Dictionary of English Furniture Makers 1660-1840. Originally published by W.S. Maney and Son Limited, Leeds, 1986.

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'E', in Dictionary of English Furniture Makers 1660-1840, ed. Geoffrey Beard, Christopher Gilbert( Leeds, 1986), British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/no-series/dict-english-furniture-makers/e [accessed 22 July 2024].

'E', in Dictionary of English Furniture Makers 1660-1840. Edited by Geoffrey Beard, Christopher Gilbert( Leeds, 1986), British History Online, accessed July 22, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/no-series/dict-english-furniture-makers/e.

"E". Dictionary of English Furniture Makers 1660-1840. Ed. Geoffrey Beard, Christopher Gilbert(Leeds, 1986), , British History Online. Web. 22 July 2024. https://www.british-history.ac.uk/no-series/dict-english-furniture-makers/e.


Eaches (Eachus?) Peter, Wheelock, Sandbach, Cheshire, cm (1822–34). [D]

Eade, Henry, London, carver (1779–80). Insured his house at 109 Gt Portland St for £200 in 1779 with the Sun Co. Of 3 Deans Pl., near the Turnpike in the New Road, Tottenham Ct Rd, London, insured his house for £200 in 1780. [GL, Sun MS vol. 277, p. 231; vol. 284, p. 393]

Eade & Saunders, 10 Gt Castle St, London, carvers and gilders (1784). [D]

Eades, James, 2 Eades Buildings, Bath, Som., cm (1826). [D]

Eadon, George, Sheffield, Yorks., carver, gilder and lookingglass maker (1821–37). Addresses given at 2 Flat St in 1822; 2 George St, 1825–30; also no. 9 in 1825; and ‘The Repository’, 91 Fargate, 1833–37. [D]

Eadon & Son, address unrecorded. Set of twelve early 19thcentury mahogany dining chairs recorded, with central armorial device of three crossed swords on curved top rails; horizontal splats and sabre legs; some stamped ‘EADON & SON’, others, ‘G.D. HEELEY’, ‘G. TAYLOR’, and ‘W.J. CAULT’. [Phillips’, 23 August 1983, lot 52]

Eadson, Joseph, Worthing, Sussex, cm and u (1823–39). Trading at 11 Warwick St, 1823–26, Ann St, 1832–39, with house at 3 Warwick St, 1839. [D]

Eady, Charles, 20 Goswell St, London, water gilder (1808). [D]

Eagle, James, 2 Warwick Row, Blackfriars Rd, London, looking-glass and picture frame maker (1829). [D]

Eagle, John, 33 Oxford St, Manchester, cm (1840). [D]

Eagle, Lot, 62 Old Market St, Bristol, turner and chairmaker (1801–05). [D]

Eagle(s), Thomas, Bedford, turner and chairmaker (1785–1830). Recorded at Silver St in 1823 and Old Market Pl. in 1830. [D]

Eagle, William, Perkins Rents, London, chairmaker (1749). [Poll bk]

Eagles, T. F., 18 King St, Covent Gdn, London, manufacturer of paper tea trays to their Majesties and the Royal Family (1813–25). Eagles succeeded to the premises and business of Henry Clay between 1810–13. He continued to provide for the 6th Duke of Bedford at Woburn, St James's Sq., and Endsleigh, Devon, trays and teapot stands of similar decoration and price as his predecessor had done in the previous decade. In the last quarter of 1821 the paper tea tray ‘sent to Woburn for His Grace's exclusive use’ cost £3 10s; and at the same time he supplied ‘5 iron Japan trays for Woburn, £8 18s’. Another item supplied in 1818 and 1820 was paper bread baskets. A curious item for Endsleigh in 1817 was ‘2 setts paper Indian Card pools’ which, together with seven red India paper tea trays and two teapot stands, cost £19 19s including packing. Altogether during the period the nine extant invoices show twenty-four entries totalling £90 11s. [D; Bedford Office, London]

Eagles, Thomas, Cheltenham, Glos., cm and u (1820–30). Trading at 8 Albion St in 1820 and 21 Corpus St in 1830. [D]

Eagles, William, 169 Hockley Pl., Gt Hampton St, Birmingham, cm (1835). [D]

Eaglesfield, Charles, Catherine St, Maryport, Cumb., joiner and/or cm (1829–34). [D]

Eagleso (or Eggleso), Peter, London, carver (1774–81). Trading at Aylesbury St, Clerkenwell in 1774 and Brick Lane, Old St, 1781. [Bristol poll bks]

Eales, James Thomas, Exeter, Devon, cm (1828). Son Walter Stephen bapt. at St Sidwell's on 12 February 1828. [PR(bapt.)]

Eeales, William, Exeter, Devon, cm (1822–36). Recorded at Blackboy Rd in 1831. Children by his wife Mary bapt. at St Sidwell's: Edwin on 21 April 1822, James Thomas on 26 January 1825, Hercules Stevens on 2 February 1831, and Hannah on 7 February 1836. [PR(bapt.)]

Eeales, William Henry, Russell St, Exeter, Devon, cm (1840). Daughter Mary Jane by his wife Sarah bapt. at St Sidwell's on 6 July 1840. [PR(bapt.)]

Eames, John & Robert, Bristol, carpenters, cm and undertakers (1823–40). Trading at Lower Portland Pl., Clifton, 1823–24 and 1840; and 27 Nelson Pl., 1839. [D]

Eames, Robert, Portland Pl., Clifton, Bristol, cm and carpenter (1831–37). [D]

Eames, Samuel, Shillington, Beds., u and auctioneer (1767–71). Advertised auctions of furniture in Cambridge Chronicle and Journal, 6 June 1767 and 12 January 1771.

Eames, William, Margaret St, Cavendish Sq., London, carver and gilder (1837–39). Recorded at no. 21 in 1837 and no. 23 in 1839. [D]

Eamonson, John, 281 Oxford St, London, u (1839). [D]

Eardley, Samuel, Well St, Tunstall, Staffs., cm and u (1834–35). [D]

Earing, Casper, 12 Old George St, near the Mint, London, cm (1808). Took out a Sun Insurance policy on 25 March 1808 for £100 of which household goods accounted for £60. [GL, Sun MS vol. 442, ref. 816688]

Earl, Charles, Over, Middlewich, Cheshire, cm (1834). [D]

Earl, Elden, 13 Rampant Horse St, Norwich, cm and chairmaker (1796–1817). Former apps John Brunning and Samuel Nockolds admitted freemen on 16 June 1817. [D; poll bks; Norwich freemen reg.] See William Elden Earl.

Earl, Elijah, Town St, Shepton Mallet, Som., cm (1830). [D]

Earl(e), George, 14 Duke St, Grosvenor Sq., London, u, appraiser and broker (1817–20). [D]

Earl, James, West St, Farnham, Surrey, cm etc. (1839). [D]

Earl, Samuel, Limekiln Dock, Bristol, cm (1832). [D]

Earl, Thomas, at ‘The Walnut Tree’, Long Acre, London, turner (1722). Named in insurance records in 1722. [Heal]

Earl(e), William, Farnham, Surrey, cm and u (1756–94). Took app. named Slow in 1756. Took out a Sun Insurance policy on 7 July 1791 for £600 of which utensils and stock accounted for £150. [D; S of G, app. index; GL, Sun MS vol. 377, p. 516]

Earl, William Elden I, 6 Rampant Horse St, Norwich, cm and chairmaker (1762–1802). App. to Wright Smith, and admitted freeman on 18 June 1762. [D; poll bks; Norwich freemen reg.]

Earl, William Elden II, Norwich, cm and mahogany merchant (1788–1825). Recorded at Red Lion St in 1810. App. to William Elden Earl I, and admitted freeman on 24 February 1788. Former apps admitted freemen cm: Barnard Bowles on 13 October 1802; Edward Alden Barnaby on 27 February 1813; William Pearse on 7 December 1818; and James Sharwood on 21 September 1825. [D; poll bks; Norwich freemen reg.] See Elden Earl.

Earle, Thomas, Norwich, chairmaker (1752). Son of Arthur Earle, cordwainer; admitted freeman on 4 October 1752. [Norwich freemen reg.]

Earle, Thomas, Lewes, Sussex, u (1763). Declared bankrupt, Gents Mag., March 1763.

Earnshaw & Heptonstall, Kirkburton, Yorks., joiner and cm (1834). [D]

Eason, John, 20 Tottenham Ct Rd, London, carver (1810). Took out a Sun Insurance policy on 13 January 1810 for £2,600 of which stock and utensils accounted for £2,000. [GL, Sun MS vol. 451, ref. 839620]

East, Benjamin, 105 Curtain Rd, Shoreditch, London, cm and u (1827–28). [D]

East, Edward, 30 Chapel St, Holywell Mt, London, cm (1829). [D]

East, John, address unrecorded, upholder (1707–54). Son of Robert East, grocer of London; app. to Samuel Arnold on 21 August 1707. Admitted freeman of the Upholders’ Co. by servitude on 5 September 1716, and master in 1754. [GL, Upholders’ Co. records]

East, John, All Hallows the Great, London, upholder (1720). Took out a Hand in Hand Insurance policy on 31 May 1720 for £150 on a house in Dowgate Dock. [GL, Hand in Hand MS vol. 22, p. 64]

East, John, St Leonard, Eastcheap, London, upholder (1724–27). Took out a Hand in Hand Insurance policy on 12 March 1724 for £300 on a house in Gracechurch St. [Poll bk; GL, Hand in Hand MS vol. 28, p. 240]

East, John, Exeter, Devon, then Bodmin, Cornwall, cm and chairmaker (1784). Notice in Exeter Flying Post, 5 March 1784 stated that he had absconded with the proceeds from an illegal sale of furniture of John Salisbury, cm of Exeter, after having moved from Exeter to Bodmin.

East, John & Co., 8 Old Bond St, London, cm and u (1795–96). [D]

East, John, 1 Maria St, Thomas St, Hackney Rd, London, cm and u (1839). [D]

East, Samuel, High Wycombe, Bucks., chairmaker (b. c. 1821–41). Aged 20 at the time of the 1841 Census.

East, T., 3 Stall St, Bath, Som., fancy cm (1819). [D]

East, William, Newton Abbot, Devon, cm (1787–89). Announcement in New Exeter Journal, 12 February 1789 that on 25 March 1787 East left two chests of cabinet tools in a cellar; if he did not pay the cellarage by 25 February 1789 the chests were to be sold by auction.

East, William, High Wycombe, Bucks., chairmaker (b. c. 1778–1841). Daughters bapt. in 1813, 1821 and 1822; sons in 1815 and 1818. Aged 63 at the time of the 1841 Census. [PR (bapt.)]

East, William, Lower Marsh, High Wycombe, Bucks., chairmaker (b. c. 1806–41). Aged 35 at the time of the 1841 Census.

Easten, James, Ct 14, Old Butcher Mkt, Newcastle, joiner and cm (1827–34). [D]

Easter, William, Norwich, cm (1827–30). Admitted freeman on 3 May 1827. [Poll bk; Norwich freemen rolls]

Easterbrook, William, Boot Lane, Devonport, Plymouth, Devon, u and cm (1822). [D]

Eastern, James, Dog Bank, Newcastle, cm and furniture broker (1834). [D]

Eastgate, Charles, London, cm (1820–29). Addresses given at 1 Gt Russell St, Bloomsbury in 1820, and 1 Little Russell St in 1829. [D]

Eastham, James, Castle St, Clitheroe, Lancs., joiner, cm, housebuilder etc. (1822–24). [D]

Eastham, John, London, u (1722). [Preston Guild record of burgesses]

Easthope (or Easthorpe), George, Cock St, Wolverhampton, Staffs., upholder and cm (1816–35). Trading at Old Church Yd in 1816 and Cock St, 1822–35. Named in the accounts of Josiah Hinckes of Tettenhall Wood, near Wolverhampton, receiving 12s 2d on 29 March 1819. [D; Herefs. RO, Foxley papers, B47/S40]

Eastman, Benjamin, 4 Smiths Ct, Barbican, London, dyed and japan chair and sofa maker (1827–28). [D]

Eastman, James, Portsea, Portsmouth, Hants., cm (1792–98). [D]

Eastman, John, — See James Brett.

Eastman, Thomas, opposite St George's Chapel, Portsea, Portsmouth, Hants., cm (1787). Took out a Sun Insurance policy on 20 July 1787 with his partner, George Whitbread, on household goods, a house in Butcher St, and £1,100 on stock and utensils. [GL, Sun MS vol. 345, p. 413]

Eastman, Thomas S., 79 St George's Sq., Portsea, Portsmouth, Hants., cm, u and auctioneer (1823). [D]

Eastmure, J., London, cm (1807). [Gt Yarmouth poll bk]

Eastoe, William, Baxter Row, East Dereham, Norfolk, cm and u (1836–39). [D]

Easton, —, Chatham, Kent, carver and gilder (1807). [D]

Easton, George, Dog Bank, Newcastle, cm and furniture broker (1827). [D]

Ea(s)ton, John, 38–39 High St, Hastings, Sussex, cm and u (1823–39). [D]

Easton, Robert, Liverpool, cm (1819–37). Trading at 9 Clayton St, 1827–29, and no. 11 in 1837. Marriage to Miss Hannah Lobley at St Anne's Church reported in Liverpool Mercury, 26 November 1819. [D]

Eastop, Roger, Bow St, London, u (1749). [Poll bk]

Eastwood, Jonas, Holmfirth, Huddersfield, Yorks., joiner and/ or cm (1834–37). Trading at Dean House, Honley in 1837. [D]

Eastwood, Thomas, Honley, near Huddersfield, Yorks., joiner and/or cm (1837). [D]

Eaton, James, King St, Hammersmith, Middlx, furniture broker, appraiser, cm and u (1839). [D]

Eaton, John, Liverpool, cm (1777–84). Addresses given at 55 Ranelegh St and Stanley St, 1777; and 29 School Lane, 1781–84. [D]

Eaton, John, King St, Derby, cm (1829). [D]

Eaton, Peter, address unrecorded, cm (1803). Subscribed to Sheraton's Cabinet Dictionary, 1803.

Eaton, Thomas, Castle St, The Potteries, Staffs., cm (1818). [D]

Eaton, Thomas, St John's Sq., Burslem, Staffs., joiner and cm (1822). [D]

Eaton, Thomas, Navigation Rd, Burslem, Staffs., cm and u (1834). [D]

Eaves, James, Trumpington St, Cambridge, joiner and cm (b. c. 1753–d. 1800). Death aged 47 reported in Cambridge Chronicle and Journal, 8 March 1800.

Eaves, Richard, Liverpool, late of Blackburn, Lancs., cm (1782). Named in the Preston Guild record of burgesses in 1782 as son of William Eaves, carrier of Preston, deceased.

Ebbs, Nathaniel, London, cm (1821–23). Trading at 13 Red Lion St, Clerkenwell in 1821, and 177 Piccadilly, 1823. [D]

Ebditch, —, London, cm (1793). Subscribed to Sheraton's Drawing Book, 1793.

Eccles, Bowyer, Market Lane, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffs., joiner and cm (1818). [D]

Eccles, Edward, 15 Lill's Ct, Preston, Lancs., chair-bottomer (1818). [D]

Eccles, Henry, Manchester, cm, carver and gilder (1800–36). Addresses given at 65 Shude Hill in 1800; 35 Wood St in 1802; 7 Mulberry Ct in 1808; 37 Wood St in 1817; 20 Kennedy St in 1818; no. 29, 1819–20; 1 Hulme St, Ridgefield, with res. at 3 Gore St, Salford in 1825; 14 Broker Bank in 1829; 26 Deal St, 1832–33, no. 25 in 1834–36 and as John Henry Eccles at no. 25 in 1836. [D]

Eccles, James, New Market Pl., Bolton, Lancs., carver and gilder (1824–34). [D]

Eccles, Thomas, Manchester, carver and gilder (1813–40). Addresses given at 14 Mulberry St, 1813–17; no. 12 in 1818; 62 King St, 1821–25; 9 Back King St, 1828–29; 12 Mulberry St, 1832–33; and 32 Princess St, 1838–40. [D]

Eccles, William, Henderson Ct, Back Chester St, Liverpool, cm (1829). [D]

Echlers, Richard, Liverpool, cm (1830–40). Indenture dated 1830. Admitted freeman on servitude to William John Roberts in 1840. [Liverpool freemen's committee bk]

Eckford, Charles & John, 45 Fleet St, London, picture cleaners, restorers and frame makers (1792–1840). Advertised in Art Union, 1840, p. 47, stating the firm had been established in 1792. [D]

Eckford, John, 17 Water St (or Lane), Bridewell Precinct, London, carver and gilder, dealer in paintings (1814–29). Took out Sun Insurance policies on 12 September 1814 for £700 of which stock, utensils and goods in trust accounted for £300; on 21 September 1818 for £300 on a let house in Crosby Row, Walworth; and on 14 December 1820 for £650, including £450 on houses in tenure at 7 Crown Ct, Dorset St, and 4 George Row; and £200 on a private house at 8 George Row. [D; GL, Sun MS vol. 461, ref. 897352; vol. 480, ref. 946122; vol. 487, ref. 974492]

Eckford, John, 48 Lothbury, London, carver and gilder (1826– 27). [D]

Eckhardt, Anthony George, London, cm (1771–98). Trading at Hans Pl., Chelsea in 1798. In 1771 he patented for fourteen years a portable table ‘with Double or Single Folding Flaps and Folding Feet, and also a New Portable Chair, so Contrived as to Answer all the Purposes of the common Tables and Chairs, and at the same Time to Lay in the Compass of a Small Box.’ In 1798 he took out another patent for his ‘Improved Method of Making Chairs, Sofas, Stools, Benches, &c., &c., Adapted for Rooms or Carriages with Backs and Seates, or Cushions fixed in such a Manner as instantly to Change or Shew Two Different Surfaces in One …’. [V & A archives; DEF]

Eddy, John, Fore St, Kingsbridge and Dodbrook, Devon, cm (1838). [D]

Ede, George, Chapel Rd, Worthing, Sussex, cm and u (1832– 39). Recorded at no. 6, with furniture warehouse at South St in 1839. [D]

Ede, Joseph, High St, Dorking, Surrey, cm (1801). Took out a Sun Insurance policy on 13 April 1801 for £300 of which £250 accounted for his house, where no work was done; and £50 for washroom, warehouse and workshop. [GL, Sun MS vol. 39, ref. 717207]

Eden, Christopher, Liverpool, carver and gilder (1821–39). Addresses given at Duncan St East, 1821–24; no. 24, and also 23 Sidney St in 1824; 30 Bridport St, 1829–30; and 6 Spencer Buildings, Hunter St, with shop in Williamson St, 1834–39. [D]

Eden, Francis, at the Foot of the Butcher-Bank, Newcastle, joiner and cm (1768). Advertised in Newcastle Chronicle, 14 May 1768 that he ‘Makes and sells all Sorts of Cabinet Goods, Chairs, Tables, &c. on reasonable Terms.’

Eden, Francis, George's Stairs, Newcastle, cm and/or carpenter (1778). [D]

Eden, Francis, Pilgrim St, Newcastle, cm (1805–08). [D]

Ed(d)en, John jnr, Liverpool, cm (1760–d. 1802). Addresses given in partnership with Ellen Rigg, cm, at Newmarket in 1765, and Derby Sq., 1766–67; recorded alone at 11 Derby Sq. in 1769; 55 Ranelegh St with warehouse at 5 Harrington in 1777; Lord St, 1778–87; no. 33, 1784–87; warehouse at 5 Islington and workshop at Back 34 Lord St in 1790; Folly Lane, 1794; and 3 Upper Islington, 1796. In 1760 he petitioned freedom on birthright as son of Thomas Eden, shoemaker, paying 3s 4d. Admitted freeman on 30 May 1761. Former apps petitioned freedom: Richard Coppell and John Walker in 1780; Thomas Dutton in 1790; Samuel Nelson in 1802, indenture dated 1790; and George Bilby in 1802, indenture dated 1794. Son, John Eden, Gent., petitioned freedom on birthright in 1802. On 25 October 1765 Ellen, widow of Edward Rigg, cm, announced in Williamson's Liverpool Advertiser her intention of carrying on business and entering into partnership with Eden, ‘who has been several Years in some of the principal Shops in London’. Eden alone took out a Sun Insurance policy in 1778 for £500, utensils and stock accounting for £200. Probably the J. Eden, cm of Liverpool, who subscribed £1 1s to the Mayor's fund for the relief of soldiers and their dependants in the American war [Williamson's Liverpool Advertiser, 17 November 1775]; and who acted as agent in a sale of stock, same paper, 10 January 1782. [D; Liverpool freemen reg. and committee bk; GL, Sun MS vol. 264, p. 537] Probably John Edon.

Eden, John, Nottingham, joiner and cm (1805). Son of William Eden, farmer of Breaston, Derbs.; app. to William Calar in 1805. [Nottingham app. list]

Eden, Michael, 17 Grenada Pl., Commercial Rd, Limehouse, London, u and cm (1826–39). [D]

Eden(s), Michael, 9 City Rd, London, u (1823–25). [D] See Thomas Eden(s). Possibly:

Eden, Mitchell, 9 City Rd, London, bed and mattress maker (1822–23). [D]

Eden, Thomas, Newcastle, u and furniture broker (1788–1801). Addresses given at ‘The Sofa, Foot of the Side’, 1788–91; 21 Dean St, 1791–94; no. 18, 1794–95; and Groat Mkt, 1801. Advertised in Newcastle Courant several times for apps; and on 22 March 1788 that he had begun business in the shop ‘late Mr. Robert Curry's’, and had ‘been in some of the first shops in London’. On 12 April he announced the arrival from London of ‘a large assortment of Paper Hangings’. Advertised an assortment of stained chairs on 31 May 1789, and for an app. on 16 January 1790. His notice of 15 January illustrated a Hepplewhite-style sofa, and advertised ‘stain'd chairs, from eight shillings down to four and sixpence’. On 24 December 1791 he announced his removal from ‘his Shop at the Foot of the Side, to a more eligible situation, No. 21, Foot of Dean-street’. On 28 April and 3 November 1792 he advertised his ‘Great variety of French and English Sofas with folding beds to them, extremely convenient in large families’. Sale of upholstery goods announced, 22 June 1793 ‘by order of the Trustees’, F. Elden & Son, so he is presumably the Thomas Weatherburn Eden, u of Newcastle, declared bankrupt, Williamson's Liverpool Advertiser, 13 May 1793. He was trading again by 16 May 1794 when he advertised his business at 18 Dean St. On 29 August 1795 his advertisement declared he was ‘sensible of the liberal support he had for these eighteen years experienced … He wishes at the same time to inform the gentlemen of the Army that he has at present by him, a handsome foulding Camp Sofa Bed, on a new Construction, German Beds for Foreign Service … Cott Beds, Mahogany folding tables, Looking Glasses, Camp stools … he also makes the MARQUE and TENTS on the newest Construction without any Centre Poles.’ [D]

Eden(s), Thomas, City Rd, London, u and mattress maker (1809–28). Trading at no. 12, 1809–11, and no. 9, 1816–28. [D] See Michael and Mitchell Eden.

