642 Thompson v Parker

The Court of Chivalry 1634-1640.

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Thomas Thompson, Lancaster Herald, v Henry Parker of London, painter stainer

April 1638


Thompson complained that at the end of February 1638 Parker had reported in Star Chamber that Thompson had taken fees on both sides in the Court of Honour. He now petitioned that he should answer for these speeches before the Earl Marshal.

Initial proceedings

EM104, Affidavit

John Cooper of St Anne within Aldersgate, London, aged 27

At the end of February 1638, he heard Parker traduce Thompson, 'saying that Mr Thompson would be trounced, and that there was a suite commenced against Mr Thompson in the Star Chamber; and this witness demanding for what cause, Parker replied, For taking fees on boath sides in the Court of Honour or in the Marshall's Court'. When Cooper replied that he did not believe this, Parker answered, 'It is trew enough and I know it very well or words to that effect'.

9 April 1638

Signed by Thomas Eden.

EM103, Petition

'Humbly shewing to your lordship that one Henry Parker, cittizen and Painter Stainer of London, hath (without any culler or ground of truth) reported certain scandalous speeches of your petitioner in the Starre Chamber, for taking fees on both sides in your lordship's Court of Honour, by which false and untrew report your petitioner is much defamed and scandolised in his reputation.

Now forasmuch as your petitioner is altogether innocent of any such crime, and is desirous to acquit himself of this aspertion before your lordship that so his innocence may appeare; he humbly desireth that your lordship would be pleased to grant your warrant to call the party before you. And to do therein as to your wisdome shall seeme meete.

And your petitioner as he is already bound shall daily pray and c.'

No date.

No signatures.


Thomas Thompson was Lancaster Herald from 1637, and previously Rouge Dragon Pursuivant. He died in 1641.


  • Initial proceedings
    • Affidavit: EM104 (9 Apr 1638)
    • Petition: EM103 (no date)

People mentioned in the case

  • Eden, Thomas, lawyer
  • Howard, Thomas, earl of Arundel and Surrey
  • Parker, Henry, painter stainer
  • Thompson, Thomas, herald

Places mentioned in the case

  • London
    • St Anne within Aldersgate

Topics of the case

  • city company
  • Herald
  • other court
  • Star Chamber