Surnames beginning 'Y'

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Surnames beginning 'Y'

Yardley, Richard Richard Yardley
Captain in regiment of foot of Colonel William Sydenham. In Apr. 1651 he assisted George Skutt in his attempt to enforce his appointment as governor of Poole against the incumbent Lieutenant-Colonel Rede.
References: Mayo, Dorset Standing Committee, 168, 377; Bayley, Civil War in Dorset, 346-7.
Armies: Dorset
Yates, John John Yates
Governor of Kingston upon Thames and major in the Surrey-raised regiment of dragoons commanded briefly by Edmund Jordan and then by Sir Robert Wood. In that capacity he was present at the sieges of Basing in autumn 1644 and 1645 and probably served in and with the regiment until its disbandment in 1646-7.
References: Spring, Waller’s army, 76.
Armies: Surrey
Yeardly, - - Yeardly
In Apr. 1645, on the eve of the break-up of the regiment, serving as ensign in William Gattaway’s troop in Francis Russell’s regiment of horse in the Eastern Association Army.
References: Spring, Eastern Association, 2.96.
Armies: Eastern Association
Yong, - - Yong
References: Mayo, Dorset Standing Committee, 377.
Armies: Dorset
Yong, Philip Philip Yong
A captain in Staffordshire. On 27 Apr. 1644 the Staffordshire county committee allocated the assessment of various parishes to Yong to maintain himself and his officers and men.
References: Pennington and Roots, Committee at Stafford, 106.
Armies: Staffordshire
Young, Arthur Arthur Young
Ensign in Sir William Constable’s regiment of foot in the earl of Essex’s Army by Sept. 1642. He captured the royal standard at Edgehill (23 Oct. 1642), striking down its bearer, Sir Edmund Verney. Almost certainly the same Arthur Young who was captain in Richard Fortescue’s/John Barkstead’s regiment of foot in the New Model Army.
References: Peacock, Army lists, 42;TNA, SP28/2a/155: Young, Edgehill, 120-1; J. Vicars, God in the Mount (1644), 199.
Armies: Earl of Essex; New Model Army
Young, Edward Edward Young
Captain in Sir Richard Onslow’s regiment of foot (the Surrey Auxiliaries) who brought his regiment to the siege of Basing House in July 1644. He was paid 20s on 24 July 1645 for going to Reading.
References: Spring, Waller’s army, 106.
Armies: Surrey
Young, Joseph Joseph Young
Major in Herbert Morley’s regiment of foot based at Arundel Castle. With his company, he was serving in western England in 1645.
References: Spring, Waller’s army, 108.
Armies: Sussex; Waller; Waller (Southern Association)
Young, Richard Richard Young
By June 1645 a captain of horse in Shropshire, as shown by his arrears.
References: TNA, SP28/134.
Armies: Shropshire
Young, Richard Richard Young
By spring 1645, cornet in the troop of Major John Hayle/Hale in James Sheffield’s regiment of horse in the earl of Essex’s Army. Like several officers of the regiment, he then transferred to the New Model Army, becoming cornet in the equivalent New Model regiment of horse.
References: Wanklyn, New Model Army, 1.150.
Armies: Earl of Essex
Young, Richard Richard Young
Cornet in John Hales’s troop in John Middleton’s regiment of horse.
References: Spring, Waller’s army, 96.
Armies: Waller (Southern Association)
Young, Richard Richard Young
Lieutenant, Weymouth garrison, 1651.
References: Bayley, Civil War in Dorset, 337.
Armies: Dorset