A Dictionary of London

Historical notes of streets and buildings in the City of London, including references to other relevant sources.

British History Online (no series).

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Henry A Harben, A Dictionary of London ( London, 1918), British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/no-series/dictionary-of-london [accessed 20 July 2024].

Henry A Harben, A Dictionary of London( London, 1918), British History Online, accessed July 20, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/no-series/dictionary-of-london.

Henry A Harben. A Dictionary of London(London, 1918), , British History Online. Web. 20 July 2024. https://www.british-history.ac.uk/no-series/dictionary-of-london.

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Abbot of St. Alban's Inn - Adam's Court
Adbryght Lane - Alam (Alarm) Yard, Crutched Friars
Alban (St.), Wood Street - Alderman's Walk
Aldermary Churchyard - Aldgate Ward
Aldgate Ward School - All Hallows Garschirch, Gracechurch, Grascherch, in Gracioustreete
All Hallows in Parva Roperia - All Hallows Within the Gate of Bishopsgate
All Hallows, Bread Street - Almshouses, Judd's Charity
Almshouses, Mincing Lane - Anabaptist Meeting House
Ancelyne (St.) - Andrew (St.) Castle Baynard
Andrew (St.) Eastcheap - Andro Morris Key
Angel (The) - Angel Court
Angel Court, Golden Lane - Anne (St.) at the Tourhill
Anne (St.) Blackfriars - Archdeacon (Chapel of)
Archer's Alley - Artillery Lane
Artirce, The King's - Audoen (St.)
Augustin Friars - Avenue (The)
Ax Yard - Ayre's Charity Almshouses
Baalun (Ward of Alan) - Back Yard
Back, Backside, of St. Thomas Apostles - Baker's Court, Half Moon Alley
Baker's Court, Half Moon Street - Ball Alley, Sherbourne Lane
Ball Alley, St. Katherine's - Bandy Leg Alley
Bane's Court - Barbican
Barbican Court - Barnard's lnn
Barndehawe - Bartholomew (St.) without Aldersgate
Bartholomew (St.) without Bishopsgate - Basing Hall
Basing Lane - Bayley, Bayley's, Place, Little Tower Hill
Baynard's Castle - Bear Alley, London Wall
Bear and Ragged Staff (The) - Beche (La)
Beckford Court - Bell (The) Brewhouse
Bell (The) Inn - Bell Alley, Hosier Lane
Bell Alley, Labour-In-Vain Hill - Bell Court
Bell Court, St. Martin's le Grand - Bell Wheel Alley
Bell Yard - Benbridges Inn
Benedict (St.) - Bengal Court
Bennet's Almshouses - Berwardes Lane
Berwick Alley - Billingsgate Market
Billingsgate Stairs - Bird's Yard
Bishop (Chapel of) - Bishopsgate Institute
Bishopsgate Poorhouse - Black Bull, Leadenhall
Black Dog Alley - Black Horse Yard
Black Horse Yard, Aldgate High Street - Black Raven Passage
Black Raven Passage, Seething Lane - Blackfriars
Blackfriars Almshouses - Bladder Street
Blakegate - Blind Chapel Court
Bliss's Court - Blue Ball Court
Blue Bell - Boarded Entry
Boar's Head (The) - Bolt and Tunne (The), Friday Street
Bolt Court - Bore's (The) Head Tavern
Bore's Head - Bothawe
Botolph (St.) - Boulogne (Honour of)
Bousishous - Bowyer's Court, Hart Street, Cripplegate
Bowyers' Hall - Brand's Yard
Brantefeldesselde - Bretask (la), Dowgate
Bretask (la), Tower - Brewhouse Yard
Brick Court - Bridewell
Bridewell Bridge - Bridgewater House
Bridgewater Passage - Broad Street Buildings
Broad Street Chambers - Brodegate, St. Margaret, Fish St. Hill
Brodelane (le) - Brook's Rents
Brook's Wharf - Brown's Yard
Brown's Yard, Angel Alley, Bishopsgate - Bull Court
Bull Head (The) - Bull Yard
Bullen's Rents - Burley House
Burnt Yard, Crutched Friars - Butchers' Hall Corner
Butler Street - Byward Street
Caesar's Head Court - Candlewick Street
Candlewick Ward - Card Court
Cardinal Alley, Cornhill - Carpenter's Hall
Carpenters' Hall Yard - Carron Company's Warehouses
Carron wharf - Castle Alley
Castle and Falcon Hotel - Castle on the Hoop
Castle Street - Cateaten Street
Catherine (St.) Colman - Catt Alley
Cattene Lane - Chapel in the Charnel at St. Mary Spitall
Chapel of Bethlehem - Charterhouse Rents
Charterhouse Street - Chequer Alley
Chequer Alley, Chequer Court - Chicke Lane
Chigene Lane - Christopher Alley
Christopher Court - Church Alley, Fenchurch Street
Church Alley, Ironmonger Lane - Church Lane, Dowgate
Church Passage - Churchehawlane
Churches - Cistern at Fleet Bridge
Cistern without Cripplegate - Clark's Buildings
Clark's Court - Clockers Alley
Cloister Court, Blackfriars - Coach and Horses Court, Wood Street
Coach and Horses Inn - Cock (The)
Cock (The), Cock Alley - Cock and Py Court
Cock and Wheatsheaf Alley - Cockpit Court
Cockpit Court, Cockpit Yard - Coldharbour, Colebarbour, Cole-Harbour Lane
Cole Harbour Stairs - College Hill
College of Arms - Compter's Alley
Compting House Court - Conduit Tavern
Conduit upon Cornhill - Cook's Court, Bishopsgate
Cooks' Hall - Coptick Court
Copula - Corner's Court
Corneyserestrete - Court of Husting
Cousen's Lane - Crachemilles
Craddockeslane - Creechurch Court, Creechurch Alley
Creechurch Wharf - Cripplegate Street