262 Grigg v Corditt

The Court of Chivalry 1634-1640.

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Phillip Grigg, gent v John Corditt and John Ellison

January 1638


Grigg complained that Corditt had called him 'base fellow' and Ellison knave'. When the warrant against Corditt was served, Ellison had also said that he 'came of a pigge house and could be a gent for my monie'. Both men were found guilty and made their submissions to Grigg on 13 January 1638, with Ellison also apologising for words which were 'an offence' to Lord Maltravers and 'a scandal to the gentrie'.


EM82, Submission

'Whereas I, John Corditt, was convented before the right honourable Henrie Lo. Maltravers, Leiftenant for the Office of Earl Marshall of England, upon complaint of Phillipp Grigg, gent., for intruding myselfe into his privacie and calling him base fellow, and givinge him divers other provocacons, which words I gave him being then in passion. But now, coming to the sight of my error therein, I doe hereby professe my hartie sorrowe for the same and doe intreate Mr Grigg to pardon and remitt this my fault. And for the future I doe promise to carrie myselfe with that respect towards him as shalbe fitt for me to give to a gent. of soe good rancke and callinge and will indeavour to regaine his favour and friendship'.

13 January 1638.

Signed by John Corditt.

EM83, Submission

'Whereas I, John Ellison, was most justlie committed by the right honourable Henrie Lo. Maltravers for giveinge out slight and scornfull speeches at the serving of his lordship's warrant upon one John Corditt, sayinge, that I came of a pigge house and could be a gent. for my monie, for which words, being offence unto his lordship and a scandal to the gentrie, I am hartelie sorie for the same, and doe humblie begge and intreate his honour's pardon for the same. And likewise I was charged before his lordship with manie defamitorie and provoking speeches given Mr Grigg, as calling him knave and giving him other threatening speeches, which I confess rashlie and unadvisedlie I used unto him, being in heate and passion. And doe hereby desire Mr Grigg to remitt and passe by the same for the future, promising to carry my selfe respectivelie towards him, and will indeavoure to regaine his favour and friendship. In witnesse whereof I have hereunto put my hand this 13th of Januarie 1637'.

Signed by John Ellison.


  • Submission
    • Submission of Corditt: EM82 (13 Jan 1638)
    • Submission of Ellison: EM83 (13 Jan 1638)

People mentioned in the case

  • Corditt, John
  • Ellison, John
  • Grigg, Phillip, gent
  • Howard, Henry, baron Maltravers

Topics of the case

  • denial of gentility