533 Porter v Rookes

The Court of Chivalry 1634-1640.

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Richard Porter of Launcells, co. Cornwall, gent v Thomas Rookes, gent

No date


The cause of the quarrel between Porter and Rookes remains unknown, but they both petitioned the Earl Marshal a year later that they had been reconciled and requested that their bonds might be cancelled and they discharged from further attendance of the court. This may have been an example of the Earl Marshal intervening to prevent a duel. [For other cases brought by Richard Porter, see 532, 534].

Sentence / Arbitration

EM327, Petition

'Your petitioners, brought before your lordship twelve months since upon a difference that happened between them were some few daies in durance by your lordship's command, and upon their discharge were bound to appeare before your lordship upon notice, and to keepe the peace towards all his Majestie's subjects, and especially towards one another, which bonds have remained with your lordship ever since.

Now forasmuch as your petitioners do hereby protest, upon their words as they are gentlemen, that all differences between them are fully reconciled to justice, friendship renewed between them, their humble suite is that your lordship would be pleased that the bonds may be cancelled, and your petitioners fully discharged from any further attendance in this business.

And they (as in duty bound) will ever pray for your lordship.

No date.

Signed by Richard Porter and Thomas Rookes.


This was most probably either Richard Porter of Launcells, co. Cornwall, esq, who was aged 44 at the Visitation of 1620, or his nephew, also of Launcells, who was then aged 14. The elder Richard was the son of Walter Porter and Gertrude, daughter of Richard Chamond.

J. L. Vivian and H. H. Drake (eds.), The Visitation of the County of Cornwall in the Year 1620 (Publications of the Harleian Society, 9, 1874), p. 178.


  • Sentence / Arbitration
    • Petition: EM327 (no date)

People mentioned in the case

  • Chamond, Gertrude
  • Chamond, Richard
  • Howard, Thomas, earl of Arundel and Surrey
  • Porter, Gertrude
  • Porter, Richard, gent
  • Porter, Walter
  • Rookes, Thomas, gent

Places mentioned in the case

  • Cornwall
    • Launcells

Topics of the case

  • arbitration
  • reconciliation