418 Maxwell v Gover

The Court of Chivalry 1634-1640.

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Robert Maxwell, servant to his Majesty v James Gover, tailor

No date


Maxwell, a royal servant from Scotland, complained that he was assaulted by Gover and his four servants in Gover's house, after they had goaded him with 'disgracefull language both against myself and all the Scottes nation'. They locked Maxwell in before fetching the constables and rousing the whole street and he had to escape by jumping from a window; however, Gover now 'bragged that he cuffed the proude scott soundly and made him leape out of a window'. Maxwell petitioned for Gover to be brought to answer before the Earl Marshal; however, no further proceedings survive.

Initial proceedings

EM317, Petition

'Whereas your humble supplicant having occasion to treate with one James Gover a taylor (the particulars whereof shalbe made more plaine when it shall please your lordship to have it at large) And being constrained to go to Gover's house for the demanding of such things as Gover kept from me, whether when I was come, Gover out of a malicious purpose (without just cause) stryved as much as in him lay to provoke me to impatience hoping thereby to have sufficient cause to affront me with a constable. But finding that he could not stirre me to anger I having proffered him all reason that a reasonable man could desire as he will not deny for I desiring his owne men to bear witness how fayerly I had offered him, he presently burst forth in foull disgracefull language both against myself and all the Scottes nation, which I could not endure with patience did therefore desire his men for to bear witness and offered to go out of his house but he went between me and the door and thrust me back and struggled with me which when his servants saw being 4: in number they came likewise violently to his assistance and my injury and after they had abused me both in words and in deeds, they locked the door and kept me in and went and raised the constable and all the street, and beset the house so that I was faine to worke my freedom from those rudd people and to leap out at a window both to my great hazard and danger. After this he bragged that he cuffed the proude scott soundly and made him leape out at a windowe. In respect whereof may it please your lordship to cause Gover to be convented before your honor, and according to trew proofe of my allegations to deall with him as your lordship shall thinke meet.

And I shall pray for the increase of your lordship's honor.'

No date.


A Robert Maxwell acted as sergeant at arms, but was recorded as having recently died in December 1637.

J. Broadway, R.P. Cust and S. K. Roberts (eds.), A Calendar of the Docquets of Lord Keeper Coventry 1625-1640 (List and Index soc., new ser., 34-37), p. 203.


  • Initial proceedings
    • Petition: EM317 (no date)

People mentioned in the case

  • Gover, James, tailor
  • Howard, Thomas, earl of Arundel and Surrey
  • Maxwell, Robert
  • Stuart, Charles I, king

Places mentioned in the case

  • Scotland

Topics of the case

  • assault
  • royal servant