313 Hudleston v Pattison

The Court of Chivalry 1634-1640.

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Edward Hudleston of Sawston, co. Cambridge, gent v Robert Pattison of Shelford, co. Cambridge, coroner

February 1639


Hudleston complained that Pattison, a county coroner, had termed him 'yeoman' in several writings, including an inquisition returned to the crown office, which was contemptuous and provocative of a duel. Dr Duck entered the libel on 23 February 1639 and two days later Dr Talbot, acting on Pattison's behalf, sought to have the case referred to arbiters; however, Duck refused. No further proceedings survive. [For a case involving Hudleston's brother Sir Robert, see cause 312].

Initial proceedings

20/2i, Libel

1. Hudlestone was descended from knights and his family had been gentry for up to 300 years. Pattison had been a county coroner for up to 4 years.

2. His father was Henry Hudleston, esq, and his brother was Sir Robert Hudleston, knight.

3. Last June and July in the parish of Whittlesford, Robert Pattison 'did write and call Edward Hudlston, yeoman'.

4. 'He called and termed me Edward Hudlstone, yeoman'.

5. Pattison termed him 'Edward Hudlston, yeoman' in an inquisition he returned to the Crown Office in Westminster.

6. The contemptuous words were provocative of a duel.

No date.

Signed by Arthur Duck.

Summary of proceedings

Dr Duck acted as counsel for Hudleston and Dr Talbot for Pattison. Dr Duck presented the libel on behalf of Hudleston on 21 February 1639. Two days later Dr Talbot, acting on Pattison's behalf, sought to have the case referred to arbiters, but Dr Duck refused.


For another account of the case, see G. D. Squibb, Reports of Heraldic Cases in the Court of Chivalry, 1623-1732 (London, 1956), p.5.

Edward Hudleston was the third son of Sir Henry Hudleston, knt of Sawston, co. Cambridge, knt, and Dorothy, daughter of Sir Robert Dormer, knight. Edward's brother Henry was a royalist lieutenant-colonel in the civil war.

J. W. Clay (ed.), The Visitations of Cambridge, 1575 and 1619 (Publications of the Harleian Society, 41, 1897), p. 28; P. R. Newman, Royalist Officers in England and Wales, 1642-1660: A biographical dictionary (London, 1981), p. 202.


  • Initial proceedings
    • Libel: 20/2i (21 Feb 1639)
  • Proceedings
    • Proceedings before Arundel: 1/6, fos. 20-33 (21 Feb 1639)
    • Proceedings before Arundel: 1/6, fos. 1-9 (23 Feb 1639)

People mentioned in the case

  • Dormer, Dorothy
  • Dormer, Robert, knight
  • Duck, Arthur, lawyer
  • Howard, Thomas, earl of Arundel and Surrey
  • Hudleston, Dorothy (also Huddleston, Huddlestone)
  • Hudleston, Edward, gent (also Huddleston, Huddlestone)
  • Hudleston, Henry, esq (also Huddleston, Huddlestone)
  • Hudleston, Henry, knight (also Huddleston, Huddlestone)
  • Hudleston, Robert, knight (also Huddleston, Huddlestone)
  • Pattison, Robert, coroner
  • Talbot, Clere, lawyer

Places mentioned in the case

  • Cambridgeshire
    • Sawston
    • Shelford
    • Whittlesford

Topics of the case

  • arbitration
  • denial of gentility
  • military officer
  • provocative of a duel
  • Roman Catholic
  • royalist