Bennet's Almshouses - Berwardes Lane

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Bennet's Almshouses

On the west side of St. Peter's Hill, Upper Thames Street, a few doors from No. 216 Upper Thames Street (Lockie, 1810-Elmes, 1831). In Castle Baynard Ward.

Bennet's Hill

North out of Upper Thames Street at No. 225 to Queen Victoria Street (P.O. Directory). In Castle Baynard Ward.

First mention : Horwood, 1799.

Former names : "St. Benet's Hill " (Leake, 1666-O.S. 1880). "St. Benet's Hill" or "Paul's Wharf Hill" and "St. Benet's, Paul's Wharf" (Strype, ed. 1720, I. iii. 229 and maps). "St. Benet's Lane," 1341 (Cal. Close R. Ed. III. 1341-3, p. 277).

Until 1890 it extended further north to Knightrider Street, and in Strype's time as far as St. Paul's Churchyard.

The northern portion to St. Paul's Churchyard is now called Godliman Street (q.v.).

Named after the church of St. Benet, Paul's Wharf.

Benson's Alley

In the parish of St. Martin within Ludgate, in the Ward of Farringdon Within, 1626 (L.C.C. Deeds, Harben Bequest, 1600-1700, No. 162).

No later reference.

The name suggests a builder or owner.


Property in this lane described as in parish of St. Giles, Cripplegate.

Qy.=Beech Lane.

Berchereslane, Bercheverlane, Berchernerislane

See Birchin Lane.


See Birchin Lane.

Bere (le)

A messuage so called in Aldersgate Street, in Aldersgate Ward Without, 37 H. VIII. 1545 (L. and P. H. VIII., XX. (2), p. 230).

Not further identified.

See Beare (le) in Aldersgate Street.

Bere Alley

See Furnival Street.


In the parish of St. Mary Bothawe, 1358 (Cal. L. Bk. G. p. 100).

It is difficult to identify this, as Bearbinder Lane is always elsewhere described as in the parishes of St. Mary Woolnoth, St. Mary Woolchurch, and St. Swithin.

See Bearbinder Lane.


See Martin (St.) Vintry.

Berewards Lane, All Hallows Barking

In Tower Ward in parish of All Hallows Barking, 13 Ed. I. (Ct. H.W. I. 71 and Stow, ed. 1598, p. 95).

One end of it at least must have adjoined Tower Street, as a tenement is described as being in Tourstrete at the corner of "Berwardeslane" in parish of All Hallows de Berkyngchirche near the Tower (Ct. H.W. II. 415, A.D. 1418).

It would seem, however, to have extended further south than Tower Street, as in 1285 a messuage and wharf, which would presumably be on the river bank, are described as near the lane called "Berewardeslane" (ib. I. 71).

Perhaps it extended from Thames Street to Tower Street, behind Tower Hill, to the west of the Tower bancke, shown in Leake, 1666, and was not rebuilt after the Fire.

In the Promptorium Parvulorum the word "berewarde" is given as the equivalent of "ursarius" a "bearward" or "keeper of a bear." A note on the word points out that Shakespeare made use of the word and also of "bearard" or "bear-yard." The name suggests a place for bear-baiting in the neighbourhood.

See Beer Lane.

Berewards Lane, Bishopsgate

Stow describes it as on the east side of Bishopsgate extending to Hogge Lane (Petticoat Lane), and says it was of old time called Berwards Lane, but now Hogge Lane (S. 167).

F In old records it is mentioned in the boundaries of the tenement called "Bruggehous" or "Le Breghus" in the parish of St. Botolph without Bishopsgate, the tenement being bounded on the west by "cursum aque que se ducit de Berewardes lane usque ad cursum aque de mora vocatum Depediche," temp. Ed. I. and II. (MSS. D. and C. St. Paul's, Hist. MSS. Com. 9th Rep. 6b), and 47 Ed. III. 1373 (Cal. L. Bk. G. p. 322).

It must have been on or near the site of the present Artillery Lane (q.v.).

As to the derivation of the name, See above.

Bergavenny House

See Stationers' Hall.


Rents in the lane called Bergereslane in the parish of St. Michael upon Cornhill, 1355 (Ct. H.W. I. 684).

Probably=Birchin Lane.


See Martin (St.) in the Vintry.


See Aernselde.

Berry Court

South out of Love Lane at No.6. In Cripplegate Ward Within (Elmes, 1831). (Seems to be shown in O.S. 1880, but not named.)

First mention : O. and M. 1677.

Site now occupied by business houses.

Berry Court

See Bury Court.

Berry Street

See Bury Street.

Berwardes Lane

See Berewards Lane.