A Dictionary of London

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Kote - Kyrune Lane
La Beche - Lamb, Lambe Alley
Lambard Hill Lane - Langbourne (The)
Langebord - Lawrence (St.) Pountney Churchyard
Lawrence (St.) Pountney College - Ledenpentitz (Ye)
Ledenporch (Le) - Lime Street
Lime Street Alley - Little Ashentree Court
Little Bailey Street - Little Broad Street
Little Bury Street - Little Conduit in Westcheap
Little Court - Little Elbow Lane
Little Friday Street - Little King's Head Court
Little Knightrider Street - Little Moorfields
Little Moorgate - Little Rutland Court
Little Somer's Key - Little Tower Hill
Little Tower Street - Loat's Buildings
Lodbury, Lodingeberi - London Bridge Waterworks
London Bridge Wharf - London Prentice yard
London Privileges - Long Shop in Cheap
Long Walk - Love Court
Love Lane - Lucas Lane
Lucca (Society of) - Lutheran Church
Luther's Buildings - Lyver Lane
Mabsons - Magpye Court
Maid Court - Maidenhead Court
Maidenhead Court, Maiden Lane - Mansion House Buildings
Mansion House Place - Margaret (St.) Pattens Parsonage
Margaret (St.) prope piscariam, ad Pontem - Marthe Lane
Martilane - Martin (St.) Pomary Churchyard
Martin (St.) Somerset - Mary (St.) Aldermary Churchyard
Mary (St.) at Hill - Mary (St.) de Cricherche, Chapel
Mary (St.) de Crichirche (Fraternity of) - Mary (St.) Matfellon
Mary (St.) Mounthaunt Lane - Mary (St.) within Cripplegate, Hospital of)
Mary (St.) Without Aldersgate - Matthew's (St.) Alley, Court
Matthew's (St.) Buildings - Mediford Court
Meermaid Court - Mengenelane, Mengeoneslane, Mengonelane, Menionelane
Menterhous - Merchants' Lane
Meriole (le) - Michael (St.) Bassishaw
Michael (St.) by Christ Church - Michael's (St.) Almshouses
Michael's (St.) Cornhill - Middle Temple
Middle Temple Hall - Miles's Lane
Milk Street - Mint Street
Mistrete (Ye) - Mitre Tavern, Yard
Mngenelane - Monument Square
Monument Street - Moorgate Street
Moorgate Street Buildings - Moseley's Court
Moses' Court - Mr. Hood's Iron Wharf
Mr. Parole's House - Myter Court
Nagg's Head Court - National Bank (The)
National Bank of Scotland - New Basinghall Street
New Bear Quay - New Churchyard
New City Chambers - New Court, Harrow Alley, Middlesex Street
New Court, Old Broad Street - New London Street
New Passage - New Street
New Street Hill - Newchurch
Newe Aley - Nicholas (St.) ad Macellas
Nicholas (St.) Aldred, Aldrethegate - Nicholas (St.) in Distaflane.
Nicholas (St.) New Fish Street, West Fish Street - Nine Gardens
Nixon's Square - Northumberland Mews
Northumberland Place - Nunnery Court
Oak Tree - Olave (St.) Jewry
Olave (St.) Mogwell Street, de Mugwellestrate - Old Bethlehem Hospital
Old Bethlem - Old Dog
Old Exchange - Old Navy Office
Old Pipe Yard - Old Swan Stairs
Old Swan Wharf - Olivaunt
Olive Court, St. Katherine's - Oxford Lane
Oxford Place - Oystershell Court
Packer Buildings - Paper Buildings
Paper Street - Parnell (St.)
Parrot Alley, Aldgate high Street - Paternosterchurch Street
Patrick's Court, Houndsditch - Paul's (St.) Prebends
Paul's (St.) Sacrista - Paulshead Court
Pav'd Alley - Payn's Place
Peabody's Statue - Pelican Court
Peltry (The) - Peter (St.) de Bradestrate, Broadstreet
Peter (St.) de la Wodewarve, Wood Wharf - Peter's (St.) Hill
Peter's (St.) Lane - Pewter Pot Inn
Pewterers' Hall - Piccard's Rents
Pickardeslane - Pincock Lane, Newgate Street
Pindar Street - Planners' Court
Plasterers' Hall - Plow Court, Lombard Street
Plow Yard, Bevis Marks - Pope's Cottages
Pope's Head Alley - Portpool (Bar of)
Portpool Lane - Potters' Alley, Court
Potter's Key - Powche Makers' Court
Powles Brewhouse - Primrose Alley
Primrose Court - Prisons
Proprietary Chapels - Pump Court
Pump Court, Alley - Pye Corner
Pye Corner, Tower Street - Pyke's Place
Quakers' Meeting House - Queen's Buildings
Queen's Colledge Passage Square, or Queen's Square Passage - Quick Apple Alley
Racket Court - Ramsay's Almshouse
Ramsey (Hostel of Abbot of) - Red Bull Wharf
Red Bull Yard - Red Cross Street, East Smithfield
Red Cross Tavern - Red Lion Court
Red Lion Court, Minories - Red Lyon Inn
Red Lyon Yard - Reynold's Court
Rhodes' Yard - Robin Hood Court
Robin Hood Court.- - Rolls' Yard