Eden, William, Nottingham, joiner and cm (1823–32). Trading at Derby Rd in 1832. App. to John Addicott in 1823. [D; Nottingham app. list]

Edgar, James, 170 Pilgrim St, Newcastle, cm and furniture broker (1834). [D]

Edgcombe, George, Scotland St, Ellesmere, Salop, cm (1822). [D]

Edgcome, William, High St, Penryn, Cornwall, joiner and cm (1802–10). Advertised in Royal Cornwall Gazette, 24 and 31 July 1802 that he was commencing business as a sworn appraiser and auctioneer for sale of lands, merchandise, furniture etc. Signed lease, dated 24 June 1810, on a house with gardens, backhouse and orchard in High St. [Cornwall RO, AD 201/14/2]

Edge, Joseph, 19 Church St, Blackburn, Lancs., carver and gilder (1828). [D]

Edge, Richard, 94 Portland St, Manchester, cm (1824–25). [D]

Edge, Samuel, Witton St, Northwich, Cheshire, cm (1822). [D]

Edge, Samuel, Over, near Middlewich, Cheshire, cm (1834). [D]

Edgecombe, Handy, High St, Tewkesbury, Glos., cm (1798–1830). Child bapt. in 1824. Declared bankrupt, Liverpool Mercury, 25 January 1826. [D; PR(bapt.)]

Edgecombe, Richard F., Tewkesbury, Glos., cm and builder (1798). [D]

Edgecombe, William, High St, Tewkesbury, Glos., cm and u (1820). [D]

Edgecumbe, Mrs, High St, Tewkesbury, Glos., cm, u and builder (1822). [D]

Edgerly, Thomas, High Wycombe, Bucks., chair caner (b. c. 1791–1841). Daughter bapt. in 1825, sons in 1829, 1831 and 1834; daughter in 1837. Aged 50 at the time of the 1841 Census. [PR(bapt.)]

Edghill, Henry, 1 Anderson's Buildings, City Rd, London, cm and u (1839). [D]

Edie, James, London, cm (1793). Subscribed to Sheraton's Drawing Book, 1793.

Edisforth, William, Canterbury, Kent, upholder (1663). [Canterbury freemen rolls]

Edkins, Thomas, 34 Ebury St, Chelsea, London, carpenter, cm and u (1808). [D]

Edleston (Edels(t)on or Edlisden), James, 40 Drury Lane, London, cm (1789–1811). [D]

Edleston, James, 9 Rosamon (or Rosomond) Buildings, Islington, London, cm and appraiser (1820–37). [D]

Edlin, Edward C., New Bond St, London, turner and toyman by appointment to His Majesty (1796–1832). Recorded at no. 34, 1798–1808; and no. 31, 1831–32. Bills in the Arundel Castle records dated December 1831 for a backgammon table, and September 1832 for a doll, have the heading which reads: ‘Turnery in all its Branches, Foreign Toys and Tunbridge Ware. Juvenile Publications.’ [D; Arundel Castle records, A 2094]

Edlyn, John & Chappell, address unrecorded. In 1778 supplied a bookcase with sash doors, costing £1 2s 6d to Croome Court, Worcs. [V & A archives]

Edmett, Thomas, Maidstone, Kent, cm and u (1810–39). Recorded at Middle Row, 1832–38, and High St, 1834. Advertised in Maidstone Journal, 29 May 1810 that he was formerly app. to Edward Argles who is ‘now on the eve of leaving Maidstone, for a large and extensive concern in the Metropolis’. Argles took over the business of Thomas Butler in Catherine St, Strand. [D; poll bks; reg. of elect.]

Edmonds, —, address unrecorded, ‘inventor’ (1744). Notice in Daily Advertiser, 23 April 1744 concerned the sale ‘by Order of the Creditors of Mr. Edmonds the Inventor’ of ‘That curious Piece of Machinery, call'd the Temple of Arts and Sciences … This most valuable Structure of Mahogany, in form of a Roman Temple, neatly carved and gilt, finely embellish'd with emblematical figures …’ painted and carved, representing geography, astonomy, night, music, mathematics and painting. The contraption incorporated ‘a moving Picture, representing Mount Parnassus, where Clouds break away, and Apollo appears with the Muses while the Most sublime Pieces of Mr. Handel's Musick are perform'd by the Machine…’.

Edmonds, George, West Wycombe, Bucks., chairmaker (b. c. 1804–41). Aged 37 at the time of the 1841 Census.

Edmonds, Henry, Camomile St, London, carver and sadler (1763–79). Employed one non-freeman for three months in 1763, and one for six weeks in both 1764 and 1765. Insured his house at 9 Camomile St for £300 in 1779 with the Sun Co. [GL, City Licence bks, vols 3 and 4; GL, Sun MS vol. 272, p. 608]

Edmonds, John, 16 Church St, Soho, London, upholder (1786). On 22 July 1786 insured his house and offices adjoining for £300 with the Sun Co. [GL, Sun MS vol. 339, p. 129]

Edmonds, John, 6 Old Compton St, Soho, London, cm and u (1796–1839). Named in Sheraton's list of master cabinet makers, 1803. Took out a Sun Insurance policy on 7 July 1804 for £500 on his house at 1 Kemps Row, Chelsea, in tenure. Referred to in Whitten's Nollekens and His Times. Probably the maker of an oval mahogany Pembroke table at Temple Newsam House, Leeds, stencilled under the drawer, ‘J. EDMONDS’. [D; GL, Sun MS vol. 431, ref. 764049; Gilbert, Leeds Furn. Cat., vol. 2, p. 349]

Edmonds, John, 1 Monkwell St, Cripplegate, London, turner etc. (1835). [D]

Edmonds, John, 3 Meredith St, Clerkenwell, London, cm, u and dressing case maker (1835–39). [D]

Edmonds, Joseph, 13 Court, Gt Hampton St, Birmingham, carver and gilder (1835). [D]

Edmonds, Robert, Lowestoft, Suffolk, cm and u (1830). [D]

Edmonds (or Edmunds), Samuel(l), London, upholder (1713–25). Recorded as Edmonds in James St, near Golden Sq. in 1720. Son of Samuel Edmunds, plumber of London; app. to John Rose(?) and admitted freeman of the Upholders’ Co. by servitude on 3 March 1713/14. Took out a Sun Insurance policy on 25 March 1720 on goods and merchandise in his house. In 1725 he received £4 11s for ‘upholstery work of a blue cloth bed’, probably carried out for the Duke of Montrose. [GL, Upholders’ Co. records; GL, Sun MS vol. 11, p. 77; Scottish RO, GD 220/6/1256/47]

Edmonds, Thomas, London, upholder (1742–56). Son of William Edmonds, upholder of London; app. to his father on 3 November 1742, and admitted freeman of the Upholders’ Co. by servitude on 4 November 1756. [GL, Upholders’ Co. records]

Edmonds, Thomas, Northbrook St, Newbury, Berks., cm and u (1823–42). [D]

Edmonds, William, address unrecorded, upholder (1711–56). Son of John Edmonds, yeoman of Maningford, Wilts. App. to William Cope on 5 March 1711, and admitted freeman of the Upholders’ Co. by servitude on 7 December 1737. Took son, Thomas Edmonds, as app., 1742–56, admitted freeman in 1756. [GL, Upholders’ Co. records]

Edmonds, William, Oxford, then Burford, joiner, cm, carpenter and chairmaker (1775–79). Opened a shop in High St, near All Saints on 21 October 1775. Sale of stock in trade on the take-over of Edmonds's business by Mr Linsell announced in Jackson's Oxford Journal, 18 September 1779. Edmonds was ‘going to keep the Mermaid at Burford; where he intends carrying on the Carpenter's, Joiner's, and Cabinet Business, as usual’. Stock for sale consisted of beds and bedding, ‘Mahogany and Walnut-tree Chairs, Tables, Bureaus, Chests of Drawers, Pier and Swing Glasses, Tea-Boards, Trays, Chests, China &c.’

Edmonds, William, Silver St, Northampton, cm (1830). [Poll bk]

Edmondson, James, Lancaster, cm (1817–18). Admitted freeman, 1817–18, when stated ‘of Liverpool’. [Lancaster freemen rolls] Possibly James Edmundson of Liverpool.

Edmondson, Matthew, 64 Lombard St, London, upholder (1778–83). Admitted freeman of the Upholders’ Co. by redemption on 2 December 1778. Took out a Sun Insurance policy in 1778 for £700 of which utensils and stock accounted for £550. [D; GL, Upholders’ Co. records; GL, Sun MS vol. 269, p. 16]

Edmondson, Matthew, 28 Haymarket, Piccadilly, London, upholder (1783). Took out a Sun Insurance policy in 1783 for £1,700 of which £1,400 accounted for utensils, stock and goods. [GL, Sun MS vol. 317, p. 542]

Edmondson, Matthew, 9 Dean St, Soho, London, u and furniture warehouseman (1809–11). [D]

Edmondson, Peter, Liverpool, chairmaker (1827–35). Addresses given at 38 Hodson St, 1823–29; no. 35 in 1827; shop at 26 Hart St, 1834–35; and Woodward Sq., Lawrence St in 1835. [D]

Edmondson, Peter & Sons, 12 Bold St, Liverpool, u and cm (1827). [D]

Edmondson, Richard, Lancaster, cm (1817–18). [Lancaster freemen rolls] See Richard Edmundson.

Edmondson, Robert I, Lancaster, cm (1767–84). Admitted freeman, 1767–68, polled at Lancaster in 1768, and named in the Gillow records in 1784. [Lancaster freemen rolls; Westminster Ref. Lib., Gillow]

Edmondson, Robert II, Lancaster, cm (1779–84). Admitted freeman, 1779–80. [Lancaster freemen rolls and poll bk]

Edmondson, Robert III, Lancaster, cm (1817–18). Admitted freeman in 1817–18, when stated ‘of Liverpool’. [Lancaster freemen rolls]

Edmondson (or Edmundson,) Robert, Liverpool, cm and u (1816–24). Addresses given at 26 Clarence St with cabinet manufactory at 2 Marshall St in 1816; Toxteth Park in 1823; and 5 Pack Rd in 1824. [D] See Richard Edmundson.

Edmondson, Samuel, Lancaster, carver (1830–31). [Lancaster freemen rolls]

Edmondson, Thomas, Lancaster, cm (1806–24). App. to J. Hodgson in 1806 and admitted freeman, 1817–18. Named in the Gillow records, 1815–24. [Lancaster app. reg. and freemen rolls; Westminster Ref. Lib., Gillow]

Edmondson, William, Netherend, Penrith, Cumb., cm, u and joiner (1834). [D]

Edmondson & Creighton, 36 Castle St, Carlisle, Cumb., carvers, gilders, u and paper hangers (1834). [D]

Edmonson, Matthew, 48 Wimpole St, London, upholder (1794). Took out a Sun Insurance policy on 8 July 1794 for £950, with the addition of £45 on house, utensils and stock. [GL, Sun MS vol. 401, ref. 630170]

Edmund, James, East Walls, Carlisle, Cumb., chairmaker (1811). [D]

Edmund, Platt, address unrecorded, carver and gilder (1775). Subscribed to Thomas Malton's Compleat Treatise on Perspective, 1775.

Edmunds, —, Dean St, London(?) u (1785). Named in A.T. Smith's A Book for a Rainy Day, 1842, pp. 91–92.

Edmunds, Isaac, High St, Worcester, cm (1794–98). Recorded at 5 Corn Mkt in 1794 and High St, 1797–98, no. 51 in 1797. [D]

Edmunds, John, Liverpool, furniture painter (1807–18). Recorded at Sir Thomas's Buildings in 1807; 25 Vernon St, 1810–11; and no. 47, 1813–18. Marriage to Miss Chritchley of Rainford's Gdns at St Nicholas's Church, reported in Liverpool Chronicle, 17 June 1807. [D]

Edmunds, Richard, 41 Gt Alice St, London, picture and looking-glass frame maker (1826). [D]

Edmundson, —, Liverpool, cm (1793). Subscribed to Sheraton's Drawing Book, 1793.

Edmundson, J., Moor Lane, Lancaster, chairmaker (1811). Advertised in Lancaster Gazette, 7 September 1811, that he was continuing his business ‘in all its branches’.

Edmundson, James, 2 Oldham St, Liverpool, u (1827–39). [D] Possibly James Edmondson of Lancaster.

Edmundson, Rachel & Sons, Liverpool, cm and u (1816–39). Recorded at 2 Oldhall (probably Oldham) St, 1816–35, and Marshall St, 1817–23. Announced changes of address from Marshall St to 11 Bold St in Liverpool Mercury, 11 February 1820; and on 10 December 1830 from 12 Bold St (where directories list the firm from 1827–29) to no. 52, ‘which they are now fitting up to suit the convenience of their Business. As they intend to open their new establishment with a modern & fashionable assortment of UPHOLSTERY & CABINET FURNITURE they have commenced selling their stock at very reduced prices.’ Recorded at 62 Bold St, 1834–35, no. 63 in 1837 and no. 112 in 1839. Supplied furniture to Liverpool Town Hall between 1817–23, totalling £2,057. [D; Furn. Hist., 1970] Clearly connected with:

Edmundson, Richard, Liverpool, cm and u (1779–1839). Admitted freeman of Lancaster, 1779–80, when stated ‘of Liverpool’, and polled at Lancaster in 1784. Addresses given in partnership with Robert Edmundson at Castle Ditch in 1781; as Edmundson & Fayrer at 26 Castle Ditch, 1785–91; as Edmundson, Fayrer & Barwick at no. 26 in 1788, and no. 21 in 1790; alone at 50 and 55 Paradise St in 1790; at 49 Paradise St, 26 Castle Ditch, with yard at Dale St in 1791; from February 1791 at 62 Castle St; no. 60 in 1794, with shop and timberyard at 2 Holden St, Renshaw St in 1796; 2 Marshall St, Lord St with shop and timberyard at 2 Oldham St, Renshaw St, 1800–18; as Edmundson & Son, 1813–17; at 2 Oldham St, 1827–37; 12 Bold St in 1829; and 3 Oldham St in 1839. Edmundson & Fayrer announced the opening of their warehouse at 26 Castle Ditch in Williamson's Liverpool Advertiser, 14 November 1785, and listed stock including library book cases, billiard tables, bureau writing tables, sideboard tables with vase and pedestals, cylinder desks, wine cisterns, cabriole chairs and sofas, and camp chairs and tables. The firm announced the addition of an upholstery branch to the business on 24 November 1788. They had also taken another partner, William Barwick, and now stocked mattresses, bedsteads, mosquito nets and sofas, and appraised household furniture. Dissolution of the partnership was announced on 17 January 1791, sale of stock to be held on 24 January 1791. Edmundson advertised on 7 February 1791 that he was continuing business ‘as usual on his own account in a large & convenient shop, no. 62 CASTLE-STREET … which will be ready to open in a few weeks …’. Took out a Sun Insurance policy on 3 December 1792 for £2,600, £200 on his new house and shop in Castle St, £1,250 on utensils and stock; £1,000 on those in his warehouse and workshop communicating in Spitalfields; and £100 on his workshop and sawpit in Thomas's Buildings. In Liverpool Chronicle, 18 November 1805 Edmundson offered thanks for ‘the very kind & spirited exertions made for suppressing the Fire in his Workshop in Oldham-Street’. [D; GL, Sun MS vol. 391, p. 502] Possibly two tradesmen of the same name are concerned here.

Edmundson, Robert, 23 North St, Dale St, Liverpool, cm (1796). [D] See Robert Edmondson.

Edmundson, Thomas, 51 Stanley St, Liverpool, cm (1790). [D]

Edney, James, Emsworth, Hants., chairmaker (1839). [D]

Edney, John, Witney, Oxon., cm (1718). Took app. named Smart in 1718. [S of G, app. index]

Edney, William, Chapel St, Tottenham Ct Rd, London, cm (1835–39). Recorded at no. 12 in 1835 and no. 9 in 1839. [D]

Edon, —, Newcastle, cm (1793). Subscribed to Sheraton's Drawing Book, 1793. Probably either Francis or Thomas Eden.

Edon, John, Liverpool, cm (1761). Admitted freeman on 30 January 1761. [Liverpool freemen reg.] Possibly John Eden.

Edridge, William, Canterbury, Kent, u (1706). [Canterbury freemen rolls]

Edsall, Henry, Milford St, Salisbury, Wilts., chairmaker (1839). [D]

Edson, John, London, chairmaker, cm and u (1794–1819). Trading at 28 Berwick St, 1794–96, and 74 Titchfield St, Fitzroy Sq., 1806–19. Possibly the maker of a set of ten parcel gilt and white painted chairs with caned seats, tapering ‘bamboo’ legs, and X-shaped stretchers; attributed in design to James Wyatt, and stamped ‘I.E.’ or ‘J.E.’ [D; Sotheby's, 2 April 1971, lot 76]

Edward, George, 115 Long Acre, London, upholder (1776). Took out a Sun Insurance policy in 1776 for £1,100 of which £1,000 accounted for utensils and stock. [GL, Sun MS vol. 248, ref. 369807]

Edwardes & Har(mibe), address unrecorded. Mahogany sofa table has this firm's name written in ink with the date 1826. [V & A archives]

Edwards, —, Glean Alley, Coleman St, London, cm (d. 1750). Report in General Advertiser, 15 June 1750 that Edwards had fallen down ‘in an Apoplectick Fit in his House, & died instantly.’

Edwards, —, London, carver (1767). Received payments from Henry Knight of Tythegston Court, Glam., in 1767 for picture frames. [C. Life, 5 October 1978]

Edwards, —, 15 John St, Pentonville, London, carver and gilder (1808). [D]

Edwards, —, address unrecorded. Extending mahogany dining table, 1820, noted with lazy-tongs underframe action; end standards each bear small die stamped octagonal tablet featuring the Royal Coat of Arms and Motto with ‘EDWARDS PATENT’. Possibly David Edwards of 21 King St, London.

Edwards, —, address unrecorded, frame maker (1824). In March 1824 received £30 2s for picture frames, and in December 1824, 6s 7d for ‘frame-cartoon’ supplied to Nicholas Pearse of Loughton, Essex, and Marylebone, London. [Essex RO, D/DHt A1/3] See J. and R. Edwards, and Edwards & Son.

Edwards, Abraham, Lewes, Sussex, u (1734). [Poll bk]

Edwards, Adam, 70 Whitechapel, London, carver, gilder, looking-glass manufacturer and paper hanger (1809–25). [D] See William Edwards at this address.

Edwards, Alexander, 11 Richmond Terr., Richmond Row, Liverpool, cm (1839). [D]

Edwards, Anthony, 201 Bradford St, Birmingham, Grecian and fancy chairmaker (1835). [D]

Edwards, Charles, 10 Berkeley St, Clerkenwell, London, clockcase maker (1809–11). [D]

Edwards, Charles, 1 Gloucester St, Bristol, cm (1835–40). [D]

Edwards, David, 21 King St, Bloomsbury Sq., London, writing and dressing case maker to the Royal Family, inventor of the patent military travelling cases (1813–d. 1848). Addresses also given at 84 St James's St, 1813–14, and 5 Orange St in 1817. [D] Submitted bill dated 22 July 1813 to Robert Clavering Savage of Gloucester Pl., Portman Sq., London, and Elmley Castle, near Worcester, for a total of £11 13s 6d for a kingwood jewel case, and repairs to an old jewel case. Receipt dated 23 March 1814 is signed by J. Bacon. Bill heading lists stock which includes writing, dressing, plate and canteen cases, combs, brushes, cut glass and cutlery. [Worcs. RO, 4600/705: 505/763/3] Named in the Royal Household accounts on 19 December 1823 receiving £72 6s. For items supplied between 21 July 1824 and 1 May 1825 he was paid £78 11s 6d; and between 1824–27, £54 12s. [Windsor Royal Archives, RA35570, 35591, 89520] Submitted a bill, dated 18 December 1832, to John Arkwright of Hampton Court, Leominster, Herefs., for a rosewood tea chest costing £4 4s. On Edwards's death in 1848, his solicitors or creditors wrote to Arkwright requesting settlement of his account, £16 2s having been owed ‘some years.’ [Herefs. RO, Arkwright papers, A63/161] Portable writing desk of brass-bound rosewood recorded bearing inside the trade label of ‘EDWARDS, 21 KING STREET, HOLBORN’. Label also found on portable brass inlaid kingwood-veneered writing box containing two silver-stoppered glass containers with hallmarks for 1828. [Sotheby's, 10 July 1970, lot 17; 3 June 1977, lot 81] See Thomas Edwards, cm of London.

Edwards, David, Birmingham, Grecian, Windsor and fancy chairmaker (1816–30). Trading at 5 Rea St, 1816–22, and Bradford St, 1828–30. [D]

Edwards, David, Cambridge, cm (1830). Child bapt. on 14 February 1830 at St Clement's Church. [PR(bapt.)]

