369 Lentall v Burgis

The Court of Chivalry 1634-1640.

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Mr Lentall and Mr Dubldey v Francis Burgis, gent

No date


The nature of the complaint of Mr Lentall and Mr Dubldey against Burgis remains unknown. Only Burgis's petition survives in which he requested the Earl Marshal for discharge from his bond to keep the peace, taken out some eight months earlier, since there were no charges forthcoming from the two men.

Initial proceedings

EM315, Defendant's petition

'Whereas about a twelvemonth since your petitioner was brought before your honor upon Information of some differences between him, and one Mr Lentall and Mr Dubldey, and upon examination thereof your lordship was pleased to bind your petitioner with sureties to the peace and especially against Mr Lentall, which he hath accordingly truly obeyed, having in all this time given no distaste to them or any other. Now your petitioner being about 8 months since marryed, living credibly and betaken himselfe to the charge of a family.

In tender consideration whereof, and for that there is no cause or difference for your petitioner being still bound, besides Mr Lentall gave no bond on his part nor hath ever since appeared or moved your lordship against your petitioner, may it therefore please your lordship to be pleased to discharge your petitioner and his sureties, and accordingly to command there bonds formerly entered into to be delivered up to them, and he shall ever pray and c.'

No date.

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Francis Burgis may have been the royalist Colonel Francis Burgess who was a professional soldier from Ireland during the civil wars.

P.R. Newman, Royalist officers in England and Wales, 1642-1660: A biographical dictionary (London, 1981), p. 219.


  • Initial proceedings
    • Defendant's petition: EM315 (no date)

People mentioned in the case

  • Burgis, Francis, gent (also Burgess)
  • Dubldey, Mr (also Doubleday)
  • Howard, Thomas, earl of Arundel and Surrey
  • Lentall, Mr (also Lenthall)

Places mentioned in the case

  • Ireland

Topics of the case

  • civil war
  • military officer
  • royalist