther ys A Meadowe in the Tenure of wyll'm Deport by estimacion iij Acres beinge now In Closed wiche owght to be Comen when the Croppe ys Awaye.

4. Syns the saide ffyrst yere There ys a grett Comen ffeld in the wiche ffeld A great part is Inclossed by . . . . Randall Kyrbye lij acres, by Henry Romans one Acre, And by homes wyff and her p'dycessors iiijor Acres And by John golyghtlye or his p'decessors v Acres, xv Acres in the occupacion of Nycalas Hyll, in the occupacon of Raffe Marten v acres, in the occupacon of Wyll'm Jenyngs x Acres, And ij Acres spoyled by Reason of the Comen hight waye, Condytt Meadowe xiiij Acres, And all these lands owght to be Arrable And Comen as all the Rest of the ffeld ys when the Crope ys Awaye, And now Convertyd to pasture.

5. Syns the saide ffyrst yeare of Kyng Henry the vijth There ys A ffelde lyinge weste Called brookshott All wich ffeld owght to be Comen when the Cropp ys A waye.

6. Syns the saide ffyrst yere There ys A ffeld Called Sent James feld by estimacon xl Acres wiche was Comen / And owght to be Comen And in Clossed by Kyng henry the viijth / And now in the occupacon of mr Cooke wiche was Arrable And now ys Meadowe.

7. It'm syns the saide ffyrst yere There ys A fferme Comenly Called Sent James fferme being Removyd owt of Sent James And now ys Situate And standyng in the Comen ffeld / And there vnto belongyng by Estimacon lijti Acres of Arrable grond / xviij Acres paster / And x Acres of Meadow all wiche owght to be Comen / And in thys fferme Dwellythe one ventres being ffermer paying vnto the Kyngs Matie yerly vijli xs wch ventres hathe the occupacon of the hole howse And halfe the best land And lettythe the other half vnto one button dwellyng in A Cottage there / And plowithe the half land for mr Ventres And sowythe all his Corne and Carry hys hey And payth over that ffor the lands in his occupyinge xij o xvli by yere / And all that ffeld owght to be comon when the Croppe ys A waye.

8. Syns the saide ffyrst yere there ys A fferme Called hyde by Estimacon xxxvti Acres meadowe And vijxx & x Acres of Arrable land being Severall, And iiijxx Acres comen being imparkyd wythe in thys xij yeres ffor the kyng.

9. Syns the saide ffyrst yere Ther ys A fferme Called hayberye of Tow ploughe land and to the same lyith A Comen ffeld Called hayberye feld / And as meny As haue any land in that ffeld when the Crope ys A waye they do lay yt ffor Comen them selfes.

10. Syns the fyrst yere Ther ys A fferme place Called the Net / Buylded by the late Abbett of westmynster ffor his dwellyng howse At pleasure, beinge now in the Tenure of Sir Antony browne kepyng one man ther vpon who hath A leasse ffrom the kyng of lxiij Acres of arrable land / xxijti Acres of meadowe & xiiij Acres pasture / And lettyth the same ground to them that will geve most mony ffor e'ry Acre.

11. Syns the said ffyrst yere every man Myght haue ffermed the best Acre of arrable land for viijd or xijd / And now yt ys Rasyd to iijs iiijd or ijs viijd / And a Acre of meadow ffor ijs And now yt ys Raysed to viijs to viijs every Acre or more.

12. Syns the said ffyrst yere / Ther ys A ffeld Called hyll ffeld in the holding of mr Worley by estimacon lxxx Acres and was arrable grond / And now ys convertyd to meadow / And of Right owght to be Comen.

13. All the p'isheners of Sai'ct Martens A fore said do wyshe that yt Might be the kyngs wyll And pleasure that all the dyches wythe in every Comen feald / And the hedges myght be Cast downe playne not Abuttyng upon any hight waye ffor in the same Dyches and hedges theves and harlotts do lye And resort vnto Dystruction of the kyngs Subietts in wynter season / And in the somer tyme all the harlots do Continew And lye ther.

14. Syns the said ffyrst yere all the ffealdes wythe in the same p'ishe that now be torned in to meadowe and pasture wer arrable grond / And anchyant men saye that ther haue byn vj plowes more then now ys to the Decay of husbandrye.