Edwards, Edward, London, furniture designer (b. 1738– d. 1806). Born in London, the son of a chairmaker and carver native of Shrewsbury. Aged fifteen he was app. to work with his father in the shop of William Hallett, the well-known cm and u of Long Acre, and among the chief exponents of the Gothic and Chinese styles. Remaining there for three years Edwards ‘drew patterns for furniture’ and ‘sought every opportunity of looking at works of art’. In 1759 he became a student in the Duke of Richmond's Academy, and in 1760, opened an evening school in Compton St, Soho, to support his widowed mother and sister. Here he taught drawing to ‘several young men who either aimed to be artists, or to qualify themselves to be cabinet, or ornamental furniture makers’. In 1769 he became a student of the Royal Academy and in 1773 was elected an Associate. Two years later he went to Italy to study art, but mediocre as a painter, he returned to furniture designing. On his return ‘he was soon engaged by the honourable Horace Walpole at Strawberry Hill’, as his master, Hallett, had been. He received commissions from Walpole until 1784, in which year he designed a cabinet in the Gothic style. He was appointed Teacher of Perspective at the Academy in 1788, where he frequently exhibited. An antiquarian, he studied and etched Newcastle topography, and painted scenery for a Newcastle theatre in 1787. He wrote Anecdotes of Painters, published posthumously in 1808, and containing a brief autobiography. The V & A has a portfolio of his sketches of old furniture, architectural details, glass and silverware. Edwards died on 19 December 1806. [DEF; C. Life, 7 June 1930, pp. 848–50]

Edwards, Edward, Gorst Stacks, Chester, cm (1812). [Poll bk]

Edwards, Edward, Birmingham, victualler and chairmaker (1816–22). Recorded at Rea St in 1816 and Digbeth, 1818– 22. [D]

Edwards, Edward, Ironbridge, Salop, cm (1822–35). [D]

Edwards, Edward, Upper Burgess St, Grimsby, Lincs., joiner and cm (1835). [D]

Edwards, Francis, 4 Crown St, Soho, London, cm and u (1839). [D]

Edwards, George, 6 St James's St, Bristol, cm (1754–84). [Poll bks]

Edwards, George Barrister, Liverpool, u (1824–29). Trading at 31 New Scotland Rd in 1824 and 41 Milton St, 1827–29. [D]

Edwards, George, 46 Milk St, Bristol, carver and gilder (1833). [D]

Edwards, George, Church St, Warminster, Wilts., cm and u (1839). [D]

Edwards, Hannah, Riding's Yd, Warrington, Lancs., u (1822). [D]

Edwards, Henry, Rotten Row, Old St, Cripplegate, London, joiner, cm and broker (1727). Took out a Sun Insurance policy on 1 April 1727 for £500 of which goods and stock accounted for £200. [GL, Sun MS vol. 23, p. 510]

Edwards, Henry, Exeter, Devon, freeman cm (1832). [Voters list]

Edwards, J., address unrecorded. In 1810 repaired and gilded three picture frames for Nicholas Pearse of Loughton, Essex, and London. [Essex RO, D/DHt A1/4] See R. Edwards, and Edwards & Son.

Edwards, J., 33 Mount St, Grosvenor Sq., London, carver and gilder (1835). [D]

Edwards, I. or J., 13 Bedford Pl., Commercial Rd, London, cm (1837). [D]

Edwards, James, Cannon St, Nicholas Lane, London, turner (1717). Insured his house for £250 on 13 November 1717. [GL, Hand in Hand MS vol. 18, p. 25]

Edwards, James, 46 Ewer St, Southwark, London, cm (1809– 11). [D]

Edwards, John, Chester, cm (1744–47). Son of John Edwards, Gent., deceased; app. to Joseph Burrows, cm, and admitted freeman on 19 April 1744. [Chester freemen rolls; poll bk]

Edwards, John, Chester, cm (1755). App. to Philip Presbury, cm, 1 March to 1 April 1755. [Chester app. bks]

Edwards, John, High St and St Mary's Lane, Lewes, Sussex, u (1774–90). [Poll bks; T. Woollgar, Spicilegia Sive Collectanea ad Historiam et Antiquitates Lewensis, c. 1790]

Edwards, John, Peterborough, Northants., u (1806). [Lincoln freemen rolls]

Edwards, John, Liverpool, cm (1824–39). Addresses given at 4 Cable St in 1824; 4 Tarleton St, 1827–32; Williamson St with shop at 4 Parker St in 1835; 3 Riding St and 59 Lime St in 1837; 2 Stanhope St with shop at 32 Lime St, and 7 Parker St with shop at 24 Williamson St in 1839. Two tradesmen may be involved here, since a John Edwards is also recorded in directories at 11 Vine St in 1832. [D] John Edwards submitted bills to George Holt of Rake Lane, Liverpool, dated 14 and 21 January 1832. The first totalled £153 18s 4d and included ‘14 Rosewood Antique Chairs’, £49; ‘a Circular Rosewood Table’, £18 18s; ‘a Pair of Card Tables’, £18 18s; ‘2 Rosewood Couches’, £28; silk gimp for curtaining, gilt cornices; supervising the fixing of blinds and curtains, making bolsters, pillow, chair, chandelier and embroidered table covers; cleaning and polishing furniture. The second bill records payment of £57 3s 6d for a looking-glass and ‘blind frame’; and £61 16s 9d ‘to a large Chimney Glass in Gold frame Fitted up Complete’. [Liverpool RO, 920 HOL 3/1]

Edwards, John, 3 Black Swan Ct, Bath, Som., chairmaker (1826). [D]

Edwards, John, Chester, cm and u (1828–47). Addresses given in Northgate St in 1828; 82 Watergate St, 1829–33; and 29 Watergate Row with res. in Watergate St, 1840. Advertised as agent in sale of the Manor House in Gt Boughton, near Chester, in Chester Chronicle, Cheshire and North Wales Advertiser, 11 December 1829. Announced in Chester Courant and Advertiser for North Wales, 19 and 26 March 1833, that ‘he has taken a licence to act as an appraiser and auctioneer’ and ‘flatters himself that his long experience in the cabinet and upholstery business will enable him to fix a just and fair valuation on goods and furniture.’ Advertised in the Chester General Directory, 1840, that he sold ‘Paper hangings, carpets, hearth rugs, fringes, laces, bell pulls, floor cloths, and every other article connected with his respective trades.’ Took apps named Richard Brown in 1838, Thomas Carline in 1839, Thomas Marshall in 1841, and William, son of Thomas Edwards, in 1842. Elected councilman in 1839 and 1847. [D; Chester app. bks]

Edwards, John, 25 Thomas St, Bristol, cm, broker, trunk and band-box maker (1834–40). [D]

Edwards, John, Paris St, Exeter, Devon, carver and gilder (1835). His son John Kelly bapt. at St Sidwell's on 17 May 1835. [PR(bapt.)]

Edwards, John, 17 Shepherd's Mkt, London, carver and gilder (1835). [D]

Edwards, John, 4 Cannon Pl., Whitechapel Rd, London, bedstead maker (1837). [D]

Edwards, John, High St, Ellesmere, Salop, cm (1840). [D]

Edwards, John Holland, Holyrood St, Chard, Som., cm (1840). [D]

Edwards, Joseph, 6 Richmond St, Whitechapel, Liverpool, joiner and cm (1790). [D]

Edwards, Joshua, King's Lynn, Norfolk, u (1732–47). Admitted freeman by patrimony, 1732–33. Will proved at Norwich in 1747. [King's Lynn freemen's calendar; Norfolk Record Soc., index of wills]

Edwards, Luke, London(?), carver (1701). The Annandale accounts record payment to Edwards in 1701 of £13 10s for ‘1 fine carved tester headboard’, and £2 5s for ‘1 large set carved cornices for case curtains’. [Hopetoun papers, NRA (s) 888/637]

Edwards, Oliver, London, upholder (1706–d. 1742). Recorded in Bartholomew Close, 1724–34. Son of Oliver Edwards, Gent. of Devizes, Wilts.; app. to James Parke on 5 June 1706. Admitted freeman of the Upholders’ Co. by servitude on 5 December 1716, and master in 1742, in which year he died. [GL, Upholders’ Co. records; poll bks]

Edwards, P., Gt Waterloo St, Lambeth, London, cm and u (1823–37). Trading at no. 5, 1826–27, and no. 99, 1827–35. [D]

Edwards, Peter, 5 Hyde St, Bloomsbury, London, cm (1781). Took out a Sun Insurance policy in 1781 for £100, utensils, stock and goods accounting for £25. [GL, Sun MS vol. 297, p. 472]

Edwards, R., address unrecorded, carver and gilder (1811–21). Named in the account bk of Nicholas Pearse of Loughton, Essex, and London, between 1811–21. Typical payments include on 6 June 1811, £3 for picture frames, and in May 1819, £2 8s for gilding picture frames. [Essex RO, D/DHt A1/4] See J. Edwards, and Edwards & Son. Possibly:

Edwards, Richard, 10 Ann St, Pentonville, London, carver and gilder (1790–1811). Worked for Lord Spencer at Althorp, Northants., carving glass frames and dado rails in Lady Spencer's Dressing Room, for which he submitted a bill for £64 18s 3d in June 1790. A receipt dated 10 May 1791 is for £1 9s 5d. [D; V & A archives]

Edwards, Richard, 12 Ossulton St, Somerstown, London, carver and gilder (1837). [D]

Edwards, Robert, Yoxford, Suffolk, cm (1792). Named in the calendar of marriage licence bonds on 5 November 1792. [Suffolk RO, FAA: 50/2/108]

Edwards, Samuel, 7 Cambridge Rd, London, furniture japanner (1830–39). [D]

Edwards, Samuel, Chester, cm (1831). Admitted freeman on 20 April 1831. [Chester freemen rolls]

Edwards, Samuel, Ironmarket, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffs., cm (1832). [Poll bk]

Edwards, Samuel, 7 Devonshire Buildings. Gt Dover St, London, joiner and cm (1832–45). [D; Lord Chamberlain's Royal accounts]

Edwards, Samuel, 40 Redcross St, Southwark, London, cm (1835–37). [D]

Edwards, Samuel, Holywell Row, Worship Sq., London, cm and u (1839). [D]

Edwards, Samuel, 13 Cannon St Rd, London, bedstead maker (1839). [D]

Edwards, Sarah, 11 Coach Yd, Bull St, Birmingham, u (1830). [D]

Edwards, Saul, 5 Gt Waterloo St, London, cm and u (1827–28). [D]

Edwards, Thomas, King's Lynn, Norfolk, joiner and cm (1713). Took app. named Farthing in 1713. [S of G, app. index]

Edwards, Thomas, Chandos St, Westminster, London, cm (1749). [Poll bk]

Edwards, Thomas, 131 Ratcliffe Highway, Upper East Smithfield, London, carver, gilder and paper hanger (1817–18). Took out a Sun Insurance policy on 31 December 1818 for £400 on goods in his new house. [D; GL, Sun MS vol. 480, ref. 948931]

Edwards, Thomas, Ironmarket, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffs., cm, u, appraiser and auctioneer (1818–39). Trading at no. 56, 1836–39, and as Thomas & Sons in 1839. [D]

Edwards, Thomas, High St, Bromsgrove, Worcs., carpenter and cm (1820). [D]

Edwards, Thomas, London, cm (1832–39). Sent account dated 23 August 1839 to John Arkwright of Hampton Court, Leominster, Herefs., for articles supplied in 1832–33. His bill, totalling £16 2s, included a rosewood tea chest costing £4 4s, and a mahogany dressing box, £3 13s 6d. [Herefs. RO, A63/ 161] See David Edwards of 21 King St, London.

Edwards, Thomas, Cambridge, cm and u (1832–47). Trading in Sussex St in 1832, and Market St, 1834–47. [D; poll bks]

Edwards, Thomas, Hanley, Staffs., cm and u (1834–35). Listed at York St and Stafford Row in 1834, and Market Pl. in 1835. [D]

Edwards, Thomas, Duckinfield St, Liverpool, cm (1835–39). Trading at no. 55, 1835–37; no. 12, and also 82 Chatham St in 1839. [D]

Edwards, Thomas, 21 King St, Holborn, London, workbox, desk and dressing case maker (1839). [D] See David Edwards.

Edwards, Thomas, 7 Beswick Row, Miller St, Manchester, chairmaker (1840). [D]

Edwards, W., Beatrice St, Oswestry, Salop, cm and joiner (1828). [D]

Edwards, William, Norwich, u (1692). App. to Sam Reeve on 24 February 1692. [Norwich app. reg.]

Edwards, William, address unrecorded, carpenter and joiner (1753–56). Worked at Norfolk House, London, in 1753 preparing the pier glasses and frames for Cuenot to carve for the Music Room. Supplied furniture, mainly for minor rooms, and carried out repairs. [V & A archives; Arundel Castle records, MD18, part 1]

Edwards, William, Bristol, cm (1754). [Poll bks]

Edwards, William, Wosbury, Salop, chairmaker (1755). Took app. named Davis in 1755. [S of G, app. index]

Edwards, William, 5 Hart St, London, upholder (1784). Son of William Edwards, barber of Hart St; app. to John Evans, and admitted freeman of the Upholders’ Co. by servitude on 7 July 1784. [GL, Upholders’ Co. records]

Edwards, William, 12 Cooper's Row, Crutched Friars, London, upholder (1806–16). [D]

Edwards, William, Stamford, Lincs. and Peterborough, Northants., cm and u (1806–32). Admitted freeman of Lincoln in 1806. Recorded in High St, Stamford, 1822–31, and in both Stamford and Peterborough in 1832. Listed at Long Causeway, Peterborough, 1822–30. Advertised sale of stock in Cambridge Chronicle and Journal, 14 September 1832, on giving up his Stamford shop. [D; Lincoln freemen rolls; poll bks]

Edwards, William, 70 Whitechapel, London, carver and gilder (1809–11). [D] See Adam Edwards at this address.

Edwards, William, High Petergate, York, carver, gilder and looking-glass maker (1823). [D]

Edwards, William, 201 Bradford St, Birmingham, Windsor and fancy chairmaker (1830). [D]

Edwards, William, Monks Dyke, Louth, Lincs., cm and joiner (1835). [D]

Edwards, William, 40 High St, Camden Town, London, cm and u (1838–39). In 1838 described as cm ‘for Natural History’. [D]

Edwards, William, 60 Wentworth St, Whitechapel, London, cm and u (1839). [D]

Edwards, William, St Martin's St, Birmingham, cabinet and coffin maker (1839). [D]

Edwards & Son, address unrecorded. On 14 March 1820 the firm received £1 10s 6d for picture frames supplied to Nicholas Pearse of Loughton, Essex, and London. [Essex RO, D/DHt A1/4]

Edwards & Webster, 251 Strand, London, carvers and gilders (1784). [D]

Edwin, Thomas, address unrecorded, cm (1803). Subscribed to Sheraton's Cabinet Dictionary, 1803.

Edwin, Thomas, 151 St John's St, London, cm (1809–11). [D]

Edy, George jnr, 19 Limekiln Lane, Bristol, cm and undertaker (1828–33). [D]

Eedy, John, Broad St (or Row), Gt Yarmouth, Norfolk, carver and gilder (1805–08). [D]

Eeling, —, Star Ct, Butcher Row, near Temple Bar, London, cm (1747). Named in contemporary newspapers. [Heal]

Effery, Henry, Souldern, Oxon., cm and u (1780). Advertised for an app. in Jackson's Oxford Journal, 25 November 1780.

Egerton, George, Cash St, Kennington, London, chairmaker (1826). Named on 14 November 1826 as having got Elizabeth Egerton pregnant. [GL, P83/MRY1/877/41]

Egerton, John, Middlewich, Cheshire, cm (1782–84). [D]

Eggett, George, Melbourne St, King's Lynn, Norfolk, u (1839). [D]

Egginton, Josiah, Meeting St, Stroud, Glos., cm and chairmaker (1815–23). [D; PR(bapt.)]

Eggitt, Frances, South Clough Lane, King's Lynn, Norfolk, working u (1836–39). [D]

Eggless, William, Gloucester, carver (1752). Took app. named Woodall in 1752. [S of G, app. index]

Eggleston, William, Kew Rd, Richmond, Surrey, cm (1838). [D]

Egglestone, William, Belton St, London(?), carver and gilder (1775). Insured his house for £100 in 1775. [GL, Sun MS vol. 238, p. 327]

Eginton, Francis, Ashted Row, Birmingham, engraver, print seller, picture frame maker, painter and glass stainer (1800– 12). [D]

Eginton, Mary, 20 Camden St, Walworth, London, chair and sofa maker (1839). [D]

Egleston, Thomas, Burton, Staffs.(?), u (1762). Took app. named Fretwell in 1762. [S of G, app. index]

Eglin & Gregory, 17 Shude Hill, Manchester, cm (1794). [D]

Eglington, Richard, Manchester, u and cm (1788–1817). Addresses given at Brown St in 1788, and 13 St Mary's Gate, 1794–1815. [D]

Ehlers, Richard, Liverpool, cm (1840). Admitted freeman on 31 July 1840. [Liverpool freemen reg.]

Ehrliholtzer, Felix, Plastow, Essex, tambour manufacturer (1776). [D]

Eichel, George, 20 John's St, Tottenham Ct Rd, Fitzroy Sq., London, carver and gilder (1802–25). [D]

Eichel, John, John St, Tottenham Ct Rd, London, carver (1786). Subscribed to George Richardson's Treatise on the Five Orders of Architecture, 1787.

Eilbeck, John, Egremont, Whitehaven, Cumb., joiner and/or cm (1829). [D]

Eilbeck, Robert, 20 Duke St, Whitehaven, Cumb., joiner and/or cm (1828–34). [D]

Ekins, Shadrach S., High St, Hampstead, London, and Harlow, Essex, cm, u and wire worker (1839). [D]

Elam, William, 3 Onslow St, near Vine St, Saffron Hill, London, bedstead maker (1785–93). Named in a court case, reported in Williamson's Liverpool Advertiser, 8 February 1790. Took out a Sun Insurance policy on 9 June 1785 for £1,000 on three houses. [D; GL, Sun MS vol. 328, p. 495]

Eland, John, Hutton, Yorks., cm (1823). [D]

Elborough, William, Cirencester, Glos., cm (1839). [PR(bapt.)]

Elcock, John, Compton St, Soho, London, cm (1786). Subscribed to George Richardson's Treatise on the Five Orders of Architecture, 1787.

Elcock, Jos., Warrington, Lancs., chairmaker (1743). Took app. named Cooper in 1743. [S of G, app. index]

Elden, William, Red Lion St, Norwich, cm and u (1822). [D]

Elder, Alexander, 2 St Paul's Pl., Walworth Common, London, cm and u (1839). [D]

Elder, John, Manchester and Salford, cm (1828–36). Trading at 36 Chester Rd, Hulme, Manchester in 1828; no. 28 in 1829; Green Bank, Salford in 1834; and 40 St Steven's St, Salford, in 1836. [D]

Elder, Peter, 486 Strand, London, carver, gilder and lookingglass manufacturer (1800–11). Took out a Sun Insurance policy on 17 October 1800 for £1,500 of which utensils and stock accounted for £800. [D; GL, Sun MS vol. 419, ref. 709334]

Elderton, William, Salisbury, Wilts., carver (1759). App. to Richard Langley, carver of Salisbury, on 7 April 1759 for £21. [Wilts. Apps and their Masters]

Eldon, Earl W., London, cm (1793). Subscribed to Sheraton's Drawing Book, 1793. Possibly William Elden Earl.

Eldrick, Stephen, 4 Noel St, Soho, London, u (1820). [D]

Eldridge, Charles, Woodstock, Oxon., cm (d. 1839). Will probated, 1839, in which all property was left to his wife. [Oxford RO, ROB II/9/3]

Eldridge, Henry, 7 Moon St, Soho, London, cm (1791). Took out a Sun Insurance policy for £100, of which £20 accounted for utensils, stock and goods in trust in the house of Rolfe, bedstead maker, 3 Stacey St. [GL, Sun MS vol. 382, ref. 593114]

Eldridge, Thomas, Stable Tower or Rampart, Southampton, Hants., cm and u (1774–92). Named concerning a lease on 26 September 1777. Insured his house for £300 in 1778 with the Sun Co. [D; poll bk; Southampton Corp. leases, ref. SC4/3/766b; GL, Sun MS vol. 268, p. 136]

Eldridge, Thomas, Northampton, u (1779). Insured his house for £800 in 1779. [GL, Sun MS vol. 272, p. 173]

Eldridge, Thomas, 34½ High St, Hastings, Sussex, cm and u (1839). [D]

Eldson, John, Lancaster, house carpenter and cm (1771–80). App. to E. Batty in 1771, and admitted freeman, 1779–80. [Lancaster app. reg. and freemen rolls] Possibly John Elsdon.

Eley, John, Nottingham, joiner and cm (1792). Joint master of Thomas Walker. [Nottingham app. list]

Elfe, —, Garlic Hill, London(?), cm (1723–24). Supplied items to Longford Castle: in 1723 a card table costing £3, and a sconce with a large glass, £7 7s; and in 1724 a pair of sconces costing £6 6s. [V & A archives]

Elfe, George, London, cm (1750). Death of William Elfe on 27 February 1750 at his seat in Warham, Herefs., reported in Gents Mag., March 1750. Immensely rich, his estate was to be left to George Elfe, his heir at law.

Elford, Lawrence, South St, Dorchester, Dorset, cm and u (1823–30). [D]

Elford, Samuel, 60 Union St, Portsea, Portsmouth, Hants., cm and u (1830). [D]

Elgar, —, Folkestone, Kent, u (1807). [D]

Elgar, Richard, Queen's Pl. (or Sq.), Folkestone, Kent, cm and furniture broker (1823–34). [D]

Elgar, Thomas, Folkestone, Kent, u (1794). [D]

Elgee (or Elgie), Edward, Commercial St, Darlington, Co. Durham, joiner and cm (1827–34). [D]

Eling, James, Maze Pond, Southwark, London, carpenter and cm (1753). Sale of stock on declining business announced in Public Advertiser, 23 March 1753, consisting of oak, fir and deal, walnut veneers, cabinets, chairs and looking-glasses.

Elkin, Samuel, Waterloo, London, chair and sofa maker (1832–39). Recorded at 19 Henney St, 1832–34, and Franby St(?) in 1839. [D]

Elkins, Charles, Catherine St, Salisbury, Wilts., cm and u (1839). [D]

Elkins, Edmund, Charterhouse Sq., London(?), cm (1791). [Bailey's list of bankrupts]

Elkins, George, High St, Ware, Herts., cm and u (1839). [D]

Elkins, George, Back St, Ware, Herts., cm, u and wire worker (1839). [D]

Ellam, Peter, Welch St, Hereford, cm (1733). Took app. named Price in 1733. [S of G, app. index]

Ellam, Peter, St Clement Danes, London, cm (1727–39). Receipts survive for items supplied to Mrs Frances Heathcote. One dated 9 May 1727 is for a table costing £1 10s, and one of 1 April 1728 is for a dressing table, £2 18s. [Lincoln RO, 2 ANC 12/D/18] Declared bankrupt, London Daily Post and General Advertiser, 1739.

Ellam, William, Ormond St, Manchester, cm, joiner and builder (1825). [D]

Ellams, William, 18 Jenkinson St, Chorlton Row, Manchester, cm (1824–25). [D]

Ellender, Daniel, Rochester, Kent, u (1818). [Canterbury poll bk]

Ellender, Philip, Canterbury, Kent and London, cm (1818–30). Recorded in North Lane, Canterbury in 1818, and Edmonton, London, in 1830. [Poll bks]

Elleray, Roger & Sons, Bowness, Cartmel, Westmld, cm (1829). [D]

Ellerbeck, John, London, cm (1793). Subscribed to Sheraton's Drawing Book, 1793.

