List of abbreviations

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Sources and abbreviations

The following are among the sources and authorities which have been consulted, the abbreviations being those made use of throughout the work:-

A.S. Anglo-Saxon Dictionary, by Bosworth & Toller.

Agas. Map of London, c. 1570 by R. Agas. Reproduced by Vertue for the Society of Antiquaries. Another reproduction in the Guildhall.

Anc. Deeds. Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds preserved in the Public Records Office. Vols. I to VI. (The deeds are arranged in classes lettered A, B, C, D and numbered.)

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Ann. Mon. Annales Monastici. (Rolls Series)

Arch. Archæologia, being the publications of the Society of Antiquaries. (In progress.)

Bailey. History of the Tower of London.

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B.M. British Museum MSS. and Charters. Harleian, Cottonian, Lansdowne, Additional Collections, etc.

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Cal. Charter R. Calendars of the Charter Rolls, prepared under the superintendences of the Deputy Keeper of the Public Records. (Cited by the sovereign and the number of the volume.) Rolls Series.

Cal. Cl. R. Calendars of the Close Rolls, as above. (Cited by the sovereign and the dates contained in the colume.)

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Cal. P.R. Calendar of the Patent Rolls, as above.

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Collingwood. Map in Directory of London, 1907.

Dipl. Ang. Sax. Diplomatarium Anglo-Saxonicum, ed. Thorpe.

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M. and H. N. and Q. Middlesex and Hertfordshire Notes and Queries.

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N. and Q. Notes and Queries. (In progress.)

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O.E. Old English

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Ryther . Map of London 1604.

Remembrancia. Index to the Remembrancia preserved amongst the archives of the City of London.

Rocque, 1746. Rocque's Maps of London, 1746 and 1763.

S., p. - . Survey of London by John Stow. Eds. 1598, 1603, 1618, 1633. The edition made use of is the 1603 unless otherwise stated.

Staples. History of St Botolph, Aldersgate.

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Trans. St. Paul's Ecc. Soc. Transactions of the St Paul's Ecclesiological Society. 5 vols.

Victoria County History of London. Vol I. (Contains a most valuable description of the Roman remains found in the City.)

Wheatley. London Past and Present, by H.B. Wheatley. 4 vols.

Welch. Modern London, by C. Welch.

Wilkinson. Londina Illustrata, by R. Wilkinson. 3 vols

Wilkinson. History of St Martin Outwich