15. All the Tenants of the Cytie of westmyster / and the p'ishoners of Sent martyns A fore saide owght to enter Comen in these ffelds All the yere.

16. And all the landes in the perishe of Sant Martens A ffore said be longynge vnto the kyngs Matie / And to no other As fferr as we do knowe.

These names of the parsons being Redy to depose ffor all these Artycles A fore said here after ffolowythe.

1. Henry Romans of the age of lxiij yeres
2. Wyll'm prat of the Age of lxviij yeres
3. Wyll'm Cokes of the Age of lxvij yeres
4. Thurston Mayor of the age of lx yeres
5. Robart Tomson of the age of lxiij yeres
6. Will'm Armerer of the age of lxij yeres
7. Robart penythorne of the age of lvj yeres
8. James hudson of the age of lv yeres

All these viij parsons be ffore wrytten haue set to there marks in the Coppie wych I wrot this owte.

Anno xvij Regine Elizabeth iij Junij apud Charingcrosse St martins in the fieldes.

The Queen's Hay 1575 The p'yshen's hath agreed to serve and deliuer into the queenes Maties barnes yearly at the mewes iiij loades of good swet and Drye hey of the first moinge, every loade to contayne xxxvj trusses and everye trusse to waye lxli waight, to be Deliu'ed yerlie at or before the first of Auguste next ensewinge for the vse of her Highenes horsses ther.
Also the saide p'ysheners hath agreed to enter and recorde the s[aide] agrement in their Churche Booke, and yerelie when they chewse the Surveiours of the highe wayes that then to chewse the cessors for the ratinge of eu'ye man for the saide Servis of hey accordinge to the porc'on of grounde that the p'tie then occupiethe. And the p'ysheners yerelie to sende to the office of Averye a bill of euery p'ticular p'sons name that they have rated to sarue, at or bef[ore] the first of June yerelie next ensewinge wth the cessours and constables name of eu'ye lib'tie vnto the same, And eu'ye man to pay for the carriadge of his owne hey yerlie.

[The following are the names and amounts]
Mr Poultney the ffarmar of saint James ffarm .xij Trusses.
Mr Anthony Yelles of Ebru ffarm .xij Trusses.
Mr fflecher of Drurey house .xij Trusses.
John Dawnst of strond .xij Trusses.
Mr Torner ffarmar of Mary boune .x Trusses.
Edward taylor Brewer of westm' .xij Trusses.
Richard Coxshott of St gilles .xij Trusses.
Morgayn ffourd of Westm .ix Trusses.
Mr William Worley of westm. one Lod of Trusse Band heay.
Richard Darlowe of St Martines .x Trusses.
Leonard Smyth of Westm. ix Trusses.

Cessors William Worley.
Richard Darlowe.
William Watters.
John Hill, constabell.

[This is a loose slip in the first volume of the Vestry Minutes, and has the following note on it: "This paper found in the roof above the Record Room in the Church. found by me Henry Simpson."]

Common Lands 1575 A Suruey Made the seconde of September 1575 by wee Whose names are here vnder wrytten of all suche landes as hertofore hathe ben comen wth in the memorye of man wth in the p'ishe of Sat Marttynes in the ffeildes in the county of Midd' once the yeare viz from Lammas when the Crop is awaye vntill Candelmas Exceppt it be ffor Hurtinge off the Corne newly sowne As aperith not only by A presentment Made In the thirde yeare of the raygne off oure Late Soueraigne Lorde Edwarde the sixte Butt also by diuers presentmentes Made bye suche Juryes as hath ben in Quene maryes time And in the Quens Maiestyes tyme that now is Wheroffe p'ts is Inclosed bye the persons ffollowinge.

Inprymis one Close abuttynge vppon the pound Called Dippens Close in the tenure off widdow golightelye inclosed.

It'm three closes being in the west end of St geylls in the ffeyld Countyd lity akers in the tenure of william bouche & Crouke off St gills & John Daunson of ye stronde.

Item the bryk Close inclosed in the tenure of John bulcher Counte v acres kept inclosed.

Item a close called geldings close in the tenure of mr turner of maribon Counte iiij acres kept inclosed late Kerbyes Close.