Ellerby, Bartholomew snr, 21 New Dock St, Hull, Yorks., cm (1823). [D]

Ellerby, Bartholomew jnr, Hull, Yorks., cm and broker (1823– 40). Addresses given at 2 New John St in 1823; 20 Wellington Mart, 1826; 16 Blackfriargate, 1831–39; 13 Junction Dock Walls in 1835; and 12 and 24 Junction Dock St, 1837–40. [D]

Ellerker, John, Hull, Yorks., cm (1754–74). [Poll bks]

Ellershaw, James, Lancaster, cm (1806–07). Admitted freeman of Lancaster, 1806–07, when stated of London. [Lancaster freemen rolls]

Ellet(t), Samuel, 9 Charterhouse Lane, London, cm, u, undertaker and case maker (1839). [D]

Elle(t)son, Daniel, 109 St Martin's Lane, London, upholder (1792–1801). [D]

Ellett, James, Lowestoft, Norfolk, chairmaker (1743). Took app. named Mayers in 1743. [S of G, app. index]

Ellett, James, Gt Yarmouth, Norfolk, cm (1796–1831). [Poll bks]

Elleys, Thomas, Beccles, Suffolk, cm (1812). [Gt Yarmouth poll bk]

Ellick, —, Cheshire area(?), u (1770). Named in Lady Caroline Fleming Leicester's account bk in February 1770 receiving £33 10s. [Chester RO, Tabley Hall vouchers DLT/D46/2]

Elliot, Charles, High St, Cheadle, Staffs., chairmaker and turner (1834–35). [D]

Elliot(t), David, Paternoster Row, Spitalfields, London, cm and u (1808–16). Recorded at no. 8, 1808–16; nos 5 and 28, 1809–11. [D]

Elliot, David, 39 Cavendish St, Liverpool, cm (1829). [D]

Elliot, James, Liverpool, u (1827–29). Trading at 35 St James's St in 1827, and Bowyers Pl., Head St, Hart, in 1829. [D]

Elliot(t), James, Workington, Cumb., cm and/or joiner (1828–34). Trading at Harrington Harbour in 1834. [D]

Elliot, John, Netherend, Penrith, Cumb., cm and joiner (1834). [D]

El(l)iot, Richard, at ‘The Golden Head’, corner of Queen St, Cheapside, London, carver and gilder. Rococo trade card states ‘Paintings, Looking Glasses, or Prints are Fram'd or Sold, Pictures Carefully Clean'd and Repair'd, & Window Blinds done in the neatest manner.’ [Heal]

Elliot, Richard, Wooler, Northumb., cm and joiner (1828–34). [D]

Elliott, —, 6 St James's Buildings, Rosomand St, Clerkenwell, London, carver and gilder. Undated trade card states: ‘Prints, Drawings, Needlework Framed & Glazed.’ [Bodleian Lib., Johnson Coll.; Furn. Hist., 1974]

Elliott, —, Grafton St, London, cm (1792–1813). Named in the Longford Castle accounts between 1792–1813 receiving over £3,000. [V & A archives]

Elliott, —, College Sq., Bristol, fancy chairmaker (1817). [D]

Elliott, —, 14 St Martin's St, Leicester Sq., London, cm and joiner (1820). [D] Possibly W. Elliott.

Elliott, Benjamin, London, carver, gilder and picture frame maker (1808–29). Trading in Hosier Lane, Smithfield in 1808; 20 St John's St, 1809–11; and no. 19, 1816–29. [D] Trade card reads: ‘Pictures neatly and elegantly framed. OLD GLASSES MODERNISED OR TAKEN IN EXCHANGE. FRAMES REGILT, GLASSES Polished and Silvered.’ [D; Finsbury Lib., archives dept, L6/19]

Elliott, Charles, London, cm and u (1752–d. 1832) and successors. Charles Elliott was one of the chief London cm of the late 18th century. He held royal appointments from 1783–c. 1810, and was succeeded as royal cm and u by William Francis, his brother-in-law and partner. The firm continued in the royal service until the end of Victoria's reign. Elliott was a descendent of the Elliots of Liddesdale, famous in legends of the Scottish border. His father, outlawed for his part in the 1715 uprising, lived in Java where he worked for the Dutch East India Co. After his return to Britain he became the local Searches and Tidewater Officer in H M Customs at Burnham-on-Crouch in 1742. Charles was born there in 1752, one year before the death of his father. Heal, p. 53 notes ‘The Elliotts were an old cabinet-making family probably dating back to one William Elliott of Shenley, Herts., 1655– 1730. His brother John was working in London and died in 1729. The one who is best known was Charles Elliott…’.

In 1770 Elliott arrived in London ‘with a shilling in his pocket’. In 1774 he became a partner in the firm of Davis and Elliott and was listed in Lowndes London Directory, 1775. The same year he married the daughter of Rev. Dr Sherman, Sarah Ann, at St George's, Hanover Sq., and by 1783 they had five children, all bapt. at the same church. During these years the business greatly prospered. In the mid 1770s carpets were supplied to Chatsworth; in 1775 he insured a house on Shepard St with the Sun Insurance Co. for £500. Also insured in 1775 were the firm's utensils, stock, goods, etc. for £1,100. In 1779 the firm's insurance was increased to £2,500, and Elliott, now successful, had his portrait painted by John Russell. In December 1781, George and Joseph Weston (alias Samuel Watson and William Johnson) were supplied with furniture, cutlery and plate for the Friars, Winchelsea, E. Sussex. The firm's insurance was further increased that year to £3,200.

Elliott became the sole proprieter of the firm in 1783, and is listed in various London directories from 1784–1808. In 1783 he received his first appointment as ‘Royal Upholsterer and Cabinetmaker’. From the beginning of his appointment he was the only royal furniture maker who was also employed as a general contractor and decorator, receiving a fixed salary of £157 10s 5d every quarter in addition to quarterly bills for furniture, mirrors, upholstery, carpets, etc. The contract work included ‘cleaning, renewing & fixing furniture’ at St James's, the House of Lords and Buckingham House, ‘washing, mending and making up of cushions, carpets, stools, sconces, curtains and tapestry’ for the Houses of Lords and of Commons, and also in 1791 the ‘use of a dozen Japan'd chairs and porterage to and from the Queen's house for the King's private apartment’. This contract work was continued by Elliott, Son & Francis as the firm was called after 1805. They charged, in 1810, the sum of £606 for re-upholstering the House of Commons, including ‘ripping out the whole of the leather cushions from the seats of the House entirely to pieces’.

Descriptions of furniture in the Lord Chamberlain's accounts indicate the versatility of Elliott's work. In 1783 he completely furnished Swindley Lodge including ‘mahogany cabriole chairs covered with crimson silk damask’ and ‘festoon window curtains’ as well as a folding camp bedstead and ‘wainscott night stool and pan’. He provided ‘a very large mahogany sideboard table with 12 cellarets for 10 bottles; very fine wood and cross-banded and strong’, £17 10s, for the dining room at Newmarket Palace in 1784.

In 1787 a dispute arose between Elliott and the Prince of Wales over a £1,745 bill for various articles of upholstery and other furnishings. A committee of three u arbitrated the matter and found in favor of Elliott. The accounts show that a substantial part of Elliott's work for the crown was upholstery — curtains, carpets, etc. Elliott, Son & Francis also provided both upholstery work and furniture for the Speaker's new Gothic Rooms: ‘two superb Gothic sofa tables on rich carved and socket claws, octagon molded pillars … partly gilt in burnished gold and picked in with polished black to look like ebony, the drawer fronts enriched with Gothic ornaments’ were provided in 1807.

In May 1784 Elliott's wife died, and a year and half later he married Eling Venn, whose father Rev. Henry Venn was one of the most important figures in the Evangelical movement in the Church of England. Elliott may have visited France or was involved in obtaining French furniture, as indicated in Venn correspondence, and the memoirs of Elliott's great-granddaughter, who described him as ‘the first importer of French furniture to London’. A 1784–86 cash book records a payment of £171 15s to Elliott although it is not known for whom he did the work. About this time William Francis, his brother-in-law, joined the firm. The insurance on the New Bond St premises was renewed for £3,200 in 1787. He had subscribed to the first edition of Sheraton's Drawing Book, as ‘upholsterer to his Majesty and Cabinetmaker to the Duke of York’ and acquired a ‘charming country villa at Paddington’ in 1792. He answered Pitt's appeal to the nation for finances with a loan in 1796; that year or the next the Elliotts moved to Clapham, retaining the Bond St premises.

Elliott was employed by William Tufnell of Langleys, Essex in 1797–98 to redecorate and provide furniture for several rooms. A surviving bill provides the only positive identification of Elliott's furniture. The bill is endorsed ‘part of the furniture of the drawing room; besides this the stoves in both rooms, chairs and tables in the green drawing room, windows and carpets in do., girandoles bronze, figures and two pier glasses’. Furniture which can be identified includes a satinwood Gothic back chair, a Pembroke table, a rectangular commode and an overmantle mirror. Also described in the bill is a pot cupboard, now in the bedroom, which is en suite with the rest of the furniture in that room, now attributed to Elliott. All the furniture at Langleys by Elliott is of fine quality. In addition to furniture the bill specifies ‘pumice stoning & sizeing the walls of the drawing room, 12 pieces of yellow satin ground paper, paste, hanging and panelled, 380 feet gilt molding’.

In 1798 no. 96 (103) New Bond St, also owned and usually rented out by Elliott, was occupied by Nelson after the Battle of St Vincent and ‘it was here that he dealt with the bill for his amputation’. At the formation of the Church Missionary Society in 1799 Elliott was elected to serve on the committee. He was a member of a host of other religious organizations as well as the Clapham Sect. In 1800 the premises in New Bond St were insured for only £1,000. Elliott and Co. appears in Sheraton's 1803 list of master cabinet makers. A minor commission was for Edward, Lord Lascelles in April 1801 for Harewood House, Hanover Sq., London. Elliott was paid £23. [Leeds archives dept, Harewood MS 101] It is not clear exactly when Elliott retired but from 1805–19 the firm was called Elliott, Son, and Francis. In 1808 William Francis, the brother-in-law, was promoted to a partnership. From about 1819–27 the firm was known as Elliott & Francis and by 1821 the Elliotts were living mostly in Brighton. Elliott, Son & Francis is listed in various directories from 1806–27. In addition to work for the Royal Household a bill exists to the Hon. Mrs Leigh for a ‘circular japanned bamboo wash-hand stand’ for £2 10s in 1818. [Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Leigh receipts, DR 18/5] In 1826 Charles Elliott purchased the Chapel of St Mary in Brighton for £10,000 and presented the living to his son Henry who presumably left the firm about that time. From 1827 William Francis continued the business in his name alone and is listed in various London directories from 1827–39. In 1828 he assigned a lease to 17 Portland Pl. [Deed 1092, Marylebone Lib.] He continued working for the Royal Household until 1839–40. Due to the complexity of the various names under which Elliott traded, as set out in this article it is not possible to be specific about the range of activity in each period. See however the entry under William Francis for work in the 19th century. [PRO, LC 9/331–39, LC 11/1–27; GL, Sun MS vol. 236, p. 490; vol. 240, p. 368; vol. 273, p. 83; vol. 299, p. 176; vol. 342, ref. 528260; vol. 419, ref. 706221; GCM; N. Barton, ‘Rise of a Royal Furntiure Maker’, C. Life, 10 February 1966, pp. 293–95, 17 February 1966, pp. 360–62; ‘Charles Elliott, Cabinetmaker’, Antiques, October 1958, p. 450; ‘Documented Furniture at Langleys, Essex’, C. Life, 7 August 1942, pp. 264–65; R. Fastnedge, Sheraton Furniture, p. 37; C. Harper, Half Hours with the Highwaymen, pp. 330–31; I. Hall, ‘A neo-classical episode at Chatsworth’, Burlington, June 1980, pp. 400–14; C. Hussey, ‘Langleys, Essex’, C. Life, 9, 16 and 23 January 1942; E. T. Joy, ‘Charles Elliot, Royal Cabinetmaker’, Conn., June 1959, pp. 34–39; Joy, English Furniture, 1800–1851, pp. 183–84, 223; M. Jourdain, Regency Furniture, p. 101; ‘Langleys, Great Waltham, Essex’, Antique Collector, January/February 1948, p. 10, March/April 1948, pp. 42–43; L. G. G. Ramsey, ‘Langleys’, Conn., December 1957, pp. 210–17] See Davis & Elliot. L. K.

Elliott, Daniel, Horniglow St, Burton-on-Trent, Staffs., chairmaker and turner (1818). [D]

Elliott, David, Norwich, upholder (1805). App. to John Horth, upholder; admitted freeman on 21 September 1805. [Norwich freemen reg.] Possibly:

Elliott, David, London, upholder (1818). [Norwich poll bk]

Elliott, Ebenezer, Low Friar St, Newcastle, cm and u (1824–29). [D]

Elliott, Francis, 12 Fleur de Lis St, Norton Falgate, London, cm (1808). [D]

Elliott, Francis, Nottingham, cm (1823). Master of William Barnes. [Nottingham app. list]

Elliott, George, 6 Northbrook St, Newbury, Berks., cm and u (1840). [D]

Elliott, John, High St, Leicester, cm, chairmaker, joiner and turner (b. 1713 — emigrated to America 1753). Elliott, a Quaker, was born 8 August 1713 in Bolton, Lancs, and after being app. to Jehu Sutton, cm in 1726 and Thos Hands of Oakham in 1731 he was made a freeman of Leicester in 1739. He took several apps before emigrating to Philadelphia in 1753. His English background, career in America and that of his son, are the subject of a student thesis by Mary Ellen Hayward (1972) at Winterthur, Delaware. A simple cabriole leg oak dressing table, acquired by Colonial Williamsburg in 1973 bears the label ‘John Elliott, Cabinet-maker, Joyner and Turner; AT the Sign of the [torn] Coffins, opposite the King's Arms in the High-street; LEICESTER: Makes and sells all sorts of Goods in the above mention'd Branches, in Mahogany, Walnut-tree &c, Intirely new, and as cheap as in LONDON. He also hangs the new Fashion Spring Bells in Gentleman's Houses, in the same manner as done in LONDON. NOTE Looking-glasses Silver'd and Fram'd at reasonable Rates’. C. G. G.

Elliott, John, London, cm (d. 1729). [Heal] See William Elliott of 2 Clements Lane, London.

Elliott, John, London, u (1728–d. 1768). Recorded in Clements Lane, Lombard St in 1728; and Poland St, 1749. Insured his house and goods for £500 on 1 November 1728 with the Sun Co. [Poll bk; GL, Sun MS vol. 26, p. 507; Heal] See William Elliott of Clements Lane.

Elliott, John, Nottingham, joiner and cm (1792). Son of James Elliott; app. in 1792. [Nottingham app. list]

Elliott, John, New Bond St, London, upholder (1803). Subscribed to Sheraton's Cabinet Dictionary, 1803.

Elliott, John, 13 Nichols Croft, Manchester, cm (1808–09). [D]

Elliott, John, 43 Chapel St, Devonport, Plymouth, Devon, cm and u (1823–24). [D]

Elliott, John, 49 Drummond St, London, cm and u (1827–28). [D]

Elliott, Michael Cooke, Leicester, cm (1768). Son of Thomas Elliott, cm of Leicester; admitted freeman in 1768. [Leicester freemen reg.]

Elliott, O., St Albans Row, Weymouth, Dorset, cm and u (1840). [D]

Elliott, Paul, Chippenham, Wilts., cm and u (1822). [D]

Elliott, R., Cheltenham, Glos., cm (1839–40). [D]

Elliott, Richard, Newgate St, London, carver (1793). [D]

Elliott, Robert, Stowmarket, Suffolk, cm (1798). [D]

Elliott, Thomas, Nottingham, joiner, cm and u (1803–28). Addresses given at Pelham St, 1805–18; George St and New Sneinton in 1820; George St in 1822 (as Thomas jnr); and St James's St, 1825–28. Subscribed to Sheraton's Cabinet Dictionary, 1803. Took apps named Thomas Elliott in 1811; Charles Lloyd and John Harrison in 1823. Listed as a freeholder in 1812, and burgess in 1818. [D; poll bks; Nottingham burgess index and app. list]

Elliott, Thomas, Nottingham, joiner, cm and u (1811). Son of William Elliott, silk throwster of Nottingham; app. to Thomas Elliott in 1811. [Nottingham app. list]

Elliott, W., 14 St Martin's Lane, London, cm (1820). [D]

Elliott, Walter, Newcastle, u (1731–34). Trading at 1 Low Friar St in 1733. Admitted freeman on servitude on 12 February 1731–32. [D; Newcastle freemen reg.]

Elliott, Walter, 1 Low Friar St, Newcastle, cm and u (1834–38). [D]

Elliott, William, Castle Precincts, Bristol, u (1734–39). [Poll bks]

Elliott, William, 220 St John's St, London, carver and gilder (1808). [D]

Elliott, William, Penrith, Cumb., joiner and/or cm (1828–29). Trading at Bridge Lane, 1828–29, and Nether End in 1829. [D]

Elliott, William, 2 Clement's Lane, Lombard St, London, u (1746–92). Recorded at various addresses: 2 Clement's Lane, 1778–81; Sonning, near Reading, Berks., 1782–86; and St Albans, Herts. in 1791. Son of Samuel Elliott, Hereford, Gent.; app. to John Elliott, draper on 23 October 1746; admitted freeman of the Upholders’ Co. in 1756 and elected master, 1792. [GL, Upholders’ Co. records] Took apps named Henry Blaxland, 1762–70 and George Oakley, 1773–82. Elliott was in partnership with Thomas Rutt, u, after about 1779. [S of G, app. index]

Elliott & Davies, Elliot & Co., Elliott & Francis, see Charles Elliott.

Elliott & Rutt, see William Elliott of 2 Clements Lane, London.

Elliotts, James, 35 Northbrook St, Newbury, Berks., cm and u (1840). [D]

Ellis, —, address unrecorded, cm (c. 1775). Supplied furniture to Denton Park, Yorks., c. 1775, totalling £22 4s. [Furn. Hist., 1968] Perhaps John Ellis of York.

Ellis, B., London, carpenter (1804–07). Carried out repairs and made furniture for Bedford House and St James's Sq., London. In 1804 he made ‘a stong kitchen table’, costing £10, for the stables at St James's. Later that year, by order of the Duchess of Bedford he made ‘a cabinet for coin’ for her stepson, the fourteen-year-old Marquess of Tavistock. In 1807 he made two large linen presses for the housekeeper's room and the garret, and carried out repairs; his bill totalled £116 6s 1d. [Bedford Office, London]

Ellis, Benjamin, York, cm (1789). Son of Francis Ellis, farmer; app. to William Hawkins, cm, on 8 February 1789. [York app. reg.]

Ellis, Benjamin, 67 Upper Ebury St, Pimlico, London, cm, u and undertaker (1839). [D]

Ellis, Burton, Market Pl., Bridlington, Yorks., cm (1831–40). [D]

Ellis, Charles, London, cm (1793). Subscribed to Sheraton's Drawing Book, 1793.

Ellis, Charles, London, cm (1818–31). [Gt Yarmouth poll bks]

Ellis, Evan, Liverpool, cm and furniture broker (1829–39). Addresses given at 2 Derby Pl. in 1829; 23 Matthew St in 1834; no. 25 in 1835; 23 Derby Pl., Matthew St, in 1837; and 75 Stanley St in 1839. [D]

Ellis, Francis, Spurriergate, York, u (1784–1814). Son of John Ellis, u and undertaker; app. to John Ellis on 4 March 1784, and later assigned to James King. Admitted freeman of York in 1793. On 30 January 1814 Ellis wrote to the widow and executors of Robert Clavering Savage of Gloucester Pl., Portman Sq., London, and Elmley Castle, near Worcester, concerning a debt, which he requested should be paid ‘with interest as for the Table and Dresser’; and also a debt of £10 10s owed to Daniel Curling & Co., furniture printers, of 18 Cheapside, London, [D; York app. reg. and freemen rolls; Worcs. RO, 4600/705: 550/763/3]

Ellis, G., 1 Old Orchard, Bath, Som., u (1819). [D]

Ellis, G. T., Gt Yarmouth, Norfolk, cm (1818–20). [Poll bks]

Ellis, George, address unrecorded, upholder (1709–17). Son of George Ellis, clerk of Over Worton, Oxon.; app. to Samuel Kempster on 4 May 1709, and admitted freeman of the Upholders’ Co. by servitude on 20 March 1716/17. [GL, Upholders’ Co. records]

Ellis, J., Newark, Lincs., turner (1792). Advertised for a journeyman chair turner in Lincoln, Rutland and Stamford Mercury, 21 September 1792.

Ellis, James, Bideford, Devon, cm (1793). [D]

Ellis, John, York, u (1776–84). Son of William Ellis, grocer, formerly brazier, deceased; admitted freeman in 1776. Trading at Pavement in 1784. [York freemen rolls; poll bk] See Ellis, —.

Ellis, John, Baldwin St, Bristol, basket and chairmaker (1805– 36). Trading as Walter & John Ellis, 1805–06; alone from 1807; and at 4 Baldwin St, 1815–36. [D] See Judith and Walter Ellis.

Ellis(s), John, Sheffield, Yorks., cm (1814–29). Addresses given at 26 Pinstone Lane in 1817; 4 Pinstone St in 1821; and Fargate, 1828–29. [D]

Ellis, John, Long St, Wotton-under-Edge, Glos., cm and chairmaker (1820–25). Child bapt. in 1825. [D; PR(bapt.)]

Ellis, John, Liverpool, cm (1827–39). Trading at 31 Leigh St in 1827; 11 Spring St in 1835; 56 Renshaw St, 1837; and no. 28 in 1839. App. to John Otty in 1827, and admitted freeman on 18 July 1835. [D; Liverpool app. enrolment bk and freemen reg.]

Ellis, John, 1 Oxford Rd, Manchester, cm (1829). [D]

Ellis, John, Chester, cm and u (1831). Admitted freeman on 20 April 1831. [Chester freemen rolls]

Ellis, John, Longroyd Bridge, Huddersfield, Yorks., cm and/or u (1837). [D]

Ellis, Joseph, the Minories, London, carver and gilder (1808–11). Trading at 16 Little Heydon Sq. in 1808, and 56 Church St, Little Minories, 1809–11. [D] See William Ellis.

