Surnames beginning 'Z'

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Surnames beginning 'Z'

Zachary, Francis Francis Zachary
Of Stepney. Assessor and collector of parliamentary levies in Stepney. On 27 Jan. 1643 parliament directed the earl of Holland to commission Zachary captain of the Whitechapel company in the newly-formed Tower Hamlets Trained Bands regiment lieutenant-colonel of the same regiment when his company mustered on 18 Apr. 1644. Colonel of the same regiment by 22 Oct. 1646.
An Independent: according to Thomas Edwards in Gangraena, after the Independent minister Jeremiah Burroughes had preached in the morning at Stepney Church every Sunday, it was usual for him, his colleague William Greenhill ‘and divers godly persons’ to meet at Zachary’s house.
References: JHC, 2.926; JHL, 5.574; TNA, SP28/121A, Part 5, ff. 576r.-577v.; Nagel, ‘London militia’, 317; Marshall, Essex funeral, 11; Lindley, Popular politics, 232; T. Edwards, Gangraena, 2.88.
Armies: Tower Hamlets
Zouch, - - Zouch
Captain of horse in Waller’s Western Association Army, receiving payments from the Gloucester treasurer in May 1643.
References: Peachey and Turton, Fall of the West, 7.717.
Armies: Waller