Item A Close lieng betwen the bryk Close & the highe way leding vnto tiborne counte 6 acres in the tenur of one mr brysto off St Giles kept enclosed.

Item a pece of grounde counte ij acres Did' p'cel of brokshott in the tenure of mr poltney of S James new inclosed.

It'm a close lienge north of the brykkill & abuttinge vpon brokshott in ye tenure of Jno Jenings of westme'ster Coman Wth in the ij yers & now kept enclosed.

It'm on pece off ground wth the sande pits abuting vpon the high way north & the p'ke wall of S James sowth counte by estimation xxxtie acres in the tenure of tho's poltney of St James being comon in the yere of or Ld god 1572 & now enclosed.

Item the reste off the lande belonginge to the ffarme off St James.

Item a ffeyld Called hebbrye wch was Comon being now enclosed and In the tenure of Antony Calis & mr Wortley of westminster.

The names of the Surueyors
Thomas ffowler
John Colbrande
John ffisher
Johne Jenings
John Sauage
Thomas Kolcrofte
wm browne
Richarde Darlowe
Harold Bingham
Johne Earpe
Humphrey Motle
John hathaway
Henry Russell
John shortrydes
James aunsell
wth others.

Reconciliation 1582 Md that this second Day of August in the xxiijth yere of the raigne of or souerayne Ladie Quene Eliz &c. 1582 it is fynallie conclewdid and agreed before the Masters of this Parishe of St Martynes; who vppon Deliberat hering of the strife and controu'ses betwne Will'm Phevans and Edward Phippes p'rishoners of the said p'rishe of Ste Martyns aforesaide / who ar in cheritie reconsilid thone to thother, releasinge eache & other all Actions sewtes Debtes Demaundes, bondes and controu'ses what so ever from the beginyng of the worlde to the Day & the Date herof / In witness wherof the p'tes to this p'ntes haue sett to there handes the day and yere first aboue Written /

[signed] will'm bevan
The mark [mark] of Edward Phippes.

vijo Die ffebruarij 1590 xxxiijo Eliz:

Communion Money 1590 Whereas vppon some inconveynience found At A vestrie then sitten on Aboute the gatheringe of money for the comm'ion by order of the howses we therfore order yt ye same vse shall from hensfourth be extinguished And no more to be Demaunded And we order that from hensfourth one of the Collectors Accompaned wth one of the Churchwardens shall one eu'y monethly com[mun]ion Day gather ye benevolence of the people that shall so receive And the same Accoumpted ye Churchwardens shall Deduct And take out of the same so muche money As shall pay for ye bread & wyne that Day spent And the rest to remaine to the poore

[Signed] Will'm Fisher vicar
Symon Grene
Richard wodlocke
Will'm Beuan
Mathy clercke
Richard [mark] Aucockes m'ke
Jeames [mark] waller
Thom's ffowler
John Colbrand
Wy: Hedworth
Edward Stylkragg
p' me Derr helden
Cornelius [mark] godfrie
John [mark] Kelsey
John [mark] goodcole

xxijo Die Julij 1593 xxxvto Eliz

Plague 1593 Md that ye Day And yeare abouesaid it was ordered by the maisters hereunder named that theis p'sons hereunder named shall receave weekely As followeth

& ther Are chosen to be be'ares & Shearchers for men
John Bellowes vjd william Baylie xijd
theis Are chosen Shearchers for weomen
goodwif Bellowes xviijd goodwif Baylie xviijd

The accountes of the collectours for the howses visited in the tyme of the plage 1593

Plague Accounts 1593 Memorandu' that ther was gathered bie the collectours for the visited howses wch weare Rob't Occleson and John Hall for the space of xiiij weekes beginninge the xixth of September Anno 1593 the sume of viijli vjs vjd
Memorandu' further that theie rec' for further benevolence of Divers honorable and worshipfull men as bie the p'ticulars Doth further appeare in the booke of their Accowntes xijli xs vjd
More ther was remayninge in the said collectors handes before theie receved the said weekeley collec tion of another reckoninge viijs jd
Summa—xxjli vs vijd [should be 21li. 5s. 1d.]
Paied Weekelie bie the consent of Divers of the Masters of the parishe as may appere in the booke of their Accountes more p'ticularlie xvjli xiiijs iiijd
And paied more vnto Will'm Ballet Goldsmith bie the said collectours in part of payment of xlvs bie the consent of the Masters afore said to the full Dischardgeing of the p'ishe of and from the mayntenaunce of or bringing vpp of Devorax kenn sonne of Nowell kenn the sum'e of xxxjs iijd And so
Ther remaineth in a restat or overplus to the full amownt of xxjli vjs vijd as above bie them rec' the sum'e of iijli