Ellis, Joseph, Armley, near Leeds, Yorks., cm (1822). [D]

Ellis, Joseph, Fulneck, Yorks., cm (1828–30). [D]

Ellis, Joseph, Fall Lane, Dewsbury, Yorks., cm (1837). [D]

Ellis, Jos., 19 Tower St, Seven Dials, London, bedstead maker (1837). [D]

Ellis, Judith, 4 Baldwin St, Bristol, basket and chairmaker (1837). [D] See John and Walter Ellis.

Ellis, Matthew, Chester, u (1671). Admittted freeman on 2 February 1671. [Chester freemen rolls]

Ellis, Michael, 95 Bold St, Liverpool, u (1839). [D]

Ellis, Moses, London, freeman joiner, cm, stationer, backgammon table maker and turner (1769–1804). Recorded in Westharding St, 1769–72; Fenchurch St in 1773; Westharding St, 1775–79; and Fetter Lane, 1780–83. Trading at 110 Fetter Lane, 1802–04. Employed one non-freeman for three months in both 1769 and 1772; five for three months in 1773; between three and six annually, 1775–79, their licence renewed quarterly; and between four and six annually, 1780–83, licence renewed quarterly. [D; GL, City Licence bks, vols 6 and 8–10]

Ellis, Richard, London, upholder, auctioneer and undertaker (1807–29). Addresses given at 16 Billiter Lane, 1807–13; 16 Callum St, Fenchurch St, 1809–11; and 36 Fenchurch St, 1814–29. [D]

Ellis, Richard, Liverpool, cm (1828–35). App. to John Otty in 1828, and admitted freeman on 18 July 1835. [Liverpool app. enrolment bk and freemen reg.]

Ellis, Robert Stephen, York, cm (1791). Son of Joseph Ellis, grocer; app. to John Thompson, cm, on 4 July 1791. [York app. reg.]

Ellis, S., 3 Sheffield St, London, cm (1835). [D]

Ellis, Samuel, 27 Chandos St, Covent Gdn, London, cm (1826– 27). [D]

Ellis, Thomas, 32 Worcester St, Birmingham, cm (1777). [D]

Ellis, Thomas, Gt Yarmouth, Norfolk, cm (1807). [Poll bk]

Ellis, Thomas, Long St, Sherborne, Dorset, cm and builder (1823–30). [D]

Ellis, Thomas, Daw Green, Dewsbury, Yorks., cm (1828–30). [D]

Ellis, Thomas, 104 James St, Devonport, Devon, cm and u (1830–38). [D]

Ellis, Thomas, Pickering, Yorks., cm and u (1834). [D]

Ellis, Thomas, 25 Berry St, Liverpool, cm (1835). [D]

Ellis, Walter, Bristol, basket and chairmaker (1799–1806). Trading at Baldwin St and Somerset Pl., with manufactory at Counterslip, 1799–1801; and with John Ellis in Baldwin St, 1805–06. [D] See Judith and John Ellis.

Ellis, Wilfred, Peter Lane, York, cm and u (1828–30). Trading at no. 22 in 1828, and no. 5 in 1830. [D]

Ellis, William, Bell Alley, Petticoat Lane, London, cm (1766). Insured his utensils, stock and clothes for £200 in 1766. [GL, Sun MS vol. 168]

Ellis, William, Fenchurch St, London, cm and u (1771–99). Trading at no. 126, 1774–99. Admitted freeman of the Upholders’ Co. on 6 March 1771. Insured his house for £100 on 13 March 1787 with the Sun Co. [D; GL, Upholders’ Co. records; GL, Sun MS vol. 343, p. 232]

Ellis, William, Bristol, carver, gilder, printseller and looking-glass manufacturer (1774–75). Trading at 11 Clare St in 1775. [D; poll bk]

Ellis, William, Chester, carver and gilder (1781–89). Addresses given near Eastgate, 1781–82, and Queen St, 1789. [D]

Ellis, William, address unrecorded, carver and gilder (1789). Took app. named John Matthews as carver and gilder in 1789. [Goldsmiths’ Hall, app. and freemen index]

Ellis, William, the Minories, London, carver and gilder (1789– 1808). Addresses given at 16 Haydon Sq., 1789–93; 8 Little Minories, 1799; and 56 Church St, Little Minories, 1808. [D] See Joseph Ellis.

Ellis, William, 34 Rupert St, Piccadilly, London, carver and gilder (1823–25). [D]

Ellis, William, Lower Rd, Deptford, London, cm and furniture broker (1823–27). [D]

Ellis, William, Allhalland St, Bideford, Devon, cm (1830). [D]

Ellis, William, 5 Petergate (or Peter Lane), York, cm and u (1830). [D]

Ellis, William, 9 Templar Terr., 11 Gt George St, Liverpool, cm (1839). [D]

Ellis & Co., 19 Phoenix St, Soho, London, cm and u (1839). [D]

Ellis & Rusby, Micklegate, York, cm and u (1814). [D]

Ellisdon, Joseph, Eld Lane, Colchester, Essex, cm and u (1839). [D]

Ellishaw, James, St James St, Liverpool, chairmaker (1818–39). Trading at no. 13 in 1818; no. 14, 1821–27; no. 16, 1827– 29; no. 20 in 1834; no. 18 in 1835; no. 21 in 1837; and no. 43 in 1839. [D]

Ellison, Edward, Liverpool, cm (1761). Admitted freeman on 28 January 1761. [Liverpool freemen reg.]

Ellison, Edward, Preston, Lancs., cm (1798). [D]

Ellison, James, Skipton, Yorks., joiner and cm (1822–37). Recorded at New Market St in 1822 and 1837; and Hole in the Wall Yd in 1830. [D]

Ellison, John, York, cm (1802–09). Son of John Ellison, ostler of York; app. to Peter Davies, cm, on 12 January 1802. Admitted freeman in 1809. [York app. reg. and freemen rolls]

Ellison, John, Mason's Lane, South Shields, Co. Durham, cm and joiner (1828–29). [D]

Ellison, John, Cawood, Yorks., joiner and/or cm (1837). [D]

Ellison, T., Liverpool, u and cm (1768–72). Recorded at the corner of Whitecross St in 1768. Advertised sale of stock in Williamson's Liverpool Advertiser, 16 September 1768, at ‘his Wholesale & Retail UPHOLSTERY, CABINET & LOOKING-GLASS WAREHOUSE’. Stock consisted of a ‘great Variety of GLASSES, of all sorts & sizes, in Elegant Frames, Carved & Gilt, in Burnish'd Gold, MAHOGANY, Paper MACHEE in White & JAPAN Frames, from Three Shillings a Dozen to Thirty Pounds the Pair, with GERANDOLES & BRACKETS to match the GLASSES & other Ornaments … in the New, Neatest & Genteelest Taste & in a Workmanlike manner …’. In the same paper on 25 December 1772, T. Ellison, cm and u of Liverpool announced that he was selling off stock on declining the upholstery business and entering new employment. He had for sale ‘all sort of upholstery & some few cabinet goods, of the newest & best construction, according to the present taste; great variety of paper, all or greatest part this years patterns, furniture of all sorts, & the largest & greatest assortment of glasses not to be met with at any other house except one, in London, where his was made …’. Probably:

Ellison, Thomas, Liverpool, u (1767–96). Addresses given in High St, 1767–73; 22 Sparling St, 1787; and no. 39 in 1796. [D] Advertised a lottery of his furniture at Sparling St in Williamson's Liverpool Advertiser, 13 September 1790. The chief ‘specimen of his abilities’ was a bed of state, with window curtains, chairs etc.: ‘The bed consists of a fine whited corded dimity, with variegated purple white silk and cotton fringe, with most superb French tassels, to match the cornices, carved with three figures, two of them the Seasons, and the other a Venus, with Medallions in burnished gold, bedposts of sattin wood, painted and embellished with flowers. On the top of the dome stands a plumage of real Ostridge feathers, and the window curtains in the height of taste, taken from the Dutchess of Devonshire, and part of the bed, from his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, which the proprietor had the honor of conducting.’ Other items in the lottery were ‘A set of neat French mahogany cabriole Chairs, which are well adapted for a small drawing-room or tearoom, and will come lower than the vulgar carved mahogany-back ones, are more suitable for the purpose, and always made use of in genteel families; also several sets of choice Paper Hangings, mahogany Tables and Thairs [sic] of different constructions, and Beds and Hangings in different Stiles, &c.’ Ellison advertised on 29 November 1790 requesting payment for lottery tickets, certain patrons having put him off ‘with evasive answers’; otherwise ‘he shall be under the disagreeable necessity of inserting their names in the public papers’, and failing this, taking them to court.

Ellison, Thomas, Liverpool, u (1775). Admitted freeman on servitude to Samuel Kirke on 30 March 1775. [Liverpool freemen reg.]

Ellison, Thomas, Liver St, Liverpool, u (1784). Advertised sale of household furniture and stock in Williamson's Liverpool Advertiser, 11 March 1784, probably on bankruptcy, having assigned over all his estate. Stock consisted of ‘a large assortment of fashionable PAPER & CARPETS etc …’.

Ellison, Thomas, East Holborn, South Shields, Co. Durham, cm and joiner (1828–29). [D]

Ellison, Thomas, 13 Meredith St, Clerkenwell, London, billiard table maker (1839). [D]

Ellison, William, Liverpool, u (1827). App. to John Pemberton in 1827. [Liverpool app. enrolment bk]

Ellison, William, Wharton's Yd, Skipton, Yorks., joiner and/or cm (1837). [D]

Ellison & Co., Preston, Lancs. Signed the Preston Cabinet Makers and Chair Makers Book of Prices, 1799, on behalf of the masters. Possibly Edward Ellison.

Elliston, A., Stall St (1819), 1 Abbey Gate (1826), 1 Claverton Pl. (1833), Bath, Som., cabinet and wheel chair maker. [D]

Elliston, Henry, 3 Buckle St, Red Lion St, Whitechapel, London, cm (1808). [D]

Ellorshaw, John, 10 Queen St, Golden Sq., London, cm (1809– 11). [D]

El(l)rington, John, Chester, u (1734–47). Son of Charles Elrington, Gent. of Parkgate; app. to Ralph Bingley, u, on 22 June 1734. [Poll bk; Chester app. bks]

Ellrington, John, Chapel Alley, London, carver (1749). [Poll bk]

Ellrington, William, Bar St, Beverley, Yorks., cm (1840). [D]

Ells & Co., 59 Brook St, Grosvenor Sq., London, cm and u (1839). [D]

Ellson, William, 14 Beaufort Buildings, Strand, London, cm (1808). [D]

Ellwood, John, Lancaster, carver (1829–30). [Lancaster freemen rolls]

Ellwood, Joseph, High Wycombe, Bucks., chairmaker (b. 1766–1841). Named in the Militia Census, 1798, and aged 75 at the time of the 1841 Census.

Elmer, Samuel, Ipswich, Suffolk, cm (1832–39). Recorded in Queen St, 1835–39. [Poll bks]

Elmes, Thomas, address unrecorded, upholder (1727–36). Son of Thomas Elmes of Chiselhurst, Kent; app. to John Osborn on 29 September 1727, and admitted freeman of the Upholders’ Co. by servitude on 4 August 1736. [GL, Upholders’ Co. records]

Elms, D. F., 16 Grafton St, London, cm (1826–27). [D]

Elmsley, Alexander, 4 Red Cross Sq., Jewin St, London, cm (1782). Insured his house for £200 in 1782. [GL, Sun MS vol. 301, p. 492]

Elph, Thomas T., East Dereham, Norfolk, cm (1830). [Poll bk]

Elsdon, John, Lancaster, cm (1784). [Poll bk] Possibly John Eldson.

Elsdon, John, Boar's Head Yd, Westgate, Newcastle, turner and spinning wheel maker (1827). [D]

Else, George, late of Threadneedle St, London, cm (1739). Declared bankrupt, Daily Post, 5 November 1739.

Elsey, William, Parliament St, Nottingham, cm (1828). [D]

Elsmere, —, Lord St, Liverpool, u (1774). Sale of stock for benefit of creditors, presumably on bankruptcy, announced in Williamson's Liverpool Advertiser, 25 February 1774. Stock consisted of ‘Beds & Bedsteads, Ticks, Counterpanes, Quilts, Bed Furniture, both Moreen & Harrateen, of different Colours, Check, Variety of Laces, Papers, Carpeting, & other Upholstery Goods of Various Sorts.’

Elsmore, Henry, address unrecorded, upholder (1761–66). Son of Henry Elsmore of Sevenoaks, Kent; app. to Thomas Ridgway, skinner, on 2 June 1761, and admitted freeman of the Upholders’ Co. on 6 November 1766. [GL, Upholders’ Co. records]

Elsom (Elsam or Elison), John, Boston, Lincs., cm (1819–35). Recorded as Elison at Wide Bargate in 1819; as Elsam at Market Pl., 1822; and as Elsom at Mill Hill, Bargate, in 1835. [D]

Elstob, Jonathan, Sunderland St, Houghton-le-Spring, Co. Durham, cm (1827). [D]

Elston, —, Petergate, York, joiner and billiard table maker (1775). Advertised in York Courant, 2 May 1775, sale of ‘A new complete BILLIARD TABLE, mahogany Frame, Feet and Cushion Mouldings, Mouldings carved round the low edge of the Frame, Oak Leaf, with superfine Broad Cloth.’

Elston, Robert, Lancaster, chairmaker (1811–12). [Lancaster freemen rolls]

Elston, William, Liverpool, cm (1784–1822). Trading at Lewis's Ct, Queen St in 1790. Admitted freeman on 5 April 1784. Father of John Elston, slater and plaisterer, born on 29 November 1801, who petitioned freedom in 1822. [D; Liverpool freemen reg. and committee bk]

Elsworth, Israel, 15 Cheapside, Liverpool, u (1834). [D]

Elsworthy, Mary, 2 Anderson Buildings, City Rd, London, chair and sofa maker (1827–28). [D]

Elsworthy, Richard, Plummers Row, City Rd, London, cm (1811–19). [D]

Eltoft, Joseph Green, Leeds, Yorks., carver, gilder and joiner (1834–37). Trading at 2 Mill Hill in 1834 and 19 Upperhead Row in 1837. [D]

Eltoft & Proctor, 27 Park Row, Leeds, Yorks., cm (1837). [D]

El(s)ton, Thomas, Liverpool, cm (1816). Admitted freeman on 10 June 1816 as son of John Elton, cooper. [Liverpool freemen reg.]

Eltringham, John, Newcastle and Lancaster, u (1780). App. to William Hudson; admitted freeman of Newcastle on 12 September 1780, in which year he polled at Newcastle and was stated to be ‘of Lancaster’. [Newcastle freemen reg.]

Elvee (or Elver), Robert, Rochester, Kent, cm (1798–1807). [D; poll bks]

Elvey, Elizabeth, 9 New Bond St, London, pocket book, dressing case and desk maker to the Royal Family, the King of Prussia and his Serene Highness the hereditary Prince of Orange (1806–24). Trade card [Johnson Coll., Bodleian Lib., Oxf.] gives above details, and a directory of 1808 adds HRH the Duke of Sussex to her patrons. J. and E. Elvey supplied items for Hatfield House, Herts. in 1806: J. Elvey, two pocket books on 25 July; and E. Elvey, a mahogany writing desk costing £6 6s 6d, receipt dated 4 August 1806. [Hatfield House MS, bills 618] Elizabeth submitted bills to Lord Crewe of Crewe Hall, Cheshire, dated 24 March 1820 and April 1821, for repairing furniture, supplying large leather portfolios, and a dressing case with bottles; bills totalled £13 2s. A billhead dated 17 August 1831 states that Mrs Elvey was succeeded by her nephew, George Lawrence. [D; Chester RO, Crewe papers, DCR/47/box 5; Suffolk RO (Bury), 941/ 73/16; Furn. Hist., 1974, pl. 43]

Elvin (or Elwin), Charles, London, cm (1784–1818). [Norwich poll bks]

Elvin, Isaac, Market Pl., Louth, Lincs., joiner and cm (1831). [D]

Elvin, Robert, Norwich, u (1831). Admitted freeman on 24 February 1831. [Norwich freemen rolls]

Elvius, Sarah, 1 Rand Ct, London(?), ornamental clock-case maker (1778). Took out a Sun Insurance policy in 1778 for £100, utensils, stock and goods accounting for £50. [GL, Sun MS vol. 268, p. 281]

Elward, George & Marsh, William, succeeded by Elward, Marsh & Bailey; Elward, Marsh & Tatham; Marsh & Tatham; Tatham & Bailey; Tatham, Bailey & Saunders; Bailey & Saunders; Edward Bailey; Mount St, near Charles St, London, cm and u (1774–1840).
WILLIAM MARSH. The earliest record of his name that has appeared so far is an entry for insurance cover of £1,500 in 1774 [GL, Sun MS vol. 236, ref. 348625] where he is described as ‘upholder … near Charles Street in Mount Street’. He is also listed as cm and u among the subscribers to Thomas Malton's Complete Treatise on Perspective, 1775 and seems to have acquired aristocratic clients early in his career since he supplied the Hon. Mrs Howard, mother of Lady Petre, with new upholstery work for two screens in 1777. [Essex RO, D/ DP A189/8] His bankruptcy [Gents. Mag., November 1780] probably prompted his partnership with George Elward which is first recorded in rate bks in 1785.
GEORGE ELWARD. Elward had also been working in Mount St since at least 1780 when he insured his property near Charles St in Mount St for £1,600. He subsequently insured a workshop in South Audley St for £200 in 1780 when his address was given as 14 Mount St and his occupation as upholder and cm. [GL, Sun MS vol. 286, ref. 435669; vol. 290, ref. 440745]
ELWARD & MARSH; ELWARD, MARSH & BAILEY; ELWARD, MARSH & TATHAM. Although it is not certain just where in Mount St the partnership began it was Elward's premises at no. 14 which were given in trade directories as the firm's address from 1790, changing to 13 Mount St, Grosvenor Sq. in insurance records when a dwelling house with warehouse in the yard behind and the contents were insured for a total of £5,800. [GL, Sun MS vol. 389, ref. 606749] This address remained the same for the firm through all subsequent changes of partnership up to 1840. Elward & Marsh were joined by Edward Bailey in 1793 [D] and by Thomas Tatham in 1798 [rate bks] and the firm was known as Elward, Marsh & Tatham until 1803 when Elward is no longer listed in trade directories.
MARSH & TATHAM, TATHAM & BAILEY, TATHAM, BAILEY & SAUNDERS, BAILEY & SAUNDERS, EDWARD BAILEY. From 1803–11 Marsh & Tatham are listed in trade directories although Tatham & Bailey appear in the rate bks from 1807– 10 and these two partners took out insurance in 1808, suggesting that William Marsh had retired by then. The insurance policy was for a dwelling house, warehouse and workshop and their contents, value £3,000, and the firm had at that time three other polices with different companies, for £8,000, £5,000 and £3,000 respectively, suggesting a large and prosperous business. The premises apparently included a number of workrooms and storerooms, including a sawpit, drying places for timber, and veneering rooms, while the shop had a new shopfront designed by John Linnell Bond. The confusion over the title of the firm continues with Tatham & Bailey listed in some trade directories up to 1820 while the rate bks list Richard Saunders with Tatham and Bailey as partners. Thomas Tatham died in Brighton in 1818 [Gents Mag., January 1818] and Bailey & Saunders continued as partners until 1827 when Edward Bailey took over until at least 1840.

Although the firm was associated from the 1780s with the group of distinguished craftsmen working for the Prince of Wales and other important patrons like Samuel Whitbread II, it is not clear who provided the designs for their furniture. Henry Holland was certainly closely involved in the work for the Prince of Wales at Carlton House and at Brighton and for his other patrons, but his employment of Charles Heathcote Tatham as an assistant from 1788 suggests a requirement for additional help. Charles Heathcote, who was Thomas Tatham's borther, would presumably have had close contacts with his brother's firm but it is through C. H. Tatham's publication of his drawings of Roman antiquities as models for cabinet makers and other craftsmen, particularly Etchings of Ancient Ornamental Architecture, 1st edition 1799, that he was most influential. C. H. Tatham is known to have been employed by the Prince and in contact with the Prince's circle of friends like Sir Harry Fetherstonhaugh after Holland's downfall and is quite likely to have supplied ideas for his brother, particularly for the large amount of furniture demanded by their royal patron. Certain pieces supplied by Marsh & Tatham for Carlton House are either taken directly from C. H. Tatham's designs, like the carved and gilded Council chairs, or are very reminiscent of his refined style like the set of library bookcases supplied in 1806.

