67 Breton v Bruer

The Court of Chivalry 1634-1640.

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Lady Breton on behalf of her son Beverly Breton v Bruer, mercer

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Lady Breton complained that her son Beverly Breton had suffered 'reproachfull words' from one Bruer, a mercer, over a supposed debt, and exchanged blows with him. Subsequently Bruer confronted Beverly with more disgraceful words, 'to move him to coller for his advantage'. Lady Breton petitioned that both parties be examined before the Earl Marshal as 'knowing the spirit of her son', she feared he might take revenge, though otherwise he was 'well tempered'. No further proceedings survive.

Initial proceedings

EM273, Petition

'Whereas upon expostulation of a debt supposedly due by your petitioner's son to one Bruer, citizen and mercer, of mean birth and quality, who did first give most reproachfull words to your petitioner's son', and the two men exchanged blows.

Later Bruer had met Beverly Breton 'in the street and of purpose to move him to coller for his advantage'. Bruer had used 'most disgracefull words which, though they can bear no action at lawe, yeat tendeth to the great disreputation of a gentleman as he is by his parents antiently and honorably descended; and so Bruer sodainly departed, whereupon your petitioner knowing the spirit of her son, fearith some certen inconvenience may or will ensue for a revenge to be taken, though he be otherwise well tempered, if Bruer do prosecute the suit for the same.'

Petitioned that both parties be called before the Earl Marshal with witnesses.

No date.

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Beverley Bretton was among those granted permission to manufacture soap on 11 November 1635, by letters patent four years earlier.

CSP Dom. 1635 , p. 474.


  • Initial proceedings
    • Petition: EM273 (no date)

People mentioned in the case

  • Breton, Beverley
  • Breton, lady
  • Bruer, mercer
  • Howard, Thomas, earl of Arundel and Surrrey

Topics of the case

  • assault
  • debt