Die veneris xxvto Die Januarij 1593 Annoq' Regni Regine Elizabeth Tricesimo Sexto.

A Public Nuisance 1593–4 Whereas Agnes wilson of this p'ishe widdowe hath ben by gods p'mission of longe tyme bereaved of her wits to ye greate Disquiet of ye right hon'able the Earle of Bedford, her howse Joyninge next vnto his, And to ye residue of the neighbours Dwellinge ther Aboute. It was thought mete not only by mr vincent mr Oulsworth mr Michell and mr vaughan Officers to ye said Earle but Also with ye Assent And consent of ye p'ishon's And Churchwardens hereunder named that she should be from ye same howse removed And to be kept at Bridewell towards her mainten[a]nce Duringe ye tyme of her Abode ther to yeld vnto ye governors of the same howse weekely xxjd to be paid in this forme; by the said Earle xijd And by the Collectors of the poore of this p'ishe for the tyme beinge ixd.
Common Lands 1593–4 Memorandu' that vppon Sundaie beinge the xth daie of ffebruarie in the yere of our lord 1593 in a vesterie howlden bie the vicarr And Maysters of the p'ishe, It was determyned and concluded bie the especiall request and choice of the said Vestery that Mr Stilcragge Mr Jasper Mr Russell And Mr Patricke Derricke showld be collectours generally throwghe the p'ishe to gather the benevolence of the p'ishioners towardes the chardge of the suite commensed in the kings bench And exchequer by Daunson, for the Defence of the commons of Sct Martines in the field and against mrs Jones of Sct Giles.

[Signed] T. Knyght vicarr
Edward Stylkragg
John Colbrande
W. Hedworthe
Richard wodlocke
wyll'm Jespar
Anthony haris
Will'm Beuan
John [mark] kelsey
John [mark] goodcole
Robarte occleson
Hynry Jonson

Soldiers 1593–4 There was receaved (from Mr Tod highe Constable) A warrant to or constables for the takeinge of xij men souldiers to goe in her maties s'uice in ye lowe Countries And to bring All ye money sett Downe in the last warrant for this s'uice Against weddensday next.
Ex-Parish. Clerk 1593–4 3 March 1593. "Whereas the churchwardens showld haue paid to Mr Woodlocke the summ of xls bie xs a quarter for the repayment of certein chardges and monie wch . . . . he . . . laid out to the vse of the p'ishe bie the consent of the revestry, It is now concluded and condescended on the behalf of" mr Woodlocke and at the request of the Vestry that the churchwardens shall of that 40/- "give and paie unto Rob't fforrest and his wife the sume of xxxs wth as much expedicion as they conveniently may" as the free gift of mr woodlocke.

xxjo Aprilis 1594

Common Lands 1594 Md Deliu'ed vnto william Ballett by ye p'ishen's hereunder named towardes the sute of ye com[m]ons belonginge to ye p'ishe ye some of mr Knight pd xxs in p't of paymt of xls. vijli xs wherof

[Signed] Will'm Ballett

Rec' more of mr Knyght xs

[Signed] W Ballett

Delivered more to the said William Ballet the xxth day of October towarde the suyte of the said commons 1594 vli xvs iijd

[Signed] Will'm Ballett

forthesuite of the Commons Deliuered more to the said wm Ballett the xvth of Dece'ber 1594 by the revestry the sum'e of iijli xvs
Dd' more the ixth of January 1594 by the revestry from Westminster xxs

[Signed] Will'm Ballett

[There is nothing to show where this money came from—unless it was the result of the energy displayed by the collectors appointed in Feb. 1593–4.]

Soldiers & Common Lands 1594 Rec' the 3rd daie of November 1594 bie the handes of [the constables] the sume of iijli xvjs of lawfull money wch was a restat of the mony collected for setting forth of soldiers about or betweene Middsomer and Mych; wch said three poundes sixtene shillings is dd' to Patericke Derricke bie the consent of the revestry to be employed in the suite of the commons.
Soldiers 1596 Memorandu' that the churchwardens [Portington & Ballett] for this tyme being haue rec' xliijs vd wch they rec' by the mutuall consent of the revestry the day and yere abovementioned [13. June. 1596]
[side note says] Memorandu' that the sayd xliijs vd was receved vppon a collection and an account for the preste mony and convoy for Callice.
Herdsman 1598 Mdm that the 19th of aprell 1598 wee the vicar wth the masters And churchwardens of the p'rishe of St martens in the feldes at or vestrie then holden Ded Elect and chuse will'm wildgose al' puttrell on Dwellinge wth in or p'rish to be or Common herman for the kepinge of the Cattel wch shall goe vpon the common belongen to vs and so to vse And Inioy it in As ampell maner as the Rest of or herdmen hertofore hath Done beinge alwayes hertofore chosen by vs at or vestry And so wee that were then ther p'sent have hervnto sett or handes to Ratefie And conferm the same.
Election of Vestrymen 1598 Masters of the vestery chosen by the Vestery in the roomes and places of such as are deceased or gone from the p'ishe wch election or choice was inserted into this booke the xvth of October 1598
Mr Wm Portinton chosen the said 15th of Octob' in the place of Mr Jasper [buried March 19, 1596/7]
Mr Richard Nightingale was chosen [the same day] in the place of Mr Occlesonne [buried Feb. 3, 1597/8]
Mr John Child was chosen [the same day] in the place of Mr Russell [buried August 19, 1598]
Mr Thom's Bynnes [or Benge] chosen the same day in the place of Mr Alcocke. [buried Oct. 6, 1598]
Soldiers 1599 £3. 8. 10 paid to the churchwardens being the balance "wch remayned vppon [the constables'] Collection for Sowldiers."
Received more from the same constables "in full accompt of this their Reconinges for the Irishe s'uice" 24/-
Received, September 6, 1599 from the constables "xvli for Service wth in the Lande" and put in the chest in the Church with the remainder of the Parish Stock.
Burial Lists 1601 12 Aug. 1601. In future the churchwardens "shall sett downe the names of suche as they Receyve nothing for their burialls as for the others for whose burialls they are paid" in order that the clerk's and churchwardens' lists may be used to check each other.
House of Correction 1602 It was agreed [July 18, 1602] that £20 should be handed to the churchwardens "towardes the making of the Cage wt the Bedells Chamber over the same at Charingcrosse according to the Plott. . . . and also fyve poundes . . . . for the taking Downe of the Bridg at Charing crosse for the wch Collections is to be made by the officers that Collected the mony for the paving of the streetes."
6 Jan. 1602[3]. Delivered to Waller and Allanson, churchwardens, "ffor & Towardes the payment of the Cage howse of Correction the some of Tenn Powndes."
Clerk to the Vestry 1603 At a vestry holden in Sct m'tyns church in ye feildes this 5th of ffebruary 1603 . . . . it is agreed vppon the com'endation of s'taine Right ho: & wor' p'sonages. . . . that Hen: King is p'mitted to exercize ye place of the clerk vppon tryall of his sufficience & good carriage of himself therin vntill the xxvth of m'che next "at which time, or before, the vestry finding him unfit will give the post to Henry Dore "according to a form' agreemt had by ye viccar" and others. [This agreement has not survived in writing].
Token Money 1608 "Vicesimo quarto die ffebruarij 1608. It is ordered That every Com[m]unicant, for the generall Com[m]unions at Easter, shall the day before Their Receiving, Repaire to the Minister, or Curate, and then and their (sic) pay his dueties and take a token, and Restore his Token, at his Com'ing the next day to the Com[m]union, and to give theire names bothe the day before to the Minister, and the day of the Receiving to such as shall attend the same. And that the Churchwardens shall take order where the Pewes be long to have every seacond pewe lefte emptie for the Minister to come the more conveniently."