Right through its existence and many changes of title, the firm established by William Marsh and George Elward remained one of the most important and influential cabinet making businesses of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. From their highly stylish pieces in the Anglo-French taste produced for Southill in the 1790s, through the japanned furnishings for Brighton Pavilion in 1801, the distinguished Grecian library furniture for Carlton House of 1806, to the rich and elaborate furniture produced for the final phase at Brighton c. 1820, the firm's surviving pieces present a distinguished and important record of their output.
THE ROYAL FAMILY. 1783–89. Wm. Marsh & Co.: Among debtors of the Prince of Wales listed on his marriage in 1795 as having supplied £373 of furniture, probably for Carlton House. [H. Clifford-Smith, Buckingham Palace, pp. 107–09] 1799 Elward, Marsh & Co.: Bill, Duchy of Cornwall papers. 1801 Elward, Marsh & Co.: Payments in arrears. [Windsor Royal Archives 88874, 88890]
1801–02 Elward, Marsh & Tatham: Bills for work at Carlton House and Brighton including ‘36 carved bamboo japanned chairs £100.16.0’ for the 1801 Eating Room, Brighton(?). [Windsor RA 25123–32]
1806 Marsh & Tatham: Furniture, furnishings and bedding for Brighton totalling £401 18s 6d, including some pieces in the Chinese taste, japanned.
1806 Marsh & Tatham: Furniture and furnishings for Carlton House totalling £5,964 16s 6d including ebony and ivory veneered library furniture [Conn., June 1977] and ebony inlaid yewtree bookcases with bronze antique heads for £680 (one now V & A; one sold Christie's, 21 November 1985, lot 96). [Windsor RA 25205–09]
1806 Marsh & Tatham: Furniture, furnishings and fittings for Carlton House totalling £7,387 5s, the most costly items being 4 cut-glass lustres with bronze fittings £1,812. [Windsor RA 25223–26]
22 June 1808: Letters from Thomas Tatham saying that the cost of the works already executed for Carlton House totalled over £30,000. [Windsor RA 31528–29]
1808 Tatham & Bailey: Bill for work for the Prince of Wales for furniture and furnishings totalling £616 19s 9d including alterations to Gothic bookcases and decoration of Military Tent Room.
1809 Tatham, Bailey & Saunders: Furniture and furnishings totalling £1,423 16s 6d including number of japanned pieces such as chest of drawers japanned to correspond with two Oriental panels, £155. [RA 25251–53, 25300–01]
1811 Tatham, Bailey & Saunders: Furniture for Carlton House including four large candelabra for the Saloon £680 and five tripods for alabaster vases £715, mahogany horse ‘to beat clothes on’ £2 66s, two green and black painted flower boxes for the Conservatory £6, and alterations to the Hervé seat furniture from the Chinese Drawing Room. Total £3,157 5s.
1811 Tatham, Bailey & Saunders: Carlton House, repairs and cleaning (including Hervé seat furniture) and new furniture (including couch to match that in Lower Dining Room £45 10s). Total £706 18s. [RA 25329–30, 25341–43]
1811 Tatham & Co.: Bill for four tripods at £143 each which may be those in Jutsham's Carlton House Ledger June 1811 with crane figures. [G. de Bellaigue, J. Harris, O. Millar, Buckingham Palace, p. 154]
1813 Tatham, Bailey & Saunders: ‘60 Antique chairs’ at £502 8s which may be those shown by Pyne in the Gothic Dining Room at Carlton House, 1818, and afterwards moved to the North Drawing Room, Brighton Pavilion. [G. de Bellaigue etc., Buckingham Palace, p. 137]
1813 Tatham & Co.: 2 very large Antique Elbow chairs’ £587 12s which may be the carved and gilt pine and beech council chairs, after designs by C. H. Tatham shown in Pyne's view of the Throne Room, Carlton House, 1818. [G. de Bellaigue, Buckingham Palace, p. 195]
1814 Tatham, Bailey & Saunders: Seven bookcases of rosewood and gilt bronze for the Gold Drawing Room, Carlton House. [Pyne, Royal Residences, vol. 3, 1817, pl. 27]
The firm continued to be mentioned in the Royal Household accounts 1813–18 [PRO, LC 11/15–24] and worked at Brighton, Carlton House and Stables, Red House and Stud Lodge, Hampton Court, Windsor Cottage, Cumberland Lodge and on the ‘Royal George’ yacht. The work at Brighton included furnishings for the Banqueting Room (set of 36 chairs and 2 armchairs of lacquered beech with applied gilt ornaments for £669 12s and set of rosewood sideboards with carved and gilt dragons and ornaments for £4,129 3s). They also provided furniture and furnishings for the Music Room (set of chairs £1,517) for the Saloon (total £2,415) and made copies in 1819 of the original side tables made by Adam Weisweiler for the Chinese Drawing Room, Carlton House, for all four to be used in the North Drawing Room. [H. D. Roberts, The Royal Pavilion Brighton, 1939; J. Dinkel, The Royal Pavilion Brighton, 1983] Edward Bailey & Son continued to work for the Royal Household at least until 1840, providing, for example, furniture for the best bedrooms and servant's rooms in the Vice-Chamberlain's Apartments, Windsor Castle 1835, and the chair of state for Queen Victoria's wedding in 1840. [Windsor RA, Box I item 17, Estimates; Joy, English Furniture, 1800–1851]

COMMISSIONS FOR OTHER CLIENTS. 1777 William Marsh: Bill for 14s for work for Hon. Mrs Howard, mother of Lady Petre. [Essex RO, D/DP A189/8]
1787–88 Marsh: Furniture for Viscount Grimston. [Gorhambury accounts, DEF, vol. 11, p. 299]
1790–93 Elward & Marsh, Elward Marsh & Bailey: Furnishing of 112 Pall Mall, London, for Dowager Duchess of Bedford — Total £250 0s 6d and regular repairs and maintenance thereafter. [Bedford Office, London]
1796–c. 1807 Marsh & Tatham: Furnishing of Southill for Samuel Whitbread II. [Southill, A Regency House with introduction by Major S. Whitbread, 1951]
1797 Tatham: Payment £28 6s for work at the Berkeley Sq. house. [Lord Jersey's accounts, Williams & Glyn's Bank, Child's Branch]
1797–99 Elward Marsh & Tatham, Marsh & Tatham: Work at Croome Court, Worcs. [V & A archives, copies of Croome Court accounts]
1797–99 Elward Marsh & Tatham: Payment for £3,000 for work at Powderham Castle including probably the white and gold seat furniture in the 2nd Library and the suite of seat furniture with dolphin arms in the Music Room. [M. Girouard, ‘Powderham Castle’, III, C. Life, 18 July 1963, pp. 140–43]
1801 Elward Marsh & Tatham: Payment for furniture, £172 10s in account book of Edward, Lord Lascelles relating mainly to Harewood House, London. [Leeds archives dept, Harewood MS 190]
1801–03 Elward Marsh & Co.: Payments totalling £605 10s for 2nd Lord Braybrooke but not specified whether for Audley End, Billingbear or his London house. [Essex RO, D/ DBy/A357]
1804 Marsh & Tatham: Payment for furniture, £715, for Lord Villiers, later Earl of Jersey. [Osterley Park accounts, Earl of Jersey]
1804 Marsh & Tatham: In December received payment of £395 6s from 6th Duke of Bedford ‘being the amount of a Bill delivered for Cabinet and Upholstery Work’. Earlier that year Arthur Young, the agriculturalist, had noted at Woburn that ‘several appartments were newly furnished …’. [G. Blakiston, Woburn and the Russells, 1980, p. 178]
1806 Marsh & Tatham: Bill for £6 12s for mahogany caned bergère with cushion supplied to Nathaniel Bond, East Holme, Dorset. [Dorset RO, D367/F2]
c. 1805–10 Tatham & Bailey: Furniture and furnishings supplied for Sir Henry Harpur, Calke Abbey, including gilt furniture and mirrors for the Drawing Room and library tables, steps, chairs and map fitting for the Library. [H. Colvin, Calke Abbey, Derbyshire, 1985, pp. 109, 111]
c. 1806–10 Marsh & Tatham (attributed): Suite of ebony and ivory dining room furniture inset with ‘pietra dure’ including pair of pedestals, firescreen, centre table and jardinière, supplied to Sir Harry Fetherstonhaugh, Uppark. Cf. suite of library furniture supplied to Carlton House in 1806 by Marsh & Tatham. [C. Wainwright, ‘The Furnishing of The Royal Library, Windsor’, Conn., June 1977, pp. 104–09]
1807 Tatham & Bailey: Payment for £27 15s. [3rd Earl of Mansfield's domestic account bks, Kenwood]
1807 Tatham & Bailey: Payment £13 2s 6d for bath chair. [V & A archives, copies of Petworth accounts]
c. 1808 Tatham & Bailey: Provided ‘6 bamboo chairs, japanned as Botany Bay wood’ for The Thornery, Woburn. [C. Aslet, ‘Park and Garden Buildings at Woburn’, 1, C. Life, 31 March 1983, pp. 772–75]
1809–11 Tatham & Bailey: Various sums, maximum £25 7s 10d, in the account bks each December for Lord Braybrooke but not specified for a particular house. [Essex RO, D/DBy/A376]
1811 Marsh & Tatham: Payment of £65 7s 6d in account bk of Edward Lord Lascelles relating mainly to work at Harewood House, London. [Leeds archives dept, Harewood MS 192]
1810–13 Tatham Bailey & Saunders: Undertook move of 6th Duke of Bedford from Stanhope St to Hamilton Pl., Piccadilly, London in 1810 and furnishing of new house. Bill of 1813 for 393 items, total £5,575 10s 2d. Thereafter regular repairs and maintenance.
1820 Bailey & Saunders: Undertook move of the Duke to a house on the west side of St James's Sq. and the furnishing — bill dated May 1820 for 129 items at a cost of £660 18s. In 1820 the Duke also bought for his wife a house on Campden Hill, Kensington, London, and had built for her a house at Endsleigh, Devon, furniture for both being provided by Bailey & Saunders until at least 1825. [Bedford Office, London]
c. 1812–c. 1814 Tatham Bailey & Saunders (attributed): Various alterations made by the Dowager Marchioness of Downshire at Ombersley Court, Worcs., including redecoration of room in Chinese taste with imitation bamboo furniture, very similar to that provided by Elward & Marsh for Brighton Pavilion from 1802. [C. Life, 16 January 1953, pp. 153–55]
1815–23 Richard Saunders: Furniture and upholstery, total £327, supplied for Colonel Henry Knight, Tythegston Court, Glam. [C. Life, 5 October 1978, pp. 1024, 1027, 1029]
H. Clifford-Smith, Buckingham Palace, 1931; G. de Bellaigue, J. Harris, O. Millar, Buckingham Palace, 1968; H. D. Roberts, The Royal Pavilion Brighton, 1939; J. Dinkel, The Royal Pavilion Brighton, 1983; Major S. Whitbread (introduction to) Southill A Regency House, 1951; C. Wainwright, ‘The Furnishing of the Royal Library Windsor’, Conn., June 1977, pp. 104–09] See Edward Bailey. F. C.

Elwick, Edward snr, Northgate, Wakefield, Yorks., cm and u (1745–d. 1771). See Richard Wright & Edward Elwick.

Elwick, Edward jnr & Son, Northgate, Wakefield, Yorks., cm and u (1771–d. 1787). See Richard Wright & Edward Elwick.

Elwick, John & Robinson, John, Northgate, Wakefield, Yorks., cm and u (1788–1816). See Richard Wright & Edward Elwick.

Ely, —, Nottingham (1791). See Shelton & Ely.

Ely, James, 5 College St, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, cm and u (1830–39). [D]

Ely, Joseph, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, cm (1793). [D]

Ely, Robert, St Mary Stoke, Ipswich, Suffolk, chairmaker (1798). [Suffolk RO, calendar of marriage licence bonds, FAA:50/2/111, p. 207]

Emans, William, Queen St, London, upholder (1766). Insured a house at Twickenham for £150 in 1766. [GL, Hand in Hand MS vol. 105, p. 120]

Emanuel, —. See Toun & Emanuel.

Emanuel, E., Portsmouth, Hants., cm (1840–41). Supplied a table costing £13 13s to Charlecote Park, Warks., in 1840– 41. [Warwick RO, L6/1118]

Ember, Francis, Paradise St, near King St, Rotherhithe, London, freeman upholder (1715). Took out a Hand in Hand Insurance policy on 23 August 1715 for £200 on his house, and £200 on a house nearby. [GL, Hand in Hand MS vol. 14, ref. 16862–63]

Emberry, Thomas, St Martin's St, London, chairmaker (1749). [Poll bk]

Embleton, John, Ouseburn, Newcastle, joiner and cm (1801). [D]

Embley, Samuel, 38 Horse Fair, Bristol, picture frame maker (1775–93). [D]

Embley, William, Horse Fair, Bristol, picture frame maker (1793–1801). [D]

Emerick, John, 8 Coburg Pl., Clerkenwell, London, clock-case maker (1839). [D]

Emerson, George, Spittal Hill, Louth, Lincs., joiner and cm (1831–41). [D]

Emerson, Joseph, 44 Merchant St, Bristol, cm (1815–17). [D]

Em(m)erson, Robert, Sheep Mkt, Leek, Staffs., joiner and cm (1816–18). [D]

Emerson, T., 91 Newgate St, London, furnishing u (1837). [D]

Emerson, William, Upgate, Louth, Lincs., joiner and cm (1831). [D]

Emerton, Thomas, 36 Gloucester St, Queen Sq., London, upholder (1824). Took out a Sun Insurance policy on 26 February 1824 for £400 on household goods, including £50 on stock, utensils and goods. The name Thomas has been deleted and Mary substituted. [GL, Sun MS vol. 499, ref. 1014216]

Emery, Ann, 3 Carthusian St, London, cm (1835). [D] See James Emery.

Emery, D., 17 Union St, East Stonehouse, Plymouth, Devon, cm and u (1838). [D]

Emery, Edward, 16 Henrietta St, Covent Gdn, London, carver and gilder (1839). [D]

Emery, James, Bristol, cm and u (1805–12). Trading at 5 Clare St, 1805–06; Wine St and Baldwin St in 1809; and Alfred Hill, 1810–12. [D]

Emery, James, Carthusian St, Charterhouse, London, cm, u and chairmaker (1817–28). Recorded at no. 5 in 1817, and no. 3, 1820–28. Took out Sun Insurance policies on 6 July 1820 for £400 on a house at 3 Carthusian St, unfurnished; and on 1 December 1821 for £1,000 of which £180 accounted for stock, utensils and goods in trust in his house, where no work was done; and £100 on those in workshops and warehouse. [D; GL, Sun MS vol. 485, ref. 968870; vol. 486, ref. 981962] See Ann Emery.

Emery, Thomas, 54 Key St, Liverpool, cm (1805–07). [D]

Emery, William, Rotherhithe, London, house, ship and sign carver and cm (1826–34). Trading at 31 Clarence St in 1826, and 4 Stringers Row, 1832–34. [D]

Emes, J., 108 Gt Russell St, London, trunk and platecase manufacturer (1837). [D]

Emett (or Emmitt), Michael snr, Preston, Lancs., cm (1781–d. by 1802). Former app., George Hall, and his son Richard Emett and four brothers were admitted burgesses in 1782 on payment of the fine. Dead by 1802 when his son, Thomas and three other sons including Michael, ‘late upholsterer’ were named in the Preston Guild record of burgesses. [D]

Emett, Michael jnr, Preston, Lancs. and Liverpool, u (1802–22). Named in the Preston Guild record of burgesses in 1802 as ‘late upholsterer son of … Michael deceased’; and in 1822 as ‘of Liverpool formerly of Preston’.

Emett, Thomas, Preston, Lancs., cm, builder and joiner (1782– d. by 1842). Trading at 21 Lord St with office at Parks Ct and house at 2 Vicarage in 1818. Admitted burgess of Preston in 1782 as son of Michael snr and brother of Michael jnr. Named in the Preston Guild record of burgesses with his own son, Thomas, in 1802; and in 1822 with three sons. Both he and his son, Thomas, were dead by 1842 when his grandson, Thomas, with seven sons, were named as burgesses in 1842. [D]

Emmans, P., address unrecorded, cm (1814–17). Supplied furniture to Nicholas Pearse of Loughton, Essex, and London on 31 March and July 1814, and 28 March 1817, totalling £36 8s. [Essex RO, D/DHt A1/4]

Emmens, Thomas, 11 Gt Russell St, Bloomsbury, London, upholder and cm (1817–28). [D]

Emmens, Thomas, 22 Paget Pl., Gt Waterloo St, London, invalid chairmaker, chair and sofa maker (1835–39). [D]

Emmery, John, address unrecorded, cm (1725). Referred to in Penn'a Gazette, 8 July 1731, as having left England in 1725.

Emmes, Edward snr, Norwich, u (1677). His son, Edward jnr, was admitted freeman on 4 July 1677. [Norwich freemen reg.]

Emmes, Edward jnr, Norwich, u (1677). Son of Edward snr; admitted freeman on 4 July 1677. [Norwich freemen reg.]

Emmett, John jnr, 10 Britannia Gdns, Hoxton, London, chairmaker (1792). Took out a Sun Insurance policy on 8 August 1792 for £100 on his household goods in the house of Emmett snr, and his utensils in the house of Buskins, chairmaker, at Tenton (or Fenton) Timber Ground, Moorfields. [GL, Sun MS vol. 387, p. 442]

Emmett, John, 23 Dorset St, Spitalfields, London, chairmaker (1813). Took out a Sun Insurance policy on 19 May 1813 for £200 of which stock and utensils accounted for £40. [GL, Sun MS vol. 463, ref. 881981]

Emmett, Robert, Garden Row, Deptford, Kent, carver and gilder (1839). [D]

Emmett, W., 11 Upper St, Martin's Lane, London, wine cooler manufacturer (1835). [D]

Emmett, William, London, carver (b. 1641–93). Recorded by Vertue as successor to his uncle, Henry Phillips Emmett, as Sculptor to the Crown and predecessor to Grinling Gibbons. Known to have worked with William Morgan. Named in the Livery of the Joiners’ Co. in 1666. Worked at Whitehall in December 1688 receiving £197 10s 6d for a picture frame ‘with 2 inrichments oak leaves and husks and Italian moulding’, for the Queen's Closet; and ‘two scollop shells in the neeches’ for the Privy Gallery. In March and August 1690 his bill for work at Hampton Court on the Water Gallery included ‘large Italian picture fram'd mouldings … over the 2 chimneys in the Great Room’, costing £8 8s 5d. In 1693 he was paid £220 for work done at Hampton Court. He also worked at Kensington Palace in 1790, Chelsea, and the City Churches. Temple Church has two capitals by him. [British Arch. Assoc. Journal, 1951, p. 4; Wren Soc., vol. xx; PRO, Works 5/42, 46 and 55]

Emmitt, William, 56 Aldergate St, London, chairmaker (1785). Took out a Sun Insurance policy on 28 February 1785 for £100 on household goods and wearing apparel. [GL, Sun MS vol. 327, p. 399]

Emmorson, Peter, Liverpool, upholder (1716). Admitted freeman on 3 October 1716. [Liverpool freemen reg.]

Emmott, George, Mabgate, Leeds, Yorks., cm (1822). [D]

Emmott, James, Leeds, Yorks., cm (1817–39). Addresses given at Mabgate in 1817, and Gower St, 1826–29, no. 1 in 1826. [D]

Emmott (or Emmett), Thomas, 99 Marsh Lane, Leeds, Yorks., cm and u (1816–20). [D]

Emmott, William, Colne Lane, Colne, Lancs., cm (b. c. 1786–1841). Aged 55 at the time of the 1841 Census, and son, Robert, aged 30.

Empsall, Joseph, Hipperholme, Yorks., joiner and cm (1822). [D]

Empson, Henry, Liverpool, cm (1805–d. 1826). Recorded at 51 Byrom St with shop at 1 Hood St in 1818; 97 Copperas Hill with shop at 3 Hood St in 1821; 81 Byrom St in 1823; no. 79 in 1824; and Islington in 1826. Signed the Supplement to the Liverpool Cabinet and Chair Prices, 1805, on behalf of the journeymen. Recorded as clerk to St Stephen's Church in 1821. Death at Kirkdale reported in Liverpool Mercury, 16 June 1826. [D]

Empson, Thomas, 56 North St, Prospect St, Hull, Yorks., cm (1834–35). [D]

Emptage, Humphry, Dover, Kent, cm and broker (1792–1811). [D]

Emptage, John, Dover, Kent, cm (1826–37). Trading at Charlton Rd in 1832, and Charlton Cresc. in 1837. [Poll bks]

Emuss, James, High St, Droitwich, Worcs., cm (1835). [D]

Emuss, Thomas, Queen St, Birmingham, cm (1816). [D]

Emuss, William, Droitwich, Worcs., cm and u (1828–35). Trading at Hanbury St in 1835. [D; poll bk]

Endicott, John jnr, Holloway St, Exeter, Devon, cm, u, chairmaker, undertaker and builder (1819–24). Trading at no. 31 when he advertised sale of mahogany and other furniture and paper hangings in Western Luminary, 26 October 1819. [D]

Endicott, Joseph, St Mary Arches St, Exeter, Devon, cm (1836). Daughter Sarah Jane bapt. at St Olave's on 28 February 1836. [PR(bapt.)]

England, Daniel, Sutton and Hull, Yorks., cm, chairmaker, furniture broker and shopkeeper (1814–42). Recorded at Sutton in 1814; Witham, Hull, 1826–40; with res. at William St, Drypool, Hull in 1826. App. to George Brook in July 1814, and assigned to Robert Waugh in December 1817. [D; Hull app. reg.]

England, George, Nottingham, joiner and cm (1778–85). Grandson of Michael Skevington, Ilkeston, Derbs., Gent.; app. in 1778. Named as a burgess in 1785. [Nottingham app. list and burgess index]

England, John Frederick, Steelhouse Lane, Birmingham, cm, carver and gilder (1822). [D]

England, John, Nottingham, joiner and cm (1824–48). App. in 1824, becoming a master in 1838, when also named as a burgess. Took apps named John Henry Statham in 1838; Henry Roberts in 1844; and Walter Gamble in 1848. [Nottingham app. list and burgess index]

England, Matthew, Castleford, Yorks., cm (1822). [D]

England, Robert, High St, Birmingham, cm, chairmaker and cane worker (1816–18). Recorded also at Moat Row in 1816. [D]

England, Thomas, James St, London, cane chairmaker (1709). [London rate bks] Possibly the Thomas England, chairmaker, who provided six chairs and four ‘banketts’ for the 2nd Duke of Bedford in 1710. [Bedford Office, London]

England, Thomas, Newport St, Leicester Fields, London, cm (1727–28). Named in contemporary newspapers. [Heal]

England, Thomas, St Ann's, Westminster, London, joiner and cm (1728). On bankruptcy his estate was assigned to John Blow, carver. [London Gazette, 9–12 March 1727/28 and 6–10 August 1728]

England, Thomas, Sutton and Hull, Yorks., cm, paper stainer, undertaker, furniture broker, victualler and flour dealer (1806–42). Recorded at Sutton in 1806; Witham, Hull, in 1823; with res. at Gt Union St, 1817–40; listed as Thomas jnr, 1823–42. App. to George & John Chapman of Hull in October 1806. Acted as Constable of Sutton in 1831. [D; Hull app. reg.] Two tradesmen may be involved here.

England, Thomas, Tadcaster, Yorks., joiner and/or cm (1834). [D]

England, William, Hull, Yorks., cm and u (1821–31). Recorded at Drypool in 1821; and at Gt Union St in 1831. App. to Robert Waugh in June 1821. [D; Hull app. reg.]

Engleheart, Peter, 40 Castle St, Oxford Mkt, London, cm, u and undertaker (1793–1808). Subscribed to Sheraton's Drawing Book, 1793, and named in his list of master cabinet makers, 1803. Mahogany double pedestal writing table recorded bearing his label. [D; Sotheby's, NY, 21 November 1981, lot 254, illus.]

Engley, John, High St, Stroud, Glos., cm (1816–18). [PR(bapt.)]

Engley, John, 4 Perry Pl., Oxford St, London, chair carver (1821). Took out a Sun Insurance policy on 7 June 1821 for £150 of which stock, utensils and goods in trust accounted for £60. [GL, Sun MS vol. 488, ref. 980749]

Engley, John, 10 Commercial Pl., City Rd, London, chairmaker (1826–29). [D]

English, Edmund, Bath, Som., cm and u (1787–1828). Trading in Broad St in 1793. Declared bankrupt with Andrew Berkley Becks, Chester Chronicle and North Wales Advertiser, 7 November 1828. [D] Probably of English & Son.

English, Thomas, 5 Broad St, Soho, London, looking-glass manufacturer (1794–1801). [D]

English, William, Spring Gdn Lane, Sunderland, Co. Durham, joiner and cm (1828–29). [D]

English, William, Camberwell Grove, London, cm (1835). [D]

English, William, Norwich, u (1835). App. to John Cox; admitted freeman on 24 February 1835. [Norwich freemen rolls]

English & Son, 21 Milsom St, Bath, Som., u, cm, auctioneers, appraisers, undertakers, carvers and gilders, estate and house agents (est. 1751). Advertised sale of furniture on 20 November 1845. [V & A archives] In 1819 trading as English, English & Becks. [D] See Edmund English.

Ennis, Thomas, Liverpool, carver (1752). Took app. named Jones in 1752. [S of G, app. index]

Ensar, George, Tamworth, Staffs., turner (c. 1686). Mentioned in Plot's History of Staffordshire, 1686 as having ‘contrived an engine to turne wreath work’ (i.e., spiral turning) by which he was enabled to ‘make not only of two but of three or four twists, and that in so little time that he can turn twenty of these while one is cut or raspt the only way they can make such at London and Oxford that I could by any means hear of.’ [DEF]

Ensom, Jane, 14 Golden Lane, Barbican, London, cm, u and undertaker (1839). [D]

Ensom, Thomas, 14 Golden Lane, Barbican, London, turner (1835). [D]

Enston, Daniel jnr, Sandwich, Kent, cm (1798–1831). [D; poll bk]

Enstone, Daniel, Archbishop's Palace, Canterbury, Kent, chairmaker (1818). [Poll bk]

Entwistle, Mrs, address unrecorded. Between 1746–67 the account bk of Sir Matthew Featherstonhaugh of Uppark, Sussex, records substantial payments to Mrs Entwistle, or Entwishle, for household furniture amounting to £575 5s 3d. She was probably a widow carrying on a well-established business after her husband's death. [Conn., November 1967, p. 158]

Entwisle [sic], Thomas, 37 Bishopsgate Within, London, cabinet founder (1776). [D]

Eplett, Charles, 2 College Sq., Bristol, cm and u (1831–32). [D]

Epps, Thomas, 33 Castle St, Canterbury, Kent, cm, furniture broker, chair and sofa maker (1832–34). [D]

Epps, Thomas, Dover, Kent, cm, u, carver and gilder, fancy turner and chair and sofa maker (1838–39). Trading at Biggin St, 1838, and 6 Church Pl., 1839. [D]

Epworth (or Epsworth), Joseph, 12 Little St Martin's Lane, London, cm (1793–96). [D]

Equillent, Francis, 2 Little Pulteney St, Golden Sq., London, tassel and fringe maker (1808). [D] See Ann Esquilant.

Erard, P., London, pianoforte and music stand maker (c. 1821–37). Trading at 17 Gt Marlborough St, 1826–27; and no. 18 and also 3–4 Little Portland St, Marylebone in 1837. Music stand recorded inscribed ‘ERARDS, 18 Gt. Marlborough Strt. London.’ [D; V & A archives]

Erlam, Peter, Liverpool, cm (1831). App. to John O'Neill in 1831. [Liverpool app. enrolment bk]

Erlington, John, Chester, u (1741). Admitted freeman on 1 February 1741. [Chester freemen rolls]

Errington, Thomas, Appleby, Westmld, joiner and/or cm (1828–34). [D]

Errington, Thomas, Goal St, Gt Yarmouth, Norfolk, carver and gilder (1839). [D]

Erskine, Thomas, 55 Castle St East, Oxford Mkt, London, carver and gilder (1817). [D]

Erskine, William, 55 Castle St East, Oxford Mkt, London, carver (1807–20). Took out a Sun Insurance policy on 11 February 1807 for £500 of which stock, utensils and goods in trust accounted for £10. [D; GL, Sun MS vol. 437, ref. 800184]

Erskine, William, 5 Hyde St, Bloomsbury, London, carver and chair carver (1826–29). [D]

Ersser, William, 33 Broad St, Golden Sq., London, furniture japanner (1835). [D]

Erwood, Alfred, 9 Brownlow St, Holborn, London, billiard and backgammon table maker (1815–34). Recorded in partnership with James Erwood at no. 3, 1815–25; and alone, at no. 9, 1829–34. Declared bankrupt, Liverpool Mercury, 10 July 1829. [D]

Erwood, James, 3 Brownlow St, Holborn, London, billiard table and backgammon board maker (1815–39). Recorded in partnership with Alfred Erwood, 1815–25; and alone, 1822–39. J. & A. Erwood, successors to the late Solomon Erwood, supplied Francis, Marquess of Tavistock of Oakley, Beds., with cues, maces, sets of balls, mainly ‘for the Russian game’, and framed rules for ‘the pool of Russian games’, the whole amounting to £8 19s. The firm submitted a bill to the 6th Duke of Bedford dated 16 October 1822 totalling £58 17s. Furniture supplied for Woburn Abbey, Beds., included a ‘Full size Mahogany Table with Lion Claw Feet new Cloth Pockets, Brown Holland Cover, Maces Cues Balls etc. as agreed in Exchange for the old Table’ and ‘The 4 Rules at Billds in black Frames’. The receipt is dated 8 October 1823. [D; Bedford Office, London]

Erwood, Solomon, 3 Brownlow St, Holborn, London, billiard table maker (b. 1741–d. 1813). Trade card [Landauer Coll., MMA, NY] reads ‘Maces, Cues &c. on the shortest Notice.’ Took out Sun Insurance policies in 1778 for £400 of which utensils and stock accounted for £200; and on 15 January 1808 for £800, £600 on utensils and stock. [GL, Sun MS vol. 270, p. 97; vol. 441, ref. 812556] Submitted a bill to Mr Hill on 21 December 1780 for eight billiard maces and case. [Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Leigh receipts DR 18/5] In December 1791 Solomon Erwood was paid £27 16s 6d by the 5th Duke of Bedford by order of Henry Holland, the architect, presumably for a billiard table for Woburn. [Bedford Office, London] A billhead [Banks Coll., BM] is dated 24 June 1807. Death, aged 72, reported in Gents Mag., March 1813. He was succeeded by James and Alfred Erwood.

Escolme, Thomas, Lancaster, cm (1779–95). Admitted freeman, 1779–80. Named in the Gillow records, 1787–95. [Lancaster freemen rolls; Westminster Ref. Lib., Gillow]

Eshelby, George, York, joiner, cm and u (1816–38). Recorded at High Ousegate, 1816–18; 7 Fetter Lane in 1830; and 96 Micklegate in 1838. [D]

Eskholme, Richard, Lancaster, cm (1784). [Poll bk]

Esplin, William, 1 New Shambles, Manchester, cm (1822). [D]

Esquilant, Ann, 16 Rathbone Pl., London, trimming manufacturer (1819). [D] See Francis Equillent.

Essex, C., Upper King St, Bloomsbury, London, writing desk manufacturer (1837). [D]

Essex, Charles, 19 Pantheon, London, manufacturer. Label recorded on rosewood bookrack, mahogany veneered, with turned spindle gallery, c. 1820. [V & A archives]

Estill, Thomas, Church St, Whitby, Yorks., cm and chairmaker (1834–40). [D]

Eston, Negus, addresss unrecorded. On two occasions in 1755 he provided furniture for the 4th Duke of Bedford at Woburn Abbey, Beds., the only items specified in the accounts being bedsteads, both four-post and tent, with their furnishings, at a cost of £33 14s 6d. In 1764 he made curtains for windows and beds, and chair covers, totalling £4. [Bedford Office, London]

Estwick, William, Market Pl., Hitchin, Herts., auctioneer, appraiser, cm and u (1838–39). [D]

Etchells, John, Stockport, Cheshire, joiner, cm and u (1816–34). Addresses given at Little Underbank, 1816–28, and Etchells St in 1834. Declared bankrupt, Liverpool Mercury, 10 October 1817. [D]

Etchells, Robert, Little Underbank, Stockport, Cheshire, cm and u (1816–41). Recorded at no. 29 in 1841. [D]

Etchells, William, Church Gate, Stockport, Cheshire, cm (1825–41). Recorded at no. 1 in 1834, and 31 St Peter's Gate in 1841. [D]

Ethell, Mary, Temple Row, Birmingham, cm (1822). [D]

Ethell, Stephen, Temple Row, Birmingham, cm, u and broker (1828–30). Trading at no. 33 in 1828. [D]

Ethell, Stephen & Ann, Ann St, Birmingham, cm, u and paper hangers (1830–39). Recorded at no. 9 in 1830, and no. 12, 1835–39, also as feather dealers in 1835. [D]

Ethell, Thomas, Bull Ring, Birmingham, cm and u (1816). [D]

Ethell, William, Birmingham, cm, u and chairmaker (1780–1822). Addresses given at 101 Digbeth, 1780; Moor St, 1793; 4 High St, 1800–05; as William & Sons at no. 3 in 1809; and Moor St, 1816–22. Trade card in Landauer Coll., MMA, NY. Took out Sun Insurance policies in 1782 and 1784 for £200, of which £120 accounted for utensils and stock. [D; GL, Sun MS vol. 302, p. 164; vol. 322, p. 210]

Etheredge, Thomas, 36 Bartholomew Close, London, cm (1790). Took out a Sun Insurance policy on 10 May 1790 for £100 on his house and wearing apparel. [GL, Sun MS ref. 569730]

Etheridge, E., 5 Bedford Pl., Southampton, Hants., cm (1834– 36). [D]

Etheridge, Thomas, North St, City Rd, London, cm and u (1791–1802). Trading at no. 7 in 1791, and no. 46 in 1802. Took out Sun Insurance policies on 13 July 1791 for £200 of which utensils in Mr Seddon's warehouse in Aldersgate St accounted for £20; and on 20 July 1802 for £400 of which utensils and stock accounted for £240. [GL, Sun MS vol. 379, p. 92; vol. 424, ref. 735134]

Etheridge, Thomas, 10 Pelham St, Spitalfields, London, cm (1804). Took out a Sun Insurance policy on 20 January 1804 for £400, stock and utensils accounting for £240. [GL, Sun MS vol. 430, ref. 757655]

Etheridge, Thomas, Cambridge, carver and gilder (1830–41). Addresses given at Slaughterhouse Lane, 1830, and Trumpington St, 1832–41. [D; poll bks]

Etherington, Francis, Newton Lane, Manchester, cm (1788). [D]

Etherington, George, Middle St, Gt Driffield, Yorks., cm etc. (1823). [D]

Etty, John, (c. 1634–1708). Master builder and joiner who provided the reredos and altar-rail for St Michael-le-Belfry, York, 1708. [Beard, Craftsmen and Interior Decoration, p. 259]

Etty, William, York, carpenter (1694–d. 1734). Admitted freeman in 1694. Worked for City House by order of the Honourable Committee, supplying an oak table costing 12s, a ‘binch’, 6s, and ‘A Oak Window Seate’, £1 2s; account is dated 21 December 1729. [Surtees Soc., vol. 102, p. 174]

Eules, John, Gt Yarmouth, Norfolk, u (1719). Took app. named Foster in 1719. [S of G, app. index]

Eules, Susanna & Co., Gt Yarmouth, Norfolk, u (1729). Took out a Sun Insurance policy on 10 April 1729 for £500 of which household goods and stock accounted for £200. [GL, Sun MS vol. 29, ref. 47402]

Eustace, —, address unrecorded, cm (1803) Subscribed to Sheraton's Cabinet Dictionary, 1803.

Eustace, Harrington, Aylesbury, Bucks., cm (1822–32). Named in a deed of 1822. Acted as 5th party in lease and mortgage in 1832. [Oxford RO, TA 4/8/c/4/1–3]

Eustace, William, 15 St Peter's Hill, Thames St, London, cm (1808). [D]

Eustace, William, Walton St, Aylesbury, Bucks., cm (1839). [D]

Euster, —, near Water Lane, Fleet St, London, (1807). On 21 August 1807 his premises were destroyed by a fire which started nearby. [Gents Mag., August 1807]

Eustice, —, London, cm (1793). Subscribed to Sheraton's Drawing Book, 1793.

Evans, —, St Paul's Churchyard, London, cm (1744). Announced in Daily Advertiser, 6 December 1744 sale of ‘a small and very Curious inlaid Cabinet, on a Frame, a proper Piece of Furniture for any elegant House, containing above One Hundred and Fifty Drawers contrived in the most useful Way, many of which are secret, fit for a Medallist or a Virtuoso. This Cabinet was many Years Making, and is not the least damag'd; the Back is ornamented with many fine Italian Stone Landscapes, and must be pleasing to any curious Eye for the Inspection only.’ Probably Phineas Evans.

Evans, —, Chester, cm (1793). App. by indenture of assignment to James Gardner, cm, 27 June to 8 July 1793. [Chester app. bks]

Evans, —, Upper West St, Gloucester, carver and gilder (1802). [D]

Evans, A., address unrecorded, cm (1774). Small George II mahogany secretaire cabinet recorded, with double-fronted secretaire drawer containing drawers and pigeon-holes; four graduated drawers below, all with chased brass loop-handles, and raised on panelled bracket feet; two-tier lattice-work superstructure; signed ‘A.EVANS, 1774’. [Sotheby's, 19 June 1980, lot 152; similar examples illus. in DEF, figs 60, 61]

Evans, Ambrose, Liverpool, upholder (1749–60). Recorded in Pool Lane, 1760. Admitted freeman on 12 May 1749. Former app., John Owen, petitioned freedom in 1760 after serving Evans for two years, and Charles Aven for five. [Liverpool freemen reg. and committee bk]

Evans, Ann, Little Underbank, Stockport, Cheshire, cm and u (1828–41). Trading as Ann & Co. at no. 27 in 1841. [D] See Edwards and William Evans.

Evans, Benjamin, Wheatsheaf Yd, Fleet Mkt, London, cm (1821–c. 1825). Insured stock and utensils in his house and workshop for £300 on 18 July 1821 with the Sun Co. His trade card was cut up and used to make numbered tickets to ensure correct assembly of a set of window cornices en suite with a four-post bed (probably by Gillows) made for Clifton Castle, Yorks., c. 1825, now at Temple Newsam House, Leeds. Card reads: ‘B. EVANS, CABINET MAKER, 3 WHEATSHEAF YARD, RESPECTFULLY solicits … made to the PEDESTAL and other SIDEBOARDS … complete; also every description of TELESCOPIC … SINGLE FRAME DINING TABLES; and hopes … of the best seasoned materials, and select wood … patronage. The above Telescopic Frame constructed … ten feet and upwards, with only four … Loo, sofa and Card Tables, &c. … modern principles. PATENT FOUR POST BRASS … SOCKET BEDSTEADS, SOFA AND CHAIR …’. [GL, Sun MS vol. 484, ref. 981648; Gilbert, Leeds Furn. Cat., vol. 1, pp. 23–27]

Evans, Benjamin, London, cm and u (1824–39). Addresses given at 5 Clerkenwell Green, 1824–27; 3 St John's Lane, Clerkenwell in 1829; and 48 Myddleton St, Spitalfields, 1839. Took out a Sun Insurance policy on 5 March 1824 for £350 of which stock and utensils in house and offices accounted for £320. [D; GL, Sun MS vol. 494, ref. 1014715]

Evans, Cadwalader, address unrecorded, cm (1724–30). Carried out much jobbing and general repair work for the Monson family. Bills to Lady Mary Saunderson submitted between 1724–30 totalled £85 0s 11d, and refer generally to furniture repairs. He supplied a few items, however, including on 3 May 1825, an ebony picture frame costing 7s, and a gold one, £1 10s; and several lanterns, such as ‘a Lanthorn with a silk Line & Tossil & a Golden Ball’, costing £4 10s on 2 February 1729. Evans also carried out silvering and diamond cutting looking-glasses, lacquering and japanning. His bill for work done between 27 January and 28 March 1829–30 including ‘putting up & Fitting of Indian Pictures Making an Addition to One’, altering frames, repairing a walnut settee and a cedar table, putting up two silver sconces, re-lacquering a cabinet and cleaning the brass-work on the frame; shortening a stone table frame; fitting a ‘new wainscott Claw to a Table’; ‘Fastening a silver cock in a Fountain’; and providing ‘Two Canvas Window Blinds Painted in Mahogany Frames.’ On 10 November he was paid for further repairs, regilding furniture, ‘covering of 8 seats with yr. own Velvet’; and on 20 November supplying a ‘Walnut Quadrale Table & Cover’, £3 5s. Evans also worked for Lady Margaret Monson between 1725–26, supplying on 9 December 1725 ‘a Horse to Dry Cloaths upon’, and a ‘Bed Table’; on 18 December an ‘Indian Tea Board’; and on 21 December a ‘Bed Chair Frame’. Evans also fitted up a bed, put up silver sconces, and carried out various repairs to furniture. Evans's bill to Sir John Monson for work done between 28 August and 15 January 1827 again records routine mending and cleaning of furniture. [Lincoln RO, Monson, 10, 1/A/16; 12]

Evans, Charles, at W. Mills, cm, opposite Slaughter's Coffee House, St Martin's Lane, London, cm (1775). Insured his household goods for £100 in 1775. [GL, Sun MS vol. 243, p. 531]

Evans, Charles, Manchester, chairmaker (1794–1838). Addresses given at 19 Brown St in 1794; Apple Mkt, 1818–22; 67 Thomas St, 1825–33; and no. 18, 1834–38. [D]

Evans, D. & S., 2 Wardour St, London, cabinet, chair and sofa manufacturer (1837). [D]

Evans, Daniel, Cirencester, Glos., u (1802). [Oxford poll bk]

Evans, David, St John's Lane, St John's St, London, bedstead and mattress maker (1820–28). Trading at no. 12 in 1820 and no. 18, 1827–28. [D]

Evans, David, 13 Guildford Pl., Bagnigge Wells, London, bedstead maker (1839). [D]

Evans, Edward, 11 Chichester Pl., King's Cross, London, cm, u and undertaker (1839). [D]

Evans, Edward, 113 Wardour St, London, cm and u (1839). [D]

Evans, Edwards, 27 Little Underbank, Stockport, Cheshire, cm (1834–41). [D] See Ann and William Evans.

Evans, F., 8 Bedford St, Bedford Row, London, furniture broker, cm and u (1835–39). [D]

Evans, Frederick, New St, Worcester, cm, u and chairmaker (1828). [D]

Evans, G. & H., address unrecorded. Name stamped on William IV rosewood Davenport with sloping leather-lined slide each side, a pen drawer and four graduated long drawers on the right, on columnar supports and concave-fronted base with paw feet. [Christie's, 16 July 1981, lot 47]

Evans, G., 13 Welsh Back, Bristol, chairmaker (1835). [D]

Evans, George, London, carver and gilder (1826–39). Trading at 47 Upper North Pl., Gray's Inn Rd, 1826–29; and 17 Chad's Row, 1837–39. [D]

Evans, George, Bristol, Windsor and fancy chairmaker, broker, tobacco and snuff dealer (1821–35). Addresses given at Ellbroad St, 1821–22; 11 Old Market St, 1823–26; 2 Lower Castle St, 1827–28; 54 Castle St, 1829–34; and no. 45 in 1835. [D]

Evans, George, 12 Back Lime St, Liverpool, cm (1829). [D]

Evans, H. Samuel, address unrecorded, joiner and chairmaker (1832–36). Named in the Royal Household accounts supplying strong deal dovetailed boxes from 1831–36; six strong splat-back chairs, tapered legs, and wainscott seats for the King's Footman's Apartments, costing £3 12s. Carried out much jobbing work at St James's and Hampton Court Palaces, and supplied various deal presses for Kensington Palace. Worked at the Stud Lodge, Hampton Court, reframing and adding new legs to eleven chairs and repairing twelve long seats, ‘movable on low wheels with hinged feet and back boards’, all in the Conservatory and pleasure grounds. [PRO, LC11/77–92] Presumably Samuel Evans.

Evans, J., 70 Banner St, London, water gilder (1835). [D]

Evans, James, Queen St, Wolverhampton, Staffs., cm and timber dealer (1770). [D]

Evans, James, 27 Panton St, Haymarket, London, carver and gilder (1829). Heavy Rococo trade card also gives trade as glass and picture frame maker. [D; Banks Coll., BM]

Evans, James, Pembroke St, Oxford, cm (1830). [D]

Evans, James, 1 Gibson St and 5 Gt Waterloo St, Lambeth, London, carver and gilder (1835–37). [D]

Evans, John, address unrecorded, cm (d. 1689). App. to Robert Halford, cm of St Michael Royal, at the time of his death in 1689. [PCC Wills, vol. XI, p. 93]

Evans, John, address unrecorded, joiner (1720–21). Mentioned frequently in the general accounts of Erddig, Clwyd between 1720–21. On 14 July 1720 he received £2 7s 1½d ‘for making two large tables’; and on 10 December £1 6s for ‘work done by One of his Men for the Upholsterers’. [V & A archives]

Evans, John, Chester, cm (1747). [Poll bk]

Evan(s), John, Skynner St, Bishopsgate St, London, upholder (1768–84). Son of John Evan, cook of London, and brother of Thomas Evans, upholder. Admitted freeman of the Upholders’ Co. on 6 November 1776. Took apps named Thomas Davis, 1768–75; William Wood, 1770–77; John Ranshall, 1771–78; John Knife, 1776–83; and William Edwards until 1784. [GL, Upholders’ Co. records]

Evans, John, Broad Mead, Bristol, cm (1774–1801). Recorded at 44 Broad Mead in 1775. Supplied furniture for John Pinney's house, 7 Gt George St, Bristol (now the Georgian House Museum), being paid £1 18s in 1792; £50 in 1793; and £28 5s in 1795. The only recorded item was a tea caddy for 18s. A mahogany bureau-bookcase by Evans, now in the Georgian House, has inscribed on a secret door: ‘B. Milward Keynsham, Jany 25 1787, Bought of Mr. Evans, Broad Mead, Bristol, Price £15–15–0.’ The book case was in the Milward family until 1970. [D; poll bks; Bristol Univ. Lib., John Pinney's private cash bk; Furn. Hist., 1976, pp. 61–62, illus.]

Evans, John, 9 Mill Lane, Shaw's Brow, Liverpool, chairmaker (1796). Son of Edward Evans, pilot; admitted freeman on 30 May 1796. [D; Liverpool freeman reg.]

Evans, John, 101 Aldersgate St, London. See Oakley & Shackleton.

Evans, John, Cumming St, Pentonville and St James, Clerkenwell, London, u (1816). Recorded concerning lease of premises in 1816. [Marylebone Lib., deed 35/30]

Evans, John, The Tything, Worcester, cm and u (1820–30). Recorded at no. 48 in 1830. [D]

Evans, John, Birmingham, Tunbridge-ware manufacturer (1821–35). Trading at Upper Temple St in 1821; 30 Colmore St, 1828; and 87 Hill St, 1835. [D]

Evans, John, Liverpool, cm (1822–35). Trading at 9 Finch St in 1835. App. to William Harvey in 1822. [D; Liverpool app. enrolment bk]

Evans, John, Cambridge, cm (1834). App. to Thomas Legge, cm of Cambridge on 1 April 1834 for £10. [Cambridge app. reg.]

Evans, Joseph, Liverpool, cm (1791–1821). Trading at 1 Sefton Ct, Stockdale St in 1821. App. in 1791 to Thomas Gorton, on whose death Evans served his widow. Petitioned freedom on servitude in 1816, and affidavit made; but application postponed pending information with regard to stamp and witnesses. [D; Liverpool freemen's committee bk]

Evans, Maurice Evan, 12 Holborn Bars, Holborn, London, u, cm and carpet dealer (1839–40). Evans & Co. recorded at this address in 1839. Took out a Sun Insurance policy in 1840. [D; GL, Sun MS vol. 57, ref. 1328772]

Evans, P., 13 Guildford(?) Pl., Spitalfields, London, bedstead maker (1835). [D]

Evans, Phineas, at ‘The Fleece’, St Paul's Churchyard, London, cm (1727–47). Submitted a bill to Burghley House, Stamford, dated 1727–28, for ‘Three sconces Carved and Guilt in Gold with a Trebble Branch to each at £14. 14s. per sconce — £44. 2. 0.’ The three mirror sconces are still at Burghley, but the other seven items on the bill have not been identified. [C. Life, 29 August 1974, pp. 562–64] Advertised house to let, Daily Advertiser, 6 April 1744. Named in contemporary newspapers, 1744–47. [Heal]

Evans, Poynton, Wolverhampton, Staffs., cm (1818–20). [D]

Evans, Richard, 7 Weak St, Liverpool, carver and gilder (1821). [D]

Evans, Richard, 46 Hanover St, Manchester, carver and gilder (1832–33). [D]

Evans, Richard, Tylers Green, High Wycombe, Bucks., chair turner. [1841 Census]

Evans, Robert, 24 Cornwallis St, Liverpool, cm (1813–14). [D]

Evans, Robert snr, Madeley, Salop, cm (1828). [D]

Evans, Robert jnr, Madeley, Salop, cm (1828). [D]

Evans, Robert H., 93 Pall Mall, London, joiner or carpenter (1835). Named in the Lord Chamberlain's accounts in September 1835 for work done at Kensington Palace, making two deal presses with fitted shelves and ‘moulded & rose panneled Doors’, costing £20 14s and £17 5s for the wardrobe rooms of the Duchess of Kent and Baroness Lehzen. [Windsor Royal Archives]

Evans, Samuel, address unrecorded, joiner and chairmaker (1826–31). Carried out general jobbing work and repairs at St James's and Hampton Court Palaces, the Houses of Peers and Commons, Stud Lodge, the Queen's stable, Bushy, the Tower of London, and the Royal Sovereign yacht. He also supplied some furniture, the accounts of 10 October 1826 listing a high wainscott linenpress costing £23 3s, a deal cupboard, £6 15s, and a press bedstead, £15, all for St James's Palace. For the House of Commons he made an elbow chair frame ‘with very large elbows’, for the Speaker's seat, costing £5 8s, and a mahogany high chair frame ‘for the principal clerk at the table’, £1 17s. On 5 July 1827 he was paid £4 2s for a strong deal linen chest for the Royal Sovereign yacht. [Royal Household accounts, PRO, LC11/53–74] Presumably H. Samuel Evans.

Evans, Samuel Diamond, London, cm and u (1835–39). Trading at Black Horse Yd, High Holborn in 1835, and 2 Wardour St, Soho, in 1839. [D]

Evans, Tempest, 36 Broadwall, Blackfriars, London, chairmaker (1808). [D]

Evans, Thomas, Park St, London, carver (1749). [Poll bk]

Evans, Thomas, London, upholder (1753–69). Son of John Evans, cook of London, and brother of John Evans, upholder. App. to John Evans on 18 December 1753, and admitted freeman of the Upholders’ Co. on 3 May 1769. [GL, Upholders’ Co. records]

Evans, Thomas, 25 Cullum St, London, cm (1796–1800). [D]

Evans, Thomas, Camberwell Rd, London, cm and u (1809–11). [D]

Evans, Thomas, 3 Redcross St, Southwark, London, cm and broker (1820). [D]

Evans, Thomas, 8 Little Ryder St, London, cm and u (1823–28). [D]

Evans, Thomas, Wotton-under-Edge, Glos., cm (1827). [PR(bapt.)]

Evans, W. H., The Gardens, Charles St, Wolverhampton, Staffs., carpenter, cm and coffin maker (1833). [D] Possibly William Evans of Wolverhampton.

Evans, William, London, upholder and carpet warehouseman (1769–86). Recorded at Talbot Ct, Gracechurch St, 1769–82; no. 3, 1770–82; and Edmonton in 1786. Admitted freeman of the Upholders’ Co. by redemption on 5 July 1769. In 1775 he employed a non-freeman for five months. In 1780 insured a house at 31 Queen's Row, Walworth, for £200. Named in contemporary newspapers, 1772–79. [D; GL, Upholders’ Co. records; GL, City Licence bks, vol. 9; GL, Sun MS vol. 283, p. 110; Heal]

Evans, William, Bristol, cm (1774). [Poll bk]

Evans, William, London, upholder (1794–1806). Trading at 1 Budge Row, 1801–06. App. to Gawn Shotter on 1 January 1794, and admitted freeman of the Upholders’ Co. by servitude on 7 January 1801. Named in Sheraton's list of master cabinet makers, 1803. [D; GL, Upholders’ Co. records] See James Duthoit at the same address.

Evans, William, Richmond, Surrey, u (1798). [D]

Evans, William, 18 Silver St, Golden Sq., London, carver and gilder (1801–39). Recorded in partnership with John Nathaniel Jordan (or Jordaine), 1805–25. Took out Sun Insurance policies, alone on 21 January 1801 for £300 of which £100 accounted for utensils and stock; and in partnership with Jordan on 28 January 1805 for £500, utensils, stock and goods in trust in workshop and shop accounting for £200. [D; GL, Sun MS vol. 419, ref. 712742; vol. 431, ref. 772317]

Evans, William, Bowling Green Lane, Clerkenwell, London, chair and cm (1808–11). Recorded at no. 26 in 1808 and no. 32, 1809–11. [D]

Evans, William, Little Underbank, Stockport, Cheshire, cm and u (1816–25). [D] See Ann and Edwards Evans.

Evans, William, Bristol, cm and furniture broker (1816–27). Trading in Temple St, 1816–17, and 43 Merchant St, 1823– 27. [D]

Evans, William, High St, Uttoxeter, Staffs., clockcase maker and cm (1818–35). [D]

Evans, William, Wolverhampton, Staffs., builder and cm (1827–38). Trading at Stafford St, 1833–34. [D] See W.H. Evans.

Evans, William, 24 Ann St, Birmingham, carver and gilder (1828–30). [D]

Evans, William, Underhill, Ross-on-Wye, Herefs., cm (1830). [D]

Evans, William jnr, 21 Blenheim St, Liverpool, cm (1839). [D]

Evans & Movette, 4 Sussex St, Manchester, carvers in wood and marble (1794). [D]

Evatt, Francis, Compton St, London, upholder (1776). Declared bankrupt, Williamson's Liverpool Advertiser, 27 December 1776.

Evatt, James, Westgate St, Bath, Som., upholder, auctioneer and undertaker (1784). [D]

Evatt, John, Bristol, u and cm (1810–18). Trading at St Vincent's Pl. in 1810, and Waterloo Pl., Clifton, 1818(?). [D]

Evatt, Richard, address unrecorded, upholder (1720–42). Son of Anthony Evatt, yeoman of Gazeley, Suffolk; app. to Francis Thorpe on 6 July 1720, and admitted freeman of the Upholders’ Co. by servitude on 4 March 1729/30. Took app. named Matthew Jones, 1735–42. [GL, Upholders’ Co. records]

Evatt, Richard, St Paul's, Covent Gdn, London, upholder and broker (1740). Took out a Sun Insurance policy on 29 March 1740 for £40. [GL, Sun MS vol. 54, p. 417]

Evatt, Richard, at ‘The Turk's Head’, Bedford St, Covent Gdn, London, u (1744–56). Named in newspapers, 1744–56. Polled at Westminster in 1749. [Heal]

Evatt, Richard, Westgate St, Bath, Som., cm and auctioneer (1761). Advertised in the Bath Chronicle, July 1761 that he had quitted business in London and was setting up in Westgate St, with an upholstery and carpet warehouse.

Eve, Thomas, 36 Tottenham Ct Rd, London, turner (1835). [D]

Everard, Richard, address unrecorded, chairmaker (1702–25). In 1702 he provided walnut chairs and a nursing chair for Wriothesley, 2nd Duke of Bedford, at a cost of £3 6s; and in 1709 twenty walnut chairs for £8. [Bedford Office, London] Submitted bills to Lady Mary Saunderson for items supplied between 7 June 1715 and 1 June 1725, costing a total of £46 3s. Furniture bought included, on 7 June 1715, ‘12 Fine Matted Chairs’, costing £12 12s; on 2 January ‘2 Settees the Best Sort’, £4 10s; two X-framed stools with ‘French Feet’; and various chair frames. [Lincoln RO, Monson, 101/A/16] The account bk of the Earl of Rockingham records payments to Everard, chairmaker, of £4 2s for chairs, in April 1716; £2 8s for a settee frame on 28 May 1718; and £3 for two chairs on 20 October 1718. [Lincoln RO, Monson, 10 A/1]

Everidge, John, Gravel Lane, Southwark, London, looking and coach glass manufacturer (1775–88). [D; Wills, LookingGlasses]

Everingham, John, Westgate, Wakefield, Yorks., cm (1814–20). [D]

Everingham, Richard & John, Wakefield, Yorks., joiner and cm (1798). [D]

Everingham, W., 76 Oxford St, London, cm and u (1796–99). [D]

Everingham, William, 24 Savile Row, Hull, Yorks., u (1821–23). [D]

Everitt (or Everett), Abraham, London, chairmaker (1806–31). [Colchester poll bks]

Everitt, Allen, Union St, Birmingham, picture framer and Artist's General Repository (b. 1759–d. 1851). Bapt. on 14 December 1759, one of a family of artists. He established an Artist's Repository in Union St, and was a drawing master as well as a framer of pictures, to the backs of which he added his trade card. Among pictures in the Birmingham Art Gallery framed by him are some by David Cox. [Birmingham Art Gall., trade card coll., ref. F105770, p. 66]

Everitt, John, High St, Doncaster, Yorks., carver and gilder (1830). [D]

Everitt, John, Bridlesmithgate, Nottingham, carver and gilder (1832). [D]

Everitt, Thomas, Aldborough, Suffolk, chairmaker (1776). Will proved at Norwich in 1776. [Norfolk Record Soc., index of wills]

Everitt, William, Keelby, Lincs., joiner and cm (1821). App. to Joseph Scholey of Gt Grimsby, Lincs., in May 1821. [Hull app. reg.]

Evers, Benjamin, York, carver and gilder (1828–38). Trading at 9 St Helen's Sq., 1828–30, and 43 Stonegate, 1838. [D]

Evers, Charles, address unrecorded, upholder (1711–18). Son of Thomas Evers, Gent. of Westminster, London; app. to Remey George on 10 April 1711, and admitted freeman of the Upholders’ Co. by servitude on 19 June 1718. [GL, Upholders’ Co. records]

Eversedge, Thomas, Liverpool, cm (1816–18). Trading at 1 Birkett St, Soho in 1816, and 1 Prince's Pl., Clayton St, 1818. [D]

Eversley, W., 2 French Alley, Goswell St, London, cm (c. 1780). Trade card embellished with Classical figures and an urn states that he ‘Makes and repairs all sorts of Household Furniture’. [Banks Coll., BM]

Every, Edward, 23 Cavendish St, Liverpool, chairmaker (1839). [D]

Every, Henry, 3 Virgil St, Liverpool, cm (1839). [D]

Every, James, 45 Marlborough St, Devonport, Devon, chairmaker (1838). [D]

Evill, Mark, Bath, Som., turner (1800). Advertised for journeymen, especially spinning wheel makers, in Leicester Journal, 17 January 1800.

Evill, William, Milsom St, Bath, Som., upholder (1805). [D]

Evins, James, St Aldgate's, Oxford, cm (1802). [Poll bk]

Evon, John, address unrecorded, cm (1803). Subscribed to Sheraton's Cabinet Dictionary, 1803.

Ewbank, James, King St, Barnard Castle, Co. Durham, joiner, cm and u (1827–29). [D]

Ewbank, John, Plough St, Whitechapel, London, chairmaker and carver (1778). Took out a Sun Insurance policy in 1778 for £200 of which utensils, stock and goods accounted for £100. [GL, Sun MS vol. 265, p. 235]

Ewbank, John, 47 Pennington St, London, cm and carver (1782). Took out a Sun Insurance policy in 1782 for £200 of which £40 accounted for utensils and stock. [GL, Sun MS vol. 301, p. 67]

Ewbank, John W., Yarm, Yorks., joiner and cm (1827). [D]

Ewbank, Thomas, York, u (1721). See Thomas Ubank.

Ewbank, Thomas Steel(e), Hull, Yorks., carver and gilder (1831–40). Trading at 49 English St in 1831 and 11 North Church Side (or St), 1838–40. [D]

Ewbank, William, Nether End, Penrith, Cumb., joiner and/or cm (1829). [D]

Ewell, Richard, London, cm (1831). [Sandwich poll bk]

Ewing, David, 34 Gt Charlotte St, Blackfriars Rd, London, looking-glass manufacturer (1835–39). [D]

Ewins, Daniel, 45 Hedge Rd, Islington, London, u (1839). [D]

Exley, William, Stockport, Cheshire, cm (1834–41). Trading at 97 Chestergate in 1834 and Queen St West in 1841. [D]

Exton, —, Newport, engraver, carver and gilder, looking-glass and picture frame maker. 19th-century trade card reads: ‘Elegant Chimney Glasses &c. of the Newest London Patterns. … Agent to the East of England Fire & Life Insurance Company, Exeter, Instituted 1807. Capital £600,000 Sterl. Property Insured of any amount of 2 pr. Cent Premium.’ [Landauer Coll., MMA, NY] Probably:

Exton, Barnabas, South St, Newport, Isle of Wight, Hants., carver and gilder (1830). [D]

Exton, John, Medbourne, Leics., chairmaker (1840). [Leicester Mercury]

Eycott, William Powlett, Cirencester, Glos., cm (1796). Declared bankrupt, Billinge's Liverpool Advertiser, 1 February 1796.

Eyes, John, Liverpool, cm (1727). Took app. named Charles in 1727. [S of G, app. index]

Eykin (or Eykyn), James, Wolverhampton, Staffs., u (1770–78). Trading in High Green, 1770. Insured houses for £600 in 1778 with the Sun Co. [D; GL, Sun MS vol. 263, p. 605]

Eyles, Charles, 7 High St, Shadwell, London, bed manufacturer (1835). [D]

Eyles, James, 122 Wardour St, Soho, London, cm and fancy chairmaker (1805–23). Trading as J. & W. Eyles, 1815–16; and as Eyles & Yate, 1820–23. Took out a Sun Insurance policy on 1 November 1805 for £750, of which utensils, stock and workshop accounted for £600. [D; GL, Sun MS vol. 434, ref. 781704]

Eyles, Joseph, Christchurch, Pirewich, Hants., cm (1840). [GL, Sun MS vol. 267, ref. 1327576]

Eyles, T. G., Bath, Som., chairmaker. Supplied seating furniture for Bath Assembly Rooms, c. 1771. [V & A archives]

Eyles, Thomas, 36 St James St, Cheltenham, Glos., cm and u (1830). [D]

Eyles, William, Swindon, Wilts., u (1784). [D]

Eyles, William, Castle St, Cirencester, Glos., cm (1813–35). Children bapt. in 1813, 1831 and 1835. [D; PR(bapt.)]

Eyles, William, 42 Poland St, Oxford St, London, cm (1820). [D]

Eyles, William, London, cm, u, chair and sofa manufacturer (1823–39). Addresses given at 203 High Holborn, 1823–27, and 11 Brownlow St, Holborn, 1835–39. Took out Sun Insurance policies on 25 August 1823 for £1,050; and on 11 December 1823 also for £1,050 on his new house and adjoining workshop. [D; GL, Sun MS vol. 498, ref. 1006771; vol. 499, ref. 1010797]

Eyles, William, Rugby, Warks., cm (1835). [D]

Eyles, William Henry, 409 High St, Cheltenham, Glos., cm, u, chair and sofa manufacturer (1839). [D]

Eyos, John, Liverpool, cm (1727–d. by 1780). Admitted freeman on 16 October 1727. [Liverpool freeman reg.]

Eyos, James, Liverpool, cm (1750). Admitted freeman on 9 October 1750. [Liverpool freemen reg.]

Eyre, Charles, London(?). Recorded in 1715 as having supplied ‘12 armed chairs & 12 without, all blew japanned & gilt’ for £65 to John Richards, a merchant in London. [Proceedings of the Dorset Natural History & Antiquarian Field Club, 1918, p. 28]

Eyre, Isaac & Thomas, 356 Oxford St, London, u (1784). [D]

Eyre(s), James & Thomas, 356 Oxford St, near the Pantheon, London, u and carpet manufacturers (1773–1815). Recorded at 358 Oxford St in 1773; as Thomas & Son, 1809–12; and as J. Eyre (perhaps the son of Thomas) in 1814–15. James alone took out a Sun Insurance policy on 3 January 1775 for £400 on the contents of a house in Jermyn St in tenure. Took out insurance policies with Thomas in 1776 and 1779, both for £2,600, £2,200 on utensils, stock and goods; and in 1777 for £800 on a house. The firm is named in Sheraton's list of master cabinet makers, 1803. Trade card or bill head recorded. [D; GL, Sun MS vol. 236, ref. 348640; vol. 248, p. 584; vol. 255, p. 392; vol. 271, p. 343; Heal] Possibly:

Eyre(s), James & Large, James, 226 Piccadilly, opposite ‘The Black Bear Inn’, London, carpet, bedding, cabinet warehouse and manufactory, undertakers (1777–99). Eyre is recorded alone at this address in 1799, and James Eyre (or Ayre) alone took out Sun Insurance policies in 1783 and 1784 for £1,500 and £2,100, utensils and stock accounting for £1,200 and £1,800 respectively. Eyres and Large took out insurance policies on 15 September and 31 December 1785, both for £2,450 on utensils and stock, and £160 and £340 respectively on those in a warehouse in Crown St, Soho. On 4 January 1787 Eyre and Aron Large, upholder, together insured a house in New Spring Gdns for £400; and insured goods and property for £3,900 with James Large on 9 June 1787. On 20 January 1761 Eyre and James Large insured household goods at 26 West Side, Golden Sq. for £400; and on 10 March a house and goods at 3 Barton St, Westminster, and house behind for £300. [D; GL, Sun MS vol. 313, p. 376; vol. 322, p. 307; vol. 331, p. 573; vol. 335, p. 128; vol. 342, ref. 526233; vol. 373, refs 579423 and 580648] Several bills and accounts survive for work done, including a payment to Eyre of Piccadilly of £16 6s 6d for work done between 1784– 86; both patron and nature of the work are unrecorded. [Scottish RO, GD 157/815] Eyre & Large are mentioned in Lord Howard's accounts for items supplied to Audley End, Essex. Their bill of 1786 totalled £48 6s 3d and included ‘2 Large stained 4 post Bedsteads’ costing £3 4s, ‘A Square feet sweep Field Bedstead’, £1 18s, and a large quantity of bedding and upholstery materials. In 1787 the firm provided ‘A Field Bed with sacking, castors, brass caps & stripe furniture compleat’, and bedding, totalling £10 12s 6d. [Essex RO, D/ DBy/A44/10; A45/8] In 1788 Eyre & Large worked for the 5th Duke of Bedford at Bedford House, London, providing four four-post beech bedsteads with morine furniture, mattresses and blankets. [Bedford Office, London] A bill, dated 29 August 1793 and receipted 23 October by R. Styning(?), is in the Sawston Hall archives, and records payment of £1 7s 4d for a blanket and canvas [Cambs. RO]

Eyre, Joseph, Packer's Row, Chesterfield, Derbs., cm and u (1833–35). [D]

Eyre, Richard, 32 Minster St, Reading, Berks., cm (1823–42). [D; poll bk]

Eyre, Thomas, address unrecorded, upholder (1716–23). Son of Thomas Eyre, clerk of Staines, Middlx; app. to William Scrimshire on 17 May 1716, and admitted freeman of the Upholders’ Co. by servitude on 4 December 1723. [GL, Upholders’ Co. records]

Eyre, Thomas, address unrecorded, upholder (1731–38). Son of Thomas Eyre, victualler of London; app. to John Brumwell on 5 May 1731, and admitted freeman of the Upholders’ Co. by servitude on 2 August 1738. [GL, Upholders’ Co. records]

Eyre(s), Thomas, 356 Oxford St, near the Pantheon, London, carpet, cabinet and upholstery warehouseman, undertaker (1773–1814). Recorded in partnership with James Eyre, 1773–12, and as Thomas & Son, 1809–12; J. Eyre, perhaps his son, was trading in 1814–15. Took out Sun Insurance policies alone in 1780 for £2,600, £2,200 accounting for utensils, stock and goods; and on 11 January 1792 for £4,000, of which £3,630 accounted for utensils, stock and goods in trust or on commission in his house and warehouse. [GL, Sun MS vol. 280, p. 195; vol. 382, ref. 595345] Submitted a bill to Lady Anne Conolly on 2 February 1790 for a carpet, costing £3 16s 6d provided for Stretton Hall, Staffs. [V & A archives] See Isaac & Thomas and James & Thomas Eyre.

Eyre, William, 19 Cockspur St, Haymarket, London, portable desk manufacturer and trunk maker ‘to their Royal Highnesses the Prince Regent and Prince Saxe Coburg’ (1820). [D]

Eyres, John, North St, Exeter, Devon, chairmaker (1791). [D]