Surnames beginning 'Q'

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Surnames beginning 'Q'

Quarles, James James Quarles
In summer 1642 he became – perhaps in succession to Henry Billingsley – lieutenant-colonel of Holles’s short-lived regiment of foot in the earl of Essex’s Army. Like most of his fellow-officers and the regiment as a whole, little is heard of him after their shattering defeat at Brentford in Nov. 1642 and he may have been killed there.
References: Peacock, Army lists, 37.
Armies: Earl of Essex
Quash, Nathaniel Nathaniel Quash
Cornet to a troop in George Thompson’s/Edward Popham’s/George Starre’s regiment of horse commanded successively by George Thompson, then by his lieutenant-colonel, Robert Thorpe, and from 1 Jan. 1645 by Robert Pelham. After they disbanded, he became lieutenant to Lieutenant-Colonel Bovett’s troop in Somerset.
References: Spring, Waller’s army, 142.
Armies: Waller (Southern Association); Massey Brigade